Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Sony solves the problem with the episodes of Tales of Monkey Island

After the inconvenience suffered by the buyers of Tales of Monkey Island, SCEE apologized to all those who bought the game asking for the 5 episodes taking advantage of package deals during the holidays. Apparently buyers received only the first episode instead of the whole package. Sony apologized in a statement on his blog of the European Community which reads: "You may have seen (or even a part of) a mess in our legal system when you bought Tales of Monkey Island and were provided only the first chapter of five, "" This has been fixed for anyone who buys the season from now on will have five episodes.

Kinect users are having problems with your console

The BBC reports that many Xbox 360 owners are having problems with their consoles to connect your devices in the system Kinect. Apparently, is causing the unit turns on the dreaded ring of the three red lights. Microsoft, however, does not consider it a problem with Kinect, only older models of hardware are those that fail.

Kinect, a spokesman for Microsoft, was "designed to work with every Xbox 360 sold to date." "There is no correlation between the error of three flashing red lights and Kinect" said a spokesman for the BBC. "Any new case of the three red lights error are no more than a coincidence." In the official forum of the Xbox is a post I could find several pages talking about it.

Msi GT680 and GT780, gaming notebooks Powerpuff

MSI plans to launch at CES 2011 its new G Series models This series gaming and here are the top versions GT680 and GT780, which are treated specially designed versions to run the latest games without any problem, displaying "The most powerful gaming notebook in the world" The GT780 has 17.3-inch screen and the 15.6-inch GT680 is equipped with high-performance graphics cards.

Come with MSI's own Turbo technology and superior model even uses two solid-state disk (SSD), giving a magnificent performance. The G series offers superior sound quality, allowing users to experience an unprecedented sound fidelity. MSI worked closely with the designers of audio systems world-renowned "Dynaudio" conducting large studies and calculations, to ensure a sound free of obstructions, also come with THX TruStudio Pro The visual part is using LED technology with a 16:9 aspect ratio, with graphics powered by nVidia GeForce GT460M webcam and high definition 720p.

Kinect problems with RROD?

Fffuuu Here we go again, I think I've now left behind us and instead he returned, according to a BBC article: the use of Kinect stimulate the older Xbox 360 models in a critical manner, leading apparently to the old problem of the Red Ring of Death . All users will remember well what it is: an internal heat that causes a fatal crash of the system, such as to make the console unusable.

The article cites several cases in question, but does not investigate the matter thoroughly, and this is already a dedicated thread on the official Xbox forums. com. In any case, the data collected the problem seems to be linked exclusively to the older models of the Xbox 360, those with the chipset more "outdated" and should not touch the console rather than new, especially "Slim".

PS3: the first custom firmware, now working!

In Kakarot published a set of tools that allow users to modify the firmware of your PS3, which apparently work on any recent firmware console, making it the first practical step to install homebrew and Linux. Currently there is something very useful, since they apparently can not run current programs or back up home games, but Kakarot saying "this firmware is really meant for the future installation of homebrew" and also "not allow piracy.

Infinity Ward developing a prequel to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?

Ghost starring According to an article published by ThisisXbox. com, far from official sources, Infinity Ward is working with a sort of prequel to the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a game based entirely on the character Ghost. The story would probably be taken from the comic book series Modern Warfare 2: Ghost, a mini-series in 6 episodes that shows how fucking Ghost has become an element of Task Force 141 in the shooter in question.

News: Angry Birds change platform

After having dug out the App Store and have become the most downloaded game ever on iPhone and iPad, the famous Angry Birds finally arrives on PC and PlayStation 3. The Rovio is already available on the bestseller AppUp, Intel's digital download service that many suggest as a true rival App Store for OS X.

The official price is around € 10 but at this time of launch will be sold with a discount of 50%. We are still very distant from the price versions of IOS. Even the versions for the Sony console should already be available on PlayStation Store and the development team has once again confirmed that in the future will also Angry Birds on XBLA and Wii.

ilomilo available via XBLA

Today the game has officially launched Xbox Live Ilomilo. Those who have not heard of Ilo and Milo, their history is based on a surreal world where there is always separated from each other and assist them together, running through a series of cubes where everything is upside down, down is up and up is down.

