Thursday, January 20, 2011

Four titles for the launch of Ubisoft 3DS

All out on March 25 has already been discussed in recent days as Ubisoft has taken seriously the release of Nintendo 3DS, at the forefront to better support the launch. It 'a few hours ago to confirm that will be four titles available for the French Dayon's new handheld console Nintendo Rayman 3D, Asphalt 3D, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell and Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Shadow Wars.

The first will be a remake of Rayman 2 redrawn to match the 3D graphics, the second should be the conversion of the last episode of students born in the App Store, Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow will be a remake of three-dimensional graphics, and finally we will present Shadow Wars as a strategic view with a 3 / 4 from above.

The strategic leadership of LittleBigPlanet 2

Already available! Pending the review of LittleBigPlanet 2, fans old and new title dell'originalissimo weblog Media Molecule will be glad to know that you already have the Official Strategy Guide for the game, published by the Multiplayer. Edizioni it. The central element in LBP2 will be creating, and the guide will allow you to leave immediately and without delay to the discovery of the levels, editor, secrets, costumes and much more!

Test Drive Unlimited 2, release date, images and trailer

Atari finally managed to strike gold with the game Test Drive Unlimited 2, this means that the game is ready in full and release date will be Feb. 8 in the United States and 11 February for the remaining countries . On the occasion of this event have published a series of images of the game and you can also see a trailer with 10 minutes of the game.

Dead Space 2: the graphic novel and the official guide

Coming from Multiplayer. it Edizioni Two events not to be missed for fans of Dead Space. The first concerns the release of Dead Space Salvage graphic novel, written by Antony Johnston and illustrated by Christopher Shy, which takes place after the events narrated in the first episode of the series. The USG Ishimura, drifting in space, enters the orbit of Aegis VII, and is identified by the Government and the Church of Unitology, who believe that you are still inside the red mark.

New images for Test Drive Unlimited 2

Virtua Tennis 4 also on 360 and Wii

Sega announced that Virtua Tennis 4 will also be released on the Wii and Xbox 360 platforms will be added to the PlayStation 3 announced from the outset. Move the game will support both, and that MotionPlus Kinect, but will also play in a more traditional, or with the pads of their console. Among the samples included in this latest release will surely find Nadal, Federer and Murray, who joined Juan Martin Del Potro, Fernando Gonzalez, Caroline Wozniacki and Laura Robson.

NASCAR 2011: The Game, pictures and release date

Images have been published by Activision for the title next race, the NASCAR 2011: The Game. Previously it had set a release date for this month but there were changes and its launch was postponed on 29 March ara to finish finalizing the last details. The game is scheduled to be played on the PS3, Xbox360 and Wii.

Nintendo is not afraid PSP2 ...

... because it is confident in the uniqueness of 3DS Nintendo takes very seriously the uniqueness of 3DS, and is convinced that the particularities of its new handheld console will provide a substantial advantage over the competition. PSP2 included. During the conference which was held yesterday in Amsterdam, Nintendo UK boss David Yarnton said to be very happy with the impending bid within the handset made by his company, so that does not fear any opponent.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 is Gold

Test Drive Unlimited 2, the latest effort "motor" of the team at Eden Games is officially Gold. The announcement was of course given by Atari, has also confirmed that, if any were needed, that the game will be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on February 11. If waiting for the review you want to look at our newest and latest hands-on, can be found at this address.

Lautrec and the Forgotten Warriors, new title for 3DS

Announced a new adventure game company Konami and is the title of Doctor Lautrec and the Forgotten Warriors. The game is intended for the handheld console, Nintendo 3DS and is set in nineteenth-century Paris and the gameplay is puzzle-based adventure. In the game's storyline takes comopunto starting a treasure map that outlines a number of places, which players must visit to make progress in the game.

UK date for Yakuza 4

Then, hopefully, us too ... Sega has the official release date for Yakuza 4 in UK territory. The long-awaited fourth installment of the series in development for PlayStation 3 platform will debut in our country then by next March 18. We await clarification with regard to Europe specifically, as always in net delay when talking about the franchise in question.

