Saturday, July 9, 2011

Resistance 3 will contain three demos

PlayStation 3 Resistance 3 will be released with three demos inside. This is the version compatible with the stereoscopic 3D demo of Killzone 3, inFamous 2 and MotorStorm: Apocalypse. According to the classification made by the BBFC also seems that Resistance 3 has just 90 minutes of narrative sequences.

The game has been evaluated for an audience of more than 18 years.

Microsoft wants to re-launch the Zune for video streaming on Xbox 360?

The now famous service was left in the shade According to some sources close to Microsoft, the Redmond company was going to inaugurate a new service for streaming video on the Xbox 360, also to counter the growing power of Netflix and Hulu. The operation would take place using the Zune brand, which therefore would be raised in an important way.

Beyond any doubt about the availability of a service of this kind in Italy, would therefore rise to a new Zune Marketplace, which, in exchange for a monthly fee, allow users to access a wide range of streaming video content. For the moment, we reiterate, this is just rumors. As soon as there will be confirmation or denial from Microsoft, enter it promptly.

Far Cry 3, E3 demo "alternative" in video

New technical comments and some differences in approach Ubisoft has released an "alternative" of the gameplay of Far Cry 3 is shown during E3 2011, then the same sequence of play, but addressed by following a different approach. Commented by game designer Andrea Zanini, the video we see, then steal items from the pockets of the first enemy stunned instead of one gun, crept closer to other fighters and then clean the area of the helicopter using a sniper rifle before launching into the fray.

New details of PlanetSide 2

A lot of news, but do not want to lose contact with the past Matt Higby, director of creative PlanetSide 2, said that the game will boast that the huge maps and Forgelight Engine, used to manage the graphics and physics, will implement realistic solutions in terms of flight covers and special effects.

Higby PlanetSide 2 will be explained that in many ways a reinterpretation of the first episode with the war between three different factions Auraxis to destabilize the planet and the player engaged in a series of battles to gain experience and level up, so that access to new weapons and classes of vehicles.

Tanya is the next character in Mortal Kombat?

So it seems, by a message from Ed Boon released a message on Twitter by Ed Boon, you can probably guess that Tanya could be the new character added to the roster of Mortal Kombat. When asked directly about the possibility of having Tanya as a playable character, Boon has in fact responded: "Be ', it seems that something must be done." It is therefore not an official confirmation, but something similar.

The PC has far outdistanced the console, according to Mark Rein

The vice president of Epic Games has no doubt about which is the platform more powerful when doing here is the declaration by John Carmack, a gaming PC that would be ten times more powerful than the current home consoles, Mark Rein of Epic Games has spoken of 'importance of personal computers for the future of gaming.

"We arrived at that point in the life of the console where the distance to a PC has become very large, in terms of technical capabilities," Rein said, adding that in his opinion the PC acts as the platform of choice for developers. Speaking to Eurogamer, Rein also said: "Do not forget that every game is made using a PC.

New director for the movie of Uncharted

After leaving the film adaptation of Uncharted from David O. Russell, Sony has wasted no time in finding a worthy replacement for the direction of the film in question, as revealed by Variety magazine. The new director will be Neil Burger, already known for the interesting and Limitless for The Illusionist, a film in 2006 starring Edward Norton.

At present it is unclear if Mark Wahlberg is the part left of Nathan Drake.