Thursday, February 10, 2011

Obsidian talks about the development of Dungeon Siege III

The PC version as a reference, the stability problems, and more Rich Taylor, project director of Dungeon Siege III, told Eurogamer that the microphones of the PC version of the game will be the reference, and that the current priorities of the development team regarding the elimination of bugs and blocks.

"Some elements of the project will be PC-centric," said Taylor, "especially in terms of controls. The players expect to click on the scene because the character moves accordingly, and to click on enemies to start a fight. For sure things will go this way. We must also add that the PC version of the game will boast a higher resolution and texture in a general compartment of the best visual impact.

What future for Call of Duty?

The CEO of Activision, Bobby Kotick, has revealed more details on the study on the innovative platform Beachhead and Call of Duty created by the division. "We currently have several teams and studies concerned with the development of online and services. Our leadership is strengthened and today we announced the creation of the study Beachhead, who will undergo only one platform and unique content and services for our community of Call of Duty.

TV spots of black and white version Pokémon

There is a growing expectation among the fans of the series Pokemon Pokemon Black and White are the latest incarnation of one of Nintendo's most successful franchise, and will be available in Italy since March 4. Among the new features highlight the two new players, the polygonal graphics engine, the completely redesigned interface and the ability to hone their combat skills by using the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Activision opens the study Beachhead

Activision has announced the opening of a new study, Beachhead. The developer will be to create digital content for Call of Duty series. According to the CFO of Activision, Thomas Tippl, the division will deal exclusively 'the development of a new platform and services for Call of Duty. " "Beachhead will create the best online communities, will carry exclusive content and a range of services to enhance the online gaming experience.

Treyarch tackles the issue of new bugs in Call of Duty: Black Ops

"In an ideal world, we would like to make a game bug-proof" Josh Olin, Treyarch community manager, said in an interview with gamers that the PS3 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops is not the only one to suffer a few bugs, but which the team is constantly working to please the fans. "The problems that were found on PlayStation 3 and PC are not exclusive to these versions.

Even on the Xbox 360 we've had our troubles. There are contingencies on all platforms," he said. "It 's unfortunate that these bugs should exist to strength. In an ideal world we would like to make a game bug-proof, but I think there is only one developer in the world capable of obtaining a similar result." "There are hundreds of thousands - even millions - of gamers on PlayStation 3 that have never encountered a problem.

No skate for Activision in 2011

For the first time since 1999, in 2011, Activision will not publish a new skateboarding game. In the past few hours, the COO of Activision, Thomas Tippl, confirmed that due to the negative reception given by critics to Tony Hawk: Ride and poor sales of the last game of the series, Tony Hawk: Shred, the Tony Hawk franchise take a break of one year.

"We will not publish new music games or skate in 2011," said Tippl. For the future, the publisher seems to want to focus particularly on licensed products and licenses thicker: the games developed by Blizzard, Call of Duty series and the new project Bungie are probably the areas on which focus the efforts of publisher has already announced that it has closed its gaming division, which includes the music business for Guitar Hero.

World of Goo for iPad just 99 cents

In the App store, every so often tend to find some games on offer prices, including major developers such as Gameloft, EA, Capcom, Sega and Namco Bandai have reduced their catalog prices for handheld game from now until February 14, Valentine's Day. Among the best deals is the game World of Goo HD for the iPad, which normally has a value of $ 9.99 and has now fallen to just 0.99 for the next 24 hours.

Available on Source Videogame Demo Dungeons

Ready for download ... It is available here in the pages of Multipalyer. en demo Dungeons. This is a file from the weight of about 500 MB. You can download it directly to the download page for the title, callable at this address.

Spider-Man, X-Men and Transformers in 2011, Activision

Activision has announced the publication in 2011 of a new Spider-Man and a game in the series Family Guy. To confirm it, during a conference call with shareholders, was the CEO of Activision Publishing Eric Hirshberg, who reiterated the importance of games for licensing to the strategies of the publisher.

"In 2011 we will launch two titles focus on the film: a new X-Men based on the X-Men: First Class 3 and Transformers, whose debut will coincide with the launch of the Michael Bay blockbuster." "Also in 2011, launching new products based on franchises Spider-Man, Bakugan, the TV show Wipeout and Family Guy, and a new episode of the Cabela's Hunting." They are all franchises are well positioned, with a niche of fans will enable us to succeed.

