Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New casting for Grand Theft Auto

Take-Two is looking for an actor for the role of James Pedeaston, a character in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. For some time the casting of Take-Two have given way to speculation about the next Grand Theft Auto. Pedeaston, "an activist just released from a prison in Indonesia, aged between 40 and 45 years, and is the conductor of an issuer WCTR show GTA: San Andreas.

For Blizzard, Kotick is a good guy

It is interesting that they felt the need to do this Let's face it, Bobby Kotick, Activision's boss, does not enjoy a good reputation among gamers and among some experts. I honestly do not know if the reputation is deserved or not, but today Mike Morhaime, Blizzard's boss, has kept us to say that he thinks Kotick is a good guy.

Morhaime said to have had some long conversations with Kotick and therefore his opinion is not limited to the assessment of a few utterances, which is what he would do most of the commentators. Morhaime then told details, talking about how help and support received from Blizzard as Activision's Kotick and has never sought to interfere in the affairs of society.

Back to the Future Ep 2 "soon" on PSN

The second installment of Back to the Future will be "soon" can be downloaded from the European PlayStation Network, Telltale has confirmed. Meanwhile, the third episode, Citizen Brown, was published in PC and Mac formats are five episodes of the series developed by Telltale. The fourth chapter will debut in April and the fifth and final episode is still without a launch date.

Telltale finally confirmed that the game will arrive in April Jurassic Park on PC and Mac, while console users have to wait until this fall to get their hands on.

AMD throws down the gauntlet to nVidia

Who is faster? nVidia and AMD have joined the war to decide who's got faster. The graphics card, of course. After last week's statement from Nvidia, which defined the GTX 590 graphics card as the world's most powerful, came the reply from AMD, the voice of Dave Erskine, head of PR, said that instead of having the first with The Radeon HD 6990.

For Erskine, if nVidia says that his card is more powerful "must prove not only say," follows car incensed that you save. The most interesting part is what concerns the results of tests which AMD can boast: a score of X3303 with 3DMark11, which is the maximum score for a single graphics card (according to Erskine).

Dragon Age 2 Contest - Winners

Dear Videogame Sources, now is the moment of truth: in a few lines will reveal the names of the winners of the contest for Dragon Age 2! Who are the lucky people to have won a promo of the game? During the last week we've swamped with email, making us far more fun than we expected and, if I have to say it all, choose just five winners was not easy at all.

As always you have in fact demonstrated imagination, creativity and great sense of humor, but we are confident that this time even those who do not have it done, will surely have more than one occasion to make up! It would be nice to be able to reward everyone, but unfortunately we are forced to choose ...

Coming Arcadia Edition for Super Street Fighter IV?

According to the Voices from the BBFC British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), or the institution cataloging the British media, there would be a particularly Arcade Edition coming to Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom something that has not yet spoken on the record , apparently. The title appears in the interior of the BBFC lists as due out in June in the United Kingdom, specifically to June 24, 2011.

AMD resize critical DirectX

AMD has toned down criticism of the DirectX expressed a few days ago by Richard Huddy. "We simply seek to send to Microsoft the feedback we receive from developers," said senior director of ISV [independent software vendors] AMD, Neal Robison, a CRN. "Game developers, AMD and NVIDIA offer constructive criticism because we want to see real innovation." A few days ago, Huddy was well expressed in respect of DirectX: "In the high-end video cards have a higher power at least ten times that of the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

LA Noire selected for the Tribeca Film Festival

A cross between film and game cinematic view of the particular used by Team Bondi and Rockstar, it seems an appropriate decision to appoint as LA Noire Official Selection of the Tribeca Film Festival 2011. This is the first time a video game became part of the film festival in New York, "an honor" that the developers have hailed as "another step forward in interactive entertainment." The game will therefore be at the festival and will be shown to the public during a conference which will explore the "link between film and interactive entertainment," with insights on how to create stories and action in this medium.

Blizzard defends Bobby Kotick

During an interview with MCV, the president of Blizzard, Mike Morhaime, defended the boss of Activision, Bobby Kotick. "I know Bobby personally, we talked often, so my experience is not limited to a few sentences taken out of context," said Morhaime. "I can tell you that Bobby Blizzard has always helped a lot and we have a good relationship with him.

I do not think the idea that people became the CEO of Activision is correct." "If we were not sure of confidence in Bobby and Activision to us, we would never have pushed for that agreement. We thought that their motives were right and that our business was complementary to that of Activision.

