Monday, June 6, 2011

E3 2011 - Gameplay Batman: Arkham City

The cat woman in action in this movie, mostly along the gameplay of Batman: Arkham City see action in the fast releasing Catwoman blows left and right and elusive as a cat. But after a couple of cutscenes Batman back on the field that shows the integration between its wings and hook floating over the rooftops of Gotham increasingly dark and dangerous.

E3 2011 - Presented Kinect Fun Labs

Trials motor-gaming conference from Microsoft at E3 2011 coming news about Kinect Fun Labs, the mysterious title rumored in recent days. It is, in fact, a sort of ever-changing gaming experiment: a container of mini-game that users can expand gradually downloading new applications developed by the "community of Kinect" from Xbox Live, Kinect developed through the SDK.

The demonstration focused on some very simple games, mostly real applications such as to change the avatar with the ability to "draw in" and to scan a three dimensional model in an object taken from reality and do it then move through the recognition of motor. Kinect Fun Labs is available "now" they say.

E3 2011 - Presented Fable: The Journey

With only the laying on of hands None other than Peter Molyneux himself was recently on stage at E3 2011 Microsoft Conference to present his new creation for the Xbox 360: Fable: The Journey. What a coincidence, this is another game devoted specifically to Kinect: in essence is a spin-off series based on the same world of Fable, but in which we are literally traveling in person to the setting and cast spells with "the 'laying on of hands "as the magician Oronzo.

E3 2011 - Kinect and news from Xbox Live

Voice command, music and television Marc Whitten, head of Xbox Live at Microsoft, is on stage at E3 2011 conference to present the new Xbox Live scheduled for the autumn update, in particular with regard to integration with Kinect. A simple voice command interface allows you to switch between two sections of the dashboard that is even richer in content.

Presented in particular "Xbox Music", the integration with YouTube, the system "Bing" which allows the fast search of content on the server and the Xbox Live Television ", which is taken from various television channels broadcast directly to their Xbox 360. Of course, while integration with voice command will be universal, as regards the various music and video services will need to see how to organize the various local branches of Xbox Live.

Halo 4 confirmed by MS

A little over an hour from the Microsoft conference, some of the most important news of the fair have already been a "spoiler" on the Xbox. com. Among these, the most important is undoubtedly the confirmation of the development of Halo 4. While in the meantime the news already seems to have disappeared from the site, you can see some pictures below.

In addition to Halo 4 were also revealed Dance Central 2, Kinect Sports Season 2 and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary! called Halo 4 as "the news that millions of fans waited more than all", while the HD remake of the first chapter has been described as "the adventure that launched one of the worlds most popular in gaming history, a magazine for new generation of players.

MGS and Zoe HD also "digital"

Konami has confirmed that the two sets of HD Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders will come in Digital Download version. 'Versions' digital' of the two compilations will be distributed via the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live, the company revealed on the official websites of Japan's remake of MGS and Zoe.

Recall that the MGS collection will include the second and third chapters PS2, the most recent episode came out on PSP, Peace Walker. The PS3 version will allow you to transfer saves from PSP to PS3.

E3 2011: Dead Island Trailer

Rude awakening after the various videos of gameplay more or less official released in recent days, comes a real trailer for Dead Island, as is proper at E3 2011. Techland has included everything in the video below, views of the scenarios, components narrative scenes of the game, action, horror and drama in film editing that, once again, reconstructs the drama of a tropical paradise ravaged pure horror.

The beta of COD Elite has a date

Activision has announced that a first beta "private" Call of Duty Elite will begin on July 14. Participation will be by invitation only, which will be sent to players of multiplayer Call of Duty: Black Ops. For the time has not yet been announced a reference platform for the beta, which could mean a start multi-platform.

Only part of the functions of the Elite service are available. All others are reserved for the exit of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in November.

Zombie Studios announces Blacklight Retribution

A free to play the following "free" Blacklight: Tango Down is a reality, with an official announcement by Zombie Studios. The new chapter is titled Blacklight Retribution will be a shooter and free-to-play ", that is downloadable and playable for free, with content available separately and features a strong preference for the MMO.

