Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gran Turismo Anywhere arriving in February

The first of the month Kazunori Yamauchi announced by a message on Twitter that Gran Turismo Anywhere, the new online integration for the driving simulator for PlayStation 3 will be available in early February. This is an option that lets you organize trips from the official site-wide tourism. com, that will also be containers of results and statistics in real time for online games took place between the players.

The demo of Mass Effect 2 on PS3 was a "build old"

Ah, here is the exit of the demo of Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3, BioWare announced to be based on the new graphics engine that will be the basis for the third chapter, opinions were divided. Regardless of unquestionable intrinsic value of the game itself, the dissection technique performed by some, such as Digital Foundry, showed light and shade (in all senses) of what should be the advanced graphics engine in the hands of BioWare, demonstrating that although some aspects are much better, others do not necessarily represent the changes from the version based on the old engine.

Aliens of the game that Square Enix did not release

On Famicom Disk System Did you know that 24 years ago, Squaresoft, who was then still independently and was not the giant we know today, had the rights to the creation of a video game based on Aliens. The game was created for the Famicom Disk System not widespread, that the additional drive to be applied to the NES version in Japan but was never released on the market in this format, while a similar version but not the same, all made out for MSX 'era.

Mortal Kombat becomes a mini-series on the Internet

Webisodes It seems that in setting realistic short film based on Mortal Kombat, appeared a few months ago, was not exactly a project thrown at random. According to Bloody Disgusting by director Kevin Tancharoen, author of the video in question was contacted by Warner Bros. to produce a series of 10 episodes in the series of show-style fighting game from Midway to publish on the Internet.

Tancharoen also write the screenplay with Aaron and Todd Helbing Helbing, with Michael Jai White, who will play the role of Jax. There is no other information except in February as a possible start time of recordings and Vancouver as a location. Source: Bloody Disgusting

Square Enix record Type-1, 2 and 3

Continue Continue recordings of mysterious trademark by Square Enix, obviously that these days or is undergoing an explosion of ideas or want to keep good possibilities waiting to see where it is going. After the mysterious Final Fantasy Type-0, the Japanese publisher has also Type-1, Type-2 and Type-3, just to feel comfortable.

Also connected to the affair seems to register the domain "finalfantasytype0. Com" and "finalfantasytype-0. Com, arrived almost simultaneously with the discovery of" FinalFantasy13-2game. Com ever registered under the label of Square Enix. What it is not as yet know, maybe nothing concrete, but still expect the First Production Department Event set for next Tuesday to find out any more.

The Last Story you will not use motion-sensing controls

Hironobu Sakaguchi is precisely to reveal the director of The Last Story, Hironobu Sakaguchi, he published on his Twitter page a variety of information about the game. Two notable ones are the lack of controls to detect movement and can not be extended to other development platforms. Specifically with regard to the latter argument, Sakaguchi said: "It is possible that The Last Story appear on other consoles besides the Wii because our team has worked closely with Nintendo." Regarding the controls, apparently (using a Classic Controller, for example) in the game you can manage the view through the right analog stick.

[Spoiler] A character will return in Uncharted 3

Could be missing? Apparently, the actress Emily Rose will also work on the third episode of Uncharted: the news show reported on its IMDb profile. For the uninitiated, the Rose plays the role of Elena Fisher, who then meet again in 3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception.

Jonathan Ross impressed by 3DS

The presenter says her English on the new Nintendo console you know Jonathan Ross? This is a showman quite famous in England, who was invited by Nintendo for a conference to be held next week and will unveil the details of 3DS. On his Twitter page, Ross said he tried a prototype of the Nintendo 3DS, and was impressed by the capabilities of the new handheld console.

"What I can say is that the 3DS its 3D rendering is well beyond what I thought was possible to obtain without glasses. And you can also switch to normal 2D," said Ross, adding that she had tried a few titles, in Mario Kart. "The games that seem to benefit more from those of 3D shooters and driving: the all-new three-dimensional perspective makes it more accurate," he said.

