Saturday, February 26, 2011

Obsidian: a Live Arcade and RPG for a mysterious project

In addition to the thriving DLC for Fallout: New Vegas is nothing in the works at Obsidian, something that could be very unexpected. Proceeds the development of Dungeon Siege III game scheduled for the digital delivery platform for Xbox Live Arcade, but there is also another mysterious project, which still do not know anything, on which the development team can not say anything.

Apparently, it seems to be a licensed product, something that perhaps has not yet been explored by the development team but concerned that "there could be an option, if someone offers it, is something that should be done," said Feargus Urquhart about it. Moreover, even for Live Arcade is no further original IP of Obsidian, an action RPG that, according to reports from Urquhart, "has nothing to do with Dungeon Siege," despite the team has already said it would gladly continue the series in matter beyond the third chapter.

Fear and Loathing in Akihabara: 3DS released in Japan

Scenes of madness and 'Nintendo 3DS arrived today on the Japanese market and the typical scenario is repeated recurrences of major gaming hardware on the floor: in that of Akihabara, the mecca of Japanese gamer, there were the obligatory file outside shops. Some talk about sightings of 750 people lined up carefully on sidewalks, in some cases for 24 hours, waiting to get my hands on one of the (relatively few) units available at launch, which as expected proved to be less than the number necessary to satisfy all .

Several chapters of Command & Conquer at a discount on Steam

The deal of the week The weekend of steam this time is devoted to the Command & Conquer series, with discounts applied to the various chapters of the strategic set of Electronic Arts. Are therefore substantial discounts to Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising, Command & Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, Command & Conquer 3: Kane's Wrath and Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars, with prices ranging from 5 to € 12.50 for the final out in chronological order.

Why Portal 2 does not support Move?

After some rumors last week, Valve has intervened in person to deny the news that the PS3 version of Portal 2 supports the Move. "The news is false and arose from a mistranslation of an interview response," said a company representative. But why not support PlayStation 2 Portal Move? "The PC version will support the controller Hydra because the boys have made have worked with us for 9 months, which allowed us to better understand the technology and implement the best," said Valve's Chet Faliszek.

Kaos: "the FPS should be renewed"

Rex Dickson, level designer team Kaos Studios, responsible for the imminent Homefront, said that "the FPS genre needs of developers willing to take some more risk to reach uncharted territory." "Although we could develop a FPS like canon published in the last year, but we preferred to go further and propose something different." "Of course to do such a thing and now involves some risk sonon very few people willing to get involved to this point," said Dickson.

We give too obscene for the U.S.

We Dare, the "tantalizing" Ubisoft's party game for the PS3 and Wii may not come out in America. A representative of the French publisher announced on "pages" of IGN without giving any explanation. Ubisoft continues to have a very special approach towards this game, which has never been officially announced and presented at past events.

We Dare will consist of 35 mini-games apparently normal, but it all depends on how you played. If you're wondering why of all the fuss, take a look below. If there are no other shocks, the arrival on the shelves of Europe is confirmed for March 11.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery - Trailer for tuning

Mytho-poetic adventure A new trailer, this time dedicated to the iPad version, it is proposed to tune the audience on the atmosphere and the metalanguage that distinguish the ambitious fantasy weblog Craig Adams. In addition to swords and magic, and besides one of the best pixel art ever seen, Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery offers us a true sensory journey that will use both the touch and sensory capabilities of the Apple device, is designed for the intense soundtrack the title from the famous Canadian artist Jim Guthrie.

BioWare: "Do not be afraid of the GDR"

"Players should not feel intimidated by the role-playing games," said BioWare, Dragon Age development team dell'attesissimo II. "There are people who lack the skills and abilities needed to play with a title like Dragon Age II," said Mike Laidlaw, lead designer of the title, during an interview with Gamasutra.

"There are tens of millions who play every day in Farmville or collect headshot in Medal of Honor. Playing games like these is absolutely more difficult to carry out an RPG." Laidlaw has taken to specify that BioWare has made some changes to the gameplay of this second chapter to attract a wider audience, but that does not mean that the end result will be disappointing for those who loved the common ancestor.

