Saturday, January 22, 2011

Portal 2 will be the same on PS3 and Xbox 360

Or maybe not? Chet Faliszek said that Portal 2 for PlayStation 3 will be the first title for the Sony platform that Valve has made completely by myself. In the case of the Orange Box, in fact, the company had external aid. During an interview with The Gaming Liberty Faliszek said that Valve has been very well supported by Sony for the development of Portal 2, but wanted to clarify statements made by Gabe Newell at E3, where they talked for version PS3 game as better than what will be available on Xbox 360.

Video games up in the bathroom

Sega implemented a gaming system for public toilets. It is an integrated system to the urinals which has a sensor and display. At the moment there are only four different games available and the same are intended to create a level of distraction on the persons and also intends to maintain a cleaner. The role of the sensor is to control the pressure and the amount of urine passed.

The games available are: Manneken Pis: This is the popular sculpture of Brussels where the score will be given by the amount of urine passed. Graffiti Eraser: This is clean graffiti from the walls with a hose. The North Wind and her: This uses the intensity and by which it is intended that the north wind lift her dress to a girl.

The App Store reaches ten billion downloads

The countdown has ended a record hard to beat, that set out today from the App Store: Ten billion downloads. Since its inception, the digital platform Apple has shown the great potential, allowing over the years as a software company known as a third-party developers to create and publish applications and games for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Crysis 2, multiplayer demo for Xbox Live Gold users

There is good news for Xbox Live Gold subscribers is that they are about to get VIP treatment for the exclusive demo, multiplayer for Crysis 2. This is access to a map, Skyline and two game modes, Team Instant Action and Crash Site, all from 25 January. It was not immediately known if there will be a multiplayer demo for PC or PS3 versions.

A full version of Crysis 2 will include six multiplayer game modes and 12 maps of places all over New York recognizable. The game will be released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 22 U.S. and 25 in Europe.

Guerrilla promises several improvements for Killzone 3

Response to commands, frame rate and variety of scenarios to microphones of EDGE magazine, Guerrilla developers have talked about those improvements that make Killzone 3 is substantially better than the second chapter of the saga. Mathijis de Jonge focused in particular on the response to commands, the frame rate and a variety of scenarios.

"While we were still working to optimize the frame rate, I did a quick comparison with Killzone 2 and I must say that the gameplay of the new episode is much more fluid. The improvements we made to the system of stalking are doing their part to do so In fact now you can slip into cover, leaning out, kill an enemy with a melee attack, and so on.

The Unreal Development Kit expands support for iOS

New Territories Development As announced some time ago by Epic, the new beta dell'Unreal Development Kit available for developers recently also contains support for the IOS system. According to the notes, you can use PhysX on IOS is a new system of post-process "Colorize", additional options for the editor and the Bink player to upgrade to version 1.99a.

To see the full list of updates made, you can go to this address. Obviously, from the user side, the inclusion of expanded IOS nell'UDK means an increased potential for high-profile technical games for mobile devices Apple, on the other hand Infinity Blade demonstrated the capabilities of the graphics engine applied to iPhone, etc.

Is still much for the first game of Tango Gamework

A long wait, but promising According to Pete Hines of Bethesda will still take some time before we can see the new game in development at Tango Gamework, the development team founded by Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator of, among other things) and recently acquired from the house of ZeniMax. The development on the game is progressing well, but will take a long time before we see something concrete on the title in question.

John Romero left Slipgate Ironworks

Working on a social game, it seems, John Romero has also left Slipgate Ironworks, after id Software and Ion Storm, going to work on a video game for social network called Loot Drop. Romero was then seconded by publishers and MMORPG in the works, which itself continues the journey but with a lag than originally planned.

Former id Software has instead put to work completely on Loot Drop in collaboration with Tom Hall.

RIFT - PVP Trailer

The social interactions of such violent trailer shows some elements linked to the new PvP MMORPG weblog Trion. The world of RIFT it hosts some areas specifically dedicated to the comparison of players and each zone has different rules. The way he sees a faction invasion and defend the other attack. The warfront instead are areas of conflict where the player can fight freely.

The conquest warfront instead provide specific objectives to accomplish in the midst of battle. The PVP of RIFT is also governed by a system of ranking that is based on Favor and Prestige. These two elements allow to increase their status and access to many skills. Rift - Trailer official PVP

LA Noire: date and new trailer leaked!

A surprise ... we have it! We were anxiously waiting for next Monday, when Rockstar was to present the highly anticipated new trailer on LA Noire, Team Bondi. But today, a surprise, it popped a leaked trailer will likely resume his movie to be shown next week, and then we can offer you absolutely preview immediately.

