Sunday, June 12, 2011

Nintendo closes the European site for phishing threats

Fishers of data Given the current climate in the recent past, Nintendo has seen fit to take a precautionary measure to defend themselves (and protect customers) from any problems of phishing (attempts by third parties illegal collection of personal data). That is why the European site has been disabled, or at least parts of it including the Club Nintendo, which should reopen as soon as possible.

Desmond protagonist of the new teaser for Assassin's Creed Revelations

Nothing is real? The latest teaser for Assassin's Creed Revelations, also shown at the conference of E3 2011 Ubisoft, is not focused on or about Ezio Altair, but their direct descendant ... Desmond. The protagonist of the series since the first episode, Desmond is the link between current reality and the "remembered" by the Animus.

Have so far been numerous theories about its true condition, which some say he never left the Abstergo and is still a prisoner in a sort of long dream to steal all the information that the Templars deem necessary to carry out its mission . In all likelihood we will discover something else in its Assassin's Creed Revelations.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is 70% complete

So says Japan's Jump Jump The magazine has a page dedicated to the new Final Fantasy XIII-2 shown at E3 2011, with some additional information. In general the data are already reported by Square Enix at the fair in Los Angeles, but these are added two details that may be of interest: it seems the system "Optima Change" has been changed to "Paradigm Shift" as in the English version and the status of development, as reported by the publisher, currently stands at 70% completion.

Michael J. Fox will give voice to two characters at the end of Back to the Future

The great comeback with the recovery of old glory as Back to the Future by Telltale, which also saw the comeback of some key players of the original film by Spielberg / Zemeckis, the general was found to be absent, at least so far , the star of the trilogy: Michael J. Fox. The reasons are probably related to the health status of the plaintiff, but clearly this did not stop, however, his efforts in producing the final chapter of the mini-series: Back to the Future - Episode 5: Outatime, laid out June 23 PC, Mac and iPad.

Date and price for God of War Origins Collection in the U.S.

The collection will be released in U.S. stores Sept. 13 As often happens, the lists of the major online stores are the first to be updated when the release date of a new title is announced or changed. It 's the case of Amazon, which officially opened for pre-order God of War Origins Collection, the collection of two episodes for PlayStation 3 God of War for PSP (remastered with HD graphics, as usual).

E3 2011 - Trailer in game Carrier Command: Gaea Mission

Back at the helm, back in action at last we can have a look, unfortunately fleeting, to Carrier Command: Gaea Mission which is the sequel of the famous action strategy released in 1988. The title put players in command of an aircraft carrier deployed in the archipelago to be conquered and mixed strategy and action plan of allowing any vehicle directly or to take the lead.

This sequel is in the able hands of Bohemia Interactive is undoubtedly one of the most experienced team in the world in terms of strategy and action. Hence, there is strong hope that the old formula, a complicated and exciting to relive through current technologies.

E3 2011 - Capcom's Resident Evil returns to its origins with 6

And pure horror 'statement already made earlier by Capcom, but it's always nice to hear her remark: the publisher has plans to return to the roots with the next chapter of Resident Evil. At the site, "Rely on Horror, Capcom has explained that I am aware of the fact that fans are more likely to traditional gameplay and rich with suspense and horror of the first chapters 6 and Resident Evil with the intention is to bring these characteristics into fashion .