3 Modern Warfare announced in April?

So says PSM3 According to some rumors, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 might be announced in mid-April. Entries start from unnamed "sources close" to PSM3, which would have told the magazine that "the next FPS-megaton Activision will be announced in mid-April, in fact, although not specified in the title seems rather clear reference to third Modern Warfare.

According to the Official PlayStation Magazine UK the new chapter should contain "at least some sections" refer to the character of Ghost, and in particular to its past history, while starting from the end of the second chapter PSM3 presupposes the presence of Soap and Price in history.

BioWare wants a new HUD for ME3

BioWare is considering some changes to the HUD for Mass Effect 3. The model? Dead Space. "During the development of Mass Effect 2 we had reached the same conclusion and we made a prototype with health and shields shown on the armature of Shepard," says senior designer Brenon Holmes on the official website of BioWare.

"But the result was not satisfactory. When Shepard took advantage of the shell could not establish a suitable framework indicators. That said, we are still interested in the integration of information with the gaming world. This is one of the things I love about Dead Space, the 'interface is immersive.

First votes for Shift 2: Unleashed

Between the good and the good start to check the online reviews of Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, the international press which is seeking his first vows. It presents a good performance for the new series title in Electronic Arts racing simulation its declination, pending the expiration of the embargo and the publication of reviews of the best known newspapers, including of course Multiplayer.

The multiplayer in the future of God of War?

A job listing posted by Sony Santa Monica suggests that the future of the series of God of War could be no place for multiplayer. Until now, the trilogy was born on Sony PlayStation 2 and ended last year on the PlayStation 3 has been characterized only by the single player adventure. In future, however, the series could take new directions.

According to the announcement published on Gamasutra, Sony would be looking for a senior programmer for the online "Design and implementation of systems and tools to support the needs of the network (in-game chat, client-server, matchmaking, leaderboards ) ".

Reggie Fils-Aime and amateur developers, there comes a clarification

The key is experience, according to the president of Nintendo of America A little over a week ago, we reported the claims made by Reggie Fils-Aime, president of Nintendo of America, about the position of the large N compared with amateur developers . In that circumstance, Fils-Aime told Gamasutra wanted to "separate the real from independent developers who are dedicated to the development of video games as a hobby," and therefore wants to "absolutely maintain contact with independent" but that "the line Nintendo has no plans to do business with developers garage.

Metacritic, no developers vote

In response to criticism received from press and industry players after the launch of the section devoted to the assessments for individual developers, Metacritic has decided to suspend the service. "Our database is growing, but as the feedback from our users has reported, it is still an incomplete list and the data are not sufficient to provide comprehensive assessments of individual developers," said the founder of Metacritic, Marc Doyle.

Jurassic Park - A long video

And certainly do not lack the T-Rex than three minutes of the movie Jurassic Park to show us on interviews, clips and excerpts of the Spielberg movie title Telltale Games. This featurette developers aim to highlight the commitment to respect the atmosphere of the film and to recreate the creatures that dominated the Mesozoic era land.

Telltale Games is growing rapidly and Back to the Future has proven to be one of the few software companies that can carry the atmosphere of a movie inside a video game. Jurassic Park - A long video for the dinosaurs

Crysis 2, cast doubt on the DirectX 11?

A few days ago Maximum PC reported a rumor to the effect that DirectX 11 would be implemented Monday on the PC version of Crysis 2. The patch should also add the advanced graphics settings in game menu. The rumors have not proven correct, and it has not escaped the users of the forum MyCrysis. "We have not confirmed any patch," said Crytek community manager of intervening in the debate.

"I have no idea of the sources of this Web site. The important announcements for Crysis 2 will be published on MyCrysis. Everything that you see posted on MyCrysis. Com is not trusted."

iPad two sold-out in the UK

The new Apple tablet is snapped, it seems, iPad 2 is sold out in the UK, so that retailers have suggested its customers to buy online tablet to have any chance of finding it. A situation that, as usual, the gave a series of speculations, some people on eBay selling the 64 GB model Wi-Fi at nearly £ 800 over £ 200 more than the official price.

Dealers in London stocks ended early on Saturday, or just one day after launching iPad 2. "The demand for the new generation of iPad 2 was extraordinary," said Apple. "We are working hard to ensure that all buyers can have their iPad 2." Have not yet been released sales figures for the UK, but in the U.S.

