Thursday, May 19, 2011

DiRT 3 - Gymkhana at Battersea Power Station

Beware of the Dust New promotional video DiRT 3 where you see the driver Ken Block run on a circuit created behind the Battersea Power Station in London, the lucky ones among you will know to have seen her on the cover of a famous Pink Floyd album. The game do not see anything, logos aside, but the video serves to promote the Gymkhana showing us what he knows how to do a pilot of a certain level when driving a car seriously and has a good editor available.

Valve absent at E3 2011

Valve will not be present at the next E3. We must therefore wait for more information about DOTA 2, the only project of Valve already officially confirmed, and especially the fans will have to wait for Half-Life, who for years waiting for a new episode of sci-fi. The latest game developed by the authors of Left 4 Dead Portal was 2 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Battlefield Heroes: video pirates

Body thousand inlets of gas! This summer, free shooter Battlefield Heroes will undergo a substantial upgrade that will add a new class of soldiers, pirates. No, not those who go around the streams. This is a seafarer with the salt in your hair and cuttlefish live below the armpits. Check out the video to learn more.

Battlefield Heroes - Here come the pirates

A Game of Thrones: Genesis PC Only

The tie-in A Game of Thrones: Genesis will be exclusive to PC, announced the developer Cyanide Entertainment. As reported by PC Gamer, the events of the game takes place several centuries before the period described in the novels of the series A Song of Ice and Fire by George Martin. The designer Robin Regis explains that the game "will take part in the events that form the background to the history of the Seven Kingdoms," and that will be "divided into chapters.

The flagship industry for developers? Molyneux

We hope that there is no fog to a survey conducted among the developers, the flagship game industry is none other than Peter "Populous" Molyneux. The research was conducted among nine thousand developers have indicated that the current boss of Lionhead as a reference point. In second place is Shigeru Miyamoto, the father of Mario, while the third place a real surprise: Jonathan Blow, the author of Braid.

PlatinumGames "an excellent study"

Mike West, CEO of SEGA West, spoke about the case of PlatinumGames, a developer of quality games that often, however, fail to achieve satisfactory results in terms of trade. "It's an excellent study, one of the best in Japan. It has been claimed Bayonetta," said Hayes Videogame Source. "Vanquish has not sold as many copies as we wanted, but it has a great Metacritic.

Even the bizarre MadWorld has an average score of 81." "We never stakes through their creativity, we ask simply, developed and now what? It's great to have a partner like that." Gary Dunn, senior vice president of production, Sega, added: "There is more of a team of PlatinumGames and each has its own DNA." The next game the company will be Anarchy Reigns for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Hellgate: London - The closed beta in June

Let us prepare the return of this unfortunate game As promised, the software company has revived the Korean HanbitSoft Hellgate: London, the unfortunate action rpg online Flagship Studios which in June will start the closed beta, which we imagine will open in the following months, to get to the final release later this year.

In fact, London has been very little, as the new title will be set in North America, during an invasion of demons. We're just curious about how it was done to fix the many problems of the original. Source: Kotaku

PSN, fixed the password problem

Sony has acknowledged the problems highlighted in the edit page of the password of the PlayStation Network have emerged in recent hours. Patrick Seybold in a statement released on the PlayStation Blog, the company said, however, that in this case it was not a problem caused by hackers and that the issue has been resolved.

"We have temporarily suspended the password change page to the PSN and Qriocity," says Seybold. "Despite what is said around the problem was not caused by hackers." "Consumers who have not changed their password are invited to do it on PS3. Otherwise, they can continue to do so as soon as we restore the web site."

Resistance 3, again with seven minutes of gameplay video

Joseph Hair fighting the Chimera in the forests of Pennsylvania Insomniac Games has released a new, full-bodied gameplay video of Resistance 3, in which we can see Capelli and Dr. Malikov involved in an escape from the Chimera in the forests of Pennsylvania. The phases are excited, you have to hide to avoid the lights of the ships on patrol and take out the snipers in the distance before we identify.

Capcom Announces Monster Hunter iOS

By the end of 2011, Capcom's Monster Hunter series will bring the devices on Ios. According to reports on Capcom Unity, Monster Hunter: Dynamic Hunting will be available in June in Japan, and the launch of the game in the West has not yet been confirmed. In terms of gameplay, Monster Hunter iOS propose battles based on the touch controls.

Here's a video game published by Famitsu.

