Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A patch for Metal Gear Online

Konami has released a patch for Metal Gear Online multiplayer free MGS4: Guns of the Patriots, playing out now about 3 years ago. The upgrade is aimed primarily at "detecting false or fraudulent connections, which slows down the game, but will also change other aspects of gameplay: In the near future Konami also plans to update the game's soundtrack adding pieces drawn from other chapters of saga.

Torchlight II PC delayed

Until next summer ... The development of the Xbox 360 version of Torchlight has forced the development team to postpone Torchlight II on PC. In fact, the first chapter will debut on Microsoft console beginning next March, as specified by the CEO and Max Schaefer following the PC will come next July. Source: VG247

Unveiled Hero Edition inFamous 2

The Amazon site has revealed the contents of the Collector's Edition inFamous 2, which include a statue of the hero, Cole MacGrath. The description of the Hero Edition was removed within hours of publication, probably at the request of Sony itself, but the hounds of the network are still able to "record" every detail.

In addition to this statue, a replica should be included in the backpack of Cole, a "mini" copy of the comics published by DC Comics, the soundtrack on CD and bonus content to download from the PSN, including exclusive powers (Lightning Power Hook and Electrocution Grenade ) and extra weapons.

Closes the American division of Hudson

Konami pulls the plug on Hudson Entertainment Konami, the publisher who controls the company completely Hudson Soft in Japan, has decided to completely close the U.S. division of the historic games label, Hudson Entertainment. All projects currently underway in the western section of the company have been removed with the shift of attention toward the mass market of "social game" on which the house made famous Bomberman from around the world seems to need to refocus the behest of Konami new owner.

PSN Update 9 February

PlayStation Plus subscribers can rejoice once more. For them, the original stacking of Tim Schafer is completely free, while all other price is just over 11 €. Available for all but the single-player demo of Killzone 3. For those who love the atmosphere of "superhero", point out the special offer for subscription from 90-day DC Universe.

Finally available on PSN PopCap's masterpiece, Plants vs. Zombies, also available for free in demo version. Tryouts for Nail'd and Trinity: Souls of O'll Zill, new game (exclusive to the PS3) from the creators of Dynasty Warriors. Full details on the new PlayStation Store content can be found below or, alternatively, of the PlayStation blog.

New Images of Dynasty Warriors 7, female character

Here Lian Shi, and other Tecmo Koei has released a new, extensive series of images of Dynasty Warriors 7, new chapter in the popular series of action games with Sino-Japan-medieval setting. Involved in some of the images is Shi Lian, a new female character who joins the cast of fighters such as Sun Quan and Lu Bu.

You can see screenshots in the gallery below.
In an article entitled 'Bulletstorm: the worst game in the world?', Fox News talked about the possible impact of the product developed by People Can Fly on society. "If a young person is faced with the explicit language of Bulletstorm, the damage could be significant," says psychologist Jerry Weichman.

"Potentially Bulletstorm video games such as send a signal to the effect that violence, insults and sexual innuendo are means of solving the problems of life." According to psychologist and author Carol Lieberman, the increase in the number of rapes "can be attributed largely to the sex in this game." The Lieberman does not mention, however, no studies to support that therefore remains only one point of view.

A curriculum brings back the voices on the mystical world of James Bond

Again by Raven emerges the mystical world of James Bond which has long been talk of Raven Software talking about in particular: the new supply of items from a LinkedIn profile right belonging to an employee of Raven. There are not many details, but the curriculum is talk of a "license tied to an international film not yet released for an action / adventure game from Raven Software" and then a "game action / adventure based on high-profile licensed film and built Unreal Engine 3.

Bleszinski: "I mimicked Call of Duty"

According to Cliff Bleszinski at the moment there is scope for developers looking to get a slice of the pie "of the FPS genre that in recent years is the exclusive prerogative of Activision and its Call of Duty. "We joked on the cake of COD and we tried to eat a piece," said a source Videogame Bleszinski referring to parody Duty Calls, but "has not been even a slice." "We must find a new market segment or revive a long forgotten by the players." Maybe, why not, you could try with a shooter on rails? For Bleszinski, developers should avoid the mistake of repetition of the same experience offered by Call of Duty, you must try to create quite a different experience.

