Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crysis 2 is shown in video still

Progression Trailer 3 Despite the frequency ever more insistent, it is always a pleasure to see in Crysis 2 video, which speaks volumes about the quality of the Crytek shooter published by EA. Today we are faced with another video showing new gameplay and multiplayer sections accompanied by a sort of tutorial that explains the various possibilities in multiplayer perk between developed by Crytek, skills and Dog Tags.

Video Games Source publishes the Guinness World Records 2011 Games

Sapevatelo! With Multiplayer. en Japanese children that mark the perfect score to Dance Dance Revolution, Asian damsels fascinating enough to beat anyone at Guitar Hero and octogenarians with a passion for Wii Sports, these and many others are the characters who populate the Guinness World Records 2011 Games, or a book entirely focused on the videogame industry in the Guinness Book of Records.

New details on the beta of Gears of War 3

With a small video ... The beta of Gears of War 3 is coming and with it new details. In fact, directly from the U.S. comes a new movie that outlines the method to download the multiplayer demo. You must then download a small file of 80 MB redeeming the coupon code, which then send back directly to the download - obviously much broader in terms of weight - once started.

Below is a video demonstration.

New trailer for APB

The work seems to do well to resurrect APB Reloaded is entering the second week of beta and, to celebrate, the developers have released a trailer for the game to show the work done so far in terms of balance and performance. In the trailer you can see a car chase on board a police car. Actually it is difficult to understand the differences in the past, but am glad to see that the work of regeneration proceed briskly.

Maybe De Niro in the movie of Uncharted

The actor has confirmed that there is a part written for him in the movie Robert De Niro, who does not? Well, it seems that the giant of American cinema, which has given the body to masterpieces such as Raging Bull and Taxi Driver, is considering whether to accept a role in the movie of Uncharted, the written part having him in mind.

To a specific question about his possible participation in the film, he replied in the affirmative, praising the work done by director David O. Russel in the movie The Fighter. I wonder if this is a character already known to fans of the series or an entirely new set up specifically for the film.

Dragon Age II in the launch trailer

Dedicated debut ... Electronic Arts and Bioware have released the launch trailer on Dragon Age II, which, however, we have just proposed a more comprehensive review on these pages. It is thus the movie, mostly at the onset of production on the market, can be found as always attached at the bottom of the article.

Dragon Age II - Trailer

Uncharted 3: the villain is a woman

Helen Mirren, practically Update: Official PlayStation blog come from new and more precise information. The character in question is called Katherine Marlowe and is the head of a secret society dating back to the times of Queen Elizabeth I. Katherine is confronted several times with Nathan Drake during the adventure, also contending for the possession of the ring to the protagonist of Sir Francis Drake, the key to a mystery.

New video for Operation Flashpoint: Red River

It is not the war they want, but the need to fight "Shifting Focus", this new video released by Codemasters, we learn more about the history that is the background to Operation Flashpoint: Red River. With typical deep and earnest voice that usually accompanies these trailers, shows the situation which led the U.S.

Marines in combat against Chinese troops in Takìjikistan and the fact that they must "adapt" in order to "survive." Operation Flashpoint: Red River - Trailer Shifting Focus

7 million users for Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes, the web-browser MMO of Electronic Arts, has reached 7 million registered users. This does not mean that all those players flock to the server at the same time but the result is nonetheless appreciated for a product released less than two years ago. It should be noted that publishers and developers earn only and solely by advertising and micro-transactions, as the game is completely free.

Angry Birds conquer the PSN

The unstoppable Angry Birds bird seems destined to win every system that presents itself, also seen the latest sales results of the PlayStation Network, on which the game is in February. Despite the release of a variety of interesting titles in the last period, the bellicose birds Rovio have conquered the summit of the "top 5", at least for the PSN U.S.: 1.

Angry Birds 2. Plants vs. Zombies 3. Tetris 4. Pac-Man Championship Edition DX 5. Mortal Kombat II

Homefront also a victim of piracy

Team Kaos Studios has confirmed the illegal spread of the Code of Homefront and is already on the trail of those responsible. It was not yet confirmed whether the game stolen whether or not playable. The news began to spread last week and within hours had already gone around the world. It seems that both versions of console and PC, were stolen.

"Some game files have been stolen," said the general manager of the company, David Votypka. "Obviously not what we like and we are already working to find out how to be successful." "People do not realize what is behind the development of a product as Homefront and such a gesture is equivalent to a serious lack of respect for the dozens of people who have worked with." Homefront, which will be released "officially" next week, is just the latest victim of piracy.