The trip will take you four worlds rare animals and objects loaded bucket, where some may be trapped and others will bring some problems because of the surprises they have in their interior. A plugin is a 2D puzzle game. The price of the game is 800 MSP (Microsoft points) but if you're unsure, you can download the trial version from here.

Released the first custom firmware for the PS3, not for pirates

Only homebrew According to a message issued today by the mysterious hacker "KaKaRoToKS" on his blog, would come the first result revealed by the group fail0verflow exploits on the "private key" for PlayStation 3. It 'was then released the first custom firmware for the Sony console, which apparently can be applied to any version of the official firmware, including the last 3:55, introducing the option "Install Package Files" section dell'XMB Games.

News: Jeff Minter comes to App Store

The real news, perhaps, is that the old game developer has set aside time for his passion for llamas, focusing on other subjects. The latest work by Jeff Minter, it is called Solar Frenzy Minotaur Rescue and is now available on the App Store. The game, a sort of Asteroids, it costs € 0.79 and is compatible with iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch (third and fourth generation).

The iPad version supports multiplayer up to four players, while the others come to a maximum of two.

Thrustmaster T500 driving RS command to Gran Turismo 5

Those fans of Gran Turismo 5 who want to raise the driving experience, now have a new option and is the new set of super-realistic driving controls, the Thrustmaster 500 RS, which is available today in Europe, Africa and Australasia. The goal set by the operator of GT5, Kazunori Yamauchi, for command, Thrustmaster 500 RS, was to create more precise the steering wheel ever built, without any latency, thus being able to play the best driving feel and the maximum realism possible for Gran Turismo 5, so that drivers feel more enthusiastic if they were already seated in the vehicle traveling the real tracks selected.

Consumer electronics is likely to grow in 2011

Good news coming from CES currently encouraging news regarding the scope of consumer electronics, where the market is expected to grow in 2011. According to the Consumer Electronics Association in the new year just started, see an increase in market volume of around 10% to 964 billion dollars. What would make this market a kind of branch cutting edge designed to tow, along with other factors, the market towards the overall economic upturn.

News: THQ resurrects He-Man

THQ may be working on a game inspired by the adventures of He-Man, a character very much in vogue in the 80s and 90s. Remember the Masters of the Universe? Skeletor And the name tells you something? If you answered "no" to both questions, it means that you are too young to remember. Anyway for now the details on the project is absolutely void, but it seems that the American company is also interested in other licenses of Mattel, including Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price and Polly Pocket.

News: GT5: a steering wheel from 640 €

It's called Thrustmaster T500 RS, is the steering wheel official Gran Turismo 5 and costs over 640 euro. If you by this "little" nest egg you can buy right now, a day of official launch of the device. All the components of the T500 RS has been optimized for play Polyphony. The beauty of the steering wheel weighs 4.6 kg, while the pedals well over 7.

It seems a lot but remember we're talking about accessories made entirely of metal. The steering wheel offers a rotation of 1080 ° and motors inside provide excellent feedback, which makes the driving experience very realistic. Sure, the price is not the most affordable but we know that out there there will be some fan of racing games that will make her the T500 RS.

