Friday, January 28, 2011

A video for Egypt's Age of Empires Online

Ancient civilizations from Microsoft MMO comes a video that shows something of the new Age of Empires Online, MMO version of the strategic town of Ensemble Robot in the past. The trailer in question shows in particular the faction of the Egyptian civilization, with its characteristic structures and units.

The game will be "free-to-play", which is free to play, with micro-transactions.

Revealed the launch date of Darkspore

The new PC game for Maxis, Darkspore, will be available from March 29, as can be seen from the last trailer of the game. The launch date of Darkspore appears after the last developer diary available on this page. Darkspore series brings the universe of Spore in a size distinctly action-RPG. Many features of the original chapter, in particular the importance of the editor to customize items and characters, however, return in this new chapter.

Pokemon Black and White will be equipped with PC connectivity

Here comes the Nintendo Pokémon Global Link has announced that Pokémon Pokémon black version and white version can synchronize with a PC via the Internet to offer a range of new features through the service Pokémon Global Link: backup backups by creating an online profile, tracking statistics regarding multiplayer battles and even a world ranking that will ensure access to regional tournaments, national or global scale.

Announced the PC demo of Crysis 2

EA has announced a demo for the PC version of Crysis 2. "Crytek and EA are pleased to confirm the launch of a trial version of the multiplayer for the PC version of Crysis 2," read the Twitter profile for Crysis. "Stay tuned for more details." Apparently the decision was taken after complaints of PC gamers, who did not like the choice of Crytek to launch a test version of the multiplayer only on Xbox 360.

Crytek thinks the development of TimeSplitters 4

See you later Crysis 2 The head of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, has always proved to be quite open to the possibility of bringing forward the TimeSplitters series, following the acquisition of the Free Radical in 2009. In any case, it is still vague: In a new interview published by CVG, Yerli said that "we will see after the end of Crysis 2" if there are opportunities to pursue TimeSplitters 4.

Currently, the group Free Radical is working on the multiplayer section of Crysis 2, but at the time of its closure and subsequent acquisition had already prepared a comprehensive idea on the fourth chapter of his series of FPS. TimeSplitters enthusiasts also there, so it could be a good investment for Crytek to dedicate a bit 'of resources.

Anarchy Anarchy Reigns Max will be in EU

SEGA and Platinum Games (the authors of Vanquish, MadWorld and Bayonetta) have announced that Anarchy Reign will be available in the fall of 2011. This is the same game announced few days ago for the Japanese market, where the title will be called Max Platinum Anarchy. Apparently it should be a color adaptation on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 MadWorld, an exclusive Wii dell'ultraviolenza was reproduced in black and white its trademark.

Reggie Fils-Aime defends friend code on 3DS

The system would act as a filter against unwanted multiplayer sessions Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president, said that the new system Pass Street stands as a perfect integration of the Friend Code, expanding the possibilities. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, Fils-Aime said that the transmission characteristics and rights of their Gamertag and PSN ID are best emulated by Pass Street.

"In short, if you want to know what other people are playing or what you have done in a particular game, you can communicate with systems such as the Street Pass". Reggie has also defined the limits of Friend Codes as a protective barrier between players and contacts within the multiplayer side.

Sony on NGP: no hybrid console / mobile phone

Videogame According to a source from the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, Sony has "avoided" intentionally, of Next Generation Portable mobile phones. But why, many ask? "We believe that the voice feature brings with it a different set of expectations, and we want this to be primarily the ultimate gaming experience.

We decided not to complicate things trying to make this a universal console, suitable for all and do everything. Naturally PlayStation Suite addresses the vibrant mobile phone market. " PlayStation Suite is a service that allows you to bring classics such as the PlayStation contents of the first Sony console to mobile devices, Android.

European date and the video Trinity: Souls of Zill O'll

The February 11, 2011 At last, comes a release date for the European market on Trinity: Souls of O'll Zill, the RPG developed by Omega Force for the PlayStation 3. The game will arrive in Europe on 11 February 2011. This is somewhat of a novelty for the development team, which so far has accustomed us to action by the rhythm rather tight with its Dynasty Warriors series.

The game in question puts us in the shoes of three fighters launched to save the world, to be used in turn in the fighting. The video shows the introduction cinematic that shows something about the background of the game, the characters and finally the system of combat-style action-RPG featuring Trinity: Souls of O'll Zill.

Sentinel and Hsien-Ko in MVC3

Hsien-Ko Darkstalkers of Sentinel and will be part of the roster of Marvel Vs Capcom 3. With the announcement of these two figures, the total number of combatants in the fighting game Capcom comes through 36. Here is a video series dedicated to the two latest additions to gameplay taken from Marvel Vs Capcom 3.

New video for Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Welcome to Tajikistan after the developer diary comes a new trailer for Operation Flashpoint: Red River, are more focused on environments that characterize the game. The story is set in Tajikistan, where UMSC are sent to "defend U.S. interests threatened by an insurgency that could destabilize the region." In the video, then we see some military operations aimed at regaining control of an area river.