RIFT did not need 10 million accounts

Few but good Trion Worlds Will Cook said that RIFT does not need 10 million subscribers to be a success. Obviously, a clear reference to WoW and it said Cook "It's been six years since WoW and we have not seen a pretender to the throne." RIFT therefore do not want to compete directly with the Titan and the Blizzard is confirmed by the subsequent words of the manager talking about Everquest, Ascaron's Call and Dark Age of Camelot.

Mortal Kombat banned in Australia

The new chapter of Mortal Kombat will not come out in Australia. The announcement was originally an unnamed source of IGN, but subsequently the same Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed the news. "The reboot of Mortal Kombat, released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, was rejected by the Australian classification system, so it will be released in Australia," reads the official press release of the publisher.

The countdown Modern Warfare 3 is a hoax

Very well organized according to the countdown of Modern Warfare Activision 3 appeared yesterday is a joke. "... We're not revealing anything yet," said the publisher confirmed that on Wednesday morning will not be announced any titles. Yet if the joke is a joke we are faced with rather complex because the site riporda several credible information and the fact that some e-zine received platelets military campaign that showed the site of the countdown.

First Details for Sonic 4: Episode 2

Early whispers from SEGA headquarters for the second episode of Sonic the Hedgehog 4. The fan site The Sonic Stadium has uncovered some answers from the brand manager Ken Balough SEGA on the official forum. The information in reality they are almost non-existent, but at least confirm that work on the game are well underway and progressing smoothly.

"Episode I had a great success and we received a lot of feedback that we are using for the development of this second chapter," said Balough. "The budget available to us is greater and we have several new ideas that we are developing," he said, "I think it will be a sequel with all the trimmings." "Regarding his exit I can not give precise dates but I can tell you that you will not have to wait for years as Duke Nukem Forever."

Date of exit and new trailer for Patapon 3

The rhythm game released for Sony in America and Japan, Patapon April 3, the third episode of the original rhythm game series developed by Pyramid and Japan Studio, finally has a release date ... at least for the U.S. and Japan. American PSP owners will be able to buy the game since April 12, while their Japanese cousins have to wait until the 28th of that month.

And in Europe? There is still no news, unfortunately. At the same time the announcement was released a new trailer that tells the story behind the dynamic rhythm that we know well. 3 Patapon - Trailer of the story

The Nintendo 3DS in a beautiful photo gallery

Many shots in high resolution Destructoid has just published a beautiful photo gallery entirely dedicated to Nintendo 3DS. The photos, all in high resolution, depicting the console from any angle, dwell on the available ports, slot for SD memory cards and even on the media included in the package. Clearly this is a Japanese model of 3DS.

For some photos of the European version we have to wait exactly one month ... Source: Destructoid

NGP will support the Havok and Unreal Engine 3

As the home console, in fact two of the most sophisticated tools for the development of video games, Havok and the Unreal Engine 3, will be fully supported by the Next Generation Portable. Both engines, both in terms of graphics from the physical point of view, will work just fine on the new Sony console, so that even rumored that some of the licenses for the launch will use them.

The Unreal Engine 3, in particular, has been shown by Sony executives NGP already on the announcement in January, and in all its splendor between light effects, particle effects and various animations. "NGP raises the performance bar for mobile platforms due to its GPU and CPU's, both multi-core," said Mark Rein of Epic Games.

There is still hope for Beyond Good & Evil 2

A success for the reissue of the first episode could push Ubisoft to resume work on the sequel to Beyond Good & Evil series is stopped in 2003 when just came out the first (and so far only) episode. Five years later, he popped out a teaser trailer for the sequel, and in June the creator of the franchise, Michael Ancel, declared that there was a small team working on that project.

However, fans of the series that could have waited until now to finally be satisfied. The producer of Ubisoft's Wang Xu has told Eurogamer fact that players need to keep alive hopes for Beyond Good & Evil 2, implying that any success for the upcoming HD remake of the original game will determine the chances for the realization of the sequel .

Child of Eden may use up to four controllers

Here's how to remedy the "lack of feedback of Kinect E3 2010 we discovered that the latest creation of Tetsuya Mizuguchi, Child of Eden, the sequel to" spiritual "Rez, will be played using a standard controller, so do not necessarily require the Kinect. Well, during the Microsoft event in San Francisco, it turns out that the game can use the controller for the Xbox 360 ("the" controller, not "a" controller, you read right) for more than just aim and shoot.

That's because Bizarre Creations Activision closed

Gareth Wilson, a former design team manager, explains the reasons behind that decision One of the elder members of the team behind Blur and Project Gotham Racing has finally decided to break the silence about the reasons that led to close Activision Bizarre Creations. Speaking to Eurogamer, Gareth Wilson, design manager of the former group, said: "It was a series of unfortunate circumstances.

EVE Online developers create new jobs

The transfer of the American FMC will generate 150 new jobs arrive continuously chisura news from the software house, so it is with pleasure that we report the announcement of the CCP: The EVE Online development team to generate well over the next three years one hundred and fifty new jobs, due to the relocation and expansion of its U.S.

headquarters. The offices will move it from Gwinett Decatur, remaining in Georgia. The staff will enjoy literally doubled, coming just three hundred employees. The governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, commented on the news: "Georgia makes available to companies involved in digital entertainment a lot of resources.

Two more video tutorials for Swarm

Episodes 3 and 4 of "Ask Dr. Mike" ... Swarm, the bizarre action puzzle game developed by Hothead Games, which will be available next month for digital platforms Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network, sees the arrival of two new video tutorials that close and funny series "Ask Dr. Mike." In the third episode, "How to score with a Swarm", let's see how you can earn points within the stage in a precise manner by managing its own set of Swarm.

Everquest 2 available nell'Videogame Shop!

Dear Videogame Sources, as anticipatovi in recent weeks, the All-In-One pack of Destiny Velious EverQuest II is now available in the shop Videogame Official Source. com. But what exactly that includes All-In-One Pack? At a cost of € 34.99 you'll take home not only the long-awaited expansion of Destiny Velious, but the basic game, including the 30-day subscription.

A wonderful opportunity for anyone who had not yet made the leap to the fascinating world created by Sony Online Entertainment. If you wish to proceed with the purchase you have to do is click on the link below.

A bundle extended for SOCOM 4

The perfect package for the Navy SEALs, Sony has announced an attractive bundle for 4 SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs, including a large number of additions over the game itself. In the special package announced for the moment only in the North American market, where it will arrive April 19 at a cost of $ 149.99, we find that the game 4 SOCOM: U.S.

Navy SEALs Move a controller, the PlayStation controller navigation PlayStationEye Room Move sharp shooter The latter, for those who do not remember, is the sort of pseudo-plastic machine gun on the Move covered in transforming gun. We look forward to any information regarding the European market.

New demo of Crysis 2 to 360 soon

EA has just announced that next week Microsoft and users can enjoy a new multiplayer demo of the much Crysis 2. The demo provided on Xbox Live since March 1, will present two maps - Skyline and Pier 17 - and as many modes - Team Instant Action and Crash Site. As for the PS3 version of the demo, EA has not announced yet but any news.

Trailer in Italian for Asphalt 3D

Ready to go? Asphalt 3D, or the onset of the license plate number students Gameloft Nintendo 3DS, shows an interesting trailer showing in Italian cars, tracks and so many spectacular sequences. The game, clearly setting arcade, will use the 3-D to improve the degree of involvement in racing and give the player a better idea of the distances between cars on the track.

Asphalt 3D - Trailer in Italian

Modern Warfare 3 unveiled at GDC?

Through the recent development of a new online website, the first began to circulate rumors about what could be a new Modern Warfare. According to what reported by That Videogame Blog, some journalists have received platelet recognition with a link to findmakarov. com. The site in question is currently visible a countdown that will end in the coming days in the midst of the Game Developers Conference.