Saturday, December 18, 2010

Games News: The 3rd Birthday news for 012 and Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

 Share this story Share on Facebook too! Square-Enix is one of those gaming companies that really believes in the Sony handheld console license plate but also in handheld consoles in general (see NDS), despite many market analysts continue to say now that these consoles have got to the fruit and enjoy them more and less to consumers (if it did not think there would be so many sales and continue to sell games for DS and PSP), but it is not certain sales of portable consoles that I want to talk about in this article.

The film will be a prequel to Just Cause

 The origins of Rico's Way which is increasing in today's action cinema - from James Bond 007 in X-Men - the feature film currently in production on Just Cause recount the origins of the main character, Rico Rodriguez. On the other hand, according to Adrian Askarieh and Eric Eisner L + E Pictures, rights holders, the star center is precisely the element that can make a good movie Just Cause of Action "is a great action / adventure with a strong central character, two basic elements for a good action movie, "say the two.

The Epic Edition Bulletstorm makes access to the beta of Gears of War 3

With a clever strategic move, Epic has decided to add a crucial element to the 'Epic Edition "of Bulletstorm to entice people to buy. Available alongside the standard version from February 25, 2011, edition of the epic experience included more than 25,000 points, weapons and equipment will also contain bonus exclusive access to the beta of Gears of War 3.

There were no details on dates for the beta and the size of this, even considering that the game was recently delayed from April to autumn 2011, however we are awaiting further clarification.

SECRET OF MANA (IPhO): Secret of Mana is ready for Iphone

Square Enix has announced the completion of the work on Secret of Mana conversion of role-playing game for the iPhone seen on Super NES in the early 90s. There is still a release date (or price) but will certainly within a week, since Apple will close "to leave" the App Store on December 23. Currently it is not confirmed the original co-op multiplayer: Unless new, the other characters are always handled by the computer.

Mindjack (PS3): Mindjack shows us the characters

 The new trailer for Mindjack presents the different playable characters and their characteristics through various phases of the game with commentary in English. According to different environments, we can "hack" the mind of civilians, soldiers, units and even robotic biomechanical monsters. Everyone has different weapons and features, as seen in the movie .


RESIDENT EVIL 4 (IPhO): Resident Evil 4 Capcom Arcade and discounted

 The house of Street Fighter takes part in the Christmas discounts that have flooded the App Store, cutting up to 79 cents the price of Resident Evil 4 and less than 2 euros the cost of each available in its classic Capcom Arcade. As for Resident Evil 4, this is the full Platinum version in which there is also the latest update has added new levels, improved graphics and added some extra settings for the difficulty.

INFINITY BLADE (IPhO): Infinity Blades will not be granted

 Bad news for those who expect Infinity Blade is offered at bargain prices: Mark Rein (vice president of Epic Games) via Twitter lets you know they do not want to enter the "race to the bottom" that is typical of the App Store. Instead, we will focus on new content distributed mostly free of charge, as Epic has done for years in the PC (with the Unreal Tournament series).

The first update is coming next week and promises to include several extra items including a new opponent, raising the level cap.

Microsoft increases the sensitivity of Kinect?

 4 times as much As reported by, which refers to unspecified sources within or close to Microsoft, the division dedicated to research on Kinect is working for a substantial upgrading of the capacity of the camera for the Xbox 360. This would raise the current characteristics of the device, they see a limit of detection of 30 frames per second at 320x240 in resolution, in particular bringing it to 640x480, thus doubling the resolution.

The Playstation App soon to iPhone / Android

Sony PlayStation and the app is a reality and will soon be available through PlayStation Network coming to mobile phones, the PlayStation official application has been revealed in the blog of the EU to the company's iPhone and iPod Touch. Also almost all phones that are compatible with Android may take this application.

You will be able to see the list of trophies from the lists of their friends and their own news, PS share on social networks, and check the blog, see news for PS3 and PS2 hardware. Read all news and announcements. Future updates will bring new features. Best of all, it's free but as everything has a downside and it is compatible only momentarily, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.

NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Kizuna DRIVE (PSP) Naruto returns to PSP in spring

Namco Bandai will bring in U.S. and Europe Naruto Shippuden: Kizuna Drive, title saw last summer in Japan, which is inspired by the second series of the famous cartoon. Features include two modes: Story and Free single-player mission for local multiplayer (up to four players). Among the features include the presence of a completely new story as well as side-quests included in the single player campaign and a system of change with which to strengthen the various characters (some made especially for the game).

Crysis 2 (PS3): Crysis 2 has a new trailer

 Crysis 2 has a new trailer that is titled "become the weapon" and back on the single player campaign, in which we will return to the sender a series of mechanized troops who attacked the Big Apple. In the video, are the protagonists of the suit's special powers: the speed of invisibility, in a long montage of scenes shot in the graphics engine.

Crysis 2 is coming in late March after the recent delays and its refinement of the code. The game should be identical between the console and PC, although the best quality graphics in house course is announced Windows.