Activision against a fansite Sierra

Activision's lawyers have given notice to a web portal that provides free access to classic Sierra On-Line to block their activities. Launched in April 2009, Sarien. NET allows you to play free titles such as Space Quest, King's Quest and Leisure Suit Larry. As reported by Joystiq, Activision, Sierra owns the IP, has decided to block the activities of the site after the announcement of the support portal iPad.

Crysis Multiplayer Demo 2 for PC

Those owners of the Xbox 360 and have been enjoying a multiplayer demo of Crysis from Crytek 2 since Tuesday, but now is the players turn to the PC version, and that a demo will be available shortly. According to a tweet from Crytek, the PC platform will get a multiplayer demo for the game sometime in the future.

"At this point, Crytek and EA are pleased to confirm that we will get a pre-release of Crysis 2 PC multiplayer demo" The only thing left now for those interested in the demo is to be attentive to any news.

The dates of the QuakeCon 2011

From August 4 to 7 ZeniMax announced at this time the planned schedule for the new QuakeCon, 2011 edition. The event is dedicated to all the new world of id Software, now expanded in part to the new Bethesda seen the new structure of the company, will be held 4 to 7 August 2011 at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Also planned for this year, "the largest LAN Party BYOC (Bring-Your-Own-Computer) throughout North America, as well as various lectures and presentations on new plans for the house of Carmack and his associates.

Nihilistic develop Resistance NGP

The new chapter of Resistance for Next Generation Portable will be developed by Nihilistic Software and not by the creators of the series, Insomniac Games. To make the announcement is the same as Insomniac, which the company said on Twitter profile that will be the authors of the Zombie Apocalypse and XBLA title of the next Heroes Move to develop a new chapter in the series laptop.

As for the game of Uncharted for NGP, in this case it will be quite an adventure novel and not a port of one of the titles published on the PlayStation 3.

New Firmware for PlayStation 3, version 3.56

For all the PS3 owners around the world, there is a new firmware update, version 3.56, which is expected to be available very soon. Surely in the course of the next week Sony will make the announcement. Its new features were detailed in the PlayStation Blog and are the following: "A new PS3 system software update, v3.56, will be released soon.

This is a minor update that adds a security patch. "

A taste of God Eater Burst

New details sull'action style game Monster Hunter come new information about God Eater Burst, the action game developed by Namco Bandai Shift to be released in Italy on March 24. Set in a post-apocalyptic scenario, the game sees a group of warriors (the God Eater, in fact) to address the huge and powerful creatures called Aragami weapons using very particular, with its own life and inextricably linked to those who wield: they are the Arc , which can take three different forms (sword, shield or mouth), shoot bullets in the clashes long distance and absorb the energy of their targets.

Almost ready for the patch for Mass Effect 2

BioWare has found a solution to the problem faced by rescue of the PlayStation 3 version of Mass Effect 2. According to the BioWare forums, however, before it could run the patch developers will need to submit the update to Sony, which will "soon", tells the developer. The patch will include a number of changes that will reduce the loading time of the levels, eliminate some bugs that can cause system crashes in the cabin of Shepard copies downloaded from the PlayStation Network and a series of small improvements.

DLC to make your life easier in Dead Space 2

Some weapons and armor DLC were released today by EA on Xbox Live Marketplace for Dead Space 2, coinciding with the release of the game in stores. These two packages containing weapons and armor issues, probably based on the standard versions in the game but unlockable through payment of real money rather than credit space (virtual and effort).

The user of GameFAQs VickersZombie explains what it is in this post on the forum site.

Black Ops is updated on Xbox 360

After launching a patch on the PlayStation Network, Tryarch also updated the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. According to the official forums, Treyarch, the update number 6 adds some minor features and paves the way for the launch of the DLC First Strike. The latest patch for the Xbox 360 version of Black Ops finally resolves a number of small bugs and slightly modified certain aspects of gameplay.

A look at the new user interface NGP

Sony seems to have put the toy in the drawer the good old CrossMediaBar, or XMB, user interface designed for the PSP and introduced in virtually every Japanese manufacturer of devices with software and menu system of some sort. The look quite elegant, though spartan, the XMB confirmed in a particular way to navigate the menus done by remote control or a controller, as Kotaku points out, which is clearly ill suited to the new NGP and its touch screen, allowing more direct interaction with the icons.

About NGP developed for Uncharted?

Naughty Dog is not to develop in the series that will Uncharted Next Generation Portable, but Sony's Bend Studio. According to Game Informer the game developed by Sony's internal studio, which has assets of securities PSP Resistance: Retribution and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow, the port will not be posted on the adventures of a PlayStation 3 but a whole new episode.

Naughty Dog will be the supervisor of the project and will be tasked to ensure that the standards of the chapter are in line with the portable, high series born on PlayStation 3. The developers of Uncharted 3 will make sure that from the perspective of narrative, the series is not distorted in the transition to the handheld.

