Monday, February 7, 2011

New trailer for Dissidia 012: Final Fantasy

Date confirmed for PS3 Back to the Future

Telltale Games is now publishing the first issue of a series composed of 5 editions to the game Back to the Future (Back to the future) for PC and now it seems that the PS3 will get its own Delorean to play. The date is set for this February 15, 2011. PS3 users will pay $ 19.99 for access to the five episodes will be released.

A new episode will debut each month, and so far no news on a release date for Xbox 360 for now, but IPAD owners should expect to play later this month.

Phantasy Star Online 2 trial this summer

But no other information about Sega announced today that it will carry out an alpha test on Phantasy Star Online 2 during this summer, although they are not leaked information about it. The game, sequel to Sega's online RPG sci-fi, it was announced in the last Tokyo Game Show, but there have been many news about it from last September to now.

This morning the producer Satoshi Sakai, however, has announced the alpha test program, which will be invited various members chosen by lot. It seems to apply to the extraction will need to obtain a special code with purchase of Phantasy Star Portable for PSP 2 or Infinity playing Phantasy Star Universe and Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst.

Sony Xperia Play, the phone playsation

Sony's new phone, which is called Xperia play and we all know as the phone playstation, and is a reality and know that your OS is Android. It is expected that in the coming days will give more details by the official word and perhaps because we know a release date estimate. Sony has introduced a video advertising on its new Smart Phone:

Dev-diary of a NASCAR The Game 2011

Another more ... Activision, through the portal GameTrailers has released a new video on The Game 2011 in NASCAR, driving simulation in development at Eutechnyx on platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii. This is a developer diary, you can judge directly with the video attached below. NASCAR The Game 2011 - Development Diary

Pes 2011 3D and have a release date

After the much awaited announcement on the release date 3D game Pes 2011, Konami has finally released the date on which this title will be released for the Nintendo console, the 3Ds and the target date is March 25 for across Europe. If you want to know more about this title click here.

New trailer for Catherine

Also intriguing ... Atlus has released a new movie by Catherine, atypical production for the platforms Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is a movie that takes some of the main features. Judge directly with the video attached below. Source: CVG

10 simulators for PC coming from UIG

Inputs and One Way Management have formed a trade agreement, whereby the two companies will begin a partnership to release on the Italian territory of new titles for PC and console. The fledgling venture will begin with the launch of a series of 10 simulators for the PC, developed by German developer UIG GmbH.

"This new product line, which looks like a well-recognizable by the packaging," says Francesco Cafiero, manager of One Way Management "will give new impetus to the segment of the simulation on a PC, given the quality of securities that compose it." The marketing line of simulators come in two phases: at the end of March will be released the first five titles - Airport Simulator, Simulator Heavyweight Transport, Military Life: Tank Simulator, Mining & Tunneling Simulator, Rail Simulator Cargo - followed in late April , the other five products that initially will make up the collection (Road works Simulator, Skyscraper Simulator, Simulator Snowcat, Towing and Woodcutter Simulator Simulator), which will then be supplemented by new releases.

Launches the week of February 6

SOCOM 4 in the multiplayer video

That will be up to 32 players ... During an event organized by Zipper Interactive were shown several sequences related to 4 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, pending exclusive PlayStation 3 scheduled for next spring in Europe. There we propose to follow just one of them, taken directly from the multiplayer title that we remember the game will support up to 32 players online.

Source: VG247 SOCOM 4 - multiplayer gameplay

Public beta arriving Rift

Telara is open to all Trion Worlds announced today its intention to open all the magical world of Telara for 6 days, before long, with a public beta of the Rift, the new MMORPG in development. The Open Beta for the game then start Tuesday, February 15th at 19:00 and continue until Monday, February 21 at 19.00, for a total of six days in which players will have free access to game servers.

2 playable factions, the first 42 levels of play, 3 Arena PvP zones and dungeons to explore the elements that are Trion Worlds offers users the most curious, to participate in the beta that should register on the website www. riftgame. com / betasignup. Rift, in full, then come March 4 on the PC.

The dates of BlizzCon 2011

Blizzard has announced the dates of the next BlizzCon will be held in Anaheim, California, on 21 and 22 October 2011. Cost and availability of the tickets have not been announced, as well as content that will be shown at the event. In 2009, a bench press were Cataclysm World of Warcraft and Diablo III class of Monaco.

In 2010 was again the turn of Diablo III, with class and Demon Hunter Arena PVP Battles. We hope that this time the third chapter of this historic series is present in the form of an announcement of the release date. Maybe Blizzard will also show something of its next MMO or successor, if there ever will be, World of Warcraft.

The Italian monthly charts: January 2011

A month packed with the figures released today by AESVI also publish the Italian charts for the gaming software on a monthly basis. Sales more consistent focus of course for those titles released over the Christmas period or earlier, such as Gran Turismo 5 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, while still in the charts several rocks as Wii Fit and football titles.