The update to the PlayStation Store on January 5, 2011

Here we are fairly standard in the first update of 2011 for PlayStation Network, with a good amount of new materials made available on the digital delivery of PlayStation 3. Include discounts, upgrades and games offered as a download, do the usual summary of the titles available. PlayStation Store (via PS3, PSP and Media Go) Special Offers (Available until January 19) A (PS3) (from 7.99 to 0.99) HAWX Supremacy Pack (from 9.99 to 5.99) Blood Bowl (PSP) (from 19.99 to 12.99) Pro Cycling 2010: Tour de France (PSP) (from 29.99 to 17.99) A (PSP) (7.99 to 0.99) Driver (PSone) ( from 4.99 to 3.59) Alien Havoc (mini) (from 4.99 to 2.99) Bubble Trubble (mini) (from 4.99 to 2.99) (Available until January 12) Tales of Monkey Island (from 17.99 to 8.99) Legends of Permanent Price Reductions War: Patton's Campaign (now 19.99) Demo and Full Game (PS3) MicroBot (7.99) Rating: PEGI 7 Games (PS3) Borderlands (29.99) Rating: PEGI 18 Dream Chronicles (9.99) Rating: PEGI 3 Assassin's Creed: Ascendance Movie (1.99) Rating: PEGI 18 Games (PSP) The Red Star (17.99) Rating: PEGI 12> NeoGeo Station (PSP) Alpha Mission II (6.99) Rating: PEGI 7 Art of Fighting (6.99) Rating: PEGI 12 Samurai Shodown (6.99) Rating: PEGI 16 minis (PS3 and PSP) Sky Force (2.99) Rating: PEGI 7 Family Games (3.99) Rating: PEGI 3 Demo (PS3) Kung-Fu LIVE Rating: 12 TV Superstars PEGI Rating: PEGI 7 Add -On (PS3) Trinity Universe Godly Weapon Pack (1.99) High Ability Pack (0.99) Macaroon's Black Market Pack (1.99) Clear Soul Pack Extra Volume (3.99) Paternal Love Pack (1.99) Super Galaxy Pirate Pack (2.99) Rating: PEGI 12 Def Jam Rapstar ASD-Sneak Preview (1:49) Diddy Bad Boy for Life (1.49) Rating: PEGI 12 John Daly's ProStroke Golf Course Pack 01 (Free) Rating: PEGI 3 ModNation Racers New Year Mod Pack (0.99) Babu Mod Pack ( 0.99) Rating: PEGI 7 Move EyePet Sports Styling Pack (2.99) Butterfly Outfit (Free) Rating: PEGI 3 Rock Band Johnny Cash Pack 3 01 (9.99) (contains the following tracks are also sold separately) Cry, Cry, Cry (1:49) Do not Take Your Guns To Town (1:49) Five Feet High And Rising (1:49) Folsom Prison Blues (1:49) I Got Stripes (1:49) I Walk The Line (1:49) Tennessee Flat Top Box (1:49) The Ballad Of Ira Hayes (1:49) Celebrating Band on Pack the Run (5:29) (contains the following tracks are also sold separately) Band On The Run by Paul McCartney and Wings (1.49) by Helen Wheels Paul McCartney and Wings (1.49) Let Me Roll It by Paul McCartney and Wings (1:49) Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney and Wings (1.49) Bands HMX Pack (free) (contains the following tracks) Visions by abnormality Get Clean by Anarchy Club Night Lies by Bang Camaro Shoulder to the Plow by Breaking Wheel Welcome to the Neighborhood by The Libyans A Jagged Gorgeous Winter by The Main Drag Conventional Lover by Speck The Sterns Supreme Girl by Rob the Prez-O-Dent by That Handsome Devil Cities in Dust by Siouxsie and The Banshees (1.49) Open My Eyes Inhabited by (1.49) Rating: 12 PEGI Rock Band Network (Do You Want to Date My) Avatar by The Guild feat.

News: Future with Stardock to Jon Shafer

The lead designer of Civilization V, Jon Shafer, has teamed up with Stardock, a developer of Elemental: War of Magic. Shafer initially will have the task to improve the fortunes of Elemental and then will focus on a mysterious project to be announced, the developer has informed Big Download. After nearly six years with Firaxis, Shafer left the authors of Civilization V to join a company that will allow you considerable freedom to creatively, said the developer.

Ilomilo on Xbox Live Arcade

Here it is As previously announced, arrived today on Xbox Live Arcade Ilomilo the interesting platform-puzzle Southend. Presented extensively during the last E3, the game features a graphic industry with high profile and has a very particular style, as well as a structure that blends puzzles, puzzle solving and platform.

Ilomilo can be downloaded from the Live Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points, the downloads can be queued to this address.