IPhone games on offer u $ s 0.99

For a limited time Capcom has a number of its most popular games for iPhone at a price of just $ 0.99. Below is a list of games and their link for those who wish to make a purchase of any title. CAPCOM Street Fighter 4 Arcade (game machine) Mobile Dead Rising Devil May Cry 4 Refrain Phoenix Wright Resident Evil 4 Resident Evil 4 iPad Kenko Pro Edition II Mega Man Who Wants To Be A Millionaire 2011

Torchlight and Beyond Good and Evil House Party: details and dates

5 titles in sequence from Major Nelson on Xbox Live get all the details on the upcoming Xbox Live Arcade House Party ", a new series of titles set in all thick sequence on the digital delivery of Microsoft. It all starts Feb. 16, or next week, and continues until March 16 for a total of 5 times a week.

Feb. 16 - Hard Corps: Uprising - February 23 1200 Microsoft Points - Bejeweled Blitz - 800 Microsoft Points, March 2 - Beyond Good & Evil HD - 800 Microsoft Points, March 9 - Torchlight - 1200 Microsoft Points, March 16 - Full House Poker - 800 Microsoft Points

Raven working on 007 for 20 months?

According to the curriculum vitae of an employee from Raven Software, the studio has been working for 20 months on a licensed game. The IP in question is not mentioned in the curriculum, but a few months ago it was leaked online a movie which featured some footage apparently taken from a new game for James Bond.

The CV in question belongs to "Mike G", creative director of the project based on an "international film license. This would be the current position of the developer, reported on his LinkedIn profile. The game, which belongs to the genre of action / adventure, would be based on game engine from Epic Games, Unreal Engine 3.

Price and release of NPM revealed?

Sony announced that its new next-generation console on laptops, NPM could go on sale next year, according to GameStop. Apparently the release date of the handheld console will be the January 1, 2012 and its price would be about $ 299. These findings are based on a screen made of the database of a chain of retail sales.

The update to the PlayStation Store on February 9, 2011

Stacking and the other on Wednesday with more update for the PlayStation Network, always quite rich in content this week. Headliner is undoubtedly Stacking of Double Fine, which is available for € 11.25 and € 9.99 in Explodemon. PlayStation Store (via PS3, PSP and Media Go) The February minis Mega Sale (available for PS3 and PSP) (Discount Offer available until February 16) All the minis available at 1:19 Hero Of Sparta BREAKQUEST Monopoly Championship Manager 2010 Express Spot the Differences ! Zombie Stand Tycoon O'Food Fieldrunners 5-in-1 Arcade Hits 3D Bowling DynoGems Echoes Red Bull X-Fighters Arcade Darts VEMPIRE Bloons TD VT Tennis Tehri: Dark Warrior Sneezies Mahjongg Artifacts Additional Special Offers (Offer available until February 16) Rainbow 6 : Vegas 2 (from 29.99 to 19.99) Shaun White Snowboarding: The Mile High Pack (from 4.99 to 2.99) Funky Lab Rat (from 6.99 to 4.99) Disney's Action Game Featuring Hercules (PSone) (from 5:49 to 2:49) The Little Mermaid II (PSone) (from 3.99 to 1.99) Vintage Mickey Comic Theme (from 1.49 to 0.75) DC Universe Online 90-day subscription (from 34.99 to 24.99) (available from March 2) Trial and Unlock (PS3) vs.

The financial results of Take-Two

A very positive trend thanks to Red Dead End Redemption for the Take-Two's third quarter fiscal year and it is time to draw conclusions. Net revenues for the company fell 7% over the same period last year and amounted to 334.3 million dollars, a far better outcome expectations. Apparently, the main contributions came from the trend NBA 2K11, Red Dead Redemption, Redemption Red Dead: Undead Nightmare, Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete, Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Sid Meier's Civilization V.

2D Boy praises iPad and the App Store

In recent years, platforms such as PlayStation Network, Steam, WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade have helped independent developers to reach gamers. However, the authors of World of Goo, the future of the iPad is tied to Apple and the App Store. According to the developer on the official website of 2D Boy, iPad version of World of Goo has been downloaded 125,000 times a month.