Perfect World Entertainment is the publisher and the title is entirely built on Unreal Engine 3, is intended to "set new standards in the field of free-to-play shooter," according to developers. Apparently, there will also be the mech. The output is provided only on a PC at a date to be specified.

COD Elite "the best free service"

Activision stated that Call of Duty: Elite will be "the best in free circulation". In a note published on the official website of Elite, the publisher said that even those who are not subscribed to the service will get a free set of features that were not available in the past. Activision has mentioned among other things, the ability to chat with the people in your friends list, clan management and personalization equipment, the ability to access the website of Elite through applications for mobile devices, the ' Facebook integration, consultation with player stats and more.

The upgrade to the PlayStation Network June 6, 2011

Discounts and various PlayStation Store is back online today and refreshed with a new set of downloadable content, resuming his normal rhythm of the week. A number of special offers and various assorted DLC form this rich upgrade spring: PlayStation Store (via PS3, PSP and Media Go) Spring Offers (PS3) PAC-MAN Championship Edition DX (from 9.99 to 4.99) Worms 2: Armageddon (from 14.99 to 7.99) Worms 2: Armageddon Battle Pack (from 3.99 to 2.49) Noby Noby Boy (from 3.99 to 2.49) Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao (from 12.99 to 4.99) PowerUp Forever (from 7.99 to 2.99) Soldner-X: Himmelsstürmer (from 7.99 to 4.99) Soldner-X 2: Final Prototype (from 12.99 to 6.49) Blade Kitten (from 8.99 to 4.99) Space Invaders: Infinity Gene (from 9.99 to 4.99) Ferrari: The Race Experience (from 14.99 to 6.99) Borderlands (from 29.99 to 19.99) Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part One (from 16.99 to 8.99) Watchmen: The End is Nigh Part Two (from 16.99 to 8.99) Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (from 12.99 to 6.49) Toad Blue Murder Files Episode One (now free) Blue Toad Murder Files: Season Upgrade (from 11.25 to 8.99) Premier Manager (from 17.99 to 8.99) Hamsterball (from 9.99 to 4.99) Ricochet HD (from 7.99 to 3.99) Assassin's Creed (from 29.99 to 21.99) Voodoo Dice (PS3 version) (from 9.99 to 6.99) Cell Factor: Psychokinetic Wars (from 9.99 to 6.99) vs.

Diablo III also on PlayStation 3?

According to the findings in a job advert on the official Blizzard, the developer of World of Warcraft is looking for "an expert on PlayStation 3" by aggregating the Diablo III team. In November of 2011, Blizzard had admitted he was thinking of a console version of Diablo, but not necessarily an adaptation of Diablo III.

The CEO of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime says that the company is working hard to bring Diablo III in stores by the end of the year, but the game is currently without a launch date yet.

E3 2011 - Lionhead will be at the Microsoft Conference

Molyneux will present the new Fable? Cindy Walker, manager of marketing for Microsoft, Lionhead has revealed that Microsoft will be present at the conference to be held at 18:30 this evening (and to be published in Multiplayer. It with a detailed Liveblog). So, given the details of the new Fable, becomes the hypothesis that the new chapter in the saga of Molyneux can be shown during the presentation of its Microsoft.

Microsoft wants a more efficient Kinect

According to a source Videogame by some sources, Microsoft is working to improve the performance of Kinect. Soon the U.S. company will launch an upgrade that will allow you to control Kinect with new languages, the announcement should come at E3 along with a demo of Rare show that the characteristics of the new version of the device.

Microsoft will improve the performance of Kinect "inhibiting sound and depth" to allow the device to focus on sending the video signal. "It does not provide the desired quality because it only sends the video signal, but also those related to audio and depth," says the source. The resolution is 640x480 Kinect, while that of most Xbox 360 games to reach the native resolution of 1280x720.

E3 2011: Uncharted the Hunters Mode 3 in video

Hunters and prey from Gametrailers take a new video on this mode in Uncharted 3 Hunters, a new chapter in the popular action game series of Naughty Dog. This is one of several ways in which you can engage in the sector multiplayer online title, which has various options for cooperative play and competitive.