7 million users for Battlefield Heroes

Promotion on the basis of 7 The project has proved Battlefield Heroes is clearly a great success for Electronic Arts, which has reached at this time the 7 million registered users. Party as one of the first experiments of EA in the games "free-to-play, the game is a cartoony version of the series and only online multiplayer DICE, characterized by strong elements from MMO with a lot of micro-transactions to customize the 'experience.

Uncharted 3: a female boss

Big bad Uncharted final 3 will be a woman, and much resemble the famous British actress Helen Mirren. A revelation was the video podcast The Totally Rad Show, which showed a short film in which the character in question interacts with Nathan Drake and his friend Victor "Sully" Sullivan. The wait for the third installment of the series is becoming increasingly untenable and the news comes with a dropper.

Alice: Madness Returns on new images and video

It shows the folly to power with a new video and some pictures Alice: Madness Returns, visionary folly of American McGee's Spicy Horse and, following a cult action inspired by the story of Carroll. From what you can see, there is still quite dark and disturbing style of the first chapter, enriched with a new look "behind the times" and a particular richness and variety of play environments.

The video below contains a mixture of cut-scenes and sequences taken directly from the game, as well as images. At the recent GDC 2011 it was revealed that Alice Madness Returns is planned out (at least in North America) June 14, 2011 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Alice: Madness Returns - Trailer gameplay

Activision prepares Dance Hero?

Having disbanded the business of music games and after the IP had enough Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Activision seems to want to develop a new "Hero" Dance Hero. Three years ago, Activision registered the trademark Dance Hero, and as reported by Kotaku the publisher is preparing to use the brand by developing a video game.

Among the songs are related to the project mentioned "2012" by Jay Sean, "Out of Space" by The Prodigy, "The Way I Are" by Timbaland and "Take Over Control of Afrojack. Still unknown the developer of the game for the target platforms could think of a game for Kinect, Move and Wii. Activision might be that of a move to exploit a market segment that has already seen the success of both the Wii and Dance Just Dance Central for Kinect.

New details on Saints Row: The Third

Gang war from the new issue of Game Informer there's more details on Saints Row: The Third, the third installment of the series of action open to the world only recently announced by THQ. As for the story, the protagonist is once again the main character of the first and second chapters, and the Third Street Saints have moved from Stillwater to a new area, with a campaign that must run the Ultor Corporation.

Just Dance 2 - incredible success in the UK

In England they dance a lot after more than 5 million copies sold worldwide, Just Dance 2 passes another milestone with 1 million copies, well placed in the only British soil. This is confirmed by the same Ubisoft has been able to anticipate and ride the success of titles dedicated to the dance. Font: GamesIndustry

Ex-Bungie announced Fallen Frontier

Some former employees of Bungie announced a new game, a 2D shooter called Fallen Frontier sci-fi from the setting. The developer of the game, Moonshot Games, was founded by some of the creators of Halo: Michel Bastien, Damian Isla and Rob Stokes. More information about the game are available on the official website of Moonshot Games.

Yet to announce the launch date of Fallen Frontiers and target platforms.

Fallen Frontier - Former Bungie have their way with a Video

Three developers of Halo struggling with a self-employed basis Fallen Frontier is an action platform game developed by Moonshot Games, the software company founded by Michel Bastien, Damian Isla and Rob Stokes. The title will be playable at PAX East Boston and at the time, or between 11 and 13 March, will probably reveal other details such as gaming platforms on which Fallen Frontier will be available.

A casting for Grand Theft Auto V?

The code name of Grand Theft Auto V could be Rush, as revealed by a casting held in Hollywood that seems to also provide some indications about the character of the new Rockstar game. The rumors were reported on Twitter. Apparently the game is set in a contemporary Los Angeles populated by excessive characters in Grand Theft Auto style.

This could be the casting of another Rockstar game weblog, the PlayStation 3 exclusive agent name, but in this case the title is set in the '70s and does not seem compatible with the character of the cast.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - As promised here is the date

Not too close to another number 3 output for this year, or Deus Ex: Human Revolution, should arrive in England, and then in Europe, August 26. This is likely to return from vacation a pleasant close of autumn, although that seems already too full of third chapters in major series. Are slightly more fortunate Australian gamers will be able to impersonate Adam Jensen, a day before.

In March, the DLC Castlevania: LOS

The DLC Reverie for the action game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow will be released within the end of March, tells Konami. The additional content will cost 800 Microsoft Points on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at € 7.99. Konami has not given any indication on the launch of the next DLC in the game, Resurrection.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow has debutatto last year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and was developed by Spain's Mercury Steam.

Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington in the new movie Silent Hill

The second film adaptation of the series will be directed by Michael J. Bassett Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harington will be part of the cast of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, the new film adaptation of Konami's survival horror game which starts shooting this week in Toronto, Canada. The first movie based on Silent Hill, released in 2006, it cost fifty million dollars and has received almost double, thus proving a success despite the limitations of the script at times a bit 'slow.

Sales "significant" for Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3

Electronic Arts said it welcomed the experiment carried out on PlayStation 3 with the simultaneous publication of Mass Effect 2 in retail and digital versions. The publisher says it wants to consider similar solutions for the future. "Sony had never done before a simultaneous publication in both formats," said EA CEO John Riccitiello at the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference (via IGN).

"They were very careful with their technologies, it was above all a test." According to Riccitiello, EA has done nothing to promote the PS3 version of the BioWare game but despite this the company has sold a substantial number of copies in digital format. Overall, sales were significant, says the boss of EA.

Mass Effect 2 for PS3 has sold well in digital

At least in relation to the context in which digital delivery has been released Mass Effect 2 has been released in conjunction with a move to the classical experimental John Riccitiello defines unique. The CEO of EA has stressed the tendency to exploit the market in the first rack and then take over and extend the sales with digital copies.

Yet despite the simultaneous release and despite the lack of publicity the digital version of Mass Effect 2 for PS3 has still exceeded 10% of global sales and according to Riccitiello, in this context, it is a significant percentage. Source: Eurogamer

Rebooting Tomb Raider to the movies

Square Enix has given the green light for the construction of a new movie Tomb Raider. According to Variety it will be a reboot, which will arrive in theaters in 2013. GK Films is the producer of the film: "We are pleased to make the reboot of what was a very successful films to carry on the phenomenon of Tomb Raider," said Graham King's GK Films.

Last December, Square Enix has announced a new video game series that Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider Lara Croft will offer a young and inexperienced.

New rumors for Grand Theft Auto V

The new episode of the series behind the code name "Rush"? From a Twitter page dedicated just to get the news about video games not announced yet, peep some interesting details that would think of Grand Theft Auto V. One of the companies involved in casting for Rockstar, Telsey & Company, were in fact recruited actors for motion capture sessions for a project called "Rush." The figures required for this work will need to interpret "bizarre characters, thugs, gangsters and celebrities, in line with the environment that has so far been attributed to GTA V or the Los Angeles of today.

Sleep poorly? Blame video games

Video games, use of laptops and sending text messages before going to bed are responsible for the increased number of people who suffer from insomnia, according to some experts. A U.S. study conducted by the National Sleep Foundation shows that 95% of respondents are using electronic devices before going to bed, and two-thirds of them admit to having difficulty falling asleep.

Charles Czeisler of Harvard Medical School told Reuters news agency that exposure to artificial light before going to bed inhibits the production of melatonin. A third of people with an age between 13 and 18 years and 28% of respondents with an age range from 19 to 29 years admit to playing video games before going to bed.

A player recreates Plants vs. Zombies with LittleBigPlanet

Miracles of Title branded Media Molecule Over the years we have witnessed the birth of the most diverse creations by the LittleBigPlanet community, from roller coasters to the many variants of the first stage of Super Mario World. But he has never seen a project so close to playing a full game that already exists? The user "Foggles" was able to do just this with his Plants vs.

Zombots, a tower defense game in which the direction of PopCap Games, and which we are just placing the plants "defensive" in a garden that is being attacked by hordes of evil zombies ... rag. Even the music is very similar to those of Plants vs. Zombies, and were carried out using the built-in sequencer LittleBigPlanet.

Started the shooting of the new Silent Hill

The manufacturer has confirmed that Davis Films has already started shooting the new film dedicated to Silent Hill. Silent Hill: Revelation is the sequel to the 3D film of 2006, according to the official description provided by the company after 18 years Heather Mason discovers that his father has gone missing and terrifying nightmares begin to crowd his mind.

"His findings will lead the world into a demon that threatens to keep her chained for eternity in the world of Silent Hill." The next Konami video game series, Silent Hill: Downpour, will arrive later this year on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

A date for Deus Ex Human Revolution

According to the official site of EB Games, Deus Ex Human Revolution will debut in Australia on August 25. In December of last year, Square Enix announced it had postponed the game's fiscal year which begins in April of 2011, but so far the publisher has not yet officially confirmed the launch date of the game developed by Eidos Montreal.