WiiWare is on the record of 68,000 copies a month, while PC is 97,000 units sold. According to Ron Caramel, co-founder of the studio, this is a signal independent of the market for games beyond the PC and consoles. "In 2008, with the success of titles like Castle Crashers, Braid and World of Goo, you are questioned about the opportunities offered by digital distribution services of the various consoles." "Nintendo has a wider catchment area, the biggest XBLA number of registered users, while PSN is growing rapidly.

XCOM, Spec Ops and Bioshock Infinite in fiscal 2012

And Then The Darkness II Top Spin 4, Duke Nukem Forever, LA Noire and the other with financial results for the third quarter there's also some details about the programs in the near future for 2K and Rockstar. Among these data, we find some information about XCOM, Spec Ops: The Infinite Line and Bioshock, but the long-awaited two games which were a little 'gone missing recently.

Actually, the data are far from precise, but better than nothing, for all three games in question, the period for withdrawal is provided in fiscal year 2012, ie from April 2011 to the end of March 2012. This is a really long time to be defined more clearly in the coming months, but that is enough to make it clear that, for the moment, the games on which to focus more attention on the immediate are others, including The Darkness II planned this fall, Top Spin 4 arriving March 15, Duke Nukem Forever on May 3 and May 17 LA Noire.

MDK 2 arrives on WiiWare

IdeaSpark The developer has announced that the WiiWare adaptation of MDK 2 is now in the process of certification. It still has to announce the launch date of the game on Nintendo's digital distribution service, but as stated by the boss IdeaSpark, Trent Oster, a beamdog (via Joystiq), players will not have to wait long.

"MDK2 for WiiWare is in the final stages of the certification process," says Oster. "We look forward to approval by Nintendo to launch the product. The use of the Wiimote can reinvigorate the gameplay and improve the game." The founders of IdeaSpark, former BioWare's Trent Oster and Cameron Tofer, they also know that the company is also thinking about an HD version of MDK2, there is already a project for the PC version but it is possible that the developers think is also a 'Live and PSN edition of the game developed by BioWare.

High Voltage: 3DS is more powerful than Wii

More opportunities in terms of shaders and texture development team responsible for Conduit, High Voltage, has a very high view of the hardware at the base of 3DS, staying at least part of Nintendo. According to the team in question, in fact, and in particular the creative director Matt Corso, the new laptop would be even more powerful than Wii "in some respects." "The amount of power dedicated to the small screen opens up a lot of possibilities and the ability to display shading and texture is superior," according to HDWarriors.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Superdirective in today!

Back to the Superdirective Multiplayer. it, from our studies of Terni. In today's episode show Test Drive Unlimited 2 for PlayStation 3 and answer any questions from users! Connect at 17 Wednesday, February 9 at this page to interact with us. The maximum number of users that can connect simultaneously is equal to 5000, to see the direct non-stop you have to have an ADSL connection of at least 1.2 Mbits, we recommend that you do not download anything while watching the live itself.

Positive sales Epic Mickey

Junction Point studio of Disney Interactive, led by Warren Spector, has recently undergone a restructuring process that led to the dismissal of several employees of software companies, but the last game developed by the study, Epic Mickey, is making a positive performance record commercial level. For the quarter ended January 1, 2011, the volume of sales of Disney Interactive Media division was $ 349 million dollars (+58% over the same period last year), but the division that includes the business of video games closed the period with the loss of 13 million dollars, to be ascribed to the acquisition of Playdom for 763 million dollars.

Three high-resolution images for Dead Space 2: Severed

The DLC will offer two new chapters of "parallel" to the story of Isaac Clarke Visceral Games has just released three beautiful high-resolution images of Dead Space 2: Severed, the first DLC for the outstanding sequel to Dead Space. Severed extend the single player campaign the game, adding two extra chapters starring Gabe Weller and Lexin Murdock, already seen in Dead Space: Extraction, shooter on rails available for Wii and PlayStation 3 (via PSN).

Prices for the new salt DLC for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

The Mega Pack of February for Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock has not exactly an affordable price. As announced by publisher Activision, in fact, the DLC will cost 1440 Microsoft Points, $ 17 or 1800 Wii Points. The package will get the song "Was It Worth It" taken from the last album the band Children of Bloom, Relentless Reckless Forever.

Still the same band will be also included in the DLC songs "Living Dead Beat" and "Blooddrunk". Also included in the Mega Pack "Get Your Gunn," "Tourniquet" and "Coma White" by Marilyn Manson, "Black Sunday", "Crazy Horse" and "Parade Of The Dead" by Black Label Society and "World On Fire" Firewind.