DLC announced for Red River

Codemasters has announced the first DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Red River. Valley of Death will be available "late June" at a price of 560 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live and Games for Windows Live. The package includes eight new challenges for how Fireteam Engagements playable in single-player mode and co-op for four players, two new missions Combat Sweep, two CSAR missions, two for the Last Stand mode and two for the Rolling Thunder.

Will Wright talks about his new projects

Will Wright is currently working on a video game based on a story by Bruce Sterling, Maneki Neko. The game, held at Wright Videogame Source, will arrive on tablets, smart phones and social networks like Facebook. "At the moment the changes are happening at a dizzying rate, so now I do not think it makes sense to design development cycles of three or four years," says Wright.

"If you can not bring anything on the market within a year, at least an early version, you're screwed." "This new model of development has made me face the problem of development from a perspective quite different. Almost all the games on which I want to work are based on concepts that will allow me to launch a product after one year, and then propose several episodes ".

Sony PS Life trademark!

As reported by VG247, Sony recorded last Friday at the Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the European Union the PlayStation brand Life. In recent days, several developers have confirmed that life was used by Sony for some time as a code name for Next Generation Portable. Sony will officially announce the name of its new handheld console at the E3 conference to be held tomorrow.

Adidas miCoach reveals

THQ and Adidas have signed an agreement to publish a game for Move and Kinect which will hit stores in early 2012. The title, called miCoach, will assimilate the fundamentals of sports such as football, tennis and running. The coaches will guide players to explore the various disciplines will be the world of sports celebrities such as Dwight Howard, Kaka, Tyson Gay, Jessica Ennis, Ana Ivanovic and Eric Berry.

LA Noire always at the top in UK

Third week in a row topped the British charts software for LA Noire. Second place for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, the third for Dirt 3, followed by Zumba Fitness and Brink. Wii Sports Resort for sixth, seventh COD: Black Ops, and FIFA 11, Portal 2 and Sims 3 Generations respectively in the eighth, ninth and tenth position.

"Nintendo" Project Cafe's real name?

Not be long now to the presentation of the new Nintendo console, but rumors have not died down on the name of the company indicated Japan will provide the platform so far as Project Cafe. According to Game Informer, "the latest rumor" is about a name consisting of a single word that we all know well.

Nintendo's conference will be held the following day.

The conference at Electronic Arts E3 2011 Live

The liveblogging will begin at 21.30 set for 12:30 PM (PDT), so the homegrown 21:30, the conference at Electronic Arts E3 2011 will see the presentation of some of the most anticipated by fans of video games: Battlefield 3, Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed: The Run, SSX, FIFA 12 and more. We are confident that the giant California will not disappoint the expectations, and that likewise there will be surprises on the air.

Kinect gameplay trailer for Star Wars

The U.S. magazine Entertainment Weekly has published a preview on Kinect Star Wars game announced at E3 last year. In the E3 trailer you can see some game sequences that allow, among other things fly and fight using Kinect. More details on Star Wars Kinect should arrive in the evening, with the conference from Microsoft.

The conference Ubisoft's E3 2011 live

The liveblogging will begin tonight at 23.30 The Conference of Ubisoft E3 2011, set for 2:30 PM (PDT), or the homegrown 23:30, see how to highlight the presentation of Assassin's Creed Revelations, the latest adventure  takes the series to new levels of excellence, both from the artistic point of view as in terms of gameplay.

One other highly anticipated title for this conference is Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, but knowing the French company, we are sure that the quantity and quality of the material shown to the public will be very high. Appointment then to 23.30 for the Liveblog Live!

Prototype 2 "different" from inFamous 2

According to Radical Entertainment, Prototype 2 is a game "completely different" by Infamous 2. "The first inFamous was very interesting and the second looks promising, but we offer something different compeltamente in the market there is room for both," says design director Matt Armstrong. First Prototype has sold two million copies but has divided the players: the feedback, however, is served to the developers for this sequel that involves the use of a new engine, the battle arenas called "Lairs" and special hooks James Heller allows the player to cling to a variety of surfaces.