Mickey Epic has sold well, according to Disney

The title of Junction Point has helped increase the revenues of the Interactive Media In spite of many staff reductions in recent months suffered from Disney Interactive and Junction Point, the study by Warren Spector, Epic Mickey: The Legendary Challenge Mickey has had good results in terms of sales.

The division of Disney Interactive Media has obtained 349 million dollars in revenues during the first quarter, and apparently the console games (especially Epic and Mickey Toy Story 3) have played a significant role in achieving these figures. We can therefore expect a sequel to the title of Warren Spector? Source: Eurogamer

Torchlight II Postponed

The action RPG Torchlight II will be available starting in July, tells the developer Runic Games. The postponement was caused by the development of the Xbox Live version of the first Torchlight, said Max Schaefer, CEO at Digital Spy. "The extra work on the interface of the Xbox project has forced us to postpone Torchlight II, is likely to be available in July," says Schaefer.

"The game is great, though. Working in the Xbox version we have developed some measures that we implement in Torchlight II PC. "We reduced the loading time, the animations are more fluid and feel of the game is definitely better. Torchlight is available on PCs in 2009, to March, the action RPG will arrive on Xbox Live Arcade, while the sequel to the Runic jump the date originally set for spring 2011 but it will come this summer with a promising co-op.

Crysis 2: new movie from the multiplayer

Impressive ... Electronic Arts has released a new movie on the expected Crysis 2, sequel in development at Crytek on the PC and for the first time on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This is a video dedicated to the multiplayer segment of production, and explains some of the fundamental aspects: Nanot, weapons, ambushes and maps.

You can find it attached as always at the bottom of the article. Crysis 2 - Multiplayer Trailer

No to the subpoena to Google

The attempt by Sony to sue the various Google, YouTube, Twitter, Squidoo and PayPal in the PS3 Jailbreak case was dismissed by Judge Susan Illston, as reported by PSX-Scene (via VG247). A few days ago we talked about Sony's willingness to sue the various Google, Twitter and YouTube, and to compel operators to reach the Japanese company the personal data on hackers involved in the dissemination of information relating to a breach of the PlayStation 3.

Diablo III on consoles is a real possibility

Fingers crossed ... There is talk once again of Diablo III for consoles. In fact, the Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime said that the chances of the highly anticipated title in the console version are not so remote, though the software company still prefers the system PC. It would thus be an option that would have frozen the company until a concrete decision in any case far from remote.

We await future developments. Source: VG247

On the web images to Reach Defiant

Net are some leaked pictures of the new map pack for the Xbox 360 exclusive, Halo: Reach. According to the French portal Halo Destiny published images from the site belonged to the Defiant Map Pack Halo: Reach but were subsequently removed at the request of Microsoft and Bungie (via Joystiq). For now, the images are still available on Flickr.

According to the French portal, the DLC includes three maps: The frigate Condemned, and the vast Unearthed Highland, map where a Covenant cruiser threatens planet. The first map pack for Halo: Reach was published by Microsoft last November. Even then, the DLC included three scenarios.

Book on Steam Homefront: Metro 2033 free

A comic for Batman: Arkham City

A series of comics will be the bridge between Batman: Arkham Asylum Arkham and its sequel, City, announced the publisher Warner Bros. Written by Paul Dini, scenaggiatore the animated series Batman: The Series, and designed by the artist Carlos D'Anda, the six cartoon series Batman: Arkham City tells the story of man bat in the year after the events recounted in Arkham Asylum.

The first two episodes will be available from May at a price of $ 2.99, while the new game Rocksteady arrive this autumn on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

PES 2011 for Android devices

Now Available for Android PES 2011, with all the realism and atmosphere of the game football in this new medium. In this version the gameplay is still pretty complete, with a variety of passing and movement and set pieces available to users, they will face a dynamic AI will react as they do the real equipment on the field.

The game has a control system called True FlowTM, which gives players the ability to very easily, plus you could use the device's touch screen to play. His graphic section is an astonishing level for this type of device, recreating an atmosphere of game very realistic. It is the only licensed game of UEFA, the UEFA Champions League (TM) and the UEFA Champions League (TM) present, and UEFA Super Cup (TM).

