Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jens Pulver MMA in Supremacy, the first gameplay

Even the league UFC ... 505 Games has officially announced the presence of former champion Jens Pulver in MMA Supremacy, a title that takes in key gaming UFC fights within the league. In addition to this information, was released the first gameplay ever on the fighting in question, as always you can find attached below the table in Article ready for viewing.

MMA Supremacy - Gameplay Trailer

New logo for THQ

Time for change? Danny Bilson, THQ has just presented to the press the new company logo, which he said "deliver quality". We'll find him on the packaging of new titles from THQ in February, apparently. Brian Farrell, THQ president and CEO, said the new logo symbolizes change, innovation and growth in terms of creativity that are the foundation of the company.

Motorola Xoom

At CES this year, there are about 100 competitors who took to the jurisdiction of the iPad tablet and among them is Motorola who spent the last years in silence, and now has his tablet Xoom. Its main features a 1GHz detailed NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core, equipped with 32 GB of memory, 10.1-inch screen with 1280 × 800 touch-type.

The operating system chosen is the Android 3.0 and has 2 cameras, a 5 megapixel rear and dual LED flash, the front is 2 mega pixels. It supports 1080P 720P HD video recording and playback. The connections we have are Micro USB, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1. It also has gyroscopes, gravity sensor, compass, ambient light sensor and many other functions.

In processing the film Red Faction

THQ, THQ confirms According to statements, the shooting of the film already announced Red Faction will begin next week. The film will be broadcast in March on the U.S. channel Syfy (output over here is still obscure, but most likely we will see in home video) and, apparently, will be starring a famous actor.

The film, which lasts two hours, will be based on a subject written by Andrew Kreisberg (including the writers of Warehouse 13, Fringe, Vampire Diaries and Boston Legal), while the story was written by Paul DeMeo (author of The Rocketeer, Flash , Viper and The Sentinel).

Stalker 2, also on the consoles

STALKER Game 2 is in development for PC but now it announced that it will be at the console, sparking concern among fans as they fear it could damage the PC version. Its developer GSC has released a Facebook comment on such fears, saying: "since it is developed primarily for PC, you will not see any compromise in the PC version.

The key difference between PC and console versions is the beauty of the graphics (ie, PC will offer more visual effects). "I just have to wait a while to Stalker 2 see the light, only in 2012.

New images for Sanctum of Slime

We came, we saw ... Atari has released new images of Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime. The game, which looks like an adventure for four players (available only in digital version, then on the PC, PSN and XBLA) due out in spring, sees us take on the role of an apprentice who is engaged by the Ghostbusters team more mad New York to save the city from a new supernatural threat.

Bonus for pre-orders of Dragon Age II

Have you pre-ordered your copy of Dragon Age II or are you going to do it before the game? Then Bioware has something for you in Serbian, exclusive access to two very unique equipment. The first is a sword called Fadeshear that the legends be more powerful bite of 1000 dragons. Its power increases with the increase in the level of its owner and is particularly effective against demons and undead.

PSP2, apparent announcement on January 27

Release date for Tactics Ogre

In Europe in late February to the new Square Enix RPG for PSP weblog, Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, will be released in Europe on February 25. In stores should get a Premium Edition that includes a copy of the game, an art book from forty-four pages called "The World of Tactics Ogre" and an exclusive mini soundtrack CD.

The game is a remake of the classic SNES RPG released in 1995, with redesigned graphics and effects, music rearranged by the original composers, new characters and new mechanics.

A date for Tactics Ogre

Square Enix announced today that the highly anticipated RPG Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together, will arrive in Europe and all PAL territories on February 25. True collectors will be able to get my hands on a special edition of the game, the Premium Edition, which will include, in addition to a copy of the game, a 44-page art book called "The World of Tactics Ogre" and an exclusive CD with column sound.

