Sunday, February 27, 2011

We give the predictable Ubisoft unleashes controversy

Feast of the averages of the Twenty-First Century Did you know We Dare, a game that Ubisoft for the Wii in Italy is offered with the unlikely name of OSA - What Do We Try?, Title actually much more relevant to the content of the game although somewhat strange. This is a collection of mini-games aimed at creating a climate very hot in heterogeneous groups of players, presumably men and women, through the staging of situations rather than "pushed", or at least that is the intention of the developers.

Speedball 2 on the App Store

IPhone Dall'Amiga As planned, was released today the new Speedball 2 Evolution IOS, revised version of the classic Bitmap Brothers. Basically, the structure has remained the same period, with a general overhaul to the graphics set to high definition by definition, the control system adapted to the touch screen.

This is an arcade game that presents a sort of football of the future, where players vie for the ball to a very bloody. It should be noted that the project of "discount" was carried out by another myth Amiga era: Jon Hare, founder of Sensible Software. The game is available in iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad, you can download the iPhone edition at this address at a cost of € 2.99.

The Gunstringer - Trailer by 15 minutes of gameplay

This is the first boss Ben 15 minutes of video, most of which related to the gameplay, we show the targeting system and some options that put us in the role of a puppeteer can affect the fate of the protagonist. The Gunstringer is in fact a puppet in the hands of fate, and the player, whose goal is to defeat a number of supervillains very "special" as the inflatable doll (which hails as a fool ed) shown in this lengthy movie.

Silent Hill: Downpour is shown in new images

You return to the nightmare ScrawlFX recently published some new images of Silent Hill: Downpour, new survival horror game developed by Vatra Games as below the hit Konami. The protagonist of the story is the brand new Murphy Pendleton, an escaped convict who, lucky him, he finds himself in the north-east of the town of Silent Hill, a new area of the now well-known and feared places.

From here will come presumably the usual terrifying nightmares, in this case apparently with a certain persistence and rain water as the predominant elements. Below, the new images in question, including screenshots, panoramas of scenery and a couple of artwork. Source: ScrawlFX

Skyrim - "new" details

After the trailer for another wave of information after the impressive trailer that rialleghiamo at the bottom of the article, and after confirming that it is the console version, and specifically the one for Xbox 360, comes a new review from Official Xbox Magazine that, although it is largely made up of information already read, some deeper feature of The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim.

- Confirmed the operation of "Scream of the Dragon". These are magic words in combinations of three in the language of dragons. Each formula works even pronouncing the first word, but continue to press the back are pronounced the other two gradually enhancing the effects of power. The powers range from the slowing of time the ability to hurl enemies around us.

Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II: Retribution - Trailer

There will be a desperate situation Retribution Gabriel Angelos, a space marine but never gives up. Here's the launch trailer of Retribution, the new standalone expansion for Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II. Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War II: Retribution - Trailer

Nintendo sold 400 thousand 3DS in a day, is sold out

No one had anticipated a situation in doubt, but just got confirmation from the Nikkei that all Nintendo 3DS available for the Japanese launch, or 400 thousand units were sold. In a single day. The situation was widely expected, since most of the initial stock had already been booked and therefore has little or nothing left for those who had not made the preorder of the console.

It seems there were shops that had not yet booked 3DS, but it was really extreme cases. Nintendo plans to ship more units in Japan, to reach 1.5 million 3DS sold by the end of March. It seems that some retailers have even opened its reservations, the rest you never know. Source: Destructoid

The beta of Gears of War 3 available to all subscribers Gold

Therefore, not only for those who purchased Bulletstorm Surprisingly, it was announced that the beta of Gears of War 3 will be available to all members of Xbox Live Gold from mid-April, so not only for owners of Bulletstorm. The beta will include three new multiplayer maps and four, two have already been confirmed (Stadium Supermarket), while the other two will be chosen based on fan votes on the game's official Facebook page.

Lots of new images for Mythos

The action RPG style Diablo is shown to the public after the closure of Flagship Studios, we were worried about the fate of Mythos, the interesting action RPG developed by many ex-Blizzard that occurred in many respects similar to the classic Diablo. Well, the project is still alive and is passed entirely in the hands of Korean Hanbisoft publisher, who will complete it and distribute it in Korea and the USA, probably later this year.

Ten minutes of gameplay video for The Witcher 2

Check on a YouTube video of the pre-beta Geralt is shown in ten minutes of gameplay from The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. The game, in pre-beta version, is already very well thanks to the excellent lighting system, the magnitude of the scenarios and their excellent level of detail. Much of the movie sees the character prowling within the location, while the final witness to some spectacular fights where Geralt makes extensive use of its powers.