Monday, August 29, 2011

Revealed the object of the campaign for PC Razer

It is developed along the lines of Blade Switchblade, with 10 programmable keys and touchpad LCD visually, the new portable Blade, which will arrive in the United States in time for Christmas, very important points to gaming performance. Obviously this implies the need for more generous dimensions, although Razer has managed to put a Core i7 2.8GHz, 8GB of RAM, 320GB hard drive and an Nvidia GeForce GT 555m 2GB in a 17-inch laptop rather thin.

A marketing survey suggests an Epic Mickey 2

A possible follow Destructoid came some images from a mysterious marketing survey, sent by an anonymous user, which evidently are dealing with a Mickey Epic 2. The title is in fact present in the images in question, which appear as a sort of study to cover any of the product. The game was never announced officially, then it could be some sort of schedule in its infancy.

In fact, the success of the first chapter suggests the possibility that a second to reach the market. There were also variations of the title: Mickey Epic 2: Return of the Mad Doctor Mickey Epic 2: The Power of Two, Mickey Epic 2: Mystery on Mean Street and just a Mickey Epic 2. Among the possible features is the multiplayer split-screen with Mickey and The Lucky Rabbit Oswal platforms and how Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360.

New update to Minecraft:

NPCs, quests, monsters, bow and arrows coming from PAX First some information on the next upgrade to Minecraft, which apparently will make several additions to the game structure. We come to know that the arc will use certain features: keeping it equipped slow movements, but can also be used as a melee weapon, while the launch of the arrow can also be carried out leaning back and thus increasing the range.

A new video for Final Fantasy XIII-2

A trailer from PAX PAX comes from a new video of Final Fantasy XIII-2, the spin-off series directly related to the thirteenth chapter of which is its continuation. In the video, in English, shows a montage of animated sequences that summarizes the history of the dialogues, battles, monsters and gigantic hairstyles of course, very comfortable.

Revealed the first details of Bullet

It is certainly not a novelty that Gameloft has systematically "adapted" successful games released on various platforms to achieve their titles IOS. The next victim of this treatment seems to be Red Dead Redemption Rockstar, which will be transformed into Bullet. The game was revealed by mistake, since the company has put their videos forgot to set the network as private.

A reader of the site Touch Arcade has seen the movie and saved the image you can see below. The videos were removed, but at this point we do not expect anything but the official confirmation.

New update for Castle Crashers

And a charity The Behemoth has made available online a new update for Castle Crashers, composed of different elements. The update puts the knight rose between the playable characters can be downloaded for free and tied to a charity: the first 50,000 downloads will be linked to the donation of one dollar each by the development team to the non-profit foundation Keep A Breast Foundation , which promotes the prevention of breast cancer.

Halo 4 - The beginning of a new trilogy

Halo 4 will be a direct sequel to Halo 3, but will bring many changes with the fourth installment of Halo will begin a new phase in the history of Master Chief. A new series of three chapters that will be called Trilogy Reclaimer. He showed the guys at PAX Industries 343 Prime. The Master Chief that we saw during E3 is still in its infancy and in the final version of the title will be different.

A new Monster Hunter announced at TGS 2011?

In fact, according to analysts could be two Japanese Mizuho Securities, during the TGS 2011 Capcom will announce one or two brand new titles related to Monster Hunter, who is known to be very strong in Japan. Following the prediction, the estimated value of the shares of Capcom has gone from 2,200 to 2,600 yen.

Street Fighter III Update for OE

Capcom has released an update to the Xbox Live Arcade version of Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. With the update in question, players can upload their replays run directly on Youtube, but Capcom said that the service could have a problem with the servers. In the coming weeks will receive a further update to solve some problems of the game, as the interminable wait for the search for opponents in "ranked matches".

Friday, August 26, 2011

Community site for Diablo III is now available

Blizzard has opened the site for the community of Diablo III. You can visit it by going to the eu. battle. net. After such a new public beta of the game could begin at any time. Following the tasting had to GamesCom players are really eager to get their hands the much anticipated Diablo III. The fever of the loot is now skyrocketing.

