Monday, April 25, 2011

The lead designer for SOCOM 4 leaves Zipper Interactive

Travis Steiner founded a new company Travis Steiner, lead designer for SOCOM 4, Zipper Interactive has decided to leave, said today the community manager of the team in question, Jeremy Dunham. Steiner decided to act alone from now on, opening his own label, an idea already established in recent years but that the designer had decided to postpone until after the conclusion of the new SOCOM.

Having been such a key element of Zipper, who has contributed to the evolution of the series crucial tactic, it is likely that new projects will come from new label (that you do not know anything yet) could provide interesting things.

Information and pictures for Phantasy Star Online 2

The fantasy comes back online in an event organized by Sega in the legendary district of Akihabara in Tokyo, dedicated to Phantasy Star Portable 2, there were also the first details of Phantasy Star Online 2. Information not much to tell the truth, but if nothing else we can deduce something from the images shown in the gallery below that shows the usual mix of special high-tech sci-fi and wildlife on the randomly generated locations within the various areas explored.

Nintendo confirms Wii's successor in 2012

Official presentation at E3 addensatesi After several rumors in recent days, comes the official confirmation from Nintendo that a new home console, Wii destined to succeed, it will arrive on the market in 2012. The console, which still has no name, will therefore be presented at E3 2011 to be held June 7 to 9.

This is confirmed through an official statement from Nintendo, although sales of the new machine has not yet been included in the financial plans for the next fiscal year ending March 2012, bringing to think of a possible exit from next April. The new console, the rumor has the codename "Project Cafe" and so would be the first next-gen machine to reach the market as both Sony and Microsoft, it seems, would want to wait until 2014 first to present their alternatives.

Wipeout In the Zone - The official trailer

Avatar the fray Wipeout In the Zone is a title intended to Kinect that promises to make us relive the excitement of the show Wipeout. The transmission, in Italian with commentary by Lillo and Greg, shows a series of unlikely evidence of dexterity, style Mai Dire Banzai, provide for the physical humiliation of competitors.

Wipeout In the Zone - Official Trailer

Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale - Trailer of the setting

The journey begins D & D fans will finally get back in the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons with Daggerdale. The trailer shows the tower which is the setting for this new action-RPG that, of dragons and golems, the technical sector shows a rather good considering that this is a product intended for the sole digital delivery market.

Dungeons & Dragons Daggerdale - The journey begins