Friday, January 21, 2011

Mortal Kombat has finally given a

Warner Bros. announced today that the reboot of Mortal Kombat will be available in British, and thus presumably also in the rest of Europe, from April 18, 2011. The title, developed by Netherrealm Studios in collaboration with Ed Boon, the father of the brand, is expected on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Among the wrestlers confirmed to date, there are Cyrax, Ermac, Jade, Jax, Johnny Cage, Kitana, Kung Lao, Mileena, Nightwolf, Raiden, Reptile, Scorpion, Sektor, Shao Kahn, Sindel, Sonya and Sub-Zero.

Homefront and the importance of dedicated servers

They talk Homefront developers developers have promised that their title will use dedicated servers for multiplayer online. And this not only on PCs but also in versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Speaking to Joystiq, Brian Holinka, senior designer of Kaos Studios, has stated: "When we host a game console, the console all of a sudden becomes a server and thus you experience severe limitations on the number of players, the number of vehicles and everything else.

Glitch "daring" for Tiger Woods 11

With some surprise to learn of the presence of an unexpected "glitch" in this erotic Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11. The glitch in question was discovered by an observant gamer, a golfer can unlock shirtless, covered only by the tight shorts and his glasses. "We could not stop laughing," said Eley, the woman who inspired the unusual golfer.

"It could be worse, it is quite nice and also a breast bigger than mine." The offending images are available on the official website of the British newspaper The Sun website. At the time of writing news, EA said it is committed to looking at the issue.

Hammerhead HMR989, the computer for extreme gamers

HMR989 The Hammerhead is a desktop computer designed for high performance DARWINmachine. The structure of the cabinet if so it can be called, is made of anodized aluminum, hand-brushed and eco-resin. Its revolutionary design and functionality is the perfect combination for those extreme gamers, or simply those looking for something unique and unusual.

All components are designed to facilitate access, while what would be the rear panel faces down improving the design. The sturdy aluminum chassis is designed to last over time without changing their look as often happens with conventional chassis that change color and it prompts for a new one.

Crysis 2: multiplayer demo exclusively on Xbox 360 and video

On 25 January, all ready Crytek today announced the forthcoming arrival of a demo, exclusively dedicated to multiplayer and intended only for Xbox 360, Crysis 2, expected Tuesday, January 25. In a Manhattan devastated by a conflict of epic proportions, we will then fight against other players all have different skills that allow Nanot fighters.

The map chosen for the trial is "Skyline", playable in two modes "Team Instant Action" and "Crash Site". In the first we find the two opposing teams accumulate the most kills in the second it comes to taking control of certain stations on the territory. Crysis 2 - Trailer multiplayer demo

LittleBigPlanet 2 exceeds the record of LBP

According to a source from the Videogame co-founder of Media Molecule, David Smith, LittleBigPlanet 2 already has surpassed the record set with the first LBP, of online users simultaneously present. "And that's just with North America and a few other territories," adds Smith. "I think that Sony would not want if I reveal the exact figure, I can only say that this is a number much higher than the record of LittleBigPlanet." "In the coming days we could double the number of users simultaneously present.

Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

Has already revealed the release date of this title so long awaited by fans around the world. If the release date as you do not feel there's a trailer so they can go forward more definitely the game that is expected to be a sales record.

Metal Gear Solid trilogy in HD on PlayStation 3?

Now staff are all the rage Official PlayStation Magazine has picked up some items that would be in development a new version of the trilogy in HD Metal Gear Solid. For the moment it is just a rumor, but the idea of a comeback of Solid Snake to PlayStation 3 can not but fascinate the many fans of the series, and then those who have not had the chance to play with securities of that stack.

Source: Official PlayStation Magazine

Capcom: "Players tired of the handheld"

As stated by Midori Yuasa, President of Capcom Interactive, a MCV, casual and hardcore players are no longer interested in handheld consoles but prefer to play with the smartphone. "The player that used the casual and the hardcore PC that used a handheld now prefer to play on your smartphone," Yuasa said, adding: "iPhone and smartphone market are extremely important to Capcom for the first time because we can exploit universal platform.

Duke Nukem Forever for May

In Gameinformer! Virtually gave the release date of Duke Nukem Forever. Gearbox president Randy Pitchford confirmed the news and said: "Somehow the guys at Game Informer magazine discovered the date of Duke Nukem Forever before me. But I can not imagine a better video game news that Game Informer to reveal the moment of truth for the largest shift inconceivable, incorrigible and inspiring about the history of the games industry, the arrival of Duke Nukem Forever on May 3, 2011 "The date cited for the U.S.

The trailer for Duke Nukem Forever

The wait is pretending As we anticipated in May 6th day, after waiting for nothing short of biblical, we can finally play Duke Nukem Forever. In addition to the data was also released the infamous trailer shown behind closed doors at PAX 2010 but never publicly released by Gearbox. Duke Nukem Forever - Reveal Trailer

Peace made between Blizzard and the modders of SCII

After receiving a job offer from Riot Games, the creator of World of StarCraft mod was invited by Blizzard to visit the offices of the company. The title of the mod, however, must be changed, since as reported by the same modder on their forum, World of StarCraft is a registered trademark of Blizzard.

