Friday, July 8, 2011

Bioware and DICE together for the sound of Mass Effect 3

The Swedish team knows how to tune Working for a giant weapon is not always a bad thing, even video game industry, which often benefits from the collaboration between different teams. And this seems to be the case of Mass Effect 3 whose sound will be improved thanks to cooperation with DICE. The team of Battlefield has in fact familiar with the sound environment of weapons, rumble and distortion of sound waves caused by barriers and objects.

Resistance 3 will include 90 minutes of footage, three demo for PS3

Extras for the UK version The description given by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), who recently reviewed the UK version of Resistance 3, contains some information on the contents of the game. Apparently, 90 minutes will be devoted to the cut-scenes during the course of the game, and the version discussed here also contains 3 demo devoted to other PlayStation 3 games.

In this case, it is Killzone 3, Motorstorm 2 and inFamous Apocalypse, all with support for 3D visualization.

New details for 2011 F1

Codemasters has revealed more details about the next chapter in the F1 series, due out September 23 on Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3. Will be further expanded multiplayer options, which allow up to 16 players compete online. The 8 remaining places on the grid will be occupied by AI controlled drivers.

It will be also a way "Spectator" for players who will have to wait to participate in a race. The online multiplayer will be improved with a challenge to two players on split screen and the ability to participate in a full season as teammates in co-op ... procedures that will be also available online.

Dhalsim in Street Fighter Tekken X

Capcom continues to flesh out the cast of Street Fighter X Tekken with old acquaintances, announced by mysterious teaser movies. The last fighter to enter the list is a veteran of the Street Fighter franchise, the elasticissimo Dhalsim. The console versions will have bonus characters taken from other popular series, but so far the only confirmed inFamous is Cole, who will, of course, exclusive to the PS3.

The Mobile overtakes PS3 and 360

As said by John Carmack at IndustryGamers in two years mobile technology will be more powerful than the current generation of consoles. "Certainly in a very short period of time we will have mobile phones more powerful than the current generation consoles," said Carmack expected. "The iPad2 is even more powerful Xbox 360, but it is a matter of a couple of details." "Given the speed of growth, within a couple of years there will be mobile devices more powerful than the console on which we work today."

The two Monkey Island Special Edition in a special package

With additional content Monkey Island Collection Special Edition is the package that puts together the first two chapters of the famous LucasArts adventure game recently released a special edition, destined to come out September 9 on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Inside the package, we of course The Secret of Monkey Island Special Edition and the same edition of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge, which are the versions re-designed with high-definition graphics (at all times interchangeable with the original one) and updated interface.

EA confirms Burnout Crash

EA has officially announced the development of Burnout Crash!, Game that has been discussed for months and which will be released on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade this fall. Will be developed by the creators of the series, Criterion's team, after Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and then return to its origins by reviving the popular Burnout Crash mode.

The game will support the Autolog've seen in recent NFS mode that will allow us to figure out who among us and our friends can cause more damage with several crashes and explosions. "Burnout Crash! Is a crazy mix between a fireworks display and a pinball machine." In this way the game was described by creative director Richard Franke.

EA Summer Showcase - Presented Burnout Crash

But I was coming from the right! Finally it was shown for what it really was moving so far as rumor, trademark or other: Burnout Crash! EA Summer Showcase was present. This is a chapter with respect to the spin-off series of racing game "noisy" Criterion, developed specifically for digital delivery and fully focused on what was the main mode in the game crashes.

In practice, the aim is to transform intersections and stretches of roads in the twisted metal of hell launched at high speed through traffic, trying to cause as much damage as possible to the whole neighborhood. The Xbox 360 is also provided with support for Kinect motion commands. Specifically, as seen from the pictures, graphics and is the type of frame used, designed to represent the best part of the road by "upsetting".

New 007 presented at Comic-Con

Comic-Con has become an increasingly important event, primarily for the comic book world but in recent years there are few software development companies who participate to announce some new product. This year's San Diego, which is the most important, will take place this year between 21 and 24 July and during the event could be announced by Activision title of a new James Bond 007.

For now it is just a rumor, but now that it has long been talk of a new Goldeneye and this might just be the right time to present it. For confirmation, denial or any surprises we have to wait a couple of weeks...

SOE unveils PlanetSide 2

Sony Online Entertainment has officially announced PlanetSide 2, known so far with the code name PlanetSide Next. The confirmation of the new massive-multiplayer first-person-shooter was given during an event that SOE held last night in Las Vegas. In the bare description of the game's developers talk, of course, a persistent online world, customizable characters with different "skill tree" and the three factions to choose from: Terran Republic New Conglomerate and Vanua Sovereignty.

Kid Icarus Uprising will be released in Europe in 2012

Sometime in the first quarter of Kid Icarus Uprising is one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo 3DS. Many hoped we could get their hands on the console's launch, but were disappointed. Others hoped to be able to have at least this Christmas, as announced by Nintendo at E3 2011, but nothing in this case.

European gamers will have to wait an unspecified date the beginning of 2012 to play with. Has not been confirmed whether the postponement will also apply to the American version and Japanese, although the history of the regional bloc, relatively little matter to us. Dear Nintendo, Nintendo 3DS owners are hungry for games, do not you forget it.

A date for the PC version of From Dust

The PC version of "God-sim" From Dust will be released on July 27, simultaneously with the Xbox Live Arcade. You can download dall'UbiShop, from Steam and all the normal channels of digital distribution. The edition is part of the promotion XBLA Summer of Arcade Microsoft, while the PlayStation 3 developers have not yet officially a date.