Saturday, June 18, 2011

Planetside Next will be unveiled in July?

We hope the president of Sony Online Entertainment has revealed through Twitter that soon we will have a big surprise on the sci-fi MMOFPS. The mysterious announcement will take place during the SOE Fan Faire to be held July 7 to 9 in Las Vegas. Planetside Next is the sequel to one of the most interesting projects of the last generation of Sony.

The first chapter has in fact expanded the concept of online FPS MMO carrying everything on the floor and then the continuing global war. Unfortunately, technical limitations have neutered many of the ideas of the game although I still found some success. Well hope this sequel is that the technology is finally ready to handle such a title.

The film Gears of War is a complex situation

Cliff Bleszinski talks about the situation of the Gears of War film as a hell in which we understand little or nothing. The statement is part of an interview given by the designer to GameFront where some problems are evident in the passage of the film from the paper to the set. In any case Bleszinki is optimistic, indeed, Peter Jackson has had to suffer for several years before they can realize the Lord of the Rings.

Interplay and Anuman together to help the brand Titus

Something will come out will be valid or a mere operation of exploitation of nostalgia factor? Interplay is looking for funding, perhaps to finance the development proceeds Fallout Online that despite the controversy with Bethesda and despite the serious financial problems for the publisher/developer.

So no wonder the last move of the company that has partnered with Anumam to revive some brands that belong to Titus. Among other things the same Interplay is already working on a new port Prehistorik Man and several other sequels and ports of old titles, even those not related to Titus, among which we find MDK2 HD, Battle Chess and Earthworm Jim 4 .

The worst of E3 2011

A YouTube user has posted a montage which shows what for him is the worst of the worst of E3 2011. There's something for all tastes including ads as exciting as a dead rat, gaffes of all kinds, and paradoxical statements stars who say they are enthusiastic about the series that probably they were right in passing a couple of times.

But winning is no doubt that the motion sensors around the cup and the copper seems to be going through particularly embarrassing pantomime Kinect for football Kinect Sports 2.