Saturday, April 9, 2011

Discounts by Electronic Arts in the App Store

Dead Space, Tiger Woods, The Sims and another in the spring of discounts by Electronic Arts in the App Store comes this weekend with a number of interesting titles at reduced price. Here are the titles in question, including in particular we note the presence of Dead Space, and SimCity, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Dead Space SimCity, The Sims Deluxe 3 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 The Simpsons Arcade

Redemption for Red Dead DLC next week

With large delay New DLC for Dead Red Redemption are expected to arrive on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network next week, Rockstar revealed today. This is contained in that part should have been issued originally as part exclusive versions for pre-order, but due to "technical problems" have undergone a large delay.

Will therefore be available April 12 at $ 0.99, or 80 Microsoft Points each: The costume murderess, allowing John Marston to regenerate the index of Dead Eye twice as fast Golden Guns The package, used in single player , to gain more fame per kill, increasing the availability of side quests as fast as the war horse, the horse that is stronger and faster all over the west

Tretton shoots up Xbox 360 and Nintendo

There's something for everyone The CEO of SCEA, Jack Tretton, has not spared the cartridges against rivals in an interview published in Fortune. Tretton said that the consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo are "losing ground" while PlayStation 3 is now reaching its full capacity but have different road ahead.

Xbox 360 has already reached its limit and would be short of power to support new games, while the Sony console, equipped with hard disk and Blu-ray, is a much more comprehensive and attractive product on the market. Against Nintendo, instead, that well above its competitors in terms of sales, said it is a good company to create tools to "baby-sitting," things that are good for children to make them "play while traveling plane, "but" no twenty or more with a minimum of respect for himself would be playing on a plane with those things, "Tretton brings together tools that the expression" Game Boy Experience ".

3 million to Michael Jackson: The Experience

The operation experience millionaire Michael Jackson has been a success for Ubisoft, said that in recent days have reached as many as 3 million copies sold for his Michael Jackson: The Experience. The music game starring the famous American pop star, released on the Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP sold some 319,000 copies only in the UK, but over 3 million around the world and all this even before its arrival on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, scheduled for next week with much improved graphics and support for Kinect and Move.

Sony: "The DS is the stuff of kids'

In a recent interview with CNN, Jack Tretton, CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America said to consider the Nintendo DS "platform for kids, totally inadequate for a more mature audience. "It 's an ideal platform for keeping good children while traveling by plane, but no self-respecting gamer would find satisfaction in what the console has to offer, after the past 20 years." During the interview, Tretton has also launched some little dig at Microsoft even more than that to Nintendo.

Nintendo and its partners in the West

It seems that Nintendo would be having some difficulty in finding suitable partners in development studies, Americans. To declare and Kensuke Tanabe, Producer of the Company of Japan, whose main task is precisely to act as a mediator between Nintendo and its partners in the West. In an interview with Edge, Tanabe has stressed the importance of partnerships of this kind, claiming that Western developers have always been a fundamental part of the expansion plans of Nintendo.

Sony announces EyePet & Friends

Sony has just announced that "by the end of the year" the catalog will be enriched by the arrival of PS3 EyePet & Friends, the sequel to the mediocre EyePet made back in October of 2009. This time the product will feature two strange creatures inspired by cats and monkeys, and among the many features promises, will have the full support of the Move.

"In the new EyePet there are so many brand new items to have fun," said the brand manager Rebecca Maschke via the PlayStation Blog. All will then be enriched by the ability to connect and share their content with others through the PSN. In short, the conditions look good, but considering the overall quality of the first EyePet, a bit 'of suspicion is certainly lawful.

Ubisoft aims for the top and challenge EA and Activision

The two titans to face Grand Prix victory of the MCV Industry Excellence Awards has kicked off the CEO of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, who has declared war, of course, broadly speaking, Electronic Arts and Activision. The problems of management, such as the presence of EA's in-house with 20% shares sold last year to anonymous investors, representing the past and now Ubisoft's new fully independent, think about the future.

