Thursday, January 13, 2011

New gameplay from Shogun 2: Total War

A bit 'of mechanical ... Creative Assembly gives us new material for the second Shogun: Total War, since real-time strategy which will come from next March 15, 2011 exclusively on the PC platform. It is this time a new video of particular interest, given the purely in-game content and above all fully localized in Italian.

You can judge directly with the file attached below at the bottom of the article. Shogun 2: Total War - Gameplay Trailer (Italian)

James Cameron appreciates the 3D Crysis 2

Especially for that ... Apparently even James Cameron is insensitive to the gaming world and its productions. In fact, according to reports in the Edge magazine, the Canadian director - author of pelliccole film the likes of Titanic and Avatar - was recently viewed at the offices Crytek's highly anticipated Crysis 2, appreciating the key features including support for 3D.

This was confirmed by Cevat Yerli, Crytek president and creative director, who then specified as the stereoscopic technology introduced in Crysis 2, that in fact viewed and appreciated by the expert eye of Cameron, is the result of nearly three years of development in this direction. Source: Edge

Guerrilla individually chose to support the Move in Killzone 3

No pressure for Guerrilla The controversy concerning the presunza forcing Sony to force the internal development teams to support the Move subjected to a second denial. The first arrived last month from Naughty Dog who have denied any kind of pressure by Sony in connection with the motion controller Move.

And now the same guys Guerrilla ensures strong team will renew Killzone with this third installment. For the same reason the developer is also keen stereoscopic 3D. Source: CVG

Boxshot and confirmed dates for Motorstorm Apcalypse

Evolution Studios confirmed the release dates of the two covers public and official confirmation for the dates of Motorstorm that Apocalypse will arrive in Europe on March 16 and will arrive in the United States on April 12. A dress a pleasant surprise came the two covers. To the left and right that the European American.

Activision is celebrating the success of Megadeth and Soundgarden

A free song for all the fans via a press release from Activision launches a celebration following the nomination of the two groups during the Grammy Awards. The pieces of Sudden Death and Megadeth Soundgarden Black Rain, included in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock, were named respectively for the categories "Best Metal Performance" and "Best Hard Rock Performance" for the new edition of the Grammy Awards.

Kojima Productions takes

Kojima seeks new recruits to develop the new Metal Gear Solid with a formal announcement in Japanese, unfortunately, Kojima has made the search for new members to the staff of the next Metal Gear Solid. The announcement, published by adriasang. com, covers a huge range of positions that will deal with graphics, Netcode, plug.

ins, audio and character creation. Applications range from modeling and reaching interface design and concept art REQUEST FOR specialists suggests that the development has not yet begun. Source: adriansang. com Update: Even if the ad is about Next Generation Metal Gear Solid on the pages to use it specifically refers to skills related to PC/PS3/Xbox360.

This game caused a sensation at Berlin Wall

Have you ever heard of in 1378 (km)? To the uninitiated it is a German game for PC, dividing the players into two teams, provides the first in the shoes of a group of refugees whose task is to overcome the Berlin Wall, while the second assumes the role the "soldiers of frontier officers to shoot on sight anyone who attempts to violate the boundaries.

Despite a very questionable concept, the title has been a great success - the online servers have collapsed after just one hour after its official launch, took place shortly before Christmas, according to the magazine The Week. As might be expected in Germany, however, the controversy rages to the point that the well-known newspaper BILD has titled "The questionable shoot'em up will be censored?".

The co-founder of Atari talks about the future of video games

The secret of success is the change if it is risky to create something new, create something better than what has been created is even more risky, and it is damn complicated. This is the idea of Al Alcorn, creator of Pong and co-founder of Atari, in an interview with VentureBeat has repeatedly stressed the need to break new ground.

The developer has nevertheless added that when he approached the issue of digital entertainment world was experiencing was far less complicated and easier, cheaper and more fun. Today, however, the aversion to risk is proportional to the enormous amount of money invested in video games.

Friend Codes with the 3DS?

It seems that Nintendo will confirm the unpopular system of online matchmaking Friend Codes also 3DS, or at least that is what it seems on the issue based 3D Street Fighter IV. According to what reported in the preview of the game published by Famitsu (thanks Andriasang) will be necessary to exchange your friend code with anyone who wishes to challenge then online - even if they are otherwise present the classic "Quick Match" and "Custom Match" for games anonymous.

New promotion on Xbox Live

Three additional bonus for those who introduces a friend in the world of Xbox Live Gold Three new bonus guaranteed to those who can convince a friend to go to Xbox Live Gold service fee dedicated to the Microsoft console. If you get a friend joined the Silver to Gold membership, you and your friend will get 400 Microsoft Point-to-head or even 600 depending on the offer that is currently active.

