Friday, June 10, 2011

E3 2011 - Rocksmith bundled with Guitar Epiphone Les Paul Junior

Ubisoft gives the announcement of collaboration with Gibson's main bundle Rocksmith, titolomusicale Ubisoft's new organ hot, er, real guitar, the game will include, a Realtone Cable and a guitar Epiphone Les Paul Junior. The total cost for the user will be $ 199 (imagine that in Europe are translated into € 199.99).

The game is also sold in a version without the guitar, but with cable, for $ 79.99. Also, here is the complete list of songs included: Best Coast - When I'm With You Blur - Song 2 Cream - Sunshine Of Your Love David Bowie - Rebel Rebel Interpol - Slow Hands Jenny O - Well OK Honey Lynyrd Skynyrd - Sweet Home Alabama Nirvana - Breed Nirvana - In Bloom Pixies - Where Is My Mind? Radiohead - High and Dry Red Fang - Number Thirteen Silversun Pickups - Panic Switch Soundgarden - Outshined Spoon - Me And The Bean Stone Temple Pilots - Vasoline Taddy Porter - Mean Bitch The Animals - House of the Rising Sun The Black Keys - I Got Mine The Black Keys - Girl Next The Boxer Rebellion - Step Out Of The Car The Cribs - We Share The Same Skies The Cure - Boys Do not Cry The Rolling Stones - (I Can not Get No) Satisfaction The Rolling Stones - The Spider and The Fly The White Stripes - Icky Thump Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union White Denim - Burnished Yellow Moon Band - Chimney Source: VG247

The ranking Northern LA Noire also crowned this week

Refers to the twenty-second week of the 2011 LA Noire is still leading the sale of the Nordic countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. It is the third consecutive week that the title of the snow-capped peak overlooking Rockstar North Sea. The second and third place are, respectively, The Sims 3: Generations and Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, while the only new entry is not among the top ten, but the fourteenth: Hunted: The Demon's Forge.

Debut Trailer for March of Heroes

Gameloft is engaged with the Unreal Engine on the iPhone and iPad Presented during E3 2011, March of Heroes is the first game designed around Gameloft all'Unreal Engine, and will be available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad probably short, whereas announcements of games sold on the App Store are never far in advance of their publication.

As can be seen from the spectacular debut trailer, supposedly showing the optimized version for iPad 2 March of Heroes will be modeled on the excellent Modern Combat FPS, always weblog Gameloft, and will boast a large number of different scenarios, all with incredibly detailed the Engine created by Epic Games.

At 21 hours the last Superdirective from Los Angeles for E3 2011!

Last Superdirective Multiplayer. it directly from Los Angeles to follow the on-site E3 2011! In today's episode we will discuss recent events and will pull the money sull'E3 2011, with the choice of the best titles and one look at the part of "costume" which is always well represented in a fair like this.

Connect at 21 Friday, June 10 to this page, to interact with us. This page also contains the complete schedule of all Superdirective. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

E3 2011 - A long movie game SW: The Old Republic takes us on Tatooine

I wonder if there is also the landspeeder Bioware has released a new development diary of the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, which shows a slice of Tatooine, home planet of Anakin Skywalker and operational base of the Hutt family. In addition to locations, and some fighting in the video we also see a speeder bikes, comfortable anti-gravity car, which speeds up the movement of the player.

Follow the coverage in real time on our page at E3 2011! Star Wars: The Old Republic - A long video on Tatooine E3 2011

E3 2011 - New video from the roundtable U Wii Ubisoft

The French company held a meeting with the developers. Guest of honor: Satoru Iwata in the forefront in the production of titles for Nintendo 3DS, Ubisoft has confirmed its interest in the house during the Kyoto developers roundtable held during E3 2011. During the event have taken place not only the president of Ubisoft, Yves Guillemot, but also a special guest as Satoru Iwata, along with several developers who have shown some interesting projects in the pipeline for the new Wii platform U.

Images from Electroplating Nicholson, the new DLC LA Noire

Event with a bang in this new DLC LA Noire, the detectives must investigate the explosion Biggs Phelps and the "Nicholson Electroplating." Explosion accident or intentional? The mystery lies in the rubble of the destroyed structure and folds of the city. In addition to the announcement, Rockstar has made available some screenshots of the expansion and has announced the price: 320 MS Points on Xbox Live and $ 3.99 on PSN.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - The creation of weapons Kinect

The virtual workshop of Ubisoft Ubisoft has released a commercial that shows the features for Kinect workshop for the weapons of the new Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The mode allows you to assemble and disassemble weapons using voice and gestures and trying in a shooting always using their hands instead of the pad.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier - Trailer Gunsmith for Kinect

E3 2011 - What is the battery life of PlayStation?

Long and prosperous life, hopefully when there is a portable, one of the questions that are usually the first place is the battery life, answer the question that usually comes last, and always ill-defined. And then, how long does the battery life of PlayStation? That is, how long the life of Life? As reported by Engadget to Sony, there may be substantial variation depending on the software that is running on the console: on average, the duration seems to be comparable to that of PSP, but if you use very challenging games, such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, autonomy may drop significantly.