Among the various sequences, appears to have confirmed the release date on the market which has been rumored in recent days, which is May 17. Say no more, we leave you to your movie attached below: LA Noire - Trailer # 3 (leaked)

New videos from the multiplayer of Killzone 3

On the map Bilgarsk Boulevard ... After announcing the arrival of a phase open beta scheduled for next week, as reported in a previous report, Killzone 3 back to appear this time through a new gameplay video. This is just a glimpse of the title taken from Guerrilla multiplayer segment, during which we can see the map Bilgarsk Boulevard, which also will be present in the beta available from next week.

A video for the Collector's Shift 2

There are three dedicated car ... Electronic Arts has presented on the Collector's Edition Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed, sequel of the appreciated arcade driving under development at Slightly Mad Studios. The edition in question, for the time being confirmed only in the U.S. and UK, will offer unprecedented three cars, or an Alfa Romeo, Nissan and Lamborghini.

Here's the trailer in question: Source: VG247 Need For Speed Shift 2: Unleashed - Trailer Collector's Edition

Excellent rating for Mass Effect 2 PS3

At one year after the title retains its undeniable appeal Bioware A shower of excellent ratings for the conversion of the exceptional PS3 Mass Effect 2. Many assessments will take account of minor technical problems appeared in the version for the Sony console, but these are balanced by the DLC and free of unquestionable value of the stock Bioware.

TheSixthAxis: 10/10 vote thanks to the care for the textures that make it an even better game. Games Radar: 10/10 vote guaranteed by the DLC included free. IGN: 9.5 rating for the absolute quality of the title and the DLC included. 1UP: A-rating justified by the excellent performance of the title one year from the PC and 360.

Nintendo does not like Achievements and Trophies

According to Nintendo, the players are more interested in exploring and enjoying every aspect of a game if it has a good design and not because of Achievements and Trophies that, according to the home of Mario, I'm just a filler. To say these words was Bill Trinen of Nintendo of America during an interview with Kotaku.

"We chose not to follow the path of the objectives and trophies taken by Microsoft and Sony because we are convinced that the game will have to entice players to explore and discover." "Many of the games that we developed, however, provide rewards to players who have amazing patience and skill required to unlock them." Despite these statements, Trinen did however indicate that Nintendo has nothing against the idea of a trophy and objective, as demonstrated by the fact that games like Wii Sports Resort and Super Smash Bros.

The audience online LittleBigPlanet 2 has exceeded that of the first

How many users online at one time connected, of course Despite LittleBigPlanet 2 is available for only a few hours in Europe, the numbers related to active users online in North America have already exceeded those seen at most once in the first chapter online. There are no precise figures, as we do not know what has sold in North America, waiting to see the trend in our country, but this is what he said the development team at Media Molecule about "the count of users is somewhat crazy - we have already surpassed the record of a lot of LittleBigPlanet for the concurrent users online ".

No rivalry between Duke and Bulletstorm

Bulletstorm and Duke Nukem Forever will come out with more than two months apart, more than enough time to not compete with each other ... maybe. At the bottom of the root from which arise is similar and is made of violence and humor in equal parts, huge biceps and extraterrestrials to sweep away suspiciously developed.

Despite the similarities, however, the developers of Duke Nukem, the team Gearbox Software, has rejected any kind of rivalry between the two games. "I do not think it is appropriate to speak of rivalry between the two games," said Randy Pitchford, Gearbox boss. "I think what matters is if a game is entertaining and if people Want what it has to offer." The important thing is that both games are fun, the time that separates them is more than enough to not put them in direct competition.

343 Industries takes on new elements for "the future" Halo "

12 vacancies, but for what? Continue to increase the workforce in order to carry forward the "future" Halo ", it seems, with 343 Industries engaged in new recruitment. It is a dozen of job vacancies ranging from a Multiplayer Designer Environment Artst, with all the basic requirements of "evidence of having played all titles from Halo and thinking much to the franchise, apparently.

We are looking for so loyal to Master Chief and his friends, but it is not clear what. The position of 343 Industries is currently linked only to support the Halo: Reach, but it is clear that something new on the horizon we should be. Some rumors also talk of a possible arrival of a high definition remake of the first Halo: Combat Evolved.

A new video for "Night of the Sacrifice

Marvelous Entertainment has released a disturbing new video for "Night of the Sacrifice (Iken no Yoru), the horror game for Wii. There are a lot of information on the specific operation of the game, which contains support for two players and to use the Balance Board, but we know something of history.