A date for Twisted Metal

For Valentine's Day arrives by David Jaffe, at last, the release date for the new Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3. The updated revision of the classic shooter on wheels (and beyond) will come on February 14th in North America, while for Europe we are still stuck to a more generic "February", although it is likely or almost simultaneous output.

"It 'a game very romantic," Jaffe said, commenting on the contemporary output with the feast of love, "I guess people who have come home from a romantic dinner and play the great split-screen".

Other 3DS games postponed for poor sales of the console

Natsume Natsume has brakes on the immediate launch of two games to Nintendo 3DS, the new Harvest Moon and Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove. The problem? Sent back to them when the console has sold more units, or in October, just before Christmas. The disastrous sales of the Nintendo 3DS, which will hopefully do much better with the radical price cut implemented by Nintendo for groped to save the cabin, had a profound reflection on all projects in development for the console.

Customize weapons in Battlefield 3

Multiplayer will play a key role in DICE Battlefield 3 and the boys want to show all its potential costs. In a one on itervento Battleblog, the team focused on the game's weapon customization. Each weapon has three slots where they can be housed various accessories. The use of any weapon will unlock new customization options for the chosen object.

Different images have been published relating to the customization where you can see several things about it. Battlefield 3 will be launched October 28 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

EA: Vita has "better chance" than 3DS

According to Frank Gibeau of Electronic Arts PlayStation Vita has better possibilities than the Nintendo 3DS. In an interview with CVG, the well-known figure has suggested that the EA would have a Sony portable software line-up stronger and superior characteristics to those of rival Nintendo. This, coupled with the "confusion" about the 3DS buyers put Sony in a better position to combat the threat of smartphones.

Call of Duty 9 in production?

Far out at least one year Call of Duty Activision is almost an obligation, then it is not surprising that Treyarch is already working on the next episode of the series, the ninth in terms of numbers. Treyarch has released a few jobs in which he claims expert at the University of Call of Duty. According to the announcement of the interviews for the job will be based on mod for Call of Duty.

Risen 2 will be initially distributed in a million copies

Deep Silver tip a lot on the success of Risen 2: Dark Waters, promettentissimo role-playing game from Piranha Bythes out on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in the first half of 2012. Copies will be distributed initially in fact, one million, in response to the high expectations that gamers are appearing all over the web.

A trailer for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Gameloft Gameloft hits back has released a trailer for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, shooter IOS systems. As usual it is not difficult to notice the "slight" resemblance at all, from the title, with Modern Warfare, which guardacaso, also is coming to the third chapter.
And cloning controversy aside, the title seems to promise very well and is a spectacle to watch. We hope it's just fun to play. It will be composed of thirteen levels, will have six multiplayer modes, and Gameloft promises to update it constantly.

Zelda on Wii U: some ideas from Nintendo

Still very vague, actually the new The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is still expected on the market but that did not stop Nintendo from thinking about the future of the series already. On the other hand, a specific chapter for Wii U is clearly a must. The house is thinking of Kyoto in particular the integration of the new possibilities offered by next-generation consoles in the series, as reported to Nintendo Power: apparently, Eiji Aonuma, the head of the series, has already developed some concepts for the use of the touch screen in the Wii U controller.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Kinect Star Wars delayed to 2012

Despite the launch of Kinect Star Wars has been taken for granted by the end of the year, coinciding with the Christmas period, Microsoft will postpone the release of the game and bundled hardware associated with it. The news comes from the official Xbox magazine in the UK, confirming the delay. Apparently the reference was approved to come up with "full potential" of the game.

After seeing the title to GamesCom we can not agree with this choice. Kinect Star Wars still has a long way to go. We just have to wait for the new launch date.

Trine 2 will arrive before the end of the year

Focus and Frozenbyte have announced that they will be in stores Trine 2 in the last quarter of 2011. The title compound puzzles, platforming and side-scrolling fighting game and will be available in a special edition accompanied by the official soundtrack CD. Frozenbyte recently presented the co-op mode that will allow three players to simultaneously use the three characters of the title by combining their skills in real time.

