Monday, July 4, 2011

The evolution of the Chimera in Resistance to the new dev diary 3

In the new development diary in collaboration with the PlayStation blog, the developers of Resistance 3 discuss how the Chimera have changed in this third episode of the series. Insomniac has sought to present the many firefights in the adventure as unpredictable as possible, for instance by eliminating the classic signs of "scripts" that show when a wave of opposition has run out and we can move to the next area.

SSFIV: Arcade Edition arrives on PC

The PC version of Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will be available from next Friday on Steam. The version of "packaged" arrives in stores next week instead, July 15. Finally the time has come that many PC users were waiting, after considerable difficulties in recent weeks because of the complicated plans that Capcom had planned for the game's DRM.

The title was virtually unplayable without a decent broadband line and offline providing access to only 15 of the 39 characters in total, with no ability to save. Fortunately, Capcom has taken a step back and now we're all happier.

Crytek will become first-party MS

Microsoft and Crytek have long debated the possibility that the authors of Crysis could become first-party developers in Redmond. The matter dates back to when the team was working on the first chapter of Crysis for the PC, but was shelved because there were already too many shooters on Xbox. "We met for the first time Cevat (Yerli, Crytek CEO) about 8 years ago and we discussed the possibility that his company became first-party developer," said the vice-president of Microsoft's Phil Spencer.

Sony and a mysterious "Project World Game"

There is an event in a mysterious site registered by Sony and recently opened, referring to a "World Game Project" undefined. Apparently it is, as reported by Andriasang, a kind of special event organized by Sony on July 23 in Akihabara, the historic district of Tokyo dedicated to electronics, especially video games and all that concerns the world Otaku.

It 'possible that this is some sort of presentation or an opportunity to experience firsthand some of the titles on the Sony console.

Announced the main events of the 2011 GDC Online

News arrived on various topics "summit" organized within the GDC this year online, which is dedicated to the online edition of the Game Developers Conference to be held in Austin, Texas. One of them will be the Narrative Game Summit, which will lead to discuss "Building the experience-based story in Deus Ex: Human Revolution" with Mary De Marle Eidos Montreal, and Steve Jaros of Volition discuss the "Sins of the Past".

Microsoft: Crytek fell in love with Kinect

A perfect wedding The head of Microsoft Game Studios, Phil Spencer, spoke of idyllic relationship that has arisen between the producer of Redmond and Crytek, in particular as regards the new project based on Kinect. "It 'a matter of quality," said Spencer, "one thing that I immediately said Cevat Yerli has been talk of them when you become a first party", was to find a fair agreement between their will and creative freedom and the needs of the Xbox 360 in terms of novelty and quality of the software.

The return of Langdell

Have you ever heard of Tim Langdell? Probably many of you have answered "no" to this question. This is a very original guy who in the late '80s created a game called Bobby Bearing and at the same time decided to register the mark "Edge". We will ignore the lack of success of this game, the move to register that mark Langdell allowed to sue anyone who dared to be (from now on) to use this name in a game or in products belonging to this sector Everything went well ...

The E3 demo is not indicative of Zelda Wii U

Nintendo does not want to reveal anything yet. Contrary to what has happened with Wind Waker, the tech demo shown of Zelda Wii at E3 2011 U is not necessarily representative of a future title dedicated to the famous Nintendo franchises. As shown was in fact created specifically for the Nintendo event in California and did not want to reveal anything about the new chapter in the saga.

The only information leaked is a possible parallel with Majora Mask who had been close to adopt the formula of the typical dual screen with the link U Wii Game Boy and Nintendo 64.

Restored the Japanese PSN

The Japanese PlayStation Network will finally be completely restored during the current week, namely Wednesday, July 6. The last chapter of the book on the resurrection of the NDP is finally completed, since Japan was the only area left with the service outstanding. The reason why the recovery of the Japanese PlayStation Network required a month more than Europe and America, however, remains a mystery.

