Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wavi Xtion, the motion controller Asus

Thanks to an open source driver of PC users were able to use the remote visual control of Xbox 360 "Kinect" for quite some time also in the team and is expected to be somewhat stable with the launch of Windows 8. Now for those who do not want to experience walking possibilities, have no choice and it is Xtion WAVI device, and will be announced on Thursday at CES 2011th The creator of this device is Asus, who has decided to forward to Microsoft to try to win the PC market seems a simple and direct copy Kinect device currently used with the Xbox 360.

Pikes Peak in Gran Turismo 5?

In Red Bull's blog post was opened where Rhys Millen advises that players should handle the current way of Pikes Peak Rally Gran Turismo 5. What is not entirely clear is that we do not know if this is a mistake, because Pikes Peak is not available in the game from the GT2. Perhaps it is a way to adelate what may happen with an update or in the case of a blockage in the game.

News: "EA will not leave Tiger"

Electronic Arts has officially denied the intention to give Tiger Woods golf series in its popular. This morning had spread the news of the disappearance from the cover of Tiger's game, which was replaced by the logos of the PGA Tour and the Masters. Woods will be there instead, but only in the Collector's Edition of the game will be PS3 exclusive, as has pointed out the president of EA Sports, Peter Moore.

Joystick iPad

If you are one of those people who spend too much time playing video games on your iPad but can not have absolute control on the remote and you are also tired of cleaning the screen all checked with your fingers now is a solution to that problem. The cost of this joystick, named Fling, will be about $ 24.95 U.S., and the manufacturer is the company Ten One Design.

The mode of attachment of this device is using two suction cups that leave it tied to your iPad so you can maximize control. But if you still need more details here's a demonstration video:

Fight Night Trailer Champion, Champion Mode

For boxing fans, the company EA Sports has released a new trailer for the game Fight Night Champion, which has a launch planned for early March. In this case the video shows champion mode that highlights the game's storyline and very realistic graphics.

Homefront: The third developer diary

Some new details from THQ and Chaos comes a new video on Homefront, the third episode of the developer diary showing us the game in various details. In particular, the video in question focuses on the environment of the game - the hypothetical United States invaded and subjugated the Korean army - and the choice made by the developers at the level of characters and points of view.

Instead of commanding soldiers drawn from a regular army, Homefront in the protagonists are para-military forces were joined by U.S. resistance. Homefront - Developer Diary 3

Italian charts 20 to 26 December 2010 and monthly summary

A rich are back in December after the Christmas holidays the Italian charts, prepared for this week, according to data released by AESVI, this time with regard to the seven days between 20 and 26 December 2010. The situation is more or less unchanged for the case of large issues, with CoD: Black Ops coming back to dominate in the PC and Gran Turismo 5 followed by the Party for the Wii console.

News: Harmonix sold for $ 50

As reported by All Things Digital, Viacom would sell the developer of Rock Band 3, Harmonix, the investment firm Columbus Nova for the symbolic sum of $ 50. Columbus will have the responsibility to pay the rights to the songs and will have to manage the disposal of unsold games and equipment. A few days ago the developer has expressed satisfaction with what has been called "a return to origins." Harmonix is currently working on "projects to be announced" but it is likely that the company is going to be primarily a process of restructuring.

From the makers of Game Dev comes the Story "followed spiritual

Something like having also recently applied the discounts on the iPhone version, it is likely that many have already had to do with Game Dev Story, a very interesting and certainly fun to management developed by Kairosoft. The same authors have recently given birth Waiwai! The Dealer Game, which is in some sense as a logical continuation of the previous title.

While we are in fact the first to create and manage a software company committed to developing video games, in that game we are running a reseller of these products, trying to better organize the shops, to satisfy customers organize and sellers. At the moment, the game in question is only available on Japanese section of the App Store, but given the success of Story Game Dev is highly likely a translation in English and at least a step on his section of the western digital delivery Apple.

News: One million users for World of Tanks

One million players from Russia, Europe and North America there have been free-to-play MMO World of Tanks in less than a year after the launch of a limited number of beta in Russia. The developer Wargaming. net has made it clear that new servers will soon be installed in Europe for more effective management of traffic.

"From a team of World of Tanks by the community for helping us reach this impressive milestone," said company CEO Victor Kislyi.

The 3D still does not convince the public

American and European skeptics, according to a survey by the Nielsen Company on a sample of people drawn from 57 different countries, TV sets in 3D seem to have convinced even the buyers. The sample was analyzed, consisting of 27,000 people, only 9% said they would definitely buy a TV in 3D over the next year, with a further 15% which has proven to still be positive in outlook and thinking of buying " probably "the device in question.

News: No one like the Nintendo DS in the U.S.

The Nintendo DS is the best selling console of all time in the United States. According to figures released by Nintendo, the launch of the first model in 2004, various versions of the DS have exceeded 47 million units in the U.S. market. Well also the company's Japanese home console, Wii, that with seven million consoles sold in 2010 totaled 34 million units sold in North America.

In a few months, probably in March, Nintendo will launch the successor to the DS, 3DS. More probably launch date and price of the handheld console in the West, will arrive in a few days, Jan. 19, when there will be an event dedicated to 3DS in Amsterdam and New York.