The new Deus Ex will arrive on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

PC Gamer UK Dragon Age II is darker, sexier and better

The new title of BioWare has been the first to review full of praise and a resounding vote! According to the review of PC Gamer UK, Dragon Age 2 is "Darker, sexier and better" (darker, sexier and more beautiful than the [previous chapter]) and has the best fights we have ever seen in a role-playing virtual .

The reviewer awards the last effort of BioWare with a resounding 94% of the gameplay is widely spoken, defining the player's choices crucial to the game world and stressing the surprise had to deal with content that go far beyond what one could expect from a sequel. In short, we just have to wait for March 11 to see if it's a masterpiece or not.

The success of X-ray Angry Birds

According to Wired, compared with an initial investment of € 100,000, the developer of Angry Birds Rovio has so far grossed about 50 million pounds. Angry Birds on the App Store has reached level of 20 million downloads, about 11.8 million pounds for the price of the game. Another 20 million downloads were made gift on Android devices where even though the game is free, thanks to the developer cashes in-game advertising about $ 600,000 per month.

[GDC 2011] New images for Sengoku

"The blood should be washed with blood" Since the third quarter of this year, Sengoku is another strategic product by Paradox Interactive and set in feudal Japan. During the GDC 2011, the publisher has released a series of new images which we describe below. The game will see you controlling a noble Japanese family in the year 1467, with the aim of acquiring influence and power in the territory due to the actions of our clan.

Hi-res textures for PC Dragon Age II

BioWare has announced the release of a package that includes high-resolution textures for the PC version of Dragon Age II. The update is 1.08GB downloaded from the official site of BioWare. To use exture need a video card with 1024MB of dedicated memory, BioWare is also recommended the use of GPUs with DirectX 11 to get the best possible quality in terms of graphics.

"Once Upon a Time in The Sims Medieval" the third episode of the exclusive

The new "behind the scenes he describes the character development as we know, The Sims Medieval arrive in stores later this month, enabling us, for the first time in the series, to assume the role of a medieval hero. The developers have decided to entertain such an interval with a series of "making of" entitled "Once Upon a Time in The Sims Medieval," which we propose below the third episode of the exclusive multiplayer.

A Facebook game by Harrison Ford

Actor Harrison Ford has joined the studio in Los Angeles for game development Talkie Facebook Ecotopia. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Ecotopia is a free-to-play game that will come in a few months on Facebook. Ford has been involved in the initiative as vice president of Conservation International, a U.S.

NGO that deals with environmental problems. "I am delighted to have been involved in the development of Ecotopia because I think this is a great way to push millions of people to protect our planet," said Ford. "Ecotopia will help people understand the main problems of humanity." As stated by the head of the study Larry Bond, the game was born from a conversation between Harrison Ford and the founder of the study, both concerned with environmental problems.

Volition talks about Saints Row: The Third

Volition's manager Eric Barker told that Saints Row Videogame Source: The Third will offer "incredible surprises" and that when the game will debut "around Christmas" is "phenomenal." "I can not talk too much about Saints at the time," said Barker when he was asked whether the game will use the latest version of Engine Geo-Mod.

"There will be many surprises and today the game is fantastic. They're all excited." As well as Red Faction and Saints Row, Volition is developing a project of Guillermo del Toro, insane. "The success of Volition is that everything is well planned. Armageddon will be released in May, at the end of Saints Row and insane in 2013." "Some of the excellent members of the team will move on Saints Armageddon after the release of Red Faction.

Microsoft strengthens the team hardware - Xbox 720 in sight?

But it is far, far away It seems that Microsoft, through the LinkedIn network, is seeking three figures clearly qualified for its staff dedicated hardware. These figures will also pursue the Xbox 360 but it appears to be involved in the development of the next Microsoft console. Obviously we can not know whether that development has already begun, although the demand for design professionals that work indicates, however, were also launched, can not certainly be at an advanced stage.

Civilization V - in the video pack dedicated to Polynesia

The conquest of Hawaii Firaxis has released a video for the new DLC is dedicated to Polynesian Civilization V. The content introduces the Polynesian culture which of course boasts an incredible mastery of sea voyages. In addition, the Polynesian warriors are able to terrorize and undermine the enemy getting a distinct advantage in battle.

The objective of this scenario is to unify Paradise Found Hawaii under the auspices of King Kamehameha dell'impavido. The DLC Polynesia is available on steam in 3:49 €. Civilization V - Video walkthrough for the DLC Polynesia