Friday, December 31, 2010

Limbo at a discount, Xbox Live Marketplace

Just for today Just for today, you can buy the excellent Limbo on Xbox Live Arcade with 33% discount from its original price, thus bringing down the cost from 1200 to 800 Microsoft Points. This is for those who do not know, one of the best Live Arcade recently released a kind of platform-puzzle indie dark atmosphere and yet very charming and poetic.

Also in the rebate program, now in the Marketplace of Avatars is available for Yoda lightsaber green at 200 Microsoft Points.

The numbers of virtual goods in 2010

Consider a growth industry by TechCrunch some interesting data concerning the market for "virtual goods", or any other items that, as accessories or added to video games and the like, are purchased through the famous micro-transactions and thus is a virtual product. The micro-transactions have proved very profitable in 2010 and projection for 2011 is expected to expand its market, as reported by Ted Sorom, CEO of the platform for virtual currency Rixty.

STALKER: Call of Pripyat (PC): STALKER updates the SDK

As announced on the official website of the series, the SDK version 0.7 for STALKER was made available online by the developer GSC Game World, a mo 'for a Christmas present for all the fans who have requested it. It is indeed the awaited update of the devices for the "modders" that integrates all the latest X-Ray Engine 1.6, which is the latest evolution of the proprietary graphics engine that was used to create Call of STALKER Pripyat, for the first time, in addition, the SDK can be used to create both single-player and multiplayer levels.

A song for Fallout 3 on Rock Band Network

"Vault 101" With a new introduction to the online store specifically for Rock Band, Rock Band or the Network, has created a curious cross-over between Harmonix's rhythm game and Fallout 3. It is "Vault 101," a song written and performed by the duo "nerd-rock" Kirby Kracklite, you can see live versions and acoustic in the video below.

It is a sort of ballad which differs somewhat from the atmosphere post-apocalyptic RPG Bethesda, but based on the full text of this.

ASPHALT 5 (IPhO) Gameloft Launches HD + Android games

Gameloft announced in Italy these days, the opening of its first digital store for Android smartphones (thus bypassing the "market" Journal of Google), hosted on Vodafone's mobile portal dedicated to the holders of a high-end handsets, when in fact the only devices supported are Sony Ericsson Xperia X10i, HTC and Desire Desire HD, Samsung S Galaxy, Nexus and Nokia N8 and C7 - the latter two of course with the Symbian operating system.

MARVEL VS. CAPCOM 3: FATE OF TWO WORLDS (PS3): Fan Art from Marvel vs scream. Capcom 3

The pictures you find at the bottom of this news are not official artwork for Marvel vs three. Capcom 3, or rather, they are just now since they are ranked in the top four places in the competition held in November by Capcom to involve the players voted to the illustration. Apart from the free copy of the game (certainly not commensurate to the efforts premium), the four artists will use their work during the campaign, the grand prize winner will also receive the Marvel vs.

RESISTANCE 3 (PS3): Podcast, best wishes and rankings by Insomniac

The U.S. Official PlayStation blog has been raided in recent days, the boys of Insomniac Games, simultaneously engaged in the development of Resistance and Ratchet & Clank 3: All 4 One, both out next year exclusively on PS3. The most important news is the latest podcast of the year (or the last episode of the Full Moon Show, if you prefer), downloadable in MP3 format at this address directly and almost entirely occupied by speeches and discussions behind the scenes "on Resistance 3.

MOTOCROSS MAD SKILLS (IPhO): Mad Skills Motocross towards iOS

As announced by the opening of a dedicated website, the game of Mad Skills Motocross Motocross devices will iOS on January 10, at the hands of developers and publishers Turborilla Racer X who have already given rise to the version for Windows, Linux and Mac OS, the latter featuring a special demo version can be downloaded from another website.

Not much to add, since the very classic gameplay for the genre (who said Excitebike?), Except that developers are confident of being able to emerge from the mass of similar games already available on iTunes. The video below includes the Windows version.

StarCraft II (PC): Protoss and Zerg are basically sweet

Often, the video game nerds are occurring, the nerds are often greedy and greedy people often know how to achieve even busy in the kitchen. Sometimes, things are reconciled, that there are nerds who demonstrate a good deal of skill also pans in hand, as witnessed by many pies inspired by StarCraft II recently appeared on the Web, devoted to the Protoss and Zerg factions and have a "level of detail "truly remarkable.

KINECT (X360) Kinect kills Xbox 360?