EA Announces Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters

All the field with Tiger behind the resounding title of the new chapter in golf simulation from EA lies a new agreement undertaken by the American publisher with the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament for the introduction of the most prestigious golf tournament in the world: the Masters.

In Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters simulation based on the presence of the famous (in several senses, at this point) golfer (but apparently not on the cover of the product) is enriched even in the presence of ' Augusta National and the Masters Tournament, with players called to commit themselves to the conquest of the Green Jacket.

News: 63 million games sold in UK in 2010

In 2010 in Britain have been purchased more than 63 million games for PC and console for a total turnover (hardware and software) amounted to 2 billion 875 million pounds, as reported by MCV, whose analysis is based UKIE data entity (excluding digital sales data). As for hardware sales, Xbox 360 has generated the bulk of the revenue with 232 million pounds, followed by PlayStation 3 with 229 million pounds for a total of 2.3 million sold by Sony and Microsoft platforms.

Harmonix sold for $ 50

A bargain in the midst of financial maneuvers millionaires, we expected at the base of the towering figures block sale of Harmonix by Viacom, which took place recently. An article published by All Things Digital, however, announced that the development team creator of Rock Band (and the same Guitar Hero) was sold to Viacom in Columbus Nova for the incredible sum of $ 50.

Obviously, it is simply a symbolic figure used to seal the agreement under which Viacom has released a team of maintenance expenditure rather substantial and it has regained independence and control over their own productions. The agreement also covers the management of games and accessories unsold and all rights pertaining to materials acquired by Harmonix Music for use in games.

News: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 Announced

EA Sports has announced a new chapter in the series of golf games Tiger Woods PGA Tour for the first time in the series, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters will be held in mind the Masters Augusta National Golf Club will be included in the next edition of the series of sports more than 20 world-class athletes who will compete in the network and the renewed career mode.

Last month John Riccitiello had sent to the protagonist of the series Tiger Woods is a definite signal: EA Sports produces the games, but Woods has to start winning. Several analysts have in fact connected to the modest sales of the last chapter to the declining popularity of Tiger Woods tied to the private affairs of the athlete and the decrease of its sports performance.

WiiWare reaches PopCap Bejeweled 2

Growing WiiWare platform is becoming a more and more attractive for small or independent developers looking for potential new audiences, so it was only a matter of time before a label on the rise as PopCap decided to embark on digital delivery Nintendo. The first title to arrive on WiiWare, the authors of Plants vs Zombies, will be the famous Bejeweled 2, a classic-style puzzle game, based on an assembly of shapes and colors.

OnLive towards integration with other electronic products

The invasion of cloud gaming The beginning of the game system in streaming OnLive was certainly encouraging, although the numbers still do not seem so important to think about a revolution, but the steps taken by the company and announced at CES suggest a possible rapid evolution in the position of "Cloud gaming" market.

In particular, it seems very interesting for the agreement took place in the system OnLive TV High Definition VIZIO, the VIA Tablet and mobile, in addition to Blu-ray type VIA Plus course is an initiative currently restricted only the North American market, which is clear even from brands and names considered, but the joint venture could be an important springboard for cloud gaming in the future.

The first reviews for LittelBigPlanet 2: very good

A good start to begin to emerge from the first network LittleBigPlanet 2 votes allocated to the various major foreign newspapers, and predictably the votoni rained. The "social game" Media Molecule is confirmed in the second chapter an excellent idea, further refined and brought to a level of quality even higher.

Here are the early votes cast by overseas LittleBigPlanet 2: Eurogamer - 9 IGN - 9.0 NowGamer - 10 CVG - 9.4 Look. de - 93% JV. com - 18/20 Games. cz - 10

The situation in the U.S. Nintendo DS record

Nintendo has drawn very positive presence on the amounts of its main console in the U.S. market, putting together the numbers really impressive. At the end of 2010, the installed base of Wii is to share different models and 34 million Nintendo DS have totaled 47 million units, setting a sales record for the current period of stay in the console market, and all this only by examining the results in the United States.

Mirror's Edge is free of charge on the App Store

Other deals for today to be seized in its ephemeral duration: Electronic Arts has decided to put on offer, free downloadable version of Mirror's Edge iPhone (downloadable at this address). This is a version specially created for mobile devices, rather than the original console, but still characterized by it and charming setting.

The result is a kind of reworking of Canabalt with Faith as a player and a very different scenario, in any case an interesting title for his collection, particularly if free.

Soon news about Fable III PC version

At least that's what Lionhead says ... Through the portal, Twitter, Lionhead Studios has updated the situation regarding the long-awaited PC version of Fable III, as everyone knows not only the title is not out yet on the market - it is only available in Xbox 360 - but neither can claim a date of official release.

Therefore, according to the development team could soon thrown out several new features, including likely, he added, the hoped-for date. In any case, it is the same Lionhead to confirm that it can not at present provide further details. We look forward to.

Firemint buy the Infinite Interactive team

A beautiful union ... Firemint, Australian software company known for products such as HD and Flight Control Real Racing (iPhone / iPad), announced the acquisition through a major release of the final development team Infinite Interactive, Puzzle Quest of the authors. The company (Firemint), founded in 1999 by Rob Murray, said she was very excited about the newly formed merger, in particular the fact that from now on will have the creativity of Steve Fawkner, game designer a great reputation among the people the work.