World of Goo iPad sells for double the Wii version

Do not underestimate the power of the App Store 2D Boy, team manager of the excellent action puzzle World of Goo, said that the version of the iPad game has sold 125,000 copies in one month from the exit. An excellent result for an independent product, especially considering that the same title in the Wii versions (platform WiiWare) and PC (via Steam) and had sold respectively 68mila 97mila items (thanks to some promotions) over a similar time.

Cut the Rope to share 6 million

In a few months, the puzzle game Cut the Rope has reached six million copies sold on the App Store, lets you know the publisher Chillingo. To celebrate the milestone, Chillingo release a DLC on Valentine's Day that will include 25 new levels. "The 1.2 is a free update for all our fans. We hope that players will appreciate the new levels and contents unknown," said Efim Voinov ZeptoLab developer.

Nintendo 3DS, here's the final line-up for Europe

Nintendo confirms the launch of new titles available at the portable console will be thirteen games which will accompany the debut of Nintendo 3DS in the European market: the home of Kyoto has just confirmed the final list, which includes the expected Pilotwings Resort casual but also products such as Nintendogs new, spectacular battles of Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition of the football side of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D.

How did the name Dark Souls?

Originally Dark Souls, the spiritual heir of the RPG Demon's Souls for PlayStation 3, it was called Dark Race, revealed producer Hidetaka Miyazaki. In an interview with the portal and translated from Japanese 4gamer Andriasang, Miyazaki said that the current name of the game, Dark Souls, was chosen just two days before the announcement at the Tokyo Game Show last year.

"The name Dark Race did not work overseas because it could have taken on racist connotations," says Miyazaki. After Dark Race, From Software has thought of Dark Lords and Dark Ring, but for different reasons at the end we opted for Dark Souls.

More than one million PlayStation 3 sold in Australia

In May, eight hundred and fifty thousand were the flagship console Sony is strong in the land of kangaroos, it seems: on sale from March 2007, the PlayStation 3 in Australia has recently passed the one million units sold. To be precise we are at 1.1 million pieces, accounting for more than 26% of the Australian market with regard to the console.

To date, still in Australia, PlayStation 2 has reached 2.6 million units, while PSP has stopped to 675mila. As for the software, sales of PS3 games are 26.7% of the software market, with an "attach ratio" (the value indicating the number of games sold per console) at least 10. Unlike Sony, Microsoft has decided for now not to disclose the sales figures of the Xbox 360 on Australian soil, however, announced a 20% increase from 2009 to 2010.

Killzone 2 on track to Move

Guerrilla revealed he thought long and a binary version of Killzone 2 is compatible with PlayStation Move. During an interview with Ars Technica, the lead programmer Tommy de Roos spoke of the first experiments made by the Dutch software house with the new controller for the PlayStation 3. "When we had the first prototypes of Move we had not yet studied the implementation of motion control in Killzone.

The gameplay on Xbox Live Arcade Torchlight in video

The action RPG created on PC will come soon on XBLA has not been a walk, but the conversion of Torchlight for Xbox 360 (via Xbox Live Arcade) seems to come very well. The movie shown at the end it shows beyond a shadow of doubt. Having met with success on the PC, the action RPG Runic Games is going then to approach the world of console, restricting only the Microsoft platform.

A significant challenge for the development team, who had to work hard to adapt the controls mouse / keyboard so effectively to the reality of the Xbox 360 controller.

Patch anti-lag for Breach

The PC version will be updated Breach downloadable shooter for the first time this week, make it known to developers, according to which the primary objective of the patch is the resolution of problems related to latency. Among the new update also included the use of dedicated servers without an active connection to Steam, performance improved by 33% in network and the elimination of a number of known bugs that caused crashing.

Trailer for Test Drive Unlimited 2

People from Ibiza, oh people from Ibiza ... As Sandy Marton sang with his piano on my back, "I was tripping up and down / All around from town to town / Meeting Every kind of people." The song was "People of Ibiza, and is well suited to play a full set on the Spanish island. With the release of Test Drive Unlimited 2 ports, Namco Bandai has released a launch trailer that shows us once again the wonders of Ibiza, the cars we drive in the game and the various events that we participate through ' interesting-style sandbox.

