Friday, August 26, 2011

Community site for Diablo III is now available

Blizzard has opened the site for the community of Diablo III. You can visit it by going to the eu. battle. net. After such a new public beta of the game could begin at any time. Following the tasting had to GamesCom players are really eager to get their hands the much anticipated Diablo III. The fever of the loot is now skyrocketing.

A date for Twisted Metal

For Valentine's Day arrives by David Jaffe, at last, the release date for the new Twisted Metal for PlayStation 3. The updated revision of the classic shooter on wheels (and beyond) will come on February 14th in North America, while for Europe we are still stuck to a more generic "February", although it is likely or almost simultaneous output.

"It 'a game very romantic," Jaffe said, commenting on the contemporary output with the feast of love, "I guess people who have come home from a romantic dinner and play the great split-screen".

Other 3DS games postponed for poor sales of the console

Natsume Natsume has brakes on the immediate launch of two games to Nintendo 3DS, the new Harvest Moon and Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove. The problem? Sent back to them when the console has sold more units, or in October, just before Christmas. The disastrous sales of the Nintendo 3DS, which will hopefully do much better with the radical price cut implemented by Nintendo for groped to save the cabin, had a profound reflection on all projects in development for the console.

Customize weapons in Battlefield 3

Multiplayer will play a key role in DICE Battlefield 3 and the boys want to show all its potential costs. In a one on itervento Battleblog, the team focused on the game's weapon customization. Each weapon has three slots where they can be housed various accessories. The use of any weapon will unlock new customization options for the chosen object.

Different images have been published relating to the customization where you can see several things about it. Battlefield 3 will be launched October 28 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

EA: Vita has "better chance" than 3DS

According to Frank Gibeau of Electronic Arts PlayStation Vita has better possibilities than the Nintendo 3DS. In an interview with CVG, the well-known figure has suggested that the EA would have a Sony portable software line-up stronger and superior characteristics to those of rival Nintendo. This, coupled with the "confusion" about the 3DS buyers put Sony in a better position to combat the threat of smartphones.

Call of Duty 9 in production?

Far out at least one year Call of Duty Activision is almost an obligation, then it is not surprising that Treyarch is already working on the next episode of the series, the ninth in terms of numbers. Treyarch has released a few jobs in which he claims expert at the University of Call of Duty. According to the announcement of the interviews for the job will be based on mod for Call of Duty.

Risen 2 will be initially distributed in a million copies

Deep Silver tip a lot on the success of Risen 2: Dark Waters, promettentissimo role-playing game from Piranha Bythes out on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in the first half of 2012. Copies will be distributed initially in fact, one million, in response to the high expectations that gamers are appearing all over the web.

A trailer for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation

Gameloft Gameloft hits back has released a trailer for Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation, shooter IOS systems. As usual it is not difficult to notice the "slight" resemblance at all, from the title, with Modern Warfare, which guardacaso, also is coming to the third chapter.
And cloning controversy aside, the title seems to promise very well and is a spectacle to watch. We hope it's just fun to play. It will be composed of thirteen levels, will have six multiplayer modes, and Gameloft promises to update it constantly.

Zelda on Wii U: some ideas from Nintendo

Still very vague, actually the new The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is still expected on the market but that did not stop Nintendo from thinking about the future of the series already. On the other hand, a specific chapter for Wii U is clearly a must. The house is thinking of Kyoto in particular the integration of the new possibilities offered by next-generation consoles in the series, as reported to Nintendo Power: apparently, Eiji Aonuma, the head of the series, has already developed some concepts for the use of the touch screen in the Wii U controller.