Molyneux reach out to EA Syndicate

Peter Molyneux said he was ready to lend its support to Electronic Arts to develop a new game in the series Syndicate. Molyneux, producer of the original games developed by Bullfrog in 1993, told CVG that an attempt by EA to revive the series meet with his blessing. The author of Fable, however, would like to be at least partially involved in the project.

"It's nice to see something that you have created a life or meaning. I'd like to spend a day with them to discuss the elements that make a special game Syndicate." EA has not confirmed a new game in the series, but other rumors indicate that Starbreeze might be working on the franchise.

Grand Thef Auto V is getting ready for E3?

Sure, the dubbing is imminent A new call for voice actors confirmed that GTA V is at an advanced stage of development and many think it will make its appearance at E3 this year. The confirmation that the call is connected to the world of Grand Theft Auto is a character, James Pedeaston, which has already been appointed in the series and has a background worthy of the franchise.

It is indeed a maniac who has just been released from a prison in Indonesia. Source: Actors pages

Revealed the latest weekly Wii Shop

The game for SNES, Brothers Brawl is one of the titles included in the weekly Nintendo Wii Shop Channel. Originally published in 1992, Brothers Brawl will be downloaded from the Virtual Console starting this Friday at a price of 800 Wii Points. There are also GO Series: Captain Sub for DSiWare (200 Wii Points) and a demo of the game WiiWare Soccer Bashi.

Zomboid Project - First video for this particular MMO

Zombies and shotgun, the perfect marriage Zombies are back in fashion and videogame scene meets with tons of titles that at this time online, also requires the MMO genre. Project Zomboid is in fact an online survival horror game that promises articulated mechanical and intriguing and will not focus on combat.

Paradoxically, the first video game shows just the violence and put the spotlight on the effectiveness of weapons, splashes of blood and corpses. Zomboid Project is an indie title, zombie, running on a browser and is online. So this is the summary of the modern videogame. The graphics however, although it has intriguing elements, has spartan and old and remember very, very much, and perhaps disproportionately hurts the good old XCOM.

Nintendo patented a concept for bikes

As reported by Siliconera, a while ago Nintendo have patented a system for controlling a game based motion sul''utilizzo the WiiMote and Nunchuk. Under the concept, having contested the two parts of the Nintendo controller, the player can push forward to accelerate and brake devices bringing them back.

Also possible the implementation of the Balance Board for further action. According to the patent, the concept could be used in a racing game with a large number of ramps, and the controls allow you to operate the vehicle in the air in order to achieve a soft landing. As reported in the patent, the game is or was (do not know if the game is canceled or not) being developed by the NRC study, the authors of the games in Mario vs.

World of Tanks, the client available for beta

Want to enter the world of tanks? World of Tanks, the promising free-to-play simulator developed by Wargaming. net, is now available in beta to all PC owners. Set during World War II, the game will find great multiplayer games for up to thirty participants in very large maps. You will be able to use all the most famous tanks of the period, in a simulation environment rich in depth and detail.

Beta Darkspore available on Steam

Over the weekend a Steam account holders can access the beta Darkspore, Valve announced. The beta of the new game from EA is already downloadable from Steam but the tests will begin only on weekends, Friday. The launch of the game is expected instead to April 28, only on PC.

NPD - the 10 most successful games

Activision check on the Nintendo Despite the blockade imposed by the NPD analyst for the dissemination of data continue to arrive reports and charts that we love so much. This covers the 10 most successful titles of this generation, those that have grossed more than words, and we are surprised not to see first-person shooter, bundle, music titles and party games.

What amazes us is that all securities except Rock Band, Activision or Nintendo and are not seen anywhere Electronic Arts. As for the FPS is predictable, although impressive, the absolute predominance of Call of Duty, to throw himself on modern atmosphere ahead of the competition has really done a bang.

Choplifter HD Announced

Developer Hunted: The Demon's Forge, inXile Entertainment, has announced a remake of the classic Apple II Choplifter. The game, called Choplifter HD will be available this autumn on PC and PlayStation Network. Developed by Broderbund, the original was released on the Apple II in 1982. The success of land Choplifter game made on a number of platforms in the coming years.

The new version of Choplifter will include 20 missions.

Choplifter HD - Trailer Ad

All is well Choplifter HD is working in the offices of the boys and inXile will be released in autumn on PC and PSN. The launch trailer shows that style is the same as the original but 3D graphics engine and the modern approach to video games offer a different air Choplifter. The ironic video does not give even show a little 'game play and how we see it seems that the shooting component is managed by an automated targeting system may choose to borrow 3D graphics, and then move the enemies in 4 directions, and form of the game 2D, with the helicopter bound to a specific trajectory.