A date for MotorStorm: Apocalypse

Today in Sony and Evolution Studios have finally announced that the highly anticipated MotorStorm: Apocalypse will reach the shelves of European stores on March 16, or just over two months. The U.S. version, however, comes a few weeks later, namely April 5. In addition to the official date, the development team has also unveiled the cover of the game - you can see just below.

"With this cover we want people to understand just what this new game offers," said Matt Southern, director of game play. And what do you think?

A secret project for Cryptic

MMORPG developer is working on a top secret project The ability to keep secrets Cryptic has already been confirmed by the development of Star Trek Online on the sly. But, despite attempts to innovate the genre and the excellent ability of the developer, the software company famous for its engagement with super heroes dedicated to the MMO has not yet broken through in the genre online.

Is this the right time? The statement speaks of "overcoming the limitations of traditional MMORPG." The words of Cryptic bodes well though for now they are just words, except for new positions available on the page devoted to staff requests. Source: Cryptic Studios

Kojima working on a new MGS

With an announcement published on the official Konami Japan (thank Andriasang), we learn, with some surprise that Hideo Kojima and his team are currently looking for new types implanted in the body corporate to develop "next-generation products belonging to the franchise Metal Gear Solid. According to the specified requirements, the shape required in the field of programming should have experience in developing products for PC, PS3 and X360, while on the graphic, the KP is looking for people interested in conducting processes CG research on new generation.

Finally a game trailer for Need For Speed SHIFT 2 Unleashed

A short trailer at night for the new Need For Speed The short trailer of course does not allow us to draw conclusions but it seems to show improved lighting for the new engine used in SHIFT 2 Unleashed. The title will include improvements to both the management of various types of wear of the vehicle is the multiplayer component and offer a wide range of events.

At the same time was also revealed that the release date is set for March 25 in Europe. Need for Speed Shift 2: Unleashed - Trailer in game

Sledgehammer on the next Call of Duty

Following the publication of an ad for a vacancy on the development team of what is described as the "next Call of Duty." Sledgehammer Games has hinted, even in an office that will develop the next chapter of the famous war shooter. "Would you like to be able to contribute to the development of the new Call of Duty on behalf of Sledgehammer?" It said in the ad.

"If the answer is yes then please get in touch." As required by Pachter last month, the next COD, scheduled for November this year, the company will therefore formed in 2009 by Glen Schofield and Michael Condrey, former members of Visceral Games. Currently there are no details whatsoever on the project, but it is likely that the reference platforms will be as always PC, PS3 and 360.

Messi PES betrays

Fifa 11 massacres of hearts among the ranks of soccer players appeared on page one twit to Twitter the FIFA Interactive World Cup has shown, by the declaration of the player Gerard Pique from Barcelona, the star of Pro Evolution Soccer 2011, Lionel Messi , is a fervent fan of Fifa. Besides the promotional skills of Messi has already failed during a recent gala for the award of the Ballon d'Or.

Announced the date of Shift 2: Unleashed

EA today announced that Shift 2: Unleashed, the last chapter of the famous car Need for Speed franchise, will be available in Europe since March 25. New details also concerning the Limited Edition of the game that will allow those who buy to get access to 40 career events and to get their hands on three exclusive cars: the Nissan Silvia spec.

R Aero (S15), the Alfa Romeo and Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 QV. Career-related events include the purchase of the Limited Edition stand out 'Single-Type race events', where all riders will compete on the same car model, the' Old vs. New Challenge events', where vintage cars will compete with their modern counterparts, and finally the 'Manufacturer Showdown events', which will stage the challenges of the most historic and representative of the automotive landscape.

Relic and Itagaki together

An unexpected collaboration between two very different philosophies Relic will help the creator of Ninja Gaiden in the development of Devil's Third. Leaving aside the geographical distance, what is most surprising of this collaboration is a special detail. Relic has yet to publish its first action and Space Marine is based mechanical significantly different from those of securities made by Itagaki.

Reich UTV still under development

Reich, sci-fi shooter developed by Ignition Entertainment, has not been canceled. This was announced by a company representative. UTV Ignition has recently entrusted the development of the game to an internal study based in Austin, Texas. Reich has been shown for the first time a few years ago but the game will have very little information.

Below is a recent movie is not showing some action sequences Ignition title. Possible, however, that the gameplay has been heavily modified since then.

Halo: Reach, the co-op still does not work without the hard drive

One of the few promises that the Bungie-Microsoft duo has maintained despite the separation of Bungie by Microsoft Game Studios is incomprehensible lack of a fix for the problem facing the cooperative mode of Halo: Reach. To access the cooperative is in fact the last chapter of Halo still need the hard disk even though Microsoft has repeatedly assured that this is a temporary problem.

But considering that nobody knows anything about it, and that four months is a lot over the lifetime of a video game, it begins to raise the doubt that this issue is resolved.