Thursday, August 11, 2011

The details of GC Impostors beta

A few hours ago we told you that the beta of Gotham City Impostors will start in September, but entries are now open only to U.S. audiences. Now, thanks to the development team Monolith we learned that "there are very limited for the beta codes, whose availability will be announced via Facebook and Twitter." Impostors Gotham City will be a downloadable game services only from their PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and will consist of over 1000 packed levels full of challenges, powerups and secrets.

Sony: "Some players have spent $ 1000 on SingStar"

How many songs you have downloaded SingStar extra in your "career"? 10, 20? You are amateurs! Sony has revealed that some players, not many but still significant, have spent over 1000 € downloading songs from the SingStore. "Hundreds of other players," says the company, "has come to download over 500 songs, but the record seems to belong to a user who has a collection of 935 pieces."

New details on Resident Evil: Retribution

WAS Anderson in charge of the project According to Bloody Disgusting, the director of the next chapter dedicated to the most popular film series will still be survival horror video game WAS Anderson. Resident Evil: Retribution is the name of the new film will be shot by Anderson and based on a script written by the same director, former head of Resident Evil: Afterlife.

Also according to the site indicated, Sienna Guillory will be back in the role of Jill Valentine, along with Milla Jovovich in the role of Alice's super fighter. Among the characters in the cast there is also room for Barry Burton, a staff member of STARS in the first chapter of the videogame series, and Leon, who as an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department has become a government agent.

PlayStation 3 Firmware 3.70 arrives

Today Sony released the 3.70 firmware for PlayStation 3, adding some features exclusive to the PlayStation Plus and compatibility with the PSP Remasters series. The update provides a series of new possibilities for the line of PSP games remastered in HD, the choice between normal mode and the full screen, adjusting the level of 3D depth and unprecedented options for channel management and Ad-Hoc mode.

The dates in USA for Rumble Blast, Super Mario Land and Mario Kart 3D 7

The games will be released respectively in October, November and December, Nintendo has announced the dates of outgoing U.S. official Rumble Blast Pokemon, Super Mario Land and Mario Kart 3D 7, fixed respectively at 24 October 13 November and 4 December. Three highly anticipated titles that come out in three consecutive months, thus confirming the fact that Nintendo is seriously considering the support of its new handheld console, the more so after the announcement of the price cut.

Ridley Scott to work on COD Elite

Apparently the famous Ridley Scott, director of such films as Alien and Blade Runner, was currently working on the planned content for Call of Duty: Elite. The news was just Activision, announcing that it is "exclusive content developed specifically for the community of Call of Duty." "We are working with people like Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Ben Silverman, Tony and Ridley Scott to develop this content," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of the company.

An image for the new MMO Carbine Studios

It 's all a matter of style after the announcement of the presentation of the sci-fi, which will take place during the GamesCom 2011, comes a picture of the new MMO Carbine accompanied by some advance information concerning the visual style of the mysterious online game. The artistic director Matt Mocarski has revealed online that the title is inspired by European and American comics for the stroke and the Nippon and U.S. products for the animation.

Mindscape closes its internal team and leaves the game

The French publisher Mindscape has announced that it has closed its internal studio, Punchers Impact, and decided to devote himself to other fields than the game. Punchers Impact Team, formed in 2009, included forty people who have now lost their jobs. Among the titles produced, mostly casual-style, include two episodes of U-SING for Wii, but that does not seem to have had hoped the response in terms of sales.

A new character for Dead Island

It's called Purna and knows how to wield a machete Techland and Deep Silver have released some new images for Dead Island, in particular, portray the character of Purna, a girl who, like many others, is in the wrong place at the wrong time and must to struggle to survive. From what you can see, Purna is armed with a big machete, but not above the firearm.

Certainly, his figure stands out from the characters already revealed, by increasing the wait for the release of the game, set for Sept. 9 in the PC version, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The world of Assassin's Creed

The launch of Assassin's Creed is coming and Revelations Ubisoft, in its continuous effort to enhance the already incredible hype of fans to this new chapter in the series, has seen fit to suggest a video summary of the series dedicated allì'intero universe. In the video you can see just below, is in fact contained the entire Assassin's Creed's timeline, with all products, be it video games or novels, which have characterized the success in recent years.

Aonuma wants the film of Zelda

When we hear about film adaptations of video games taken from our intestines react more violently. Eiji Aonuma, director and designer of the current saga of Zelda, Nintendo Power told the magazine he'd like to see made a film series on the ten-year adventure. Aonuma commented, "I always thought it would be nice to see a real movie about Zelda.

Of course I have neither the time nor the resources to implement it even if I could, and I do not know if it would be good." At this point we make a question: what would you see actors and actresses fit well in a hypothetical cinematogrefico Zelda? The first to come near the name of Will Smith to win a juicy link to lifetime bans.

GamesCom 2011 - At last we will see Syndicate 3?

The time approaches Starbreeze Rickard Johnson said via Twitter: "The big moment is coming. The revelation Starbreeze and EA for the Project Redlime. It 's time to meet the press." A statement that leaves little room for imagination and the revelation that heralds one of the most anticipated followed by long-time players and the fans of cyberpunk.

Syndicate The first was in fact a title is very important for innovations like the gameplay for both persuadertron able to mix real-time action and strategy. Obviously the formula that we will face will be different and "keeping up with fashion," but the hope is that this sequel retains the management aspect, the atmosphere and setting of the series.