Thursday, May 26, 2011

Part of the race for QuakeCon 2011

Today launched the pre-registrations for the 2011 edition of QuakeCon, which will continue to offer free admission but will offer a series of "premium packages" for hardcore fans. The "BYOC Seat Select-a-Package" offers, for $ 20, the guaranteed seat BYOC area and reserved, the official QuakeCon shirt and a Mouse Pad of RAGE.

The "Swag Pack" costs about $ 35 and offers a variety of collectibles, t-shirt from QuakeCon 2011 to that of RAGE, through a lithograph autographed by Bethesda Skyrim and pendants zip RAGE, Skyrim and Prey 2. The "Quick QuakeCon Package, finally, offer the first 200 members who take out a $ 50 entry restricted BYOC area with fast entry, which will also apply to the entire QC, a Mouse Pad of RAGE numbered and signed by the Creative Director Tim Willits and a pendant hinge QuakeCon 2011 QuakeCon The limited edition will be held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas August 4 to 7.

Alice: Madness Returns: massively images dall'Hysteria Mode

When Alice gets really angry fear Electronic Arts has made available four screens of Alice: Alice in Madness Returns showing how Hysteria!, Altered state of combat that should make the payment to 'Rage Box' of the first chapter. When this mode is activated, Alice pulls out all his rage and desire for revenge against the inner demons that torment.

Check out the gallery to scare you a bit:

Postponed patch The Witcher 2

CD Projekt has postponed the release of patch 1.1 for The Witcher 2, announcing that the development team has encountered some problems with the server infrastructure that prevents download. "We apologize to our fans, who had promised to update the game last night," said a representative of the team.

How many of you may recall, a second patch was planned for next week. We wonder whether, at this point, both will not be issued simultaneously. Pending further communication please, if you have not already done so, read our recensionedi this magnificent RPG.

New revelation and a teaser for Assassin's Creed Revelations

Some news, waiting to see it at E3 in a press release, Ubisoft has provided new details about Assassin's Creed Revelations, the next chapter in the saga multimillion Assassin's Creed. Leggiamoli (taken from press release): - master the skills of lethal Ezio Auditore, has now become a wiser and more cunning murderess.

With a new arsenal of weapons and abilities, including the hooked blade, the ability to create bombs and the Meaning of the Eagle, you can eliminate your opponents with precision simply lethal. - Assassin's Creed Revelations sees the return as a playable character, Altair, the hero of Assassin's Creed.

Minecraft on Xperia Play

A mobile version of the popular will Minecraft, exclusive of time, on the now famous PlayStation Phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. The release is expected later this year, but after the expiry of the exclusive game will be released also on all other Android devices and IOS. Minecraft developer said that this portable version will differ from the original, but declined to specify.

"Obviously the differences in screen size and power require hardware changes to allow the game to fit perfectly in this new role." The full version of PC Minecraft should be out by the end of 2011, after more than a couple of years passed between the Alpha and the Beta phase, a period that still allowed the game to earn tens of millions of fans.

Sony is working on a PlayStation 4

Investors are always the first to know the things Sony has confirmed that work on the successor to the PlayStation 3 console is started. The revelation came from Masaru Kato, vice president of the company, who spoke during a conference call with investors. The declaration of Kato is in conflict with what was three months ago by Kaz Hirai, who said as there was talk of Sony PlayStation 4 or other possible successors, because the PS3 is still about half of its life cycle.

Available on Live Update 360

Microsoft today announced the latest update on Xbox Live for Xbox 360 system. Among the new features include the virtual space devoted to chat with Kinect, Avatar Kinect, support the new DVD format which we had already discussed above and the option between the PayPal payment method. Digital Foundry has analyzed the new Xbox 360 update in an article published a few days ago on Videogame Source.

Boulder Dash XL - the first trailer

Coming to a new incarnation of the series the longest history of the game That's by First Star Software Boulder Dash is one of the longest-running series of video game history. The British developer, which practically does nothing since the eighties, has released the first trailer for the new chapter coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PC, Boulder Dash XL.

If you are an old gamer (but not older gamers) have a look.