Epic investigating the leak of Gears of War 3

Epic Games is investigating the distribution over the Internet Journal of incomplete version of Gears of War 3. During the weekend some videos of a build of the third-person shooter exclusively for the Xbox 360 have appeared online. The videos contain spoilers for the campaign and other unpublished details of the gameplay.

Epic and Microsoft have assured fans that the movies taken from the incomplete build does not do justice to the final version of the game. "We have seen reports about the contents of Gears of War 3 appeared on the internet and we are working closely with our team of security and legal representatives to address the situation." The content in question does not come from the final build and represent what the fans will appreciate when the full game will be launched September 20, 2011.

Codemasters on a new "racing"

It seems that Codemasters is working on a new driving game, not belonging to series known so far. The recent closure of studies specialized in securities "racing", as Bizarre and Black Rock, did not affect the plans of the publishers who are even to inaugurate a new IP. The information on the new game are slim to none.

Mortal Kombat Kenshi's origins in video

The blind warrior is back from hell to take revenge Available from July 5 in the form of DLC, Kenshi is probably the first blind person in the history of Mortal Kombat. Misled by Shang Tsung during his earthly life and deprived of sight, the warrior is back from the underworld to take revenge, and will accomplish its mission with a sword by supernatural powers.

Zynga: "games should be free"

The team Zynga, the social gaming giant has dug out the box office with Farmville, is convinced that video games should be totally free. This belief was clearly expressed in a document distributed to investors by the CEO and founder Mark Pincus, to promote his company. You can find the entire document in its original form on IndustryGamers, but here is an extract significant: Fine words, which remind us both those written by Tom Cruise in the famous "programmatic statement" of the film Jerry Maguire.

Pandora's Tower comes to Europe?

Are becoming more insistent the rumors of a possible arrival in Europe (in 2012) Pandora's Tower, role-playing game for the Wii developed by the team and Ganbarion came out last May 26 in Japan. If the news is confirmed, it would be the third game announced for the western market after the recent Xenoblade Chronicles (late 2011) and The Last Story (early 2012).

Obviously the urgent demands of the Western players to Nintendo are reaping the first fruits.

Battlefield 3 will be more inviting and accessible to all

The demands of the mass are commercially important, but the market tends to bring products eliminating the ability to innovate. For the umpteenth time this year we hear the word accessibility combined with an upcoming title. Moreover, the road to success is without doubt the players' liking, but this is good for the quality of the securities? No doubt we'll find out soon.

Resident Evil 6 will be an ambitious game

Capcom has assured that Resident Evil 6 will represent a return to our roots to the famous franchise, focusing more on fear than on the action that emerged in the last few chapters left. As told by Christian Svensson, vice president of Capcom, Resident Evil 6 will see a radical change. "We are making drastic changes to the series to update it and make it even more exciting.

At the moment we can not talk about it, but I can tell you that it is a very ambitious project." Speaking of the spin-off Resident Evil: Raccoon City, Svensson has been unable to confirm whether or not a demo will be made, but assured that if anything were to go would be focused on multiplayer.

Zelda for Wii U might change appearance

The alleged new Zelda game for the next Nintendo console, Wii, U, when it will arrive on the market could be very different from that shown. The version shown at E3 has captured particular attention due to its particular look and feel fantastic. Speaking to Wired's the producer of the latest installments of the series, Eiji Aonuma, said that the appearance shown may not be the final one, a bit 'as they did with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, presented with a realistic design and then completely changed through an unprecedented use of the cel-shaded.

Rumor - PlayStation 4 coming in 2012?

Unlikely, but someone in Taiwan is certainly speaking of the thing from some Taiwanese hardware arrive several details of the alleged launch of PS4 in 2012. According to the rumors because Pegatron Technology and Foxconn, already responsible for the PS3, will soon be grappling with the assembly of the PS4.

The production, according to reports, should start in 2011 to reach 20 million units by the end of 2012. In addition, the rumor about a technology capable of merging the features of Move and Kinect that would be integrated directly into the new PlayStation. If it did Sony would anticipate Microsoft even going to clip the wings of the Wii launch U.