News: EA to close the short online titles

In the coming months Electronic Arts finally cease support to the features of several online games, made it known from the publisher's web-site. Since 11 January cease support for The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II for Xbox 360 and The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-king, always for the Xbox 360.

On 16 January, however, will be the turn of The Sims Carnival, which at the date specified will not be available at www. simscarnival. com. On February 8, will close its doors several titles from EA Sports: FIFA 07 for Xbox 360, EA Sports FIFA Manager 10 for PC FIFA 09 Ultimate Team for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 .

Important assumptions in Stardock

Two elements of weight while ago we talked about the release of Jon Shafer from Firaxis, having directed the work of Civilization V, and now we go back to talk to the announcement that concerns him directly. Shafer, along with fantasy writer Dave Stern, are in fact joined the staff of Stardock, who clearly intends to increase quality consistency of its staff.

For now, both will take part in the work of "enrichment" on Elemental: War of Magic, but there is also a new project, not yet announced, they were asked to contribute. Stern, in particular, is working on a couple of expansions planned for Elemental: War of Magic will find some space in which implementations of content to the level of plot and setting in which the writer should make his own.

News: Surprise ending for the beta of DC Universe

European gamers will be able to take part in the beta versions of the PC and PlayStation 3 DC Universe until tomorrow, but first to greet temporarily MMO can participate in the Battle of Legends that SOE plans to launch in the coming hours. According to the official forum of DC Universe Online, just enter the game that will appear tomorrow on the sever to take part in an epic battle between superheroes.

THQ acquired the rights to He-Man and other products Mattel

For the honor of Greyskull? Apparently, THQ plans to develop a video game on the Masters of the Universe, and several other toys of the period, having recently recorded a number of rights in its own name under an agreement with Mattel. In addition to He-Man, therefore, appear even more famous brands like Barbie, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price Rock 'Em Sock' Em Robots, Monster High and Polly Pocket, the publisher at the time said he was committed only on Barbie , Hot Wheels and Fisher-Price.

News: EA and skeptical Move Kinect

The boss of Electronic Arts has established a likely future where the motion control permanently replace the traditional controller, as reported by IndustryGamers. "Many have asked me if in future games based on motion control will replace the traditional controller," said Riccitiello. "I do not think so.

For some kinds Move, Kinect and other future devices will be the ideal solution. Hard to imagine for example to play a title of fitness with your thumbs." "At the same time I can not imagine myself playing a Call of Duty, a Medal of Honor or Battlefield using my finger as if it were the barrel of a gun.

Rescue Minotaur, the new game on the App Store Minter

Llamasoft Strikes Back E 'arrived today on the App Store the new Minotaur Rescue game developed by Jeff Minter and Llamasoft for IOS. As usual, this is a rather unusual product: a structure reminiscent of the old arcade classics like Asteroids, but fell in a setting somewhat crazy and psychedelic, the game asks us to do just what the title says, minotaurs destroying asteroids that appear to recover.

News: Activision blocking Respawn Games

According to documents obtained by Kotaku, former members of Infinity Ward, Zampella and West, have admitted that the lawsuit against EA and Activision Respawn is blocking the activities of the newly formed EA studio partners. Activision claimed compensation of $ 400 million for damage caused to the studio Infinity Ward and Call of Duty franchise from EA's alleged attempt and two former boss of WA's "boycott" the FPS series from Activision and the activities of the creators Modern Warfare.

A custom map set in space for StarCraft II

The Star Battle comes to America community of loyal players at the Blizzard obviously has started work on building custom maps for StarCraft II to be a bit 'of time now, putting together an interesting collection of work. What is shown in the video below is a rather special setting, developed by some users, entitled "Battle Star" and actually set in space, something unusual for Blizzard series which, although a space environment, it actually plays more on planets.

News: I mention in Yakuza Shenmue: The End Of

In the next installment of the Yakuza, the spin-off Of The End, appear some references to the series produced by SEGA, Shenmue, as reported by Famitsu (via Siliconera). In the magazine dedicated to Japan's Yakuza: The End Of also discusses the weapons used in the game, which include chain saws, fire extinguishers and flame-throwers, and the presence of armored vehicles and tanks to the streets of a town infested by zombies.