Beyond Good & Evil in March on HD XBLA

Beyond Good & Evil HD will land on Xbox Live Arcade on March 2, exactly one week before the Action RPG Torchlight, Microsoft does know. Both games are part of the new season Xbox Live Arcade House Party, already at the start Feb. 16 with Hard Corps: Uprising of Konami. This is the complete list of games available on XBLA in the coming weeks, as reported by Major Nelson's Blog: Beyond Good & Evil HD is also coming to PlayStation Network, while Torchlight is already available on PC for some time.

Gears of War for Kinect in production?

This would be a shooter on rails Kotaku reported the news that would work under a new series related to Gears of War. It was not 4 or Gears of War collection in the much publicized release in the U.S., but to a shooter on rails designed for the Kinect. Some sources have reported that the project site actually exists, and that there is already an asset-based working demo of Gears of War 2.

It is not yet clear how many and what controls would be available to the player: character movement would follow a wave of the body, for example, but the flow of the scenario would be predetermined. This is a rumor, so expect any confirmation or denial from Epic Games. Source: Kotaku

Angry Birds the best selling PSN

After the success on mobile devices, Angry Birds of Rovio is able to conquer the console. According to the PlayStation Blog, Angry Birds passed Tetris, Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and Mass Effect 2 on the list of most downloaded PSN titles. This is the complete list of top ten Angry Birds PlayStation Network is compatible with both PlayStation 3 and PSP.

Rovio Mobile has already made it wanted to bring the series also on 3DS.

Infamous Hero Edition Unveiled 2?

Amazon has made the list and then immediately removed Amazon has recently made a list (but removing it now) the Hero Edition Infamous 2. According to the product description, this limited edition of Sucker Punch's title should contain a statue of Cole about twenty centimeters high, a replica of the sling pack, full of voucher codes for the same downloadable content, a comic Infamous and the official soundtrack of the game.

No demo for Dark Souls

From Software has no plans to distribute a demo of Dark Souls, before launching the game. According to the authors of Demon's Souls website 4gamer Japanese (translation Andriasang), it would be impossible to transfer in a relatively short trial the spirit of the game. And also, "do not we manage very well with the demo," he confessed to the game director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

The developer does not currently scheduled even support the game after launch through DLC, the hypothesis has not been definitively ruled out, but in any case Miyazaki would not want to spend more money to players. If the engine of Dark Souls were to allow developers to create new online content interesting, also aferma Miyazaki, sooner or later From Software could launch some DLC for the role-playing game will arrive later this year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 .

Gears of War Kinect an "on-rail shooter"

According to rumors, the story of Gears of War Kinect would be compatible with an on-rail shooter. Some sources have told Kotaku that the game movement is controlled by computer and not by the player. Epic has already submitted a demo of the game that offers asset and situations "taken from Gears of War 2, can in any case, this information may only relate to the demo, and that the full game is at least somewhat different.

6 million downloads for Cut The Rope, expansion San Valentino

Huge candy eater's success continues Cut the Rope, the little puzzle game for the iPhone that really seems unstoppable in the App Store. Chillingo announced today that it has reached the milestone of 6 million downloads for your game and to celebrate the result is going to release a package for Valentine's Day themed levels, presumably on February 14 although the date has not been specified.

Unpublished images from LA Noire

Always much anticipated ... In the frantic gameplay of the first expected to be released tomorrow, Team Bondi, through the portal IGN has released a new series of images for LA Noire. So we are once again grappling with screenshots taken from playing time, which are proving very attractive as ever. You can judge for yourself thanks to the accompanying material as always at the bottom of the article.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D is almost ready

But it will come in due time ... According to Nintendo the same, the long-awaited The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - 3DS ie remake of the famous headline on the Nintendo 64 era - is now almost ready. Despite this, the entry into the market will be made in due course and in particular when "make sense" to publish it.

We await further details on this choice. Source: CVG

Diablo III: an initiative on Facebook

"Like" a lot ... The official Facebook page on Diablo III has launched a new initiative. Starting from 550.000 in fact "Like" achieved will be distributed each 25.000 inches upward of material such as images and news updates of various kinds. It all comes down to get to one million of "Like", for a total of 18 updates in total.

Currently about 450,000 reports should be positive, the first update is therefore at the door. Source: VG247