Friday, August 26, 2011

EA: Vita has "better chance" than 3DS

According to Frank Gibeau of Electronic Arts PlayStation Vita has better possibilities than the Nintendo 3DS. In an interview with CVG, the well-known figure has suggested that the EA would have a Sony portable software line-up stronger and superior characteristics to those of rival Nintendo. This, coupled with the "confusion" about the 3DS buyers put Sony in a better position to combat the threat of smartphones.

"We can make calls, but in general I think the PlayStation Vita has many of the skills that can be found in smartphones, coupled with unique elements that make it very interesting," said Frank Gibeau. "The 3DS is a very interesting technological object, but I think there has been some 'confusion about that." "I believe that life has more possibilities thanks to a launch line-up stronger," he continued.

"The PSP has a good record in Europe as the device seems to have reached a wider audience in North America."

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