Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar - 6 new images

It is never too late last Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is getting ready to land well in Europe and Japan three years after the publication from the American one. This chapter of the celebrated rural life simulator also includes the ability to interact with the farms of friends through the Nintendo DS Wi-Fi connectivity.

In Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar, the player is summoned to renovate a dilapidated farm in Zephyr to revive the once flourishing city bazaar and now fallen into disrepair.

Kingdom Hearts in 3DS

There are about six months that there is no news of Kingdom Hearts for 3DS, but apparently the game would be ready for a good 40/50%. According to Tetsuya Nomura Dream Drop Distance, this will be the subtitle of the game, will have an enigmatic plot that will address the hidden side of Sora. Nomura remains vague on the subject, saying that we will have access to roofs and leaving to go to the bizarre statement that "XXX and XXX in Traverse Town." Speaking of the future of the series, in addition, Nomura has said that Dream Drop Distance will provide some important answers to all those waiting for Kingdom Hearts III.

Metal Sonic Sonic returns to the Generations

SEGA has confirmed that Metal Sonic from Sonic CD is one of the rivals present in Sonic Generations, both in classical and modern forms. The character will be very similar to the original. This rival Sega's mascot is an evolution of Mecha Sonic, one of the final boss of Sonic 2. He later played a role in several titles in the series as Knuckles Chaotix, Sonic Drift 2, Sonic R and Sonic the Fighters, also appearing in important games like Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes, which has evolved into Neo Metal Sonic.

They Bleed Pixels - the first trailer available

Small characters with a great arterial system They Bleed Pixels is a modern platform, a title full of stylized animation that allows you to make delicious long jumps and climb the walls. But the title Squid weblog Spooky Games is not limited to this and combines the platforming genre with the beat. In truth it is not anything new, and leaping between ninjas and samurai we have already seen it all and more.

South Park back on Xbox 360

The study 345 Games is building a new South Park game for the Xbox 360 exclusive. The creative director of the study, Prithvi Virasinghe, made the announcement in an interview with Joystick. The agreement actually covers two titles, which means that a second game will arrive in the near future, but apparently only the first 360 will be exclusive.

If you remember, the same 345 games published on Xbox 360 arcade title South Park: Let's Go Play Tower Defense in 2009.

Bravo Company announced 3DS

Namco Bandai has revealed in the pages of Famitsu a new title for 3DS titled Brave Company, developed the study Cattle Call. In the game we will be in command of an "Agency for Superheroes". We find them, recruit them and send them on various missions to protect the city. Over time, the agency will grow as the city and threats, and we will try to find the right hero to be assigned to each specific mission.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Nomura reveals new details

Interactive cutscene, lighting system and dubbing As promised a few days ago, Tetsuya Nomura has released new information about the expected Final Fantasy Versus XIII for PlayStation 3. Apparently, the game will incorporate scene inspired shooter from success, but there will not be predetermined precisely control the character, albeit through dynamics that go contrary to the nature of these sequences.

Stronghold 3 will be released in autumn

The third installment of the series will be published by 7Sixty strategic Stronghold in the fall. 7Sixty is a new subsidiary of SouthPeak Games and has a policy of mixed distribution of copies of "physical" and digital versions of the games. Stronghold 3 was supposed to leave last spring, but was postponed during the summer because the developers needed more time.

Judging by the new exit period does not seem to be enough. The first two chapters of the saga has sold 5 million copies of beauty, surely destined to grow with this promising third episode.

Dead Island will take about 30 hours

According to the latest statements of the development team, Dead Island will have enough content to keep players busy for at least 25/30 hours. This was stated by Petter Brolly was at Deep Silver, who added that "this figure refers to the main story quests and does not include". "If players want to explore all the settings and discover all the secrets of the game, the hours that pass in the company of Dead Island will be many more." According to the same Brolly, the game requires at least half an hour to walk from one side of the island ...

New development diary for Resistance 3

This time we talk about guns The third development diary dedicated to Resistance 3, and entitled Full Circle, saw the guys at Insomniac Games discuss weapons in the game, their balance and ability for the player, who prefers to use those to continue the adventure. At some point in the video, the developers make a parallel between the arsenal of weapons and cartoon Resistance 3 Ratchet & Clank, and the comparison is definitely nice.

Early launch for Burnout Crash

Burnout Crash, racing new effort (and destructive) Criterion team, will be available sooner than expected, or in August. The announcement was obviously Electronic Arts, which has, for once, the early release of a game, previously anticipated for the fall. Burnout Crash will be available exclusively on the PlayStation Store and Xbox Live Arcade.

The 360 version will also be compatible with Kinect.

Unleash the Top Gun that is in you!

Namco Bandai has set in motion the promotional machine for the new chapter in the Ace Combat series, Horizon Assault. The first step consists of a flyby of the planet's most popular social network, Facebook, on which the publisher has launched a mini-game that you can find on the official page. Revenue, click on "I like" and do what you are in a vertical scrolling shooter-style 16-bit, where you have only one life.