Back to show Monster Tale, Nintendo DS

Monsters to teach, where I've heard? After the presentation took place during E3 there were not many news about Monster Tale, platform with interesting features of "pet game" Pokémon-style, at least until now. DreamRift has released a new trailer for the game in question, which also reveals the period of expected output, at least for the American market which is March 2011.

So Monster Tale, published by Majesco, Nintendo DS is just entering the market to coincide with the launch of 3DS, although we await any confirmation regarding the European market.

News: Bobby Kotick criticized the UK government

The Chairman of Activision Blizzard, Bobby Kotick, has criticized the British Government's decision announced recently that they do not want to lighten the tax burden on companies operating in the gaming industry. "This is a huge mistake," he told the Daily Telegraph. "In other countries, tends to favor the development of the game, but obviously around here think differently." The Telegraph has interpreted these words as a first indication of willingness on the part of Activision, leaving England as a place to develop the securities in the near future.

Developing a Naruto Nintendo 3DS

We could not miss ... Straight from the weekly Japanese V-Jump comes the news of a new chapter in the Naruto saga in development on 3DS, the new DS platform waiting for the current year on European soil. The first rumors about the fully qualified name of the security, pears, Japan will be Naruto Shippuden Saikyou Nin Rittai Emaki Ninkai Kessen (oriented in the Ninja Council series), and gender, which as always will mix elements of classic fighting games to other more close to the RPG world.

News: PopCap listed?

According to recent statements by President Dave Roberts, the creators of Bejeweled, Peggle and dozens of other small masterpieces could land held by the end of this year. "We are preparing for such an occurrence, which could lead to the second half of this year," said Roberts to the economic magazine Forbes.

Meanwhile, the company announced that 2010 was the first year that the greatest contribution to the revenue of the company has not arrived by the "desktop" game, which still accounted for 40% of the proceeds. The rest came from mobile products, online and console. In 2010, the biggest increase in sales has occurred in Asian markets, but Europe and the United States were once again the most profitable areas for the company.

Solved the problems of Black Ops console

Intervention of the developers ... As stated by Treyarch, should have been resolved issues relating to the online sector for the console versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops, the last chapter of the noble saga directed by Activision. As we all recall, in fact, many users had complained about delays in the various movements of the characters especially after the release of the latest patches provided by software house for the title.

News: CityVille breaks all records

The last effort of the team Zynga, CityVille, has become the most successful application in the history of the popular social network. With its 88.5 million active users broke the record held until then by another game of the same company, Farmville, stopped at "only" 83.8 million. Compared to the "country-cousin," CityVille however, has a lower percentage of players per day: 20% against the double achieved by Farmville in its moment of greatest glory.

Move Kinect and unsuitable for fps, says EA

Better than the classic controller ... According to Electronic Arts using Kinect Move and can never replace that of the classic controller, at least for certain types of game such as the first-person shooter. To support and in particular John Riccitiello, EA CEO, who does not see a future for the motion controller in relation to the fps, according to him far more suited to be played through the pad.

News: Rift has a date

Trion Worlds MMO announced that the Rift will be available from March 4, 2011 (from March 1 in the U.S.). About the book title will immediately access the server from February 24, will get some exclusive in-game items and may join the beta of the next steps, we read on the official website of the game.

The monthly subscription will cost € 12.99, while the six-month packages allow you to save money (9.99 € per month). Rift will be available in stores on a physical medium and digital format.

Confirmed Disgaea 4 in Europe

Soon in Japan ... NIS has confirmed to VG247 portal to publish Disgaea 4 also with regard to the European market, after the release in Japan scheduled for next February 24. In fact, a spokesman for the software company confirmed that the title will come out in Europe in 2011, although still not been decided on a official release date.

Pending further information please let all'utlimo distributed movie that you can find attached to this address.