Source: VG247

Dead Space inspire Volition

Jim Boone, producer of Red Faction: Armageddon, admitted that Dead Space is one of the shooters that have influenced the new Red Faction. "We're big fans of the game, we loved in an incredible way and no doubt we will play the second," says Boone. "In our game the aliens make a killing and the atmosphere is dark and bloody, I do not know how else we could be anything, because that is how the world would look if all this were to actually happen." Red Faction: Guerrilla Armageddon is significantly different from the previous installment of the series: linear levels, subterranean environments and the main enemy is no longer the EDF but an alien force unleashed by-case basis by the protagonist Darius Mason.

LittleBigPlanet 2 slide a week

Piccolor late ... Media Molecule and Sony have confirmed what was already in the air a long time. LittleBigPlanet 2, absolute exclusive PlayStation 3 will debut in Europe on January 26 after a delay of about a week on the initial sales forecast for our market. The wait will end next week then.

Microsoft challenge and encourages Geohot

George "Geohot" Hotz has become famous for being able to "pierce" the iPhone is that the PlayStation 3. Apple and Sony have not taken well and the company has even denounced Japan. What would you do if Microsoft were to succeed in the Hotz also violate Phone Windows 7? The answer is "absolutely nothing"! The Redmond company, in fact, has gone much further and seems determined to send a device Hotz WP7 to "get busy".

Deus Ex: belied the difficulty dynamics

But classical diversification ... Recently there was talk of a possible dynamic problems for Deus Ex: Human Revolution, namely that it would be a real-time adjustment of the level of challenge, depending on the capacity and the mode of action of the player. Everything there is, indeed, but because it seems the title will feature the classic three difficulty levels: easy, medium and hard.

A clarification was David Anfossi, producer of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, saying with some impatience as a thing has never been in the development plans of the production. Source: PCGamer

Street Fighter IV 3DS Download Play

Street Fighter IV 3D Edition allow you to wirelessly send a test version of the multiplayer game to another owner of 3DS that is nearby. By combining the so-called Nintendo 3DS Download Play Support with the functionality Street Pass holders will be able to make known the game to other fighting game fans by sending them a demo with which they can compete without 3DS is present in the second cartridge Capcom.

Valve's Steam service on thinking about a PS3?

It could be ... After the details announced for the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2, beginning the first rumors concerning a possible Steam service is completely dedicated to Sony's console is closely related to what they see already at full capacity all PC and Mac comes from a statement by Doug Lombardi of Valve, who stated in response to a specific question: "We hope that other titles on the PlayStation 3 may in future benefit from the Steamworks tools as for Portal 2, but now we have nothing to announce." Voices, just rumors for now.

Lovefilm to new platforms

The streaming service Lovefilm, recently acquired by Amazon, said in Videogame Source that the company plans to extend the oproprie activities on many other platforms out there. "After arriving on the PS3 for the people will not be surprised to know that we want to extend our activities," said Simon Morris of Lovefilm.

"We can not say too much but we want to get in as many platforms as possible." Morris refused to specify whether the company has already spoken to Microsoft and Nintendo to launch the service on the Wii and Xbox 360, but suggests that it may also arrive on Lovefilm PSP2. "We're looking at all the platforms that could support it, including handheld.

Konami absorb definitively Hudson

A bit 'had already ... Konami has announced that by the end of next fiscal year will become the definitive Hudson, team development natural father of the legendary Bomberman franchise, which has now already 58%. According to the rumors going around that business move, it seems that Konami's interest lies in relation to the market so-called "mobile", for which Hudson was definitely a great experience.

Pikmin on Nintendo 3DS?

According to the findings in the last few hours from the pages of the web retailer Zavvi, a new Pikmin game in the series dedicated to the Nintendo 3DS seemed destined for the European market ahead of the launch of 3DS. The retailer Zavvi, however, the only one who mentioned the game in question has now changed the web page of the store which featured the game and stated that "it was just a mistake." All this does not mean that Nintendo is not thinking of a Pikmin for 3DS.

Red Faction: Armageddon confirmed in May

A small misunderstanding ... Red Faction: Armageddon will be released in the coming month of May on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Let me say as a small misunderstanding had arisen about, precisely because a movie distributed by THQ recently that talked about a hypothetical output in March. "It was simply a mistake," said the same THQ through an official statement reported by colleagues to VG247.

Amazon acquires Lovefilm

Amazon has become the owner of Lovefilm, movie rental service. The e-commerce giant has acquired the remaining 58% of the company whose shares already owned to 42% in the same Amazon. According to news agency Reuters, were not disclosed term of the agreement. Lovefilm also distributes streaming video on the PC and PS3.