Apparently, this focuses on five college students that explore Tsukuyomi Ravine, an area some time ago used to make sacrifices to the gods and characterized by a moat and a ruined mansion. Players must explore the area using the Remote like a torch. In Japan, the release is scheduled for March 24, there is no information about its distribution in the West.

Possible DLC for Duke Nukem Forever?

Yesterday Gearbox has finally announced the date of what we might call, without any fear of contradiction, the most anticipated FPS of all time, but even though they lack a few more months to the release of Duke Nukem Forever, have already begun to move the first rumors about what might be the post-launch DLC.

"We have not announced anything about it," said Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox, speaking of our network. "I want to be honest. At the moment we are focused exclusively on making this possible is that for years seemed impossible: to get Duke Nukem Forever in stores." Beyond this, however, Pitchford has hinted that there are real opportunities to see the DLC in the period after launch.

Glimpses of Gears of War 3 on a documentary on American TV

And the situation for developers in North Carolina is an interesting documentary broadcast on the USA channel UNC-TV, which is based on the games industry in North Carolina also provides some quick views of multiplayer Gears of War 3, it seems. Beyond the intrinsic interest in having information on the development team working in the American state, therefore, the streaming video shown below in YouTube allows you to check out the new chapter of the shooter, with Mike Capps Epic to comment on some phases of the documentary.

Beyond Black Mesa: the short films inspired by Half-Life

After small glimpses of the full version released during its manufacture, is now ready for the short film "Beyond Black Mesa", visible in stream below. This is when a 12-minute video that chronicles the adventures of Jack against the Combine. Obviously history is not as widespread as possible, but the scenery and special effects, as we already have seen in the fragments released in the past, I'm really very good.

The 3DS eStore will be ready for day one

Despite rumors in the last hours, Nintendo has just announced that the digital delivery service 3DS eStore will be ready for launch day of waiting handheld platform. In recent days, a story appeared in Wired gave almost certainly delay the service, prevedendono implementation at a later time after debuto the console on the market.

During today a company spokesman, however, Japan has indicated to our network that there will be no delay. Although the eStore and the browser are not included in the "firmware release," will both be available for download from the day of the launch of the device. The eStore will buy products DSiWare, old classics for the Game Boy, game demos, trailers and a series of new products developed exclusively for the 3DS.

Discovered the first bug LittleBigPlanet 2

Apparently LittleBigPlanet 2 would be launched without an annoying bug that can trap people in endless loading screens. According to reports appearing in a topic of the forum LittleBigWorkshop, this bug would be triggered when you try to establish a connection with other players online. But fear not, because Media Molecule is already working to solve the problem.

According to the software house appeared on Twitter, the team would be aware of the problem and already committed to finding a solution that can solve it. Meanwhile, anyone who has the good fortune to own a copy of the game will solve this bug with a simple procedure announced by Joystiq: If you find yourself in the face of endless scheramte loading, turn off the controller, wait until the level is loaded and on again .

Skyrim - the screams of the Dragon

The voice of the dragon. Extra power for a hero without equal. Once again thanks to information from Game Informer, we became aware of some new and powerful abilities that players can use in Skyrim. The main character is a Skyrim dragonborn and how the old Emperor Tiber Septim can learn the cries of the dragons.

Powerful spells that do not provide power to only above all imagination, but they are also the key to guide the people to revolt, as well as Tiber Septim used them to lead his army. Our character is not the only living being who can use the power of dragons. Skyrim other creatures are able to do so.

A date for the open beta for Killzone 3

Sony has announced that open beta for Killzone 3 will start on February 3 and will remain open until the 15th of that month. The beta, expected on the PlayStation Store, will allow access to three online multiplayer mode and an offline mode. Guerrilla Warfare, opened to a maximum of 16 players, will take the classic Team Deathmatch.

Warzone, which is available for up to 24 users, will again present the same formula well known to all holders of Killzone 2, placing participants in front of five random mini-missions. Operations, opened to a maximum of 16 participants, will propose a more linear structure, which also focused on a series of mini-missions.

A co-op for League of Legends

The RTS Games expands Riot Riot Games has announced the addition of a new cooperative mode for League of Legends will be possible to work with another player and launch the attack of AI enemies. The new arrangements will be accessible both from the beginner to intermediate level, with the matchmaking system that will connect the two players.

According Riot Games, the AI enemies in co-op mode will be different from those seen in custom games, since they can perform more operations. We await a date for the release of this new mode.