Peter Moore changes his mind on boxing

He said he was dead (gaming speaking) ... Many will remember a past statement by Peter Moore, boos from Electronic Arts, on a rather dark future for boxing in the field of gaming, in favor of sport-based mixed martial arts spectacular. In short, it's been over a year and although the games inspired by the league UFC or MMA are increasingly popular, boxing does not seem to have been shelved, however, just from the same EA with the next Fight Night Champion.

Epic Mickey: 1.3 million U.S.

Epic Mickey was a success, at least in the U.S. where the Wii game designed and created by Warren Spector and Associates has sold 1.3 million copies. To disseminate facts and figures was, as always, the NPD, which has sought to emphasize the particularly warm reception that the American public gave to the game.

In December, the game of Mickey Mouse was one of the most successful titles in the U.S.. Along with Just Dance 2 and Donkey Kong Country Returns has helped to drive up (again) sales of Wi. In Europe the game, scored on Videogame Source an excellent 8 / 10, it was not bad, but left the audience and critics with a slight bitter aftertaste in the mouth.

New images from LA Noire

About twenty ... Rockstar, through the portal IGN has released a series of new images for LA Noire, expected production in development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It is about twenty screenshots, which sembranno extracted directly from the moments of the game. It found a substantial excerpt here below, for the remaining images in the gallery you can go on.

Source: VG247

Pac-Man becomes a Reality

Believe in no one of the first game of the story is serious candidate to become a reality show. Pac-Man may soon go for a company big brothers, the various islands and farms. To announce the project was the television production company American Merv Griffin Entertainment, which announced, will work in cooperation with Namco Bandai for its realization.

Roy Bank, Merv Griffin's boss told the website Deadline that his intention is "to create a spectacular show, bursting with energy from every pore and brings Pac-Man in real life." What this means for now there is dark, we can only wait and hope ...

A new gameplay from Lego Star Wars III

Let's see how you play ... Traveller's Tales has released a new trailer for the new production related to the world of LEGO, this time combined with a noble brand of Star Wars. It is thus a new gameplay video for Lego Star Wars III - The Clone Wars, which allows us to give an in-depth look at the main dynamics of the game for the Wii version.

Find the file attachment, as always at the bottom of the article. LEGO Star Wars III - The Clone Wars - the Wii version Gameplay

Blacklight 2 Announced

Blacklight: Tango Down will be a sequel, which besides being more advanced in terms of technical and gameplay, it will adopt the well known formula free-to-play. This was announced were the developers of Zombie Studios. Unlike the first chapter, which was paying to download PC, PSN and XBLA, this sequel will be free, but will use a system of micro-transactions to allow players to buy extra items and content.

Two new movies for LittleBigPlanet 2

Now in ... In the next exit to the market, Sony has released two new videos for the highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet 2, PlayStation 3 exclusive made by Media Molecule Studies. These two videos of a different nature: the first is once again dedicated to the gameplay of the title, the second one is a kind of spot with the usual Kevin Butler to make it a leading role.

Find Anything below:

A new forecast from Michael Pachter

Coming a price cut for the three home console data from NPD are a real boon to Michael Pachter that in this time of year is absolutely no brakes. And the figures say that, excluding rare cases, almost the entire U.S. market of electronic recorded declines in sales in 2010, with peaks of 25% less than last year.

But if this situation is partly due to the financial crisis, the team Pachter believes that at least 5% of the decline is attributable to high prices. And referring specifically to the three major consoles, the analyst believes that a price cut during 2011 is inevitable. The decline is estimated at $ 50 and should in fact be sufficient to recover the above 5%.

The perfect game for Kinect? Already exists.

We're obviously exaggerating, but there is a title that no doubt has pioneered As a functional illusion pad and keyboard-controlled system inspired by the gestures that marks Indigo Propecy match perfectly with the Kinect. Sure, Microsoft has already shown the sensor things technically superior, yet the suggestive title weblog Quantic Dream is enjoyable in this version is not conventional.

Or at least that's the impression one gets watching the home movie that we published at the bottom of the news. Besides, it is no coincidence that the team responsible for Indigo Propecy (Fahrenheit by us) and then came to develop the gesture of Heavy Rain.