Thursday, April 28, 2011

FIFA 12 - first details

It will be a football game obviousness aside, thanks to a preview appeared in the French Official PlayStation magazine revealed the first details on the new version of FIFA, came to have a nice 12 in the title. According to the preview, you have implemented a motor dedicated to fighting and injuries of the players, the Impact Engine, which makes it more human players led by the CPU, giving it consciousness of the body part injured.

It was also introduced a new system of management steps to limit those in the dark, which makes it difficult to give the ball to those who are out of sight of the owner. Do not miss the promises of the rite, as an improved artificial intelligence in general, that the players will act more carefully, and an overall increase of spectacle, especially in some parts of an inspired English football.

Among other innovations: three new stadiums for beautiful details and lighting effects, a new short executable dribbling with the left stick and a new camera closer to the ground. Source: CVG

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