Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bug found in Homefront on consoles, Kaos is working on a patch

It begins Several users have reported problems of freeze and crash in the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of Homefront, the new FPS from THQ. "We are investigating the reports about the problems of freeze and the PlayStation 3 version will let you know when we will be consulting with the team," said community manager of Kaos Forum dedicated to the game, have sprung up where the user complaints.

Beyond Good & Evil HD on PSN in May, USA

We look forward to ads for Europe, it seems, Beyond Good & Evil HD will arrive on the American section of the PlayStation Network in May, but still lack details about the exact date and arrival in the European section of the same service for digital delivery. The game, already released a few weeks on Xbox Live Arcade, a remake is adapted to high-definition graphics and partly redesigned the classic action-adventure game developed by Michael Ancel and released in 2004 on the Xbox, PlayStation 2, PC and Gamecube.

Beyond Good & Evil HD on PSN in May

The HD remake of Beyond Good & Evil will arrive on U.S. and European PlayStation Network in May. The launch, which does not have a concrete date will be accompanied by some bonus for players who purchase the product in the first two weeks. These "incentives" are represented by two unique avatar, a dedicated heroine Jade and the other at his pig companion adventure, Pey'j.

The game, remember, was released on Xbox Live Arcade in early March and Videogame Source has earned an excellent 8 / 10.

Crytek confirms: console versions are identical to Crysis 2

No difference between PS3 and Xbox 360 After the rumors, returns to be heard Crytek reiterated his views on the console versions of Crysis 2: the game on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is virtually identical. Some have found lower performance for the version for the Sony consoles, in particular with regard to a lower resolution than the Xbox 360 and frame rate and tearing problems.

"I defy anyone to put the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 next to each other and notice any visible difference," said producer Nathan Camarillo to the PlayStation Blog, "I do not see any." Source: PlayStation Blog

Unreal Engine 3 up to 2014 for Warner

Rocksteady Studios and Netherrealm Studios will have available to them the Unreal Engine 3 until 2014. In signing the agreement was the publisher Warner Bros. Entertainment, which has thus secured the "services" of the popular game engine for another 3 years. This means probably that the upcoming Mortal Kombat that the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham City will run on an upgraded and refined the technology developed by Epic Games.

Starting today Steam Guard

Safety First Valve has announced that it has officially launched, starting today, the new security system Steam Guard. The service was previously in beta, but is now fully operational in the final version and it is a security system that aims to block access to the Steam account not recognized by computer, thus protecting the privacy and the security of the data they contain.

In practice, Steam Guard sends an email address registered with a prompt every time someone tries to access an account through a computer does not recognize. Gabe Newell seems to be quite certain about the security of the new system, so that revealing the password for your account to bystanders during the Game Developers Conference.

DAII: Patch 1.01 PC "official"

The patch 1.01 for the PC version of Dragon Age II is now officially available on Steam. Little or nothing has changed since the beta announced a few days ago by Bioware. As well as on Steam, you can download on the official game site. Dragon Age II Patch 1.1

Company of Heroes Online - Secure new recordings

The final act Now you can not register with Company of Heroes Online that, as announced by THQ in February, will close permanently on March 31 workshop. Despite the improvements, and despite the long beta Company of Heroes Online did not have sufficient evidence to be released permanently. It then closes the experiment in the field of Relic MMORTS and all that's left in the hands of the fans of the series is the hope that sooner or later arrivals Company of Heroes 2.

Square Enix looking forward to the future

Square Enix is \u200b\u200bplanning to open a new Canadian study, in which over 100 people will be employed in developing games for next-generation home console. The exact location where the new offices will rise has not been revealed, but the locations seem to be competing in Quebec, Montreal and Toronto.

The opening is scheduled for a yet unspecified date in 2012, as reported by the website of La Presse. "The new console from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo will require much more attention and many more staff," said the boss of Eidos Montreal, Stephane D'Astous. "We must find us prepared." Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have not yet talked about their next console, but the company of Mario is singled out as the closer the ad.