Registered the domain Fable: The Journey

Microsoft has registered the domain Fablethejourney. org along with other domains that suggest the development of new games compatible with Kinect. According Superannuation between domains registered a few days ago, June 3, include Dancecentral2. org and Kinectsportsseason2. org as well as Kinectfunlabs.

org. Were All the domains registered on 3rd June. Microsoft will present the all new Xbox 360 at the conference to be held this week at E3.

On arrival the first DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Titled The Valley of Death, will be released in late June for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 Codemasters has announced that the first DLC for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, or The Valley of Death Pack will be available in late June on Xbox Live Marketplace ( 560 Microsoft Points), Games for Windows Marketplace (560 Microsoft Points) and PlayStation Store (5.99 €).

The expansion will feature eight new playable Fireteam Engagement in single player or in cooperative multiplayer for four people, two new missions Combat Sweep, two new CSAR missions, two new missions Last Stand, and two new missions Rolling Thunder, accompanied by two scenarios unpublished.

Hackers attack servers Nintendo

According to news agency Reuters, Nintendo has admitted that she had been attacked by hackers a few weeks ago. " "The server did not include personal information," the company said in a statement Japan. "Protecting our customers' data is our priority ... We constantly monitor the network security." The hacker group calling itself Lulzsec claimed responsibility for the attack on Twitter, where he has not wanted to cause damage.

Sony Announces PSN Papo & Yo

Sony has announced that the adventure game Papo & Yo will be available on PlayStation Network in 2012. Developed by Minority, Papo & Yo tells the story of a boy called Quico who lives in the slums of a city in South America in the company of a beast that protects him from danger, Monster. Quico task will be to find an antidote to hunger frogs Monster, an appetite that threatens to turn the monster into a hostile entity to the boy also.

Credits "low" for LA Noire

More than 100 staff members of LA Noire not have been recognized in the credits of the game, or all those persons whose contract is terminated before the production phase of the game. Several former employees of Team Bondi has launched a website with full credits of LA Noire. "From the end credits of the game are missing more than a hundred names," says the former group of Team Bondi in a letter sent to Videogame Source.

Xbox 360 to share 55 million

Global sales of Xbox 360 raised 55 million units, Microsoft does know. "Xbox 360 is the best-selling console in the United States in 2011, and in 10 of the last 11 months," said the U.S. company. "In the first four months of 2011, Xbox 360 has registered a growth of 29% over the previous year, three times the results of the PlayStation 3.

No console has done better." According to data from Microsoft, Xbox 360 is currently ahead of PlayStation 3, received a quota of 50 million after selling 14.3 million units of PlayStation 3 in the last fiscal year (ended March 31, 2011). The best-selling home console of this generation is still Wii with 86.1 million pieces.

Sony has registered the trademark "PS Life"

EU patent office has registered the trademark Sony PS Vita patent office of the European Union. As you know, life is the rumored name for the PSP 2, NGP or if you prefer. Obviously the recording is a further step toward uncovering the full details of the console, what will happen during the Sony E3 conference tomorrow.

Source: VG247

Blacklight Retribution Announced

Zombie Studios has announced that the FPS sequel Blacklight: Tango Down Blacklight Retribution will be called and will be published by Perfect World. Retribution, a free-to-play FPS made with the Unreal Engine 3 with support for DirectX 11, will propose an approach to sci-fi futuristic weapons and mech.

"For years we were going to make a shooter free-to-play quality and that is why we are proud of our partnership with Perfect World," says the CEO of Zombie Studios, Mark Long. "Through this alliance, PC gamers will get a quality shooter available for everyone." Blacklight: Tango Down was released in 2010 on PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

60,000 lines of dialogue for Skyrim

As reported by PC Gamer, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will offer 60,000 lines of dialogue recited and the world will be populated by a number of dragons that attack the player at random. According to Bethesda, the dragons can not fly and injured in this case the player can attack them on the ground. Killing one of these dragons will have access to a number of powers called "dragon Shouts.

Committing a crime in a region, says Bethesda, will be hostile to the player only the guards of that area, not the soldiers of the adjacent regions. Also attending will be the horses, used with a defined system more efficient than that of Oblivion. The quick trip to allow immediate access to distant places already visited.