Activision: Bungie has huge potential

But still no details ... Many are waiting for the first details on the new production signed Bungie, after the transition to Activision. For now, however, still nothing on the horizon, apart from some very interesting statements of Activision. In fact, according to the well-known video game giant, Bungie would have an enormous potential be exploited, in particular as regards the future peche also the launch of the alleged title should not come in 2011.

After Guitar Hero is the turn of DJ Hero

After the demobilization of the Guitar Hero series, Activision has an ax to cut down on another IP Music, DJ Hero. The CEO of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg said that the entire division of the publisher involved in the business of music games goes to the closing. Yet to define the future developer of DJ Hero, Freestyle Games, and to Vicarious Visions for the moment the company merely confirms the dismissal of 500 employees as part of a restructuring process.

The Smurfs undermine Angry Birds on the App Store

An unexpected enemy threat blue Angry Birds appeared on the ranking of the most profitable games in the App Store: Smurfs' Village, or the Smurf Village, is a close second place but it looks very threatening. It is a kind of management style in Farmville, and below the surface of free, mostly innocent Smurfs to hide the usual maelstrom of micro-transactions, which obviously are working great for Capcom, having won the position in the standings.

The game from Bungie / Activision jumps in 2011

The first game of the series for Activision Bungie will develop within a ten-year agreement will not arrive in stores by the end of 2011, the publisher has confirmed. During the conference call with shareholders at which it was announced the cancellation of True Crime and the Guitar Hero series, Activision Publishing's CEO, Eric Hirshberg said that the game will not come from Bungie in 2011 but that the wait will be repaid.

DICE: Battlefield 3 for dedicated servers, no mod tools at launch

Some information from the producer Patrick Bach, a producer engaged DICE on Battlefield 3, confirmed that the third installment of the military will use dedicated servers for multiplayer online. The thing probably satisfy fans of the game and online experience, as the issue of having dedicated servers is definitely frowned upon by the gaming community for the greater reliability of the online platform.

True Crime "uncompetitive"

True Crime: Hong Kong has been canceled because, according to Activision the game did not meet acceptable quality standards, said the CEO of Activision Publishing, Eric Hirshberg. "Even our most optimistic forecasts clearly indicated to us that the game could not compete with the best titles in the category.

In an industry where only the best games of all kinds have happened this title was not sufficiently competitive." "To be successful you have to give players the best possible quality, and the cancellation of True Crime derives from this principle. They are difficult decisions to make but we believe it is fair to give the titles to consumers who want to play." Still uncertain the future of United Front Games, developers of the title and just deleted the arcade racing game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable ModNation Racers.

The global ranking of the publisher of the votes according to Metacritic

We pull a bit 'of money Metacritic, the site that condenses the votes of the leading magazines devoted to the media - including multiplayer. it in the video games - by an average of all ratings for each stock on the market, has compiled the annual list of most deserving publisher based in fact to the average found for their games in the catalog.

On the basis of votes won in 2010 by its games, the first place it Take-Two Interactive, in particular for the excellent media captured by Red Redemption and Dead average score on all catalog 2010, 77.1 . In second place are Nintendo, with the tip of Super Mario Galaxy (97), however, that you place behind Take-Two with an overall average of 76.1, followed by Capcom (Super Street Fighter IV, the best result with 92) and his average of 74.5.

Meat Boy invades Super Rock Band

Three songs from the soundtrack of Super platformer Meat Boy coming soon on the Rock Band Network, has announced the composer Danny Baranowsky. As reported by Joystiq, the tracks in question will be The Battle of Lil 'Slugger, Can o' Salt and BetUS Blues. Yet to announce the launch date of the songs on the store's digital music game.

According Baranowsky the songs still come "soon". It should soon reach even new levels promised by the Meat Team owners of the Xbox 360 version of the platform. PC gamers, however, from one day to get the level editor for Super Meat Boy.

