Sunday, January 9, 2011

News games: Dead or Alive dimension details for 3DS.

What the Nintendo 3DS points to be a success not only to more casual players but also the so-called hardcore it was understood but the confirmation that comes from the fact that two such important titles as piacchiaduro Fighhter Street and Dead or Alive 4 will be present from launch the console. In this article we will consider the videogiocoDead or Alive: Dimensions will not be a game already on other consoles as Steet Fighter 4 but a new and true game of this series that fans love it because of the frenetic gameplay and the protagonists that leave little to be desired! We come to know further details of this game thanks to a Japanese magazine that published some pages dedicated to this game out on the new console 3DS.

Triple sales of LOTR Online

According to the said Adam Mersky from Turbine's podcast during the Ten Ton Hammer (thanks Gamasutra), the shift to free-to-play model would bring great benefits to Lord of the Rings Online ... especially from the economic point of view. It appears that the profits would in fact tripled within a couple of months, proving once again that the model Free-To-Play can be beneficial for companies that decide to adopt it.

New images for PS Phone

The multiple approach to the challenges of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

A varied gameplay on the official PlayStation blog, the level designer of Eidos is currently working on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Steven Ciciola, talked a bit 'of the particular multiple-choice which characterizes the gameplay of the game. In line with the original, the new chapter offers the player several choices on how to cope with its "challenges", leaving him the possibility to decide how to tackle the various missions and levels present.

Kinect MS support on PCs?

While the modding community continues to work hard to exploit the Kinect in the most original and surprising, Microsoft does know that in the future, the device may receive official support from the company even on different platforms. Even President Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft has seen since the beginning Kinect as something that goes beyond the simple concept of "video game device." "We are moving in many different directions.

Mario All-Stars available!

The Wii version of Super Mario All-Stars, output limited edition to celebrate 25 years of Nintendo's mascot, is fully spent in the United States. According to the words of his PR, Marc Franklin, Nintendo is considering whether to reprint copies for the fans who have been left without. "Given the strong demand we are planning to offer a reprint of giocoda the U.S.

market," said Franklin, "but now we can not say when this will happen." Meanwhile, the compilation of the prices on eBay have gone up considerably, reaching the 80 dollars for paper copies. In Europe the situation is slightly different. The game, on EG has earned an excellent 8 / 10, is still available in many stores, but sales have gone very well and soon, the latest copies could fly off the shelves.

The story starts with the 3DS GameCube

The long road to 3D in the new episode from the "Iwata Asks", where the president of Nintendo in the first person periodically reveals new background on the history of the company, we focus on the birth of the idea of a console which led, in 3D development of 3DS. Iwata and Miyamoto discuss the matter revealed that the GameCube was already designed with a hardware support for 3D visualization.

Lara Croft: DLC available on PC

All DLC Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is finally available for the PC version of the game and can be downloaded from Steam in 5 "packages" different: Among the DLC are also available for Kane & Lynch Character Pack, which unlike of one dedicated to Legacy of Kain, is totally free. If you have not got to try Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light on a PC or console, you should do so immediately.

Amnesia exceed 200,000 copies

Almost four months after its launch, the horror adventure for PC Amnesia: The Dark Descent reached Mr quota of 200,000 copies sold. Not even the developers of Frictional Games dared to hope for similar success, which went far beyond their wildest dreams. "About half of the copies was sold at reduced price, then our earnings were not as high as one might think," reads the statement released by the developers, "but we are happy of the success, which demonstrates once again how the market PC is still alive and well.

Mac App Store on the record!

Day One record for the new Mac App Store. There were more than one million applications downloaded by users in the first 24 hours. Once again tops the list of the Access fee are Angry Birds, while Twitter is ahead in the Top Ten of those free. Compared to the more than 300,000 mobile version, the Mac App Store may currently has about 1 / 3 of available applications.

"We are amazed by the success of the Mac App Store since its first day," said the histrionic Steve Jobs, "our team is doing an excellent job and its ease of use has already attracted millions of users." Jobs is probably far less happy with the fact that hackers are able to "pierce" the new App Store in record time, bypassing all its security systems and DRM.

Monster Hunter attracts tourists

A Japanese spa has created a highly original way to attract new customers tie their name to the Monster Hunter series. According to the Mainichi Daily News wrote, the owners of Shibu Hot Spa Nagano, have entered into a partnership agreement with Capcom after discovering aesthetic similarities between the places where it placed its structure and present some scenarios in the last chapter of series, Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii.

SEGA realizes urinals-game

SEGA has decided to return to the exclusive club of hardware manufacturers after leaving it in the post-Dreamcast. How? Creating a ... interactive urinal! Unfortunately this is not a joke. As confirmed by the magazine Wired, has created the toilet-SEGA video game, or rather, the "Toylets" that are already available in many public toilets in Tokyo.

There are four different games that take advantage of a very special pressure sensors that can measure the strength and direction ... uh, ok, you understand. As if this were not enough to make this one of the craziest invention ever in the world of video games, Toylets also allow you to "download" the best scores via a USB port properly installed.