PopCap announced Peggle HD iPad

The new version of the famous Peggle, based puzzle game developed by PopCap ball colors and, eventually came in the specific version for the iPad. The game can be downloaded from the link at the bottom of the news, it costs 2.39 euros in its new version and contains 55 levels and 40 challenges by "Grand Master", as various "quick game" or "challenge", trophies, save the replay and of course adapted to the wide screen graphics iPad.

Modern Combat 3 announced

In modern combat also on IOS-style Gameloft, the new shooter to setting realistic military equipment and IOS is called Modern Combat 3, a name reminiscent of something. The game also looks quite solid in terms of content and technical realization, even considering the context in which it was developed, with a fully 3D graphic design really convincing.

13 make up the campaign missions, 12 multiplayer maps and 6 out of 6 players in different ways with a lot of System of ranking levels. Below, a commentary on hot from GamesCom by Andrea Palmisano, who had the opportunity to experience firsthand the new Gameloft title: Modern Combat 3, at least from the game session so we had to face at Cologne, has left us pleasantly impressed, although they are much more than the obvious similarities with Call of Duty - Gameloft on the other hand has never been famous for the originality of its products - it seems very tangible progress has been able to guarantee that the series episode after episode.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ni No Kuni for PS3 is almost ready and will cost a lot

A play to more than one hundred dollars? Remember Ni no Kuni, the title of Studio Ghibli in development for PS3, which was shown the first images in 2008? Well, you know that is almost ready and will be released in Japan on November 17. The good news ends there. The game will be published at the price of 8,800 yen.

A date for Sonic 4 Episode II

The second episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4 will be launched in 2012. We started talking about this game in 2010 and, frankly, we were hoping for a more regular and closer. Earlier this month, Mike Hayes, CEO of Sega West, had assured that the project was not dead and that soon there would be new about it.

Confirmation of output in 2012 came directly from Sonic Team's Takashi Iikuza, who emphasized that at the time the work has concentrated on Sonic Generations, but that the project would be Sonic 4 still going on. Speaking of a possible third chapter Takashi has not confirmed or denied, saying only that at the time did not know anything yet.

Insomniac will not work on Resistance 4

It will become a multiplatform developer Marcus Smith, the creative director of Resistance 3, Insomniac has said that the Resistance series will sell to another developer. The decision did not come from the alienation of society towards the brand, of which I am proud, but by a desire to expand in other directions, that is, translated in a nutshell, to do something new.

Probably, the decision was also born from the desire to create cross-platform video games, as they are doing with Overstrike, while a new Resistance would be hopelessly tied to Sony, since the series exclusively for PS3.

Professor Layton And The Spectre's Call arrives in Europe

Portugal Nintendo has officially confirmed that Professor Layton And The Spectre's Call will arrive in Europe in November. At the time was not yet announced any specific day, but at least we know what we have to wait to get their hands on the game in question. Professor Layton And The Spectre's Call is the fourth installment of the series, the latest Nintendo DS and recounts the events that occurred before the first episode.

Rumor: iPhone 5 on sale from mid-October

In North America, of course, punctual as a Swiss watch, this year there will be a new release of the iPhone, and as punctual as a Swiss watch, everyone will be surprised (I'm traditions). In short, the iPhone 5 exists and is in the pipeline. He doubted? It seems that the new trinket from Apple goes on sale in North America by mid-October, with the managers Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT & T.

Steam offers a refund for From Dust

Steam has offered a compensation to dissatisfied users (not to say the least) of From Dust. The game, as mentioned above, is characterized by the famous security system based on Ubisoft DRM that requires an Internet connection is always on, in addition to various problems and glitches that emerged in the PC version.

The French publisher has already announced it is working to remove DRM of this type, but apparently also the digital delivery system has activated a procedure to satisfy its users. It is in fact a rather extreme move, as the principles of Steam offender who normally do not offer refunds for products purchased, except for pre-orders.