As reported a little 'anywhere on the Web, some owners of older models of the Xbox 360 WOULD BE experiencing strange "coincidences" between the appearance on their machines of the notorious 3 red LEDs (which indicate the fault of the console) and use of Kinect. The buzz would come to create this thread from the official Xbox forums, when three pages long, but it seems that the thing you're complaining also within other communities, while some sites, like My Gamers, are already talking about " a lot of owners (for older versions of Xbox 360).

SYSTEM AND WINDOWS PC (PC): Point Computer presents PI Books

As you can see by visiting the home page just opened, the historian point Computer portal has been enriched by a channel called PI book is devoted to a selection of texts on the subject generally ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and then, specifically dedicated to topics such as programming for the Web, Web Design, networking and more.

Embracing the philosophy of historic Point Computer - the first Italian online newspaper to offer all their content with Creative Commons license and thus encourage the sharing of knowledge and the free flow of ideas - all texts are available, accessible and downloadable for free by anyone with a Internet connection and a PDF viewer.


Leaked in recent days seemed to confirm the arrival of Disney Mickey Epic: The Legendary Mickey Challenge on PlayStation 3. The news is dead as it was born, on the pages of the site Spanish PSNow!. The Iberian colleagues have told all the people who had fallen into their trap of their shares on Dec. 28 is the Día de los Inocentes, the equivalent of our April Fool's, as already noted by the user of our Gea-r forum.

ROCK BAND 3 (PS3): New Tracks for Rock Band 3

Harmonix has announced the debut of none other than Johnny Cash in the series of Rock Band. Eight of the immortal classic singer-songwriter originally from Kingsland will be available next Tuesday, January 4, Rock Band Music Store 3 PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii, in a package named Johnny Crash Pack 01: The songs can be purchased either in groups or individually.

On the same day will receive a free package, containing nine tracks that had already appeared in previous editions of the game, mainly-style punk, indie and metal: abnormality - "Visions" Anarchy Club - "Get Clean" Bang Camaro - "Night Lies" Breaking Wheel - "Shoulder to the Plow" Libyans - "Welcome to the Neighborhood" The Main Drag - "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter" To find out why we have called a "masterpiece" the latest episode of Harmonix, we refer to our review.

LIMBO (X360): Limbo at reduced price

Limbo, one of the most intriguing titles "indie" came out this year, is now sold at reduced price. Instead of the canonical 1200 MS Points, those interested in the game can win the bids for 800 Microsoft points, the equivalent of just under € 10. Waiting to publish a short caused by one of our special meeting with the developers of the game, PlayDead Studios, we refer to our review.

TOMB RAIDER (PS3): The new Tomb Raider is shown in photos

As usual, after it was revealed exclusively on the issue paper, the site of Game Informer is beginning to spread on the new material, discussed Tomb Raider, which will play as a younger Lara, traits much more in step with the times. Thanks to this new gallery of artwork, renderings and images of the game (very likely "embellished," as tradition of the best press kit ad) the audience the great network may be a better idea of the form that will take this chapter "reboot" the franchise.

SYSTEM AND WINDOWS PC (PC): Now on sale on Steam ...

Penultimate day of the Christmas shop discounts from Valve. - Personal computers, laptops and gadgets that use derivatives in the different versions of the Windows operating system from XP, Vista and 7. It comprises of the classic computer assembled by the office, the new multimedia notebooks and PCs to play with the latest on 3D cards and peripherals.

Game news: A new Final Fantasy coming soon!

 Share this story Share on Facebook too! Final Fantasy seems to not want to leave the market, but many think it is definitely better! In fact, this is one of those happy news that will surely fans of the series but also all the fans of this genre. We are aware of the fact that Square Enix has recently decided to file a new brand called Final Fantasy Type-0, but the Japanese did not want to reveal anything about the new RPG coming.

More pictures for the new Tomb Raider

A whole new Lara The "reboot" of Tomb Raider is now showing some new images that show a dramatic change of image for the heroine of the series protagonist. Crystal Dynamics has already pointed out that not going to make Lara Croft a sexual object in this new adventure, and it seems clear in the figures given here, taken from GameInformer, as there is a clear trend "dark" in the title in question, never so dark as these scenes.

Osmosis (PC): Indie iPhone Holiday Sale is a success

The official blog of the developers Semi Secret announced the transformation of Canabalt game in "open source" to celebrate the $ 25,000 collected in favor of the organization through the Child's Play initiative Indie iPhone Holiday Sale, which will last until January 2. For just six dollars is therefore still possible to get hold of six great games platform for IOS, including precisely Canabalt, Solipskier, Drop7 and osmosis, it already happened on a PC.