Electronic Arts has purchased PopCap Games

The operation has cost $ 750 million acquisition of PopCap Games by Electronic Arts, which last month was given as a rumor, has now materialized. The giant California has in fact claimed to have purchased the famous study, the author of titles such as Plants Vs. Zombies and Bejeweled, for the sum of $ 750 million.

"EA and PopCap are a winning combination," said John Riccitiello. "The talent of his famous PopCap Games and Electronic Arts will allow IP to accelerate and reach the milestone of one billion dollars from the digital sector alone. PopCap We will help to quickly expand their business to a larger number of devices, channels and countries." "We chose EA because we recognize their skills in making great games," said David Roberts, CEO of PopCap Games.

New revelations about the future of Kingdom Hearts

The episode Nintendo 3DS and the hypothetical Kingdom Hearts III In the latest issue of Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura has revealed new details about the future of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, starting from the episode in the works for Nintendo 3DS, which would be complete at 40 -50%. As is now tradition, the game will be added to a final secret.

Still no rumor about the plot of Dream Drop Distance, which could turn around some still mysterious aspects of the character of Sora. Curious a chance to move on the roofs of buildings. Fans expect an announcement on Kingdom Hearts III, and in that sense Nomura is clear: those looking for some information, will find it right in the Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo and the difficulties in bringing the classics of 3DS

Adapting games like Xevious or Tennis stereoscopic 3D has not been easy, especially under the Planning & Development Department, causing dilation of development time even more than twenty times.

IN Xevious, for example, the elements that went to two-dimensional projected on a map, such as bombs, created all sorts of possible discrepancy with the position of the spacecraft, shown in 3D in the background. The problem was solved by inserting a small interval between the fire and the impact of the bomb, but what it has actually resolved is only one of the typical elements of the gameplay of Xevious.

16 million assault rifles ready to kill with Section 8: Prejudice

The numbers of fun FPS developed by TimeGate The striking Section 8: Prejudice, FPS, developed by TimeGate for digital platforms Steam and Xbox Live, and soon also available on the PlayStation Network, seems to be enjoying some success with its full-bodied online multiplayer modes. In partnership with GameSpy, the game developers have in fact created a "summary" of the numbers achieved so far in multiplayer games, and they are very respectable figures, sixteen million kills with assault rifle, nearly sixty million launch field battle for a total of about 329 billion cubic meters of paths (and 384mila times when the operation is successful, with players who died before touching the ground).

StarCraft II at Blizzcon 2011 League

Blizzard has just announced that during the BlizzCon 2011 will take place at the end of October 2011 Global Battle of the events. net Invitational and 2011 GSL (Global StarCraft II League). The tournament will be broadcast free of charge via the Internet at Blizzcon. com. BlizzCon will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, on 21 and 22 October.

The Global Battle event. Invitational tournaments will rotate around the net StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The total premiums for the two tournaments will be $ 300,000. In the case of GSL the 2011 event will be held for the first time outside South Korea

A mysterious X-Mass Effect 3

The usual Twitter has put out "something" that has been ruffled the antennas of millions of users. This time something more precisely about BioWare and Mass Effect 3, which seems to contain a mysterious "X component" never seen before. Two members of the team, Billy Preston and Buskell Watamaniuk have mentioned this mysterious feature of the game in their comment without, of course, describe it.

Soon the region linking for Starcraft II

Improved matchmaking, and a wider audience for the Blizzard RTS As announced on Battle. net, a short linking region will be introduced for Starcraft II, a process which will lead to unification between the utilities that are located in adjacent areas. Players resistant in Europe and those living in Russia will play on the same server, as well as North America and Latin America, as well as Korea and Taiwan.

MS: "We have lost our way" with Halo

Microsoft has admitted that he had lost his way with Halo after the release of Halo 3 in September 2007. Both Halo 3: ODST Halo: Reach lacked the main ingredient, ie "play as Master Chief," he told OXM Phil Spencer, Microsoft Game Studios boss. "We lost just a little '. That's why I made sure that with the announcement of Halo 4 was quite clear that you will wear again the role of Master Chief.

Valve and the "background" Meet the Medic

Revealed the "missing parts" of the sympathetic trailer for Team Fortress 2 Last month we saw the funny trailer Meet the Medic, developed by Valve to put the spotlight on one of the main characters of Team Fortress 2, the doctor precisely. Today the talented development team has released a series of "cuts" on the same video, they say "cut" for different reasons.

We propose, therefore, these "behind the scenes" at the bottom with the original Meet the Medic in the full version. Have fun! Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Medic: "Do not you die on me!" Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Medic: "My darkest moment" Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Medic: "Kill me," Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Medic: "Making gods" Team Fortress 2 - Meet the Medic