3DS will not force a cut in the price of PS Life

Next to his own way, believes the head of Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida the massive price cut imposed by Nintendo recently 3DS will not affect the pricing strategies for PlayStation Life. Sony's new handheld console will be released in Europe at a price of 249.99 euros, according to some analysts, the Japanese manufacturer might find it necessary to revise the price even before the launch, considering the huge difference that would separate stores, from this point of view , the portable Nintendo and Sony.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sony reveals specifications of the PSP from $ 99

Mono speakers, no Wi-Fi, weight slightly larger Sony has released a list of technical specifications for the new model of PSP, E1000, announced during the Gamescom Cologne and on sale at 99 euros. We knew the lack of Wi-Fi module, but these figures show also the inclusion of a mono instead of stereo speakers that has always characterized the console.

The question arises: was worth it to operate in this sense as well as saving a few cents? PSP E1000 - Specifications - LCD 4.3 ", 16:9, TFT 16 million colors. - Mono speaker. - Disc UMD internal drive. - DC IN and OUT connectors, USB 2.0, headphone jack 3.5 mm, Memory Stick Pro Duo. - AC adapter, rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

New PlayStation Home this fall

A new virtual locations will be added amusement park: this is the news that PlayStation Home will be implemented starting next fall, with a view to a renewal that Sony is doing for some time in order to populate the virtual place dedicated to all PlayStation 3 owners. To enter the new Home Hub will be accessed through a kind of virtual shops full of futuristic airport, from which we can move to the various destinations, which are games and social applications.

Gears of War 3 is ready

One of the most anticipated games of the year, the Xbox 360 exclusive Gears of War 3, and is now ready to enter the phase of series production of DVDs. Epic Games has announced that the game has been launched as Gold and celebrated the event with a cake, of course, eaten in the manner of Gears. the sweet, in fact, was cut by Cliff Bleszinski, together with Rod Fergusson, using the Gold Retro Lancer.

Nintendo 3DS prepares an event in September?

Today, Nintendo's actions have had a sudden increase in value, reaching an increase of 9.7% compared to yesterday. According to Bloomberg, the increase is due, among other things, the fact that investors have come to the attention of a mysterious event organized by Nintendo, which should take place on September 13th, and should be closely linked to the Nintendo 3DS.

The event in question could be held during the Tokyo Game Show, which takes place between 15 and 18 September, but Nintendo is not usually used to organize events placed in the days before or during the fair. It only remains to make room for speculation, what do you think we will talk about the big N?

Sonic CD arriving on Xbox Live

Larry "Major Nelson" Hyrb revealed that Sonic CD will arrive on Xbox Live. The title is in the list of XBLA games of 2011 PAX First appeared on his blog. The complete list of titles includes Trials Evolution Skulls of the Shogun, the Crimson Alliance, splatters, Orcs Must Die, Ms. Splosion Man City Retro Rampage, Sonic CD, War of the Worlds and Trine 2.

The date and price have not yet been announced, but Sega has assured that soon spread all the information.

The new Wii is the same size as today

The upcoming redesign of the Wii will have the same size as the current model. Despite the removal of ports for memory cards and the GameCube pad, Wii from landscape the new measures will keep the original version (167 x 44 x 215.4 mm), at least according to what is written on ONM. This means that the only difference between the two versions is the lack of support for GameCube games and peripherals in the new model.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fable IV in 2013

Who knows what we promise this time Molyneux addition to Fable: The Journey, Lionhead is working on the fourth installment of Fable, at least according the latest issue of Xbox Official Magazine U.S., where we talk about Fable IV. The game do not know practically nothing, except the year provided for the publication, ie 2013.

It was not even clear whether it will be for Xbox 360 or who knows, maybe for the next Microsoft console. In the meantime we look forward to the new and wondrous promises that Peter Molyneux, months after the release of the game, you will excuse the fact that he (has happened with all three previous chapters, we do not see why it should not happen with the fourth ..