Rank gennnaio 2011 Top 10 Console: Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) Wii Fit Plus + Balance Board (Wii) Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3) Kinect Adventures + Kinect Just Dance 2 Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood FIFA 11 (PS3) Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 Kinect Sports Top 10 PC: World of Warcraft Pre Paid Card 2 months Football Manager 2011 The Sims 3 Call of Duty: Black Ops World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 The Sims 3 Late Night Assassin's Creed FIFA 11 World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Top 10 Lych King DS: New Super Mario Bros.

Free map for AC: Brotherhood

The Facebook page of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood is close to the remarkable number of 1 million fans. To celebrate the event, Ubisoft will give gamers a new multiplayer map: Venice by Night. UbiWorkshop also will conduct a commemorative t-shirt and will offer special discounts for 24 hours. Other initiatives will be launched and made notes on the same social network.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood was one of the great masterpieces came out last fall and on the "pages" of Videogame Source has been awarded an outstanding 9 / 10.

Ubisoft Announces Call of Juarez: The Cartel

A western to modern, from California to Mexico arrived today rather a surprise announcement by Ubisoft Call of Juarez: The Cartel, the third installment in the series of FPS to Techland's Western setting. Again developed by the talented Polish team, The Cartel is in this strange environment, mixing elements from the scenario in a modern western classic, featuring a story that takes us from the heart of Los Angeles in California to Juarez, Mexico.

Xbox TV Channel in autumn?

It seems that Microsoft is willing to enter the world of pay-TV via the Xbox 360, which in future will be able to see a lot of shows and streaming content. A leaking the news would have been a popular presenter American, Conan O'Brien, contacted by Microsoft to collaborate on the project. Apparently O'Brien refused the offer.

"The project is very interesting, but not what I want in this moment of my career," said the showman. Currently, Microsoft is already offering Sky Sports and ESPN via Xbox Live for Xbox 360 Americans, but negotiations to win new content is constantly changing. As for Europe, especially Italy, everything is silent.

Tim Schafer: self-censorship limits the humor in video games

Too many precautions by the authors In fact, the players standing a long time wondering what happened to the freshness of the narrative or dialogue sharp and stinging of the old Lucas adventure games in the market today and Tim Schafer, the protagonist of their development of such glorious titles, seems to have an explanation.

According to the head of Double Fine, game designer of several adventure games in their heyday, a kind of self-censorship imposed by the developers themselves, nowadays, would place great limits to the possibilities of expression of video games, especially by diluting the power of these very humorous.

PES ready for the launch of 3DS

Konami announced that Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 will back the 3D 3DS from the date of launch of the new Nintendo console. The big news of this latest chapter in the series will obviously support the 3D without glasses. " According to the developers of this new dimension "to help players have a better perception of depth, the position of their peers and generally the whole field of play." The game will feature over 60 national and 170 club teams, commentary on games, wireless multiplayer, UEFA Champions League and the traditional Master League.

Ono denies the existence of Nintendo X Capcom

The idea was just an idea checked on the internet a few days ago might have tickled the curiosity of many users, but Yoshinori Ono has denied a certain decision in an interview published by IGN. For the possibility of developing a cross-over fighting between Nintendo and Capcom, Nintendo in a precision x Capcom at the moment seems a very remote, as explained by Ono Satoru Iwata apologized to the possible misunderstanding that might have created using his own words.

20,000 signatures for a disabled friend

Over 20,000 people signed an online petition asking Electronic Arts the ability to customize the button configuration in Dead Space 2. The initiative came after a disabled golfer found himself unable to play the action horror games developed by Visceral. Gareth is the name of the player, has posted his outburst on the forums, you overclockers.

co. uk, indicating that many other titles, including Fallout: New Vegas, but have permission to configure the controls so that they could only be played with the mouse. "In Dead Space 2 is impossible to carry forward the character via the mouse buttons," said Gareth. "I find it rather sad that some software companies do not think the controls can be configured to make their games for people with disabilities." His post on the forum has received hundreds of responses in a short time and then gave life to the online petition that has now reached 22,328 signatures.

The Frostbite Engine 2 DICE is shown in video

New possibilities for Battlefield 3 A video demonstration of 4-minute show something of the new possibilities offered by Frostbite 2, the second version of the graphics engine developed by DICE, which forms the basis of the structure of Battlefield 3. On show in particular the "real-time radiosity" engine in action on several examples of scenarios, including some views that seem taken from Mirror's Edge.

Nothing DiRT 3D 3

According to Sony, the stereoscopic 3D is perfect for racing games, Codemasters but for the benefits of technology are extremely limited and in some cases, a 3D game can get even cause health problems. For the authors of this F1 2010 decided to support 3D on PC and not on PS3 and 360 in the new chapter in the series Dirt.