Age of Conan will not come out on Xbox 360

The executive producer for Age of Conan, Craig Morrison, has confirmed that the MMO will not arrive on the Xbox 360, contrary to previously announced. "We have no plans to develop an Xbox 360 version," says Morrison. "In the future, but we would like to bring up console Conan." "How many other developers are discovering, to launch an MMO on a console is more complicated than expected.

The platforms must evolve." "We continue to work on tools and console platforms. A team develops only our technology, Dreamworld. We work particularly closely with Microsoft, we want to bring our platform on their console." In the past few hours, Funcom announced that Age of Conan in summer will become free-to-play.

InFAMOUS Day 2 - Rece, Videorece, Superdirective!

Continue our appointment with the "Videogame Day" where, when possible, we will devote the entire day to cover a game by proposing the review, the Videorecensione Superdirective and dedicated. This time we have a nice exclusive for the readers of Multiplayer. com, inFAMOUS 2 free roam expected output for the PlayStation 3 on June 8, will star in Friday, May 27! Here's the schedule: 17:00 - 18:00 Superdirective inFAMOUS 2 - Review inFAMOUS 2 18:00 - Videorecensione inFAMOUS 2 As regards the Superdirective, log in at 17 Friday, May 27th at this page to interact with a us.

New clues to Syndicate

Some parts of the script of a game developed by Starbreeze's Syndicate series have been published on the web. According to Siliconera, who published the document, the authors of The Darkness and Chronicles of Riddick are working on a new Syndicate, although the title has not yet been announced. The new rumor linking the Syndicate on the draft EA and Starbreeze, known as Project Redlime.

The screenplay is about a sci-fi universe where two corporations vie for control of the globe. The game was originally developed by Peter Molyneux, who a few months ago has made it clear it is interested in some form of collaboration with the developer of the new Syndicate.

Hunted: The Rise of the Demon - Trailer in Italian

Happy to slay monsters together now, the launch is imminent and to emphasize Bethesda has released a trailer for Hunted: The Rise of the Demon that shows all the peculiarities of the game by emphasizing the relationship between the two characters with the words "Happy Together. The movie shows blood, spectacular explosions and various monsters that we will face very soon.

Unfortunately, the Italian trailer also emphasizes another detail that the dubbing of our national game is far from qualitatively comparable to that of television and film productions. Hunted: The Rise of the Demon - Trailer in Italian

Modern Warfare 3: starting with the controversy

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 would present a scenario too similar to the terrorist attacks on 7 July 2005 struck the London Underground, as reported in an article in the Daily Mail. The piece refers to the last movie shown 3 Modern Warfare by Activision, according to the newspaper, some people have been involved in series of bomb attacks in London were asked to prohibit the sale of game developed by Infinity Ward on British soil.

Ocarina of Time in a sea of 3D video!

All are promotional videos! Posted on YouTube all the Japanese trailer for the launch campaign for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, including those in which some speak of the testimonial game. In order not to miss anything, Nintendo has also released a new trailer for the UK version, where you see different sequences of play.

Zelda fans can go to sleep happy today. The UK promotional trailer: The trailer for the Japanese countryside:

Jagex Launches MMO Herotopia

Jagex has launched Herotopia, new free-to-play MMO aimed at children. Described as "fun, vibrant and safe," Herotopia puts gamers in the role of superheroes who must make the world a better place every day doing various missions and solving some puzzles. Starting from its base, Secret Hideout, players can invite their friends to go together to visit cities like New York and Paris.

The basic version is free of Herotopia while its premium (5.95 U.S. dollars per month) provides access to a host of upgrades and extras. Revenues will be partly donated to charity.

Battlestar Galactica Online at an altitude of 2 million

Free to play to the rescue Despite the balance problems and exorbitant costs of Battlestar Galactica Online store has reached the milestone of 2 million account. Among the merits of the title are without doubt the graphics, excellent to be an MMO via browser, and which depicts the universe dear to lovers of science fiction television and standing in the spotlight thanks to the wonderful series aired between 2004 and 2009.

Levine is not waiving film about BioShock

In an interview with IndustryGamers, the boss of Irrational Games, Ken Levine, said he had not lost hope of seeing get BioShock to the big screen. "I think BioShock is suitable for creating not only a great game but also an excellent film," said Levine. "Our company does not need to make a film adaptation.