New projects in the pipeline for the developer of Machinarium

Maybe two games to be presented March 25 is the developer Czech Jakub Dvorsky of Amanita Design founder and author of the excellent graphic adventure Machinarium, who apparently is going to reveal what else was in Serbia for the foreseeable future few days. The event shown is the GameCityNights Nottingham festival, scheduled for March 25.

On that occasion Dvorský submit something, according to reports two new games with a double preview presentation. Besides these, there will be space to talk about the work of the developer on the film industry and video game Kooky.

3DS record at Amazon

The 3DS Nintendo console has officially become the most ever booked on the Amazon site. co. uk. The previous record belonged to PlayStation 3, but was exceeded by more than 20%. The Wii is backward as much as 56%. The 3DS pulverized also pre-orders of all the previous leaders of the DS family. The increase compared to the DSi, for example, was higher than 250%.

Here is the list of most console ever book on the mirror English Amazon:

Hoard arrives on Steam for PC and Mac

Dragons Hoard is a special multi-platform strategy game / shooter in which players are the dragons, to be launched against small and insignificant human. E 'already released on the PSN is coming to America and Europe, but the news today is that Sandwich Games has announced the arrival of the game on Steam, PC and Mac version in accordance with the principle of the Steam Play.

4 modes, 35 levels, online leaderboards, multiplayer cooperative and competitive four players are present in the original version, but more than this there is the night mode, the setting winter, new maps and objectives linked to Steam. The game, in essence, combines the characteristics of strategic shooter putting the control of dragons engaged in the destruction of villages and fortifications, or kidnapping princesses, as usual.

World of Tanks have a European date

World of Tanks will be released simultaneously in Europe and the United States on April 12. The announcement was the same developers of Wargaming. net, who threw heart and soul in the development of this particular free MMO based heavy war equipment. After 9 months of testing, therefore, World of Tanks is almost ready to debut and the team that created it is no longer in the skin.

"We worked hard to achieve a mix of action, simulation and RPG elements, and now the long awaited moment is around the corner," said the airline's boss, Victor Kislyi. World of Tanks holds the world record in terms of users simultaneously on a game server. It was established on Jan. 23 with 93,311 players in contemporary art.

Dead Island, a rival for Left 4 Dead?

Valve's Chet Faliszek, writer for Left 4 Dead, said the new game trailer of the horror of Techland, Dead Island, a potential rival for the series designed by the authors of Half-Life. "Fantastic, it's really a nice trailer," said a source Videogame. "I think it's great but I just had a son and I have an uncomfortable feeling.

Violence against children is unpleasant. Does not offend me but it's hard to watch the movie. However, it seems interesting, with an open world zombie game would be fantastic" . The two Left 4 Dead are structured primarily around a co-op for four players. Even Dead Island, which should debut later this year, will offer a co-op for four people, but the game will be set on an island and survival play a key role in the experience of the game.

Dynasty Warriors 7 to 253 thousand copies sold

Excellent debut The seventh chapter of the famous saga has sold well over 253,000 copies the first week of marketing in Japan. The tragedy that hit the country did not prevent Dynasty Warriors 7 to do better than its predecessor that has placed 50,000 copies to debut at less. In Japan, among other things, the title is exclusive to PS3 then the copies are sold on a single platform.

Dynasty Warriors 7 will arrive in the U.S. and Europe on 29 March and 8 April and will be available for both PS3 and 360.

Target more content to APB: Reloaded

GamersFirst revealed that profit dall'MMO APB: Reloaded will do a few thousand players simultaneously present on the server. The COO of the company, Bjorn Book-Larsson, said that these goals are modest compared to those that would serve to Realtime Worlds to reach break even with the original APB. "We do not want to mention the revenues that we are realistic enough for us but a few thousands of players simultaneously present to take advantage.