E3 2011 - EA has prevented Bobby Kotick to play Battlefield 3 live?

The grass is not growing even want in the garden of the King there is even a mystery at E3 2011. A source from the CVG it has revealed that he saw an assistant to Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision, asking for a hands-on leadership during the presentation behind closed doors of Battlefield 3. The problem is that apparently the leaders of the presentation they said no complaints despite the cooperation of Kotick.

E3 2011 - The duration of the campaign of Gear of War 3

Cliff unbuttons The E3 gives us an interesting news on the duration of the campaign of Gear of War 3. Cliff Bleszinski himself has declared that the campaign of the third chapter in the saga will take about 12 hours against 8 or 9 of the previous two chapters. In short, after complaints in recent years on the duration of the games developers are responding in kind giving us the longest experience that we hope are not just more diluted.

E3 2011 - Fable: The Journey will not be a game on rails

Molyneux admits the mistake of not showing the movements in the demo Following the conclusions to which virtually everyone is looking at the demo came during Microsoft's E3 2011 conference, namely that Fable: The Journey was a game on rails, Peter Molyneux has wanted to clarify that this is not the case at all.

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine, the boss of Lionhead Studios has even apologized for anything but a positive debut of his new project, then claiming to have made a big mistake not to show the phases of movement during the demo, just because everyone thought it was a game on rails. "Fable: The Journey is not at all a game on rails," said Molyneux precisely.

Duke Nukem Forever is out!

Come on, basically it is only fifteen years, month, month, less is now available in stores Duke Nukem Forever real and virtual world, including your home. Normally you should not give the announcement of a game as a story (a story they have to limit the court), but in this case we make an exception for the many vicissitudes that have characterized its development.

Do not even try to summarize in a single news because it would be unrealistic to do so. Do not even tell you if the game is, in our opinion, good or bad, because this is not the right place to do it. We only know that, after fifteen long years since Duke Nukem 3D, Duke is back. At the time it is likely that many of you were not born yet.

E3 2011 - Wii U compatible with the GameCube

Accommodate the new moves that U can not even load the Wii's GameCube discs. Nintendo cuts so definitively with the past or with the standard controller and the console developed thinking about the technology race. Unfortunately, this means that to play GameCube titles will be necessary to pull the cube out of the closet or wait for HD remakes, remixes and versions of digital delivery that will undoubtedly come in the future.

Dedicated Servers for Modern Warfare 3?

The PC version of Modern Warfare 2 does not support dedicated servers, but Modern Warfare Infinity Ward 3 would satisfy PC gamers. "I can not confirm anything, but at the moment we are thinking of dedicated servers, tools for modders and support the game after launch," said Robert Bowling of Infinity Ward GameFront.

"In Modern Warfare, we implemented 2 IWnet for matchmaking, but I think the ideal solution provides a simplified matchmaking for those who want immediate access to a game and an option that will allow hardcore gamers to use dedicated servers." "We're trying to figure out how to implement everything in Modern Warfare 3.

E3 2011 - a trailer for 3DS Green Lantern

Super heroes in addition to the 3D video for Green Lantern: The Rise of Manhunter for the games console, Warner Bros. has released an E3 trailer for the 3DS version. Why is it important? No, it does not matter, but makes you realize the substantial differences between this and other versions. Also, if you are fond of the old platform as we do, maybe you like more than others.

Green Lantern: The Rise of Manhunter - the E3 2011 trailer for 3DS Follow the coverage in real time on our page at E3 2011!

Mode 7 "saved" by Frozen Synapse

The developer of Frozen Synapse, Mode 7, thanked the players who buy the indie ensured the survival of the company. "On the commercial level the game went beyond our expectations," the developer writes on its website. "The money that we have gained will enable us to continue to do what we like best and we are trying to explore the full potential of Frozen Synapse and then we'll concentrate on our new project.

E3 2011 - New data on the duration of Batman: Arkham City

The numbers swell Rocksteady has released new data on the duration of Batman: Arkham City who speak even 50 hours to complete the title to 100% and 25 to complete the main plot. Among the new statements that stands out on the role of Catwoman, which will be used by players for a period equal to about 10% of the whole experience.

Follow the coverage in real time on our page at E3 2011!

A date for Catherine

Catherine will be available beginning July 26 in the United States. The launch date of the game in Europe has not yet been announced, but PlayStation 3 owners could do a little thought to the U.S. version, since the Sony console is region-free. The demo Catherine has already been published on the Japanese PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace.

E3 2011 - The teaser Weapon III

Simulated yet still get the exclusive PC E3 just a teaser shot with real actors of the expected Weapon III that surely will delight lovers of simulated war. Set in the near future the title will be set in a Mediterranean island that, like characters and vehicles, will enjoy many graphical improvements compared to what we saw in the previous chapter.

The title is planned for summer 2012. Follow the coverage in real time on our page at E3 2011! Weapon III - Teaser E3 2011

The new Alan Wake without publisher

In an interview with Joystiq, Microsoft's Phil Spencer has stated that Remedy has not yet found a publisher for the new project on the franchise Alan Wake. The first Alan Wake was published last year, according to Spencer and the sales were not satisfactory for Microsoft. However, the manager adds, "I still like to work with Remedy.