Top info on Warhawk 2

According to rumors, the development of Warhawk 2 has already started for some time and the sequel to the multiplayer game could arrive on PSN for PlayStation 3 in 2012. Just Push Start says he was invited by Sony to try a build of the sequel to Warhawk. Apparently, unlike the 2007 PSN title, Warhawk will propose a campaign based on a story and a single-player mode.

25 maps for online multiplayer for 32 players. In early 2011, the developer Lightbox Interactive has confirmed the development of a new project by the company. A registered trade mark had me thinking that the game could be called Starhawk but eventually the company may have preferred to focus on Warhawk 2.

Mass Effect 2: The Arrival - Trailer

Get ready, they're coming "bad" Mass Effect 2 is not joking and are undoubtedly among the most feared aliens seen in science fiction video game. Definitive and dark, nothing like the Neverending Story, have promised to make a clean sweep of our galaxy and are preparing to arrive as shown in the trailer posted on IGN.

They dedicated the DLC is that The Arrival is a bridge linking Mass Effect Mass Effect 2 and 3.

Nintendo says the error of 3DS

Nintendo has acknowledged the existence of the system failure of 3DS and advised the owners of the console to download the latest firmware update. "If you have any problems with your console 3DS, we advise that you first download and install the latest system update available on the web," reads a statement given to Nintendo Videogame Source.

"If the problem persists, contact your local Nintendo service customers to analyze the problem."

The first scan of Resident Evil: Raccoon City Operation

Killzone 3 - A short background to enrich the

Broken friendship Sony has released a short film with actors in the flesh tied Killzone universe. The movie shows a story related to the conflict between the ISA and Helghast through some governmental records of interplanetary communications. Two friends who live respectively on Helghan Vekta and see their relationship crumble as a result of the worsening political situation and the friendship is not the only thing to be affected by the conflict as it shows the dramatic climax of the movie.

The temples of Media Molecule for Japan

The concept art on eBay LittleBigPlanet Media Molecule Play charity adheres to the campaign for Japan, and to that end is auctioning on eBay a few very rare concept art created for LittleBigPlanet, along with some autographed copies of LittleBigPlanet 2. From the sketches you can see the evolution and development of the protagonist of the series, Sackboy.

As mentioned above, every concept art is accompanied by a copy of LittleBigPlanet 2 autographed by the entire team of Media Molecule. Invitation to a "suit" with wreath for your character, almost an honor reserved for the winners of competitions linked to the franchise. Needless to say, all the proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross.

Back Choplifter

In high definition! Choplifter is the emblem of the securities of helicopter rescue, the representative of an outstanding arcade that embodies the spirit of the 80s. But this has not prevented the most modern reworkings, even if they have been less successful. It did not stop even inXile once again to resurrect the franchise with Choplifter HD.

Hunted developers have announced the new chapter in the series and promised to "redefine the rescue missions by helicopter to the modern era." The title, which will arrive in the autumn on PC and PS3, will offer 20 different missions that will rescue of prisoners from the recovery of survivors.

The Darkness 2 - The developers talk about it in video

The gameplay will change Darkness The second will focus on the very warp and continue the events experienced in the first chapter, but will be more action, no doubt, will benefit the arts and fighting a demon that the protagonist can be used to carry out a series of unpleasantness on opponents. The Darkness 2 will deploy an arsenal of classic but it will enhance the fire and close combat allowing you to simultaneously use the long hearing demons.

The position of the BSOD about Nintendo 3DS

What you should do if you experience the problem become aware of the bug that freezes the 3DS and generates the resulting "black screen of death" (BSOD), Nintendo has told Eurogamer that: "If you're experiencing any problems with the Your Nintendo 3DS, we recommend you first download and install the latest system update is now available online.

If the problem persists, please contact Nintendo Customer Service Office for more depth on what to investigate. " As reported this morning, a number of owners of Nintendo 3DS found a blockage in the console resulting in BSOD. Source: Eurogamer

[Updated] Portal 2 - A video dedicated to robots

In English! [Update] Now the video is in English and in high definition. The robots can replace humans easily and have incredible potential for cooperation. We provide the scientists with Aperture Laboratories atypical Portal 2 this spot that invites us to invest for the future. Portal 2 - Robots