Square Enix is \u200b\u200bpreparing for new consoles

The next-next gen Despite the producers pull back as much as possible with respect to the statements on the end of the current generation and the arrival of new consoles, some developers apparently already want to prepare the advent of next gen. Square Enix in particular seems very purposeful, with the recent opening of a second study based in Canada that will accommodate at least 100 employees with the aim of creating high-caliber titles for the new generation of home consoles.

A new game for the author to Machinarium

Jakub Dvorsky, developer of point and click, published in 2009, Machinarium, will unveil its new project in a few days, GameCityNights during the event to be held in Nottingham on March 25. The developer has promised to announce two new games during the event. The founder of Amanita Design will also discuss his film, Kooky, also will be present also the designer Cory Schmitz.

Find more information on the review of Machinarium Videogame Source.

Official release date for World of Tanks

A world of tanks Wargaming. net today announced the release date in Europe and North America in World of Tanks, the free MMO that is going through 9 months in this part of various levels of beta test. The game is therefore intended to leave in the final version April 12, 2011 in Western markets. The purpose of MMO is the battle between armored vehicles taken from the Second World War, complete with scenes of destruction and the possibility of increasing its half.

Doug Church joins Valve

Doug Church, one of the persons to whom it was given the project of Steven Spielberg indicated codenamed LMNO, has teamed up with Valve. According to Gamasutra, Church has been working for two weeks to a project specified with Valve. In the past Doug Church has worked on games like Ultima, System Shock and Thief, as well as aiding in the development of Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider: Legend.

Subsequently, Church joined Electronic Arts, but the project which has worked with Steven Spielberg, LMNO, was removed from the publisher last year.

New images and trailer for SBK 2011

What does it take to better promote a play bike? I have just been released new images for SBK 2011, and a nice trailer titled "Live Action" in which we witness a reunion-type developer and publisher Black Bean Milestone, with a self-styled expert who explains what is needed to better promote a title like that.

The 2011 edition of the official game of the Superbike championship, once again all-Italian versions will be released in May in the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

Valve launches Steam Guard

Valve has released the Steam Guard feature that allows you to block a Steam account on one computer. Steam Guard was designed to prevent access of strangers to a Steam account and provides greater protection for the library of games on the service. Once activated the service, an e-mail confirmation is sent to the email address associated with the platform from Valve.

Steam Guard works but only with the second generation of Intel processors and Intel Coret Coret Vprot, using the Intel Identity Protection Technology developed by Intel.

Sony investigating PayPal account Geohot

Sony has obtained access PayPal account hacker George "Geohot" Hotz. I hope Judge Joseph gave the green light to Japan's company that let there be light on transactions that have led funds PayPal account "associated with geohot @ gmail. Com in the period between 1 January 2009 and February 1, 2011," reports Wired.

The data will be used to establish the geographical focus in the case that Sony sees the opposite of the hacker responsible for violating the PlayStation 3.

Crysis 2 "identical" on PS3 and X360

Crytek has responded to criticisms of the PlayStation 3 version of Crysis 2 FPS reiterating that the console versions are completely identical. As reported by IGN in a preview of the game by Crytek, the PlayStation 3 version would have a lower resolution than that of Crysis 2 on Xbox 360 and have problems of frame rate and tearing.

In an interview with the PlayStation Blog, the executive producer Nathan Camarillo has defended the game by denying all charges. "I challenge you to find a small difference by comparing the PS3 and X360 versions," Camarillo says, "I do not see any."

Dragon Quest IX to the best-selling series

Square Enix announced that Dragon Quest IX for Nintendo DS is the best selling game in the series Dargon Quest. As reported by Andriasang, Dragon Quest IX had reached 5.3 million copies sold around the world last December. Overall, the series has exceeded 57 million units sold worldwide, but DQ IX was the first to have passed the threshold of 5 million copies.

Last year, the producer Ryutaro Ichimura had revealed that the game draws its inspiration from the Western role-playing games such as Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Diablo. "For us, Dragon Quest IX is not part of the JRPG genre, unless you define any JRPG RPG created in Japan."