We're talking about." A few weeks ago, Remedy has announced that the new Alan Wake will be neither a sequel nor a simple DLC.

Data for American Catherine

The particular hot summer adventure thriller Atlus, Catherine, has certainly attracted the attention of several people with his style and very adult, let's say, the insistence on the theme of love and sexual relationships that certainly is not on the days in video games. Therefore, we note with some interest the movements of the game outside of Japan, partly because production was not so particular could benefit from a discount adjustment in Western language.

Authors Blacklight against Call of Duty: Elite

Jared Gerritzen Zombie Studios Activision has criticized the service for a fee Call of Duty: Elite. "They want to charge $ 60 for the game, $ 20 for a package or just a map, and then $ 9 to allow you to upload videos to YouTube. Why not spend the money to develop the game?" He said in a 'interview with Gamasutra.

"Over the last four games there have been news, and this is sad. I wonder what they might do if they decide to spend the money you squeeze from the fans." Gerritzen is the lead designer of Blacklight: Retribution, a shooter online free-to-play based on a system of micro-transactions.

The beta of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier in early 2012

Prior to the release in March According to reports from NowGamer, Ubisoft has confirmed the scheduling of a period of beta testing for the new Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. The beta should be launched in early 2012, with the publisher very inclined to take into account user feedback from this trial for any changes to the structure and evolution of the game.

The output of the real game when it was placed in March 2012 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, with different versions for Nintendo DS, PSP and Wii coming.

Postponed the debut of RAGE

The publication of RAGE has been delayed for a few weeks. Originally set for September 16, the launch of the title of id Software has been moved to October 7, reported on the official website of RAGE. The postponement applies to all versions of the shooter: PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

U Wii X-ray

Not all analysts were impressed by the 100% Nintendo's new console. According to Piers Harding-Rolls of Screen Digest is an interesting system that has the potential to innovate, while Doug Creutz of Cowen and Company questions the platform-specific. "I do not know to what extent can become revolutionary," he says.

For Wedbush Morgan analyst, Michael Pachter, design combining tablet and is unlikely to be reproducible by other console platforms. Jesse Divnich of EEDAR Wii U defines an "original system, only the perfect transition for those coming to Wii." For Divnich, strength lay in the originality of the Wii software and Wii with the risk that U is submerged by porting of titles for PS3 and Xbox 360: "I wish to convert cheap Wii games U, but that will not get the blockbuster ".

Gaikai exclusively on Videogame Source

We are happy to announce that Videogame Source has signed an exclusive agreement with Gaikai that will allow users and visitors to play the games available on Gaikai service directly on our sites. Imagine being able to try the demo of a title which you have just read the preview on EG. This and many other things are possible in the near future Videogame Source.

"We tested the service in Europe during the last six months and we are extremely excited to tie into the site number 1 in Europe for this new adventure," said the creator of Gaikai, David Perry. "We have already turned seven centers in Europe, making the service Gaikai Cloud Gaming faster and more efficient on the continent." "This initiative will provide to millions of readers Videogame Source unique experience." The partnership involves all sites with Gaikai family Videogame Source: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden and of course ...

"We may never know the truth about PSN"

Kaz Hirai has admitted that Sony might be difficult if not impossible to discover the details of data theft suffered by the PSN. In an interview with the BBC, Hirai said the company discovered the theft of 100 million accounts, but failed to identify the type of stolen information. "People have been very adept at infiltrating our network without leaving a trace, so maybe take us long to discover the truth, or maybe not we'll never know." "It's not just a problem for Sony, but of all.

E3 2011 - The U Wii controller has a resolution of 854x480 pixels?

Someone has made a count on a photo editor Golgotron did not have really made the wait for a data sheet for Nintendo to know the screen resolution of the Wii controller U, and began to count the pixels on a photo high resolution. This is already the status of our personal heroes, just after the sheep man, because it takes some courage and a high concentration to perform such an operation and then be able to reproduce.

A single controller for the Wii console U

The new Nintendo console, Wii U, will only support a touch-screen controller for the console, said Shigeru Miyamoto News. com. au. As a second controller you can use 3DS. "In games where people need a second controller could use the 3DS. U Wii games will also be compatible with the Wii Remote Controller Plus, and in the future Miyamoto does not exclude the implementation of the dual touch-screen controller, "We are doing research, if a player goes to the home of a holder of U Wii with its own controller.

E3 2011 - Devil's Third is 30% complete

In September we will know more Tomonobu Itagaki, the former foreman of the famous Team Ninja stated that his new project, the expected third-person shooter developed by Valhalla Game Studios, is complete only 30%. In short, the title, announced a year ago during the last E3, it is still on the high seas, but Itagaki has confirmed that during the Tokyo Game Show in September will see the true shape of Devil's Third.

European date for Saints Row 3

THQ announced that Saints Row: The Third will hit European stores on Nov. 18, three days after the U.S. release. This third chapter will offer even more crazy and paradoxical situations than the previous two, but some key elements (crime, irony, easy money, etc..) Will remain constant. If you want to know more, we recommend taking a look at our recent preview.