A new Kirby on Wii

After the wonders of cloth without Kirby's Epic Yarn, the Palletta pink Nintendo seems to be destined to return to more normal atmosphere for the Wii. During a conference for shareholders Nintendo, HAL Laboratories has mentioned it a new game starring Kirby, always for the home console of the big N but with a setting more conservative and very different from that particular game only saw the last few months ago.

No 3DS Lite Nintendo plans

In a new installment of Iwata Asks, hardware designers 3DS, Kenichi Sugino, revealed that the experience gained at the time of production of the DS Lite will make it difficult to further compress the size of the 3DS in future models of handheld . The CEO of Nintendo Satoru Iwata confirms the statements of Sugino and adds that "realizing the Nintendo 3DS, we used all the tricks acquired with the DS Lite, and many others, to reduce the size from the beginning." "For this we have no plans to launch about a compact version of 3DS, unlike what we did with the DS Lite," says Sugino.

Call of Duty: First Strike Black Ops

Exclusive for our members to expand the Xbox 360! Multiplayer. com, in partnership with Activision, is pleased to give to all our readers to 40 different codes for free download in the Xbox 360 version of First Strike, the upcoming expansion to the Call of Duty pluriacclamato Black Ops. To participate you must be a fan in our Facebook page and be enrolled in Multiplayer.

com, Thursday, February 3, 2011 at 18 after a post on our bulletin board where among all those who respond with their own nickname Multiplayer. it randomly choose 40 lucky people who receive a private message on our website with the code to download the expansion. Good luck!

Microsoft earnings record

Microsoft has closed the last quarter with earnings of $ 19.95 billion (+5% over the previous year). $ 3.7 billion resulting from the division that includes the Xbox business, whose revenues have increased by 55% over the previous year. Over the same period of 2010, sales of Xbox 360 have increased by 21%, while the number of Xbox Live members has increased by 30% over the same period.

"The consumer response to our Christmas line-up, including Kinect makes us proud. We had no plans to sell 8 million Kinect in just sixty days," says Peter Klein, the CFO of Microsoft. Microsoft not only meet at home, though: are fewer (-29.7%) because the earnings of the business of Windows.

The Dark Tower becomes a videogame

In 2013, together with the film set to film the operation for transposition, the popular IP by Stephen King, The Dark Tower, will also become a video game, according to standard methods of the industry. This was revealed by an article of Is not It Cool, which also refers to the period in which the output is pushed to May 2013, alongside the film's release.

Nothing is known about the structure or the game or about who is responsible for bringing the project forward, we only know that, according to reports, the game should "use more widely the information from books," the master of horror form. Source: AICN

"Hard" a simultaneous launch for NGP

According to Engadget from a SCEA boss Jack Tretton, due to logistical problems Next Generation Portable could miss the appointment with the launch winter in some countries. "Our goal is always to get a product out by the parties in the markets where we sell more," said Tretton. "That said, we will be the sixth launch of a new platform, and it is not easy to have a sufficient number of units for a simultaneous launch worldwide.

Debut Trailer for Anarchy Reigns

Finally we show ... After the recent announcement and the sudden name change, Anarchy Reigns shows for the first time on video. Because it is the debut trailer for the new production signed Platinum Games. Find the video as always attached at the bottom of the article, pending further investigation. Anarchy Reigns - Debut Trailer

The dates of Brink, Rage and Hunted

Bethesda has announced the dates out of three of its most anticipated games: Brink, Hunted and Rage. Brink will be the first out in the Old World, May 20, while the U.S. will be released on the 17th of that month. Hunted follow soon on the 3rd of next month and he will arrive shortly before the United States, June 1st.

Rage, as expected, will be the last to arrive in stores. Will debut in Europe September 16 and 13 will be released in America.

DLC after the release of Dynasty Warriors 7

Already provided ... Temco Koei has officially announced that it has already established the onset of some DLC on the market after the release of Dynasty Warriors 7. In fact, all those who purchase the title will be eligible within a short time free DLC, which will implement all the costumes of Dynasty Warriors 6.

In addition to this package can be downloaded, then others will follow in missions and other bonus content. Source: VG247

PS3: Jailbreak wrought?

Sony may have found the right weapon to remove from circulation the infamous Jailbreak PS3 made by George "Geohot" Hotz. The next firmware update, v3.56, it should contain a "security patch" that can render the amendment useless. Its release date is imminent for the U.S. PlayStation blog. After Hotz brought to court then, Sony is ready to deal a decisive blow to piracy another PS3, but we're willing to bet that this will be just another battle of a very long war.

Conduit 2 is still one month late

This time in April ...? Yet another delay for Conduit 2, the sequel currently in development only on the Wii. SEGA has announced that in fact the title will debut in Europe on April 22, then about a month before onset. Apparently the delay in question is due to the improvement of the sector multiplayer title, according to the developers of the salient features of the project.

Source: VG247