The modder was contacted by Blizzard and explained to the authors of World of Warcraft that his mod is designed to stay all├Činterno StarCraft II, contrary to the feared Blizzard. "I respect the intellectual property of Blizzard, they have trademark rights in the World of StarCraft and could not act otherwise to me." "We never had any intention to block the mod or inhibit the creativity of people who use our editor," said Blizzard in a press release "The name was too similar to World of Warcraft so we contacted the developer as we usually do by sending alerts on YouTube waiting to discuss it with him.

Online stores and internet browser for 3DS ready to launch

Denied the rumors of a delay rumors that the online store dedicated and internet browser for Nintendo 3DS would not be ready for the launch of the console. Well, Nintendo has confirmed to Eurogamer today that, while not included in the initial firmware 3DS, the store is that the browser will be available for installation via update since day one.

For those who do not know, the eStore will allow owners to download the Nintendo titles DSiWare, the classic Game Boy, game demos, movie trailers and new titles 3DS made exclusively for the digital platform. Source: Eurogamer

Interplay Fallout may develop 6

According to a source Videogame by Eric Caen, president of Interplay, if Bethesda had to stop publishing the Interplay Fallout MMO based on the universe, the company could develop Fallout 6. "We sold the IP to Bethesda for a certain sum of money in exchange for rights to the development of an MMO, Caen says that it says" ready to fight.

"" If you prevent us from making the MMO, then agreement fails and can only develop another Fallout, the fifth "." In that case, the IP problems in our possession, and of course at that point we could complete our work by publishing Fallout MMO. "With Fallout Caen 5 indicates the forthcoming Fallout developed from Bethesda, while New Vegas is considered the fourth.

The reinforcement of DS2 Dragon Age II

Visceral games and BioWare have teamed up to create an initiative that will bring the horror of deep space right in Dead Space Dragon Age II. As announced by EA, who will buy Dead Space 2 will get the exclusive armor "of Sir Isaac Clarke" for use in the second installment of the series ruolistica of BioWare.

"Modeled in the image of the icon Isaac Clarke's helmet, of the Sir Isaac Clarke can be downloaded with a non-transferable one-time code inserted in the xbox360 and PC versions of Dead Space 2, while PlayStation 3 gamers will find more information on Dragon Age , "the statement said. The set of Isaac Clarke will include "full armor, boots, gloves and helmet, all with extra bonus." Dead Space 2 will be in stores January 28th for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

PSP2 will soon be revealed?

Some evidence suggests this possibility Apparently there are several possibilities that PSP2 be unveiled Jan. 27. On this date in fact Sony will host an event for press and analyst conference that Japan has indicated it will be called "PlayStation Meeting". And this name already contains a number of indications that rarely saw the events are characterized by Sony questno name.

In fact, the last event to be called "PlayStation Meeting" was held in 2005 at the first presentation of the Playstation 3. In addition, a presentation in this period could in part to divert attention from the Nintendo 3DS. Source: Twitter - Yasuaki Fujima

Layoffs for Frontier Development

Frontier Developments boss David Braben, has confirmed that several staff members of The Outsider were fired. According to Rock Paper Shotgun, 17 people would be affected by the cuts. According Braben, the game announced in 2005 has not been canceled. "Because of the demand for resources for projects to be announced we had to make cuts," says Braben.

"Some people were transferred, others laid off." During an interview with Develop, Braben has subsequently declared that "The Outsider has not been canceled. We have reduced the priority but we are still working." Frontier Development has recently developed two LostWind Kinectimals for WiiWare and Xbox 360.

Magicka still maybe on console?

Development problems during the New York event of the guys at Paradox Arrowhead Game Studios have once again declared that Magicka is not a PC only title, but did not specify what other platforms will be released. Initially presented as a multiplatform title is in fact intended to PC, PSN and XBLA, but apparently there are problems developing on the side of the console.

Yet Magicka, which was developed using the XNA tools, should run without problems at least on Xbox 360. Magicka is an interesting arcade / rpg-style fantasy that puts us in the role of a wizard and allows us to create your own spells to be launched. The title is designed to enhance the cooperative component to 4 players.

Xbox Live Gold free for three days

Between 28 and 31 January Microsoft will offer three days of free Xbox Live Gold members also Silver. As reported by Major Nelson, between 25 and 31 January there will also be a 50% discount on many titles 2K, including DLC Borderlands, Dead Red Redemption and GTA IV. Next, here is the content and promotions valid in the coming days on Xbox Live: Xbox Live Arcade: Xbox Live Game Add-ons: Xbox Games On Demand: Deal of the Week Xbox Live: Xbox Live Marketplace Avatar: