Monday, March 7, 2011

[GDC 2011] Cliff Bleszinski was impressed by Demon's Souls

They serve the most complete multiplayer experience developer Epic Games has enhanced Demon's Souls at a conference held at the GDC. What struck Cliffy B. was undoubtedly the multiplayer title of From Software. "Now when we play multiplayer games is as if we were hoping to meet someone in public. We should follow the best ways to plan this part."

SOCOM: Special Forces, here are the trophies

Revealed by the PlayStation Blog PlayStation Blog Italian The Italian has just published the list of trophies that will be available in the upcoming SOCOM: Special Forces, the fourth episode of the series developed by Zipper Interactive exclusively for the Sony console. Trophies Bronze Commander elite - Complete Campaign Mission History in Elite difficulty N00b - Complete a match in multiplayer competitive Proficient - Complete a match in any competitive multiplayer modes combined Assault - Complete Mission mode Custom Campaign Co Op-Honor of Merit - Complete Campaign Mission Custom Public expenditure in single player - Get a total of 10 air attacks during your career from heaven Death - Kill 5 enemies with a single air raid recovery - Destroy a total of 50 vehicles during your career Attack Invisible - Stealth kill a total of 10 enemies in one mission Grenadier - Deletes a total of 25 enemies with explosives during your career Crowd control - Eliminates 3 enemies with a single explosive Murderess of the century - Delete a total of 100 enemies during your career Cacciazucche - Deletes a total of 100 enemies with headshots during your career Tweaks - Delete 3 enemies in a row with headshots Vorpal - Deletes a total of 25 enemies with attacks combat during the battle of your medical career - Run a total of 25 partners during the resuscitation of your career Armed to the teeth - Unlock all weapons to use in campaign mode is called Vera - to master a weapon in a Oracle mode - Recover information in a mission of the Campaign History Hidden Trophies (15) Silver Trophies undercover agents - in the shoes of 45, do not get caught in a mission of the Campaign History Wonder - Complete one mission on each of the custom campaign map in single player Co-op or Murderess of the millennium - Deletes a total of 1000 enemies during your career expert strategy - Complete Mission in Campaign History using only teammates to eliminate the enemy information warfare - Get all the information in the Campaign History Trophy hidden (1) Gold Trophy Best ever - Complete the Campaign on Elite difficulty daredevil History - Complete a total of 100 goals in your career Delicious! - Get the mastery of a weapon for each class in a mode of 45 elite - in the shoes of 45, secretly kill a total of 45 enemies in Campaign History Trophy Platinum sooner said than done - Get all the trophies of bronze, silver Gold and SOCOM 4 Source: PlayStation Blog Italian

The creator of Minecraft has three projects in mind

Space Simulators, sims alternative and fantasy football is still talking about Markus 'Notch' Persson, mastermind and creator in Mojang Minecraft. On the other hand, the game in question is basically a social phenomenon of mass, or almost. After announcing Scrolls, new trading card game and possible digital future for Minecraft, it seems there are three other projects that are buzzing in the minds of Persson.

[GDC 2011] Pictures, video interview and trailer for Pride of Nations

Continue the review by Paradox Interactive at the GDC turn-based strategy set during the colonial era of the nineteenth century, Pride of Nations will be available beginning April 3 PC version only. In the game you can control different countries (USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, Russia, Austria-Hungary and Italy) during the period between 1850 and 1920, determining their success in the colonial, industrial and military.

[GDC 2011] Pictures, video interview and trailer for Magna Mundi

"Buy gold, arouses fear, hope, promise" Virtual Universe Made by the Spanish team, which specializes in video game history, "Magna Mundi is a RTS rich in detail and depth, we will deal with a large number of scenarios of great historical importance: the fall of Constantinople, the rise of the Roman Empire, the wars of feudal Japan and so on.

There will be over four hundred countries that we can control, through three hundred years of history. The gameplay of the game promises to be varied and engaging, but without sacrificing plausibility of the situations presented. The engine used for the title, finally, will be the same as the famous Europa Universalis III.

A date for Red Faction: Battlegrounds

Red Faction: Battlegrounds, THQ title developed specifically for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, will be released during the first week of April. To be precise, the XBLA version will be available from April 5, while the NDP will arrive the next day. Battlegrounds, announced in August 2010, will be a sort of Destruction Derby, with particular emphasis on the multiplayer up to 4 players.

Special edition for Persona 3 in Europe

The collector's publisher Ghostlight has announced a special edition of Persona 3 for his arrival on the European market set for next month. As stated by the game's official website, the Collector's Edition will contain the following elements: a hardcover art book with 48 pages 6 special cards with illustrations to a limited edition A3 poster artwork for the cover reversible all within slipcase with an exclusive artwork Below the image of the special edition.

Rebellion also becomes a "social"

The developers of Alien vs. Predator opened a new division that will focus on developing games for social networks. According to the words of the President, Jason Kingsley, seems to have been the success of the Facebook version of Evil Genius to stimulate the appetite of the team. "The world of video games has changed," said Kingsley, "now there are no more only PC or console players, but players who make daily use social networks and smartphones." No new game was announced, but the intention is to develop titles that take their cue from the experience of the company to reach new players.

[GDC 2011] Video interview for Naval War: Arctic Circle

Do you like the naval battle? Scheduled for early next year, Naval War: Arctic Circle is one of the titles Paradox Interactive has presented at the GDC 2011, releasing an interesting video interview with the developers. This is a RTS where the player will control naval and air forces in a series of battles in which the stake is world domination.

The game will feature two campaigns in single player (Russia and NATO), and online multiplayer terribly vast explorable area, amounting to thirty-five million square kilometers. Naval War: Arctic Circle - Video interview

SOCOM 4 Trophies Revealed

LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, the exclusive new trailer Videogame Source

The quartet was rebuilt brick by brick in about two months from the shops, scheduled for May, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean back to appear with a trailer in Italian and Multiplayer. it gives you a preview. The video draws liberally humor typical of the LEGO series has always taken care of by Traveller's Tales, and takes a little 'around the characters and situations seen in the four films produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

What future for the father of Minecraft?

The creator of Minecraft, Markus 'Notch' Persson, already has three new projects in mind for the near future. Notch has made it known to the Rock Paper Shotgun site that would create a "space trading simulator" style Elite. "I'd really like a lot, but for this project I would need a very long time and I do not know what happened could be collected." Secondly, Persson wants to invade the territory of Will Wright.

The data of GDC 2011, the dates of the next

A record numbers of records for the Games Developer Conference 2011 edition: the organizers announce today the number of people agreed that the event has just ended in San Francisco. ThinkServices announced that 19,000 people were present during the event, a record that exceeds the previous edition of 18,000 set last year.

Already confirmed then the GDC 2012, which will take place 5 to 9 March 2012, always at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco.

A Persona 3 Special Edition

The third chapter in the Persona series, to be released on PSP in a few weeks, will have a Special Edition just announced by publisher Ghostlight. According to details published on the official website, this collector's edition will contain: In addition to this, some retailers also offer a free t-shirt to those who pre-ordered the game.

Homefront: The multiplayer video

The war at home THQ distributes a new video on Homefront, this time entirely devoted to the multiplayer segment. The FPS in question has now been launched as gold and is about to reach the market, where we expect that, in addition to the positive audience response, will unleash a little 'controversy because of his fanta-political context quite controversial, all based on the confrontation between U.S.

New patch coming for Modern Warfare 2

Yet Another Update coming for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the communication comes from a message on Twitter by Robert Bowling. Apparently, the patch will arrive on March 8 (tomorrow) on the PlayStation 3 and shortly after, on yet to be specified, for the Xbox 360 and PC. The main goal, as always, is the protection from hacking and the increase in security systems linked to the game, particularly in the online sector.

Need for Speed Shift 2 Unleashed: Autolog in the new video

Challenges to a distance of innovative features that most people believe in the recent Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was the autologous or an integrated system of communication, data transmission and exchange of information between users within the game. In fact, a platform-style online social network inserted into the very fabric of the game, that this is a racing game with strong multiplayer component is certainly apt addition.

Killzone 3 in front of everyone in Italy

In the week between 21 and 27 February 2011, the best-selling console game in Italy was Killzone 3. The game developed by Dutch Guerrilla Games (first and second with the standard and EC) in the standings before Bulletstorm. The game published by EA, contrary to what generally happens in the Italian market, where are the PlayStation 3 versions of the games multi-platform sales to record the most significant, appears in the top ten in the Xbox 360.

The new Blizzard MMO will be "more complementary than competing"

Pestiamoci not speak again to the feet of the famous, yet very mysterious new MMO in development at Blizzard. The big question that arises by combining the home of massively multiplayer Diablo scope is the relationship that can deal with the new game World of Warcraft, the MMORPG landscape of global monopolist.

Blizzard has repeatedly confirmed that this is something "different" and not necessarily in direct contrast, what is reiterated here. Paul Sams has defined the new title "more complementary than competitive" against WoW: "We know that people have a limited amount of time to devote to this kind of games," said Sams, "but we firmly believe that players will want to experience both the old and new and we think that the new is very interesting and is intended to capture the attention of many.

Nintendo 3DS recognizes the use of flash cards that are illegal?

It captures everything! 11 As reported by GoNintendo from what appears to be a notice released by the Japanese retailer Enterking, it seems that there is a possibility that Nintendo 3DS is able to record in a log the possible use of flash cart (type R4) or similar cartridges are not recognized by Nintendo.

Such registration would leave a trace in the console, and may even stop the machine through software updates system, rendering it useless. "3DS not available for purchase: if you use illegal or equipment not approved by Nintendo or customized applications are not recognized," says a handbill Enterking intended for any users who want to sell their Nintendo 3DS, "there is a possibility that Nintendo does not become 3DS update through bootable system.

Bungie sull'MMO: "A joke"

A few days ago, during the Game Developers Conference, Bungie stated that the new game company would be a "massively multiplayer action game." But now the authors of Halo seems to be back to where they started, and in a message posted on the website of the company talk about a joke. "David Aldridge thought everyone had realized it was a joke," reads the website of Bungie.

"Unfortunately, almost nobody could catch him." The airline's website can be found in the text of Bungie at the Game Developers Conference. As for the mysterious Halo project that the authors developed for Activision, however, the study did not contradict the numerous rumors that the game on the basis of ten-year contract with the publisher would be just an MMO, 's exactly a "World of Warcraft in space", according to rumor.

Pokémon dominates UK charts

Nobody is against the Pokémon Chart-Track has released the usual weekly sales data regarding the gaming market in the UK, allowing you to draw the traditional ranking of UK sales. Despite the very rich week, both Black & White Pokémon versions have been established at the top of the rankings, occupying the first and second place, first place Champion's Fight Night, and Bulletstorm Killzone 3, in that order.

Using flashcards pirate recorded by 3DS

The Nintendo 3DS could save the use of flashcards and pirated Nintendo could then disable firmware upgrade via the console users running illegal copies of games. A return is the web portal of the Japanese retailer Enterking (via GoNintendo), that warns consumers the choice by Nintendo to disable console on which it was used pirated software.

"Enterking refuses to buy 3DS systems on which you run illegal software," reads the site.

"Core games" for Kinect on the rise, says Microsoft

We will see many other Kevin Unangst, senior producer at Microsoft, said that "other" games "core" to Kinect are in production with the development team and will come soon. With this, the Redmond would like to reassure all that the device for the Xbox 360 games, there are several dedicated to the public "hardcore" or otherwise properly videogiocante.

Examples are taken Child of Eden (which also has little arcade classic) and Gunstringer but "you will see many others." Among the titles still present but there is certainly interest among other things, a Star Wars game from LucasArts and Forza Motorsport 4 with its unique hybrid control system between the controller and Kinect.

1980s Legends Championship Manager

Square Enix has announced the sequel to 1970s Legends Championship Manager with a new game that football fans back in the 80s. "Championship Manager 1980s to administer the most prestigious clubs of the decade and to treat thousands of players that have made the fortunes of their clubs in the '80s," reads the official description of the game.

"It seems that the 80s are not yet past," said general manager Roy Meredith. "1980s Legends allows you to manage the greatest football talents of the 80 images are able to immerse the player in time." Championship Manager 1980s will be available this month.

New video for Dragon Age II

Gameplay ... Electronic Arts and Bioware have released a new trailer for Dragon Age II, expected action / RPG to be published on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. This is a movie of gameplay from one of the main quest that will be present in the adventure. Here's the movie:

EA wants a new EA Sports MMA

The producer of Fight Night Champion, Mike Mahar, praised the work done by EA Tiburon for EA Sports MMA and said he hoped for a sequel devoted to mixed martial arts. "Sport is very popular and I do not think that has already passed its peak," said Mahar at CVG. "The guys who developed the game did a fantastic job, I think the title would have deserved a higher average rating (79 and 77 respectively for 360 and PS3 versions on Metacritic).

The DRM treat players like criminals?

For Lukasz Kukawski of GOG. com too invasive DRM discourage users to purchase the original games. Lukasz Kukawski, marketing and PR manager of GOG. com, interviewed by Adventure Classic Gaming has spoken out against DRM, highlighting them as one of the reasons why some people do not buy original games.

For Kukawski the problem is that the more draconian DRM scare potential buyers, treating them as criminals. Kukawski, as a recipe for getting people to spend money on original games, proposes the creation of titles of good quality, without the boredom of the guards, sold at reasonable prices and maybe some extra free downloading without obtaining license from the channels P2P (but look, just what GOG.

Nintendo 3DS as sold in Japan

Nearly 400,000 units sold, and five games in the top ten of Japan's weekly software charts, are the spoils of the 3DS in its week of launch, being available in Japan since last Feb. 26. The best-selling game in the week between 21 and 27 February was Phantasy Star Portable 2: Infinity PlayStation Portable, followed by SD Gundam G Generation: World PSP and Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle for 3DS.

Tim Browne explains why Red River is not Call of Duty

"Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a tactical shooter for thinking heads" Tim Browne, Senior Game Designer, Codemasters, said in a video interview with GameFront - issued during GDC 2011 - that Operation Flashpoint: Red River is a frenetic shooter where you run and shoot, but a deeper tactical FPS, which aims to be accessible and fun anyway.

Browne said that the development team sought a compromise between the simulation and a military shooter. According to him there are enough shooters on the market such as the classics of people are getting tired (the twenty million copies sold by Black Ops are there to show ...), and many are looking for something more challenging to put to the test their gray matter, perhaps a tactical shooter.

Announced the Tour of Italy 2011

Halifax and RCS Sport (La Gazzetta dello Sport) announced Pro Cycling Manager - Tour of Italy 2011, official video game of the next Tour of Italy, published by Focus Home Interactive PC formats. Pro Cycling Manager - Tour of Italy 2011 is the most complete cycling management simulation with all the official teams, riders, sponsors.

It is a faithful reproduction of all stages of the Giro, and beyond, and features the voices of sports commentators official, Andrea De Luca and Paolo Savoldelli, "reads the press release. The game will allow you to create and customize your ideal team and will include an editor that offers the possibility to design an infinite number of paths, from start to finish, thanks to Google Map.

Rango, the video game, a gift to Videogame Source!

