Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Kingdom Hearts 3D will be concluded in 2012

In the early months of next year Tetsuya Nomura has announced that development of Kingdom Hearts 3D, the new installment in the series planned out on the Nintendo 3DS, should be completed in 2012. To be precise, the processing should come out "as soon as possible, shortly after the start of next year" and will certainly not be the only ongoing project to the successful series Square Enix / Disney.

Further details about the Call of Duty XP

Who is not there there will be Activision has released new details about the event Call of Duty XP, which will be held on 2 and 3 September in Los Angeles. We begin with a quick recap of the highlights: - The 1 Million Dollar Tournament sponsored by Xbox 360 will be conducted on the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - Participants will receive the Hardened edition of Modern Warfare 3 - Sneak Peek of the new , the original video program Call of Duty Elite in collaboration with the production company of Will Arnett DumbDumb and Jason Bateman - Numerous multiplayer hands-on challenges that include the full reveal of the new game modes and missions Spec Ops - New information on the experiences - Call of Duty real actions - All ticket holders receive full XP for the right to access to the attractions of the event The heart of this inaugural event for Call of Duty Tournament will be the imposing 32-slot single-elimination of Call of Duty on the value of $ 1 million sponsored by Xbox 360.

Forza Motorsport 4 becomes the official game of Le Mans

And to celebrate the occasion by releasing new, spectacular images Turn 10 and the American Le Mans Series have signed an agreement that will bring benefits to both. Forza 4 it became the official game of Le Mans. What do you mean this collaboration? First, as you can see from the pictures below, we will have the option of riding the cars and run on the tracks of Le Mans.

On the "real" fans of American Le Mans Series will always feel that Forza Motorsport 4 before its release, in events organized during the races.

New Cave Story 3D

Jack Niida, producer of Cave Story 3D, tells Siliconera that the game is being developed will contain some changes from the original chapter. Apparently, in fact, the game will have new areas to explore and completely new areas. Niida said fans surely will notice the difference and added, moreover, that the original chapter will not be included as a bonus.

The reason? Simple! Apparently they just run out of space on the cartridge.

Deus Ex: HR censored in Japan

Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be released in censored version in the land of the Rising Sun. The rating system has asked Japan to remove any reference to sexual orientation from the game ... a decidedly odd choice for a country that produces erotic manga and games in a continuous loop. Deus Ex: Revolution will be launched in any case classificazioone CERO Z, which means the presence of adult content.

FIFA 13 will support Kinect

FIFA 12 will bring with it a great novelty, the powerful Impact Engine. But if all goes as Electronic Arts hoped, as the U.S. giant will further improve the game next year? The answer is clear and the EA development team already seems to have everything clear in mind: FIFA 13 Kinect support. "Right from the Kinect fans have asked us if and when we implemented in the FIFA series.

Well, now I can tell you that in the next chapter we will," said David Rutter officially.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - A trailer for the social component

And a look at hacking Square Eidos has released a trailer that shows the social aspect of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. In fact, the title includes the ability to interact with some characters to get them on the player or to dissuade them from taking certain actions. The video also, after mentioning the possibility of launching of the side quests, which shows the component of hacking, even through some mini-games, you can manipulate the world, to get different bonuses and, of course, to discover the secrets of others.

The new iPlayer does not arrive on Xbox?

The BBC has created a new version of iPlayer that will come out first on PlayStation 3. As written by the BBC's new version will be: "We want to be present on as many devices as possible," said the general manager of the BBC TechRadar Daniel Danker. "Obviously we would also be on Xbox, but we want to be usable by users of the free version of the LIVE service, not only by the members of Gold."

The date for the demo of FIFA 12 will arrive during the Gamescom

The announcement of the ad not great news, but definitely something interesting to keep an eye out for the next Gamescom in Cologne, which will be held 16 to 21 August 2011. Apparently Electronic Arts is planning to unveil the release date of FIFA 12 demo during the greater European fair dedicated to video games.

An announcement of an announcement of a demo, in fact. Better than nothing. On the other hand, it is Monday, August 8.

Batman: Arkham City playable atEurogamer Expo

Batman travels to the land of Alfred The Eurogamer Expo is a 4-day event, the network organizes video game in England. The exhibition seeks to inherit the glory of ECTS, and is still the largest gaming event held on British soil. The EG Expo focuses on presenting the titles in playable form, and with autumn richest ever in view, this year may offer various delicacies.

Obviously many titles will be made available to the public as early as the GamesCom. In any case the offer is very rich and includes Battlefield 3, Dark Souls, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Saints Row: The Third and Assassin's Creed: Revelations. To the already rich dish also joins Batman: Arkham City that will be playable in the event.

Two legendary dev diary for Monkey Island Collection Special Editions

Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman! It's not every day to see how these two dev diary: it happens almost every day to see dev diary, in effect, but not with people like this in them. On the occasion of the relaunch of the Special Editions of the first two chapters of Monkey Island in the box, or Monkey Island Collection Special Edition, Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer and Dave Grossman, creators of the original series, they performed in these two videos.

Stronghold 3 - A diary of the full development of gameplay

A complete overview of the first development diary Stronghold 3 shows the novelty of the new chapter in the saga and sheds light on those elements that are linked to the first chapter to its formula and extremely convincing. Ben 3 minutes and 40 seconds, characterized almost entirely by gaming sessions, we describe the management of resources, fighting, torture, and the transition from a small rural town to a big castle which dominates the world (one known, if not other).

GamesCom 2011 - Trailer in game Inversion

The pre-GamesCom has officially begun now that much of the material is shown in exhibitions in advance with a teaser trailer and so on, in the wake of an increasingly intrusive media promotion. In any case we are happy to see Inversion in action. Technically the title is still pretty raw but between sessions in zero gravity, shootings and destructible elements of the scenario promises a considerable amount of action.

Coming a new edition of Heavy Rain

Apparently the French gamers will soon get their hands on a less violent version of the well known Heavy Rain. As you can see yourself connecting to the site of the ESRB, this edition, called Heavy Rain Edition Modifiée fact propose a rating of +16 (not +18 like the original) in order to be "adequate" even at an age more lower than the original version.

"This is a small initiative exclusive to France," said a Sony spokesman.

MVC3 coming to PlayStation Life?

Apparently Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds will soon be available on PlayStation Life. Amazon France it was revealed on the title whose database has already been inserted. If the news is confirmed, it would, therefore, a new, great beat'em ups, along with Street Fighter Tekken x would make the new handheld console a must buy for any fan of the genre.

Pending confirmation or denial of the case, we leave you with a video console editions of HD.

Anarchy Reigns, the trailer of Durga

SEGA presents us with a new character after having postponed the game release in January 2012 (previously set at the end of 2011), Sega introduces a new character in the roster of the spectacular Anarchy Reigns. This is Durga, an experienced warrior with a bionic leg, which not only proves to be fatal when used to deliver powerful kicks, but that also hides a powerful cannon! Anarchy Reigns - Trailer Durga

LA Noire reach 4 million

A Take-Two has released figures for the first quarter of fiscal 2012, among which are also present the results of sales of LA Noire, which has reached the 4 million copies sold. The game of Team Bondi has revealed the source of increased revenue for the company, despite Red Dead Redemption has continued to sell (reaching 10 million copies) and NBA 2K11 has proved a great success.

Have not been revealed but the details of Duke Nukem Forever.