DOOM 4 will run at 30fps in single player and multy 60 in

So there will be no more demons to kill on DOOM 4 hours are not for large out information and have not seen anything yet. Natural, since it has yet to leave RAGE, developed by the same team. John Carmack, speaking to Gamasutra, however, has said that some choices have already been made, such as the single player campaign to run at 30 frames per second and the multiplayer to 60.

The reason the frame rate is half of the single player to have more enemies on screen at once. Obviously, there are also other issues faced by Carmack, especially regarding the quality of the graphics and the perception of the majority of gamers, but the main reason is able to handle a large number of enemies.

RAGE uses all the PS3 processor

RAGE, the new game from id Software, is a FPS that uses the IDTech 5, the latest engine developed from the study. Speaking of the production process in an interview with Nowgamer, Tim Willits, creative director of the study, focused on the specific use of each console, underlining the fact that id have used up all the processor of the PS3.

"Carmack and the rest of the team have analyzed the capabilities of each console, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. They are all quite similar and are based on a multi-core, essential to ensure the constant 60fps," said Tim Willits. Speaking of PS3, Willits said: "The RAGE PS3 version uses each core console, distributing it through different tasks."

EA continues the war against Activision

Tempers are heating up in view of the comparison between Christmas and Modern Warfare Battlefield 3 3 I wonder if we ever see John Riccitiello and Bobby Kotick fighting naked in the mud dressed only by the leopard thong. Meanwhile, however, the two companies are engaged in open warfare consists of words, with Activision assaulted, by the voice of Eric Hirshberg, who accuses EA of bullying and hurting the entire industry and not back off of an EA step and continues in the explicit statements of guerrilla warfare.

Electronic Arts limited the pre-sales of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Electronic Arts confirmed rumors about the limited number of pre-sales for Star Wars: The Old Republic. EA has commented to Gamasutra that it has decided to limit the number of pre-sales to enable all those who book the game to seamlessly access the servers on launch day. According to rumors, the limit is set at 500,000 units, of which only 50,000 will be able to log as soon as the server will be open.

Many people at Gamescom 2011

Although we at Video Game Source we left before the actual conclusion of Cologne GamesCom, the event has continued to receive visitors even on Saturday and Sunday. The last day of the show, in particular, 62,000 people have reached the place of the event, forcing the organization to close its doors early after reaching the maximum capacity of the convention center.

The success of the fair grows from year to year, but we can assure you that the management is not just this year has complicated the work of journalists, which had closed only one day available to the public to take a look at the showfloor. In any case, it is time to take stock. Expect more news on this in the course of the day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

What happened to The Last Guardian?

Have you noticed that once again Sony has not talked about The Last Guardian during a major event? According to the words of Shuhei Yoshida, president of SCE Studios, the development of the game did not go as fast as expected and the company for this has not been brought to Gamescom 2011. When he was asked if we have some news at the Tokyo Game Show, Yoshida said that we'll probably have to wait a little 'more for news on the game ...

Profits down for the American chain GameStop

The American chain GameStop has seen decline its profits during the second quarter of 2011 (or the first quarter of fiscal 2012). Overall sales fell by 3.1%, for a total of 1.74 billion dollars against 1.8 billion in the same trimeste 2010.

Digital sales have increased by 69%. The sale of used accounted for 36% of the total, surpassing the sales of the new (34%) and hardware (16%). The rest was derived from digital sales and other items. Shares of GameStop were down 5% after the release of these results, however, the CEO of the chain is expecting a rapid improvement, in particular due to the arrival of highly anticipated titles.

Free incoming DLC for Portal 2

Valve has just announced that next month will receive a new DLC for Portal 2. The DLC, free of charge, should arrive by the end of September but at the moment there is unfortunately a specific date. At the moment details are scarce on information contained herein. What is certain is that there will be new challenges, leaderboards, and a challenge mode "much more".