We'd love to do, but should be a quality product." "We discussed with important people but you have to put together all the pieces of the puzzle, this is the real challenge. In any case, this discourse is always uppermost in my thoughts." It could be the setting for Bioshock Infinite and not the Rapture of the original BioShock, to become the protagonist in a hypothetical film adaptation? "At the moment I concentrate on the game," said Levine.

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 - An exclusive video gaming Source

The long adventure of Gideon distributed through the digital delivery, Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012 include features related to the community, a strategic campaign and single player obviously different types of competitive game based on Magic cards. The title also introduce the new co-op Archenemy three players that will compete with artificial intelligence and also include new decks, new opponents, new puzzles, and more customization options.

2011 positive for the PlayStation brand

In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011, the branch of Sony products including PlayStation brand showed record results for the company Japan. 14.3 million of PlayStation 3 have been sold in the last 12 months for a total of 50 million consoles sold worldwide, a result that puts the platform behind Sony Xbox 360 from Microsoft (53.6 million consoles sold in January 2011 , according to estimates by the U.S.

Confirmed the new Syndicate?

The moment seems to be that many of us are waiting for is approaching. We talk about the announcement of the new Syndicate which should be in development for some time in the studios of Starbreeze. There is still no official confirmation but the project recently bankrolled with more funds, was partly revealed by a dialogue of the game published by Siliconera.

The text sees two scientists involved to discuss agents, implantable chips, neighborhoods, and corporations including futuristic appears Eurocorps, an old acquaintance of the series. In short, what is published seems unequivocal and definitive confirmation in this field although rumor and voices can always surprises.

Collector's Edition for Space Marine

THQ has announced collector's edition of Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine. The package includes a copy of the game, a reproduction of the seal Purity Seal, an art book, 25 cards that include information on the characters and a CD with the soundtrack. The Collector's will be available from several vendors selected for the equivalent of 79.99 pounds.

THQ also announced a series of incentives for booking Space Marines, the contents vary depending on the dealer for some in-game objects to a copy of Darksiders for those who book the PC version. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will be available in September on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Acer A500 icon: New accessories, 32 GB version in production

Acer does not stop the production of a tablet of the current best-sellers around the world, we are obviously talking about the maple icon A500 which is unaffected techniques, but is now available with a new configuration related accessories that we analyze below. The new components are available to the official docking stations, useful for various kinds of connections that make the tablet more efficient and compatible with various devices including the latest generation of HD TV and monitor.

2 The Witcher - Patch delayed

But it is not ready The arrival of patch 1.1 for The Witcher 2 is due to technical problems with server CDProject. The long-awaited update is ready and it promises to solve many technical problems by increasing the framerate even on different hardware configurations. So we just have to wait for the resolution of flaws that should not be long.

Here we reiterate the major fixes included nell'upgrade. Patch 1.1 - Simplified installation and activation. - Fixed downloading the DLC Troll Trouble that was included in the patch. - Fixed an issue that prevented users to download more free DLC (related to various pre-orders and special promotions) ..

Realtime Worlds becomes eeGeo

Some former employees of the defunct Realtime Worlds have come together to give life to a new study, eeGeo. According to a report from Develop, the team will now work on Project MyWorld, a social game from Realtime announced shortly before the end of the study. IP and assets were purchased by eeGeo for a figure of 1.1 million pounds, slightly less than the price paid by GamersFirst for the acquisition of APB (1.26 million pounds).

Available for the Xbox 360 system update

The Spring update Microsoft today released the new update for the Xbox 360 dashboard, the "spring", so to speak. The download starts automatically start the console and requires a bit 'of several minutes between downloading and installation, after which the console is restarted. There are no substantial upgrades visible, with some menu system and the addition of Paypal as a payment option.

The most substantial additions should in fact be hidden, especially dedicated to the support for Avatar Kinect and more disc formats.

