Saturday, January 1, 2011

Saved Dead Space unlock the plasma cutter in the 2

Good old cutter As reported by Joystiq and other sources today, the bailouts of the first chapter of Dead Space unlock the gun plasma cutter in the second chapter. In essence, the opening of Dead Space 2, if you have the hard disk backups, refer to the first chapter, we can start immediately with the plasma cutter equipped, at least that is what is reported.

Actually it is not clear because the gun can not be imported with all the upgrades made in the first chapter and this should be the first weapon still findable in the new game, we await clarification in any case.

Gears of War Ultimate incoming

A mysterious bundle Microsoft and Epic Games have decided to revive interest in their famous series for the Xbox 360 with a new bundles related to Gears of War. The Gears of War Ultimate edition appeared on the lists at this time of Gamestop and apparently it is a $ 29.99 package, so you probably including the first two chapters of the series with additional content included, with output scheduled for February 15 2011 at least in North America.

Broken Sword for free at App Store

The Director's Cut Surprisingly, Revolution Software has decided to follow the prevailing trend in this time of season deals with a good thing. Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars can therefore be downloaded for free today and for a limited time, with downloads made at this address. For those not familiar, this is an adventure game of the classic point and click type based on a fascinating story about the Knights Templar and characterized by well-designed environments in 3D.

Game Reviews: Dead Nation

Share this story Share on Facebook too! All shooters that rely on a view from above, they provide both analog sticks to move your character and to manage the viewfinder with the other (with the fire in automatic mode). In this game but we will approach a bit 'less arcade: in fact, you can always use the right stick to handle the pointer of the weapon but the fire will not be automatic but rather should be managed by pressing the R1 button.