GC2011 - Some details on Battlefield 3

Clarifications from Cologne addition to the list of weapons during this GamesCom many other details have emerged about Battlefield 3. First, the cooperative has only 6 maps, and not 10 as mentioned earlier, but these constitute a real campaign starts at around 3 hours, with lots of texture and sessions of the vehicle.

There will be no split-screen co-operative but only online. The multiplayer maps will be hosting nine and 6 different modes that will enable us to gain as many as 350 and 100 DogTag medals. The title, as announced a few hours ago, will include research in mainstream gaming server also in the console version.

Housemarque announces Furmins for IOS

Housemarque, team of little gems like Super Stardust HD, Outland and Dead Nation, has announced a new game: Furmins. It is a puzzle game, as you can see the trailer below, it seems rather peculiar and challenging. Furmins is designed specifically for IOS devices and will be released in the fall on the App Store, but the price is yet to be determined.

EA: "Do not look at Call of Duty"

The Call of Duty series has become synonymous with success for years and stratospheric sales, but this year the game Activision will face his most dangerous rival of all time, Battlefield 3. Despite the challenge is awaited by all, Peter Moore, COO of EA, has thrown a bit 'of water on the fire by stating that Electronic Arts does not have to look at the sales of his rival to succeed.

Moore declared that the company's strategy is to gain ground. "If you look at last year, probably Call of Duty has raked in 90% of the market. If we could this year to reduce their share to 70% would already be a great victory." "To succeed we must not necessarily beat Call of Duty, and be competitive enough for us to establish ourselves ...

Here are the dates of Gamescom 2012

The 2011 edition of Gamescom is issuing his final roar and it's already time to think about next year. The Gamescom 2012 will be held August 15 to 19 and probably lengthen the list of records that the growing popularity of the event in Europe is establishing in recent years. The number of visitors to this edition has not yet been announced, and will not be until August 22, but the projections say that the total of last year should be clearly exceeded.

Kinect Sports: Season 2 has a date

Microsoft has announced that Kinect Sports: Season 2 will be available on store shelves from October 28. This second compilation propose Rare signed six new sports disciplines, voice control and an unprecedented challenge mode. Microsoft also announced Kinectimals Now With Bears!, New chapter in the series available from 11 October as part of game or as DLC than the last.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A new Wii for Christmas

Let us prepare the revision of the hardware and the loss of backward compatibility with the Wii GC wanted news about U? No, it still touches the Wii. Nintendo has announced that this Christmas will begin selling a new hardware revision of the Wii, sold bundled with Wii Party and Wii Sports. Together we will be at the console the Wii Remote Plus, instead of the standard, and a Nunchuk.

F1 Safety Car for 2011

Codemasters has confirmed the presence of the Safety Car in F1 in 2011, last in the series due out in stores in a few weeks, September 23. For those who are fasting Formula 1 (and the rhyme is served), the Safety Car is a car that was on the runway in case of an accident that "guide" F1 racing cars at a reduced speed until the problem is not resolved.

Its introduction in the new game is to guess a marked propensity for strategy and more importantly the presence of random events during the races.

GC2011 - Cars 2 inPSP version

Rather disappointing fans of Cars 2 will be able to play the arcade racing in Disney portable version for Nintendo DS and PSP. The images below are captured by the news weblog Sony laptop. Unfortunately the title does not seem to shine in terms of quality and beauty you would expect a similar performance on the DS.

Konami announces Leedmees

Konami has used, as more and more often, the pages of Famitsu to announce a new game called Leedmees. It will be released exclusively for Xbox 360 and Kinect and will have some similarities with the Lemmings series. Unfortunately the information from the Japanese magazine stop there. The output is incredibly close as the Xbox Live will welcome back from September 7.

It is unclear if that date refers only to Japanese territory.

Silent Hill Collection HDalso on 360

Konami announced today that Silent Hill Collection HD is also coming to Xbox 360, putting an end to rumors that they gave as an exclusive PlayStation 3. Both editions, provided at the beginning of 2012, will contain remastered versions of 720p HD Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3, decorated with trophies and objectives.