PlayStation 3 bundled with Black Ops

As of May 31, will be available in U.S. stores a bundle that includes a PlayStation 3, a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops and a code to redeem the DLC First Strike. Sony did not mention the availability of the bundle in the European market. The second DLC Black Ops, Escalation, will arrive on PlayStation 3 after the reopening of the PlayStation Store.

The best video game series on Videogame Source: quarter-finals

After a long battle last pixel path we have reached the quarter-final polls Multiplayer. it on "The best game series of all time." To contend for the title, after a long qualifying match at the end of March, which saw direct confrontation of the most famous series of landscape gaming, there are only eight titles, the most voted by the public in Multiplayer.

com. These couplings under the direct clashes: Pokémon vs. Pac-Man (active at this time), Final Fantasy vs Grand Theft Auto (active tomorrow, 27 May), The Legend of Zelda vs Uncharted (May 28) and Metal Gear Solid vs Super Mario Bros. (May 29). Of course, you will then pass to the semifinals and then a final showdown scheduled for June 1, 2011.

Inafune working on a RPG for PS3

Former Capcom, Keiji Inafune, is currently working on a role-playing PlayStation 3 exclusive. According to Bloomberg by the title will be released in August. Inafune is also working on a social game that should see the light in Japan in June. Keiji Inafune has left Capcom in October, while in April it announced the opening of two studies based in Tokyo, Comcept and Intercept.

HP Business Laptop, released ProBook 4530s

HP back on the market with the new laptop dedicated to the business called ProBook 4530s, the name is already easy to see that we are not in the presence of a notebook dedicated to the end consumer in general, but it can be exploited by those who need high performance level beyond the scope business including areas such as gaming and advanced file editor.

Starting with the features on the exterior, this ProBook 4530s shows a standard design, there are no special annotations perhaps only the input jacks on front for a microphone and headphones / speakers are quite uncomfortable and we would have preferred to see them on one side rather that front, even though the provision reduces the far left this small defect.

Sales of PlayStation 3 and Sony PSP in fiscal

Happy New Year, but Xbox 360 has yet come before the overall results of the fiscal year just ended for Sony, which show a positive trend in sales of PlayStation 3, its best year so far. Ended March 31, 2011, the fiscal year saw total sales of the console to 14.3 million units, or a record year for Sony bringing its installed base of home consoles in the world to 50 million in total, still below the direct competitor to the Xbox 360 in January 2011 was 53.6 million units spread globally.

Available for Portal 2 soundtrack

The soundtrack of Portal 2 is a free download from the official website of the Valve game. By Song To Test will be published in three volumes, the first of which consists of 22 tracks, is available for download. The website also has some ringtones. Portal 2 is available since last April on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Disney Universe announced

The Disney universe at stake, as noted by the user "Akille.91, there is a new Disney game for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, apparently voted in its meaning to the multiplayer" party ". The title is widely Disney Universe and uses settings and characters from the Disney, in fact, to put on various mini-game theme.

40 costumes of Disney characters and different scenarios will be available in game and later added that further expands the choice available for download. There are a lot of information about it, except for references to the three platforms in question and the output set to fall.

A date for Trenched

Trenched, the new game developed by Double Fine, will be available on Xbox Live Arcade as of June 22. The game belongs to the genre of tower defense will cost 1200 Microsoft Points. Trenched is the third downloadable game released in recent months by the study of Tim Schafer, had previously been washed up on PSN and XBLA titles Costume Quest Stacking.

The next game will be the company's Once Upon A Monster, compatible with Kinect title will be available by the end of 2011.

News coming for DLC LA Noire

Next week, Rockstar has confirmed the upcoming release of news about new DLC for LA Noire, in a message posted on the usual and ubiquitous Twitter. "Expect the news on LA Noire DLC for next week!" He says the brief statement in question, which then leaves us to wait for updates coming in a few days. There are already two known downloadable packages for the game Detective Team Bondi: "The Naked City" and "A Slip of the Tongue" issued through the various exclusive dealers.

A new horizon Aliens

A new Aliens game was mentioned on the official site of the Australian OFLC classification, Aliens Infestation. According to reports on NeoGAF, the title is a platform game developed by WayForward Technologies (A Boy & His Blob, Contra 4) and published by SEGA. The publisher has not yet officially commented on the news.