Discounts for Atlus PlayStation Network

50% on other stuff too, it's time for Atlus discounts, but in this case the platform of choice is the PlayStation Network, the digital delivery of PlayStation 3 and PSP titles in the catalog that is home to some of the Japanese publisher in full format and downloadable. We do not know at the moment whether the initiative is already available on the European section of the online platform, in any case these are the deals reported by Destructoid, valid until February 15: Persona 3 Portable $ 19.99 person $ 19.99 Knights in the Knightmare $ 14.99 Yggdra Union $ 7.49 Riviera: The Promised Land Force $ 14.99 $ 7.49 Hexyz Kenka Banks: Badass Rumble Droplitz $ 19.99 $ 4.99 $ 7.49 R-Type Command Crimson Gem Steamboat Chronicles Battle Saga $ 14.99 $ 7.49 Class Tournament of Heroes: $ 19.99 Hammerin 'Hero $ 9.99

Blizzard two games by 2012

Blizzard will release two games by the end of 2012, tells the publisher. During a conference call with shareholders, the CFO, Activision-Blizzard Tippl Thomas said that if Blizzard does not publish a game in 2011, the year should reach "at least" two. Tippl did not specify the name of the game, but probably the CFO of Activision was referring to action RPG Diablo III and the second chapter of StarCraft II, Heart of the Swarm.

It appears for the first time the logo for Halo 5

halo 5!! 11 Okay, not exactly what can be considered an official announcement, but at least the story is curious. The American news Channel 4 News has released a documentary on the Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, which in addition to showing the beautiful structures that form the basis of the U.S.

House of software focuses on a sort of futuristic model of living simply run with the movements of users are used to activate lights and various media. The wait will see more, around 2:20 minutes, the logo for Halo 5 Comparison of different icons projected on the walls, apparently made a vision of the future of entertainment at Microsoft.

Activision "Guitar Hero demobilized"

Activision has spoken of the reasons that led the publisher to cancel the development of new Guitar Hero music games in the series. "Because of the continuing decline of the musical genre, the company's business smobiliterà Guitar Hero, Activision Publishing and stop the development of Guitar Hero expected in 2011," reads a statement from the publisher.

The layoffs, which would have involved the staff at Vicarious Visions have not been confirmed officially by the publisher. Emphasized instead the cancellation of the new True Crime: "The company will stop the development of True Crime: Hong Kong. These decisions are derived from the desire to focus on the achievement of the best interactive experiences available on the market."

New video Homefront

The Second American Revolution comes from THQ and through a new video for Machinima Homefront, yet the style film for the special ambiance of apocalyptic war that characterizes the game. "The Second American Revolution has begun," reads the opening words of this video, that among assorted destruction, invasion forces, weapons and amusement shows us new views of the hypothetical North America invaded by Koreans as a backdrop to the action of Homefront.

All the numbers on the beta for Killzone 3

During the beta of Killzone 3 350 000 games were played for a total of 58 million murders, Sony made it known. According to the PlayStation Blog, there are about 500,000 people appeared on the online leaderboards, and two players have exceeded one million experience points. Thanks to feedback from the community, developers have resolved a number of connection problems and minor bugs.

"We are delighted to have found these problems now and not later during the Beta launch of the game," said a spokesman for Guerrilla. "The test will be of great help when the players are much more numerous than the debut of the game." Killzone 3 will be available from February 25 on PlayStation 3.

Check the first image of Reach Halo: Defiant

But once you remove a site called Halo Destiny has recently published what appears to be linked to the first image Defiant Map Pack, which should be a new set of maps dedicated to Halo: Reach. Apparently, the DLC should contain three maps called "Condemned," "Unearthed," and "Highlands." Microsoft has imposed immediate removal of images and details relating to the matter, which plays into the truth of what the website reported.

Capcom games on sale on the App Store

Discounts also by Capcom, Namco and Sega on the App Store

New season balances Capcom, Namco, Sega and join the new season of sales on the App Store started yesterday by Gameloft, offering several discount securities for iPhone and iPod Touch all between 79 cents and € 3.99. Here is the list of games that fall in the promotion, which also includes very interesting things like Devil May Cry 4 Refrain, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 and Ace Combat Xi, to cite examples.

First Strike in March on the PS3 and PC

First Strike, the first map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops, will arrive on March 3 on PlayStation 3, Activision has announced. The publisher did not provide the date of launch of the DLC on PC, but has promised that the maps will arrive by the end of March. On Xbox 360, where the package is available for some days, First Strike has registered 1.4 million downloads in 24 hours.