Blizzard rules out a StarCraft MMO

Blizzard has taken away all hope to fans announcing that they have no intention of developing an MMO dedicated to StarCraft. During a conference Gamescom, held yesterday, the company's co-founder Frank Pearce said that the development team are currently too busy to think of a similar project. "If we had a team available it would be taken into consideration," said Pearce, "but we have many projects in progress and it would be folly to begin one of those dimensions." "Of course for the future I can not exclude such a possibility, in life you never know."

GC2011 - New images from Saints Row The Third

The third is the craziest of all is once again demonstrates quite bizarre the new Saints Row The Third, the third installment in the Action game developed by THQ's open world, with another set of images came on the occasion of GamesCom 2011. Within the vast sandbox, you apparently can do some 'of all, judging from the pictures.

In scenes of the game inserted in the tunnel, there is room for aircraft flying futuristic scooters chasing men in robes and pants, red-light districts and super-armor combat.

LOTR: War in the North change date

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North will not come over on November 4 as we had previously announced, Warner Bros. has delayed the arrival on the shelves in November 25. War in the North, we recall, is developed by Snowblind Studios, responsible in the past with excellent action-RPG like Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath.

The game will not follow the plot of Tolkien book and film dedicated to it, and will feature a trio of an elf, a dwarf and a human ... Perhaps the most famous family of Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn.

Castlevania: HOD confirmed on PSN

The first Castlevania multiplayer, entitled Harmony of Despair, came out last summer on Xbox Live Arcade and obtained a good success. Now, after more than 12 months, Konami is preparing to experiment on PlayStation Network, where it will arrive next month. The long wait for fans will be rewarded with a complete game of the DLC "Beauty, Desire, Dire Situation" which was paid on XBLA.

Update 2.0 for The Witcher 2

The cheering role-playing game The Witcher 2 will be updated to version 2.0 next month, leading "many improvements on a technical level" and a lot 'of new modes, including a tutorial for beginners. The most important of these is the Dark Mode, which will add a new level of difficulty, just easier than the Insane mode, and a lot 'of new objects "obscure".

Will also be the new Arena Mode, which will allow us to test our ability to fight against ever increasing numbers of enemies and powerful ... ensure that full doses of experience and extra items. The game will automatically update as of September 29 and new content will be available in the Xbox 360 version out in early 2012.

Cristiano Ronaldo on the cover of PES 2012

After beating the monster's last Premier League scorer, Cristiano Ronaldo replaces Lionel Messi on the cover of Pro Evolution Soccer. It will be the strongest striker of Real Madrid's new face-symbol Edition 2012, after many years of domination of the "flea". This however will not be a first for Cristiano Ronaldo, whose face had already appeared on the cover of PES 2008.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

GC2011 - Release Date for The Secret World

From April 2011 Gamescom 2011 in Cologne the release date finally arrives for The Secret World, Funcom's MMORPG particular that has made to wait for a good number of months. The new game Tornquist, author of The Longest Journey, so come on the market in April 2012. Between secret societies, conspiracies, urban legends, real world and assorted esoteric, we will therefore delve into the secret world especially in April.

EA Announces FIFA Street 4

At its conference, Electronic Arts has officially announced FIFA Street 4, a new chapter in the series from the creators of FIFA. The title, scheduled on PS3 and Xbox 360 in early 2012, will use a style and a lot more simulation gameplay of its predecessors, in an attempt to offer online gaming experience with the atmosphere that distinguishes the real football road.

There will be one-on-one challenges, tournaments vs. 5. 5, an endless dribbling achieved through a complex process of motion capture and much more that EA Sports will reveal in the coming months.

A date for Amalur Reckoning Kingdoms

EA has just announced that Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning will be available in Europe since February 10, 2012. The title, currently in the hands of the 38 Studios, has enjoyed and is still enjoying the contribution of Todd McFarlane, known for Spawn, the famous author RA Salvatore and Ken Rolston of the now hugely popular.

Waiting to learn more about the product, we leave you with the latest trailer.