Disgaea 4 in autumn in Europe

Disgaea 4, the latest chapter in the series of strategic RPG signed Nippon Ichi will be released in the Old Continent in the autumn. A post published on NI U.S. has confirmed the arrival in the U.S. in September, with the arrival of Europeans on the shelves below. The game, released in February in Japan, uses a new graphics engine and boasts a number of features totally unknown to the saga, like the ability to create, customize and share their maps online.

Battlefield 3 and cuts of the console version

Below, but certainly not poor Patrick Bach DICE spoke of the differences between the PC and the console version of Battlefield 3. Also in the PC will be very few computers to manage the new DICE game to the highest quality and as far as the console version there will be cuts for the resolution, frame rate, anti-aliasing and motion blur.

Nevertheless, he assured Bach, PS3 and 360 Battlefield 3: "It's probably better than any other game available on consoles." Source: gamer

Resistance 3: PS Plus exclusive demo

The long-awaited third installment of Resistance will soon have a multiplayer demo, but it will be for the exclusive prerogative of subscribers PlayStation Plus The announcement was made by the European PlayStation Blog, but did not reveal an exact date for the exit. Alternatively, you can access a beta of the game by purchasing the first batch of copies of SOCOM 4, out April 19.

Resistance 3 will be released officially, exclusively on PlayStation 3, September 6th.

Sony cuts price of PSP

Sony has announced a new price reduction for its (for now) only portable console. From now officially the PSP will cost € 129, quite a step back compared to € 179 designated as the official price until a few hours ago. "The price cut was made possible by a number of factors, including a favorable fluctuation relations 'strength' between the Euro and Yen," announced an official from Sony.

The drop in price is valid throughout Europe except in England, where the presence of sterling has made null and void the market fluctuations.

Dungeon Siege: buy 1, take 3!

Those who book a copy of Dungeon Siege III on Steam will get in free the first two chapters of the series. Both games will be downloadable and playable as soon as the pre-order will be confirmed. "Give away the first two Dungeon Siege for those who book the new chapter is a way to pay homage to fans of the series," said executive producer David Hoffman.

Square has also announced that all copies of the PC game will use the Steamworks service, which will include automatic updates, Steam and Steam Achievements Cloud. The RPG developed by Obsidian on June 17th will be released on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The Witcher 2: a sex scene on video

Unbounded Ridge Racer - The teaser trailer

No images in computer graphics, but only a teaser in computer graphics for Unbounded Ridge Racer, the new chapter of the famous franchise, this time Namco has entrusted the work to third parties. In fact, kids will develop Unbounded by Bugbear Entertainment, the software company that has made a name for the FlatOut series.

Unbounded Ridge Racer - Trailer CG

Crysis 2 PC - The DX11 patch is official

The community forums are relaxing on the long-awaited announcement appeared: Crysis 2 will support DirectX 11. Already more than technically valid title will therefore that further step forward that all PC gamers have a video card that recently there have been hoped for weeks. Here's the official statement: "...

there will be a DX 11 patch for Crysis 2. We're working to make the most of the libraries and then wait to be a little 'closer to completion feature to announce." Link: Official Crysis Community

Some copies of SOCOM 4 allow access to the beta of Resistance 3

Find a heart of gold The U.S. official PlayStation blog reports a special initiative undertaken by Sony for Resistance to beta 3, related to SOCOM 4. All versions "Full Deployment Edition" SOCOM 4, or special editions, will contain a voucher that allows access to the multiplayer beta for Resistance 3, an early access than open to the public that will come later.

The departure date of the beta will be reported directly on the voucher issue has not been revealed by Sony at the time. Not only do the Full Deployment Edition will contain the voucher in question, however: if you look carefully, some standard editions of the game will feature a special logo that draws 3 and Resistance in these will be the ticket to access the beta of the game Insomniac .

The first two chapters as a gift to those who book Dungeon Siege III on Steam

Complete package sales promotion interesting, on Steam, for those with the release of Dungeon Siege III want to recover the rest of the series. Those who pre-order the third chapter on the Steam digital delivery gets the first two for free, thus completing a single stroke in the entire trilogy to the price of only Dungeon Siege III.

Square Enix also announced the introduction of Steamworks in the game, including auto-updates, unlockable objectives and support the Steam Cloud. Obsidian's new RPG is due on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 June 17, 2011.