From today until Wednesday receive a handful of copies for all versions of the multiplayer game. it, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures and Electronic Arts, is pleased to announce a competition to fill, by extraction, 10 copies of video games rank two for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 for two, three for Nintendo Wii and three for Nintendo DS.

Joining is easy: just visit the address of the contest and answer the simple question the proposal, from now until 23.59 on Sunday 20 March. Among all participants who answered correctly, the ten winners will be drawn. Contest page rank and for all those who want to relive the adventures of the movie, here's a quick link to the browser game is a cactus right for me, inspired by the characters in the film!

PSN Games stores

Sony wants to sell games at the PlayStation Network video game retailer in the UK. GAME a few weeks ago the chain began selling the Xbox Live Arcade games in their stores, and now Sony wants to find ways to increase the visibility of downloadable games. "We have already adopted a similar program with GameStop in the U.S.," said SCEE president Andrew House to MCV.

"We would like to work in Europe with the right partners at the retail level to create similar initiatives." When will such an initiative in Italy?

Angry Birds arriving on Facebook

Obviously with the changes ... Angry Birds, successful production signed Rovio, will arrive shortly on the social network Facebook, clearly changes with respect to the counterparty "standard" on the market. The developers have made it known that this version is substantially different from the traditional video game, because among other things will also include the involvement of contacts for each user of Facebook.

Sony lays bare the site of Geohot

Sony has been denied access to YouTube, Google, Twitter and website hacker George "Geohot" Hotz to track the IP address of surfers who seek information about PS3 Jailbreak, reports Wired. The host site Geohot, Bluehost, you must provide documents relating to the traffic of the portal, and Twitter will have to reveal all the messages posted by Hotz and documents necessary for the identification of names, addresses and phone numbers associated with your account.

Catherine, the patch is almost ready

The Atlus gives in to user demands and prepares to lower the difficulty of his sexy puzzle game Katsu Hashin, director Catherine, gave the news in a post on a Japanese blog that the patch to simplify the game, which was requested by the users hands , is almost ready and that probably this will be followed.

The publication date has not yet been announced, but Hashin discussed some aspects of the amendment, as the addition of an assisted mode to easy difficulty level and the increase in the number of attempts to easy and normal difficulty levels . Good Katsu added that the players still in trouble can use the new features combine the vision of video solutions on the game's official website.

Domination of Pokémon in the UK

Week full of Pokémon in Britain, with the first and second place respectively in the ranking software multi captured Pokémon from Pokémon White and Black. Third the new boxing game from EA Sports Fight Night Champion. Fourth position for the irreverent FPS developed by People Can Fly, Bulletstorm, fifth for the PlayStation 3 exclusive, Killzone 3.

Sixth Call of Duty: Black Ops, seventh Just Dance 2, FIFA 11 eighth, ninth and tenth Dead Space 2 Wii Party. Dawn of War II: Retribution debuted in seventeenth place while the Rift MMO debuted in eighteenth position.

The securities sold only on the PSN will become retail?

It seems to be a real possibility ... According to the findings on the website MCV, it seems that Sony has plans to begin selling the securities previously distributed only through the PlayStation Network also sold at ordinary shops. This news comes from the words of the President of Sony Europe, Andrew House, who stated that when the interest of broadening the distribution of these products at the time "only digital-delivery" would be to the U.S.

Mortal Kombat in 3D without glasses

Mortal Kombat will be playable in 2D and stereoscopic 3D at the same time. According to reports from Sony, in 3D the action is visible even without the aid of special glasses, the characters will be performed in 2D and while the background is blurred, the other players of the game will be "sharp" and clearly visible.

"We did not want that 3D would change the mechanics of the game," said creative director of Mortal Kombat, Ed Boon, the European PlayStation Blog. "Our implementation of 3D allows the characters to emerge from the background and help you focus on them." PlayStation Plus subscribers can get their hands on a demo of the game this week, on Wednesday, while all others (including the Xbox 360 owners) can try the demo in the coming weeks.