Second development diary for Dragon Age II

New and interesting information from EA and BioWare BioWare have released today a new development diary for Dragon Age II. In the video, the developers speak for a few minutes of making the game while still trying to explain how they handled the time factor in the tale told, we know that now span several decades.

He also discusses how the players will decide the route taken by Hawke at the beginning of the game, and much more. E 'possible to see the diary on the site of Game Face.

THQ unveils its new logo

During today THQ has finally shown publicly its new logo, which now replaces what in recent years, millions of gamers have come to know and recognize. The new company logo was unveiled by CEO Brian Farrell at an event in New York dedicated to the upcoming titles. "Our new logo symbolizes the change, innovation and creative growth of the new course at the base of the company," said Farrel.

"Through the development of AAA products and original, innovative IP, and the ability to attract to itself and then highlight some of the best professionals in the Industry, THQ continues to lead. The new logo is therefore the best way to capture the 'essence of our philosophy, representing it in a tangible way.

A new trailer for Fight Night Champion

This time we talk about resistance to a title that seems to have taken another leap forward in realistic boxing. EA Sports has released a new trailer that explains the news related to the resistance in the new chapter in the series dedicated to boxing. The strength, stamina, or better, is without doubt one of the most cared for the new Fight Night.

First, the body is divided into 4 parts which are the right arm, left arm, torso and legs and that means using a long arm that will weaken. In addition, there are two different types of stamina. A long-term results in general fatigue and the boxer as a short-term stamina depends on classic shots taken, and those received from the movement.

Ruffian Games back to work

Apparently Ruffian Games, developer of Crackdown 2, is already working on new projects that in the opinion of members of the company would "focus on action pure" and "with an eye for the line." In a post called "Hunting for Programmers" (Hunting for programmers), published on the official blog of Ruffian Games, Gaz Liddon has commented on these statements: "Since the completion of Crackdown 2, we moved up a couple of new products, but at the moment, in the case of projects still in their infancy, we are unable to provide any details about it.

LBP2: an exclusive bundle for the launch

There was to be expected ... Sony has confirmed for the market debut of LittleBigPlanet 2, the highly anticipated sequel in development studies at Media Molecule, the distribution of an exclusive bundle of course attached to a PlayStation 3 for which the license will arrive exclusively. From next January 21 will therefore be selling a package containing a copy of the game, the PS3 hard drive with 320 GB at a price of 291.05 pounds in the UK.

The contents of the PSN this week

Do you have a bit 'of money to spend and do not know what to "invest"? Then you just have to see whether any of the contents of the PSN this week there is anything I can do for you. Below you will find all the details. We thank the European PlayStation blog. Special Offer (available until January 19) Discounts permanent Demo PS3 PS3 PS3 Games Content Minis PSone Classics (PS3 and PSP) Demo Games PSP PSP Games PSP Content

Before expansion Elemental: War of Magic

With a surprise for anyone with the title before the end of 2010 after the patch and the assurances relating to the continuous improvement process of Elemental: War of Magic is finally time to talk about expansion. For the first expansion we will have a whole new experience that will enrich the area finally lightened by several bugs.

The Fallen Enchantress will bring with him new items, new samples, and of course new spells. In addition, the new zone will be particularly action-packed. It is indeed a very hostile terrain that will require a lot of action before they can be colonized. But the good news does not end there.

A slight delay for FEAR 3

Despite initial forecasts, the expected FPS FEAR horro third was a slight delay postpone its release in stores from 25th March to May. The confirmation comes directly from an administrator on the forum Fearfans. com. (Thanks VG247). "The launch of FEAR will be 3 in May 2011, because we want to be sure to give our fans an experience of the first order," reads the post.

"Thank you for your patience. I promise you that the wait will be richly rewarded." How many of you know this is the second delay for the well-known FPS. Initially the title was expected during the winter of 2010, and shortly after the date was moved to March 25. FEAR 3 will introduce the co-op for the first time in the series, allowing you to share the experience with a friend.

The update to the PlayStation Store on January 12, 2011

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