"In a game like ours the 3D is not useful as a Motorstorm, where the landscape is constantly changing," said the chief game designer Paul Coleman. "With DiRT 3, prolonged gaming sessions can cause nausea." According to last year at the Develop Conference by the senior director of SCEE, Mick Hocking, 3D allows for greater precision in titles such as Gran Turismo 5 and MS: Apocalypse.

One of the developers of Gran Turismo 5 DiRT 3 critical

Paul Coleman talks about GT5 as a title still in development after the vitriolic statements made by Andy Tutor, lead designer of Shift 2: Unleashed, Gran Turismo 5, which was defined as a "stamp collection" because of his car it is the turn of Paul Coleman said his racer on the Polyphony. Member of development team DiRT 3, Coleman has told Eurogamer that "Gran Turismo is a massive game, a phenomenon in spite of everything.

Duty Calls at an altitude of 1.25 million

Duty Calls, a parody of Call of Duty which we have spoken in recent days, reached the significant milestone of 1.25 million downloads. Developed by the authors of Bulletstorm, Team People Can Fly, Duty Calls mocks the famous saga Activision in an attempt to highlight the differences between the setting of "serious and realistic" Call of Duty style and irreverent Bulletstorm.

The game is freely downloadable from the official website of Duty Calls. Bulletstorm will be available from 25 February on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Marketplace is available for several days, a trial version of the title published by Electronic Arts.

New multiplayer map for the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood incoming

As soon as the Facebook page of the game will reach the million fans After releasing two free DLC for the multiplayer mode of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Ubisoft has released the official Facebook Page of the game an interesting announcement celebration: as soon as you reach the one million of Fans will be released for download a new multiplayer map ever entitled "Venice at Night".

But not only reach a T-shirt commemorating the event, a video with the developers of CBA, a 15% discount sull'UbiWorkshop valid for 24 hours and a number of other offers always on the Facebook page. You can make your contribution in an absolutely free: you have to go to the fanpage and click on "I Like It." Currently, the number of over 950,000 fans: courage, little miss!

Sex is important in Dragon Age II

Judging from the information page on Dragon Age II entity classification games in the U.S., ESRB, BioWare's new role-playing game will offer scenes of oral sex. "During the game, characters will face discussions relating to the sphere of sexuality," it said on the site. "Players can give rise to short sequences in which men and women, or people of the same sex, they embrace as the screen darkens gradually." "In one of these movies a woman kneels before a man but the sexual act is not represented and the camera moves to the rest of the room." Dragon Age II obtained a classification "Mature" by the ESRB for not only this kind of content, but also for the violence portrayed in the game.

Officially announced the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play?

Sony has aired the commercial during the Super Bowl Since previously under the name "PSP Phone", the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Sony's new phone in its true form factor includes a PSP, it was finally shown on a official form of commercials aired during the Super Bowl. This is the same spot that we showed off a few days ago in "stolen" on YouTube.

In this move, you add the promotional news reports on the Facebook page of Sony, which refers to Sunday, February 13 that will probably be the official announcement of the new device.

Increase sales by Gameloft

In the fourth quarter of 2010, Gameloft has a sales volume of 39.7 million euro, is to know the publisher, an increase of 25% over the same period last year. 36% of sales were recorded in Europe, 29% in North America, 35% in the rest of the world. Overall, the volume of sales in 2010 amounted to 141 million euro, +16% over 2009.

According to the publisher, the result is the result of the success of Gameloft games in emerging markets and position the company in the smartphone segment. Gameloft is "the leading publisher of games on the App Store since its launch," says the publisher, which states that in 2010 sales on the iPhone and iPad increased by 63%.

Gameplay and video interview for Super Street Fighter IV in 3DS version

The Capcom fighting game in action and words of Yoshinori Ono GameSpot has created an interesting interview with Yoshinori Ono, one of the authors history of Street Fighter, simultaneously showing several minutes of gameplay of Super Street Fighter IV for Nintendo 3DS. Ono spoke about the potential of the new handheld console with 3D graphics, the new system and the type of visual SpotPass adopted for the game.

DICE talks about Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 will include a 3D tracking system, confirmed the developer DICE. By means of 3D localization, players can signal their comrades the location of an enemy. Once spotted, the enemy will appear on the screen with a red triangle on the head and other details will be posted on the mini-map. The senior gameplay designer of Battlefield 3, Alan Kertz, confirmed the mechanics on Twitter.

Take-Two can do without GTA

But let's hope it does, according to analysts The Oxen Group, Take-Two Interactive has no need for Grand Theft Auto to be successful in the market. The only GTA V could sustain the company for four years even though these four years were low. Currently indefatigable Take-Two different genres and covers almost the entire lineup collecting sales more than good.

Red Dead Redemption, Civilization and NBA 2K11 are all successful titles and other titles in the near future will reach the highest caliber such as LA Noire. In short, analysts said Take-Two Interactive certainly not at greater risk of acquisition or merger, as it was some time ago, and the leadership of the publisher is being promoted with a full 8.