The characters in The Witcher 2 in four new video

Geralt will not feel alone developers CD Projekt have released four new videos for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, in this case focused on the characters with whom Geralt will have to do during this adventure. We will, therefore, to know Vernon Roche, head of the special forces of the kingdom of temerity, a formidable warrior, but also extremely intelligent, Triss Merigold, loyal to a powerful witch Geralt, Zoltan Chivay, a dwarf warrior strong and brave; Iorveth, an elf from 'disreputable air, which completes the group thanks to its unique capabilities.

Bohemia Interactive announces Weapon III

The third sequel to the blockbuster FPS "realistic" will arrive in the summer of 2012 Bohemia Interactive announced Weapon III, the third episode of a series of important facets of the FPS simulation. The game, which will be available exclusively for PC in summer 2012, will boast an enhanced graphics engine and the classic sandbox structure that fans know well.

The story sees a small group of Special Forces to infiltrate an island in the Mediterranean controlled by a hostile army, but things go wrong and the team was swept. The only survivor, Captain Scott Miller, will make its way inside the island and try to complete the mission alone ... Weapon III offers an extensive single player campaign, a large number of weapons and vehicles to use, more attention to physics and animations, and finally setting which seem realistic and detailed.

PSP in Japan in front of everyone

Sales declined for all platforms in Japan, where over the past seven days, the best-selling console was the PlayStation Portable once again. According to data from Media Create (via Andriasang), the portable Sony console before the 3DS while PlayStation 3 is among the best-selling home console. The top ranking software sees the game for Nintendo DS, Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2, followed by Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou for PS3 and Steel Diver for 3DS.

New trailer for Italian F.3.AR

Here's how the scoring system of the game Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has released a new trailer in the Italian F.3. AR, the expected horror FPS out June 24 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. In the video there is explained the operation of the scoring system of the game, or the ways in which you can collect points as you eliminate enemies.

Players can decide to work together, playing in co-operation to achieve a better scoring team each and thinking to himself, trying to get more points and killing enemies. One way in which players can collect more points is the so-called "challenge system, which rewards players depending on the style used to approach the game.

Microsoft clarifies the issue of "errors" on Xbox 360

Although the first publicly disclosed by Microsoft on the potential problems associated with the new firmware of the Xbox 360 were very encouraging for anyone who hopes to change your console for free, the Colossus of Redmond has recently clarified the situation by breaking his dreams of many. Speaking to our network a company spokesman said that the messages 'disc unreadable' or 'drive not supported' and therefore will not be connected due to the new firmware.

Xbox Live, you can now pay with PayPal

The reliable payment system can also be used directly from the console probably in response to recent problems that have plagued the PlayStation Network, raising not just the "threshold of concern" of those who put their credit card online, Microsoft has decided to add the option to pay via PayPal within Xbox Live, to accompany then to the old system based on the purchase of Microsoft Points.

25 hours of gameplay for Batman Arkham City

Sefton Hill, director of the new Batman game weblog Rocksteady said today that the adventure game will offer more than 25 hours. It will take so long to complete the proposed events, and this even in the face of a good 15 hours of gameplay for the quests. Hill also promised significant changes of pace throughout the game leading the protagonist to act in very different ways with the passing of time: "At first you will be engaged to visit the city's streets, but after ten minutes you'll to smash gang of thugs in dark alleys.

Revealed some characters AC: Revelations

Ubisoft today revealed some of the characters that compose the digital cast of Assassin's Creed: Revelations. As reported by Game Informer in fact there are a number of new faces as well as those of "usual suspects" as Desmond, Altair and Ezio. In addition to Manuel Palaeologos, rich and obnoxious aristocreatico linked to the Templars and the Byzantines at the same time, there will be such as Sofia, beloved of Aetius and Italian immigrant owner of a bookstore in that of Constantinople.

Bjorn Pankratz speaks of Risen 2: Dark Waters

The exploration, quests, items and tactics of war in an interview with RPG Italy, Bjorn Pankratz, project director of Risen 2: Dark Waters, revealed new details about the game out later this year on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. A Pankhurst was asked how the exploration will be managed, particularly if the areas visited will be bounded by invisible barriers.

"Whatever you remember you're playing 'just' a video game is negative. So we always tried to reduce the number of loading screens and allowed the player to interact with the game world. In this way, it feels very more immersed in the environment. The invisible walls remind you of being in a virtual world and we believe it is a bad choice of level design.

A date for FF Tactics on the iPhone

Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions coming to iPhone in late June or, at worst, in early July. At present there are, unfortunately, information on the selling price. The company also announced Japan's intention to launch a completely revised version of the game for the iPad, giving no indication on his release.

New, irreverent trailer for Duke Nukem Forever

Here's what happens to those who goes against the Duke! Gearbox and 2K Games have released a new, irreverent trailer for Duke Nukem Forever, this time shot with actors in the flesh. In the video we see in fact a team of doctors who are doing the autopsy of a person brutally murdered. The list of injuries is long, and only at some point we discover the true features of this "person".

Then the doctors found something strange in the neck ... Duke Nukem Forever - Victim Trailer

Booking records for Gears of War 3

Gears of War 3 has already been booked by a million people and thus beating the previous record for the exclusive Xbox. About 1.29 million of players have participated in the recent beta and, in terms of accumulated time, he played for more than 249 years. "An incredible success, for which we can never thank enough our fans," said Cliff Bleszinski.

"The beta has given a first taste of the game to our audience and allowed us to have numerous feedback we will use to improve it. We will make sure that Gears 3 will become a worthy conclusion to an epic trilogy." But we see the statistics of the beta that has just ended:

Lenovo ThinkPad: New X1, output and prices in Italy

The worthy opponent MacBook Pro Series has finally arrived, it is the Lenovo ThinkPad distributed by X1, the laptop reaches the highest performance when compared to the vast majority of the rest of the notebook market, the price for this is that the basic features are high-level and not accessible to everyone's pockets.

Output has already been in Italy for a few hours, the U.S. giant has once again beating the competition with a product that fits the best of technology, all packed into a highly respected design that reduces the gap with Apple in this regard, Prince of style still made notebook. The official dimensions of this ThinkPad X1 weighs 1.7 kg and enclosed in a notebook just 17 mm high, significant but not yet a must see on the market so far, however, to praise the remarkable progress made by the engineers.

Mega Man Legends 3 - A long video for the gameplay

The first Mega Man Lengeds without Keiji Inafune In an unspecified time in 2011, ten years after the release of the second chapter, comes Mega Man Legends 3, the third action RPG dedicated to the world of Megaman. A demo of the title will be available with the launch of dell'eShop 3DS and will allow players to use a new character: Barrett.

The video begins with a series of gags in full Japanese style and then show a long session of play captured a 3DS framing bias. Mega Man Legends 3 - Gameplay off-screen

Guild Wars 2 beta in 2011

NCsoft has announced that the beta of Guild Wars 2 will start in the second half of 2011 and that the game will see the light of the shelves in a date of 2012 is not clear. From time ArenaNet, GW2 development team seems to have embraced the philosophy of "the game will be released when it is ready" and the continuing delays are a clear proof.

Guild Wars 2 was announced back in 2007 and, after four years, a team of about 150 people out there working hard and tirelessly. Let's just hope the wait will be rewarded by that masterpiece we're all waiting.

Firefall - Diary Development with questions and answers

New details on the MMO shooter in key branded Red 5 Through a question and answer session, the boys of Red 5 illustrate some features of Firefall, a shooter MMO that will allow us to fight in vast battlefields populated by fighters capable of anything . From the video shows that you can reach every friend on any server, and that in addition to vehicles with fixed routes there are also several drivers from the players.

PSN: New problem for Sony

It seems that the ugly history of the NDP does not want to end. The last chapter says that most likely the hackers have managed to enter the page to reset the password, which would allow him to change them at will at any time. To reveal it was the first site Nylevia. com, which also advised to "change, if possible, the e-mail linked to your account with a completely new that it will only use the services of the NDP." From this morning all over the world is once again unable to connect to the sites and forums official Sony ...

A date for LA Noire: Nicholson Electroplating arson case

It was all true then the true leaflet distributed a few days ago from Best Buy chain, the first DLC for LA Noire is called Nicholson Electroplating arson case and now has a release date. Rockstar announced today that the expansion will be available June 21, but there are still no details on its contents, except the probability that this is a new case on which to investigate, saw the title.

In fact, the confirmation of Rockstar is completely linked to the promotional codes distributed by Best Buy, reporting that you can redeem them by June 21 on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network with a lot of official page about it. We look forward to more information about the essence of the expansion and the possibility to download for those who did not receive a promotion code.

Finali GT Academy in Rome

Last weekend took place in Rome, the national finals of GT Academy 2011, which saw the triumph of Neive Danilo Bordino (Cuneo) and Federico Pinna Terralba (Oristano). On the first day of competition saw 20 drivers take to the track faster than the virtual elimination. The challenges were conducted in three rounds on the Suzuka circuit, Cape Rind and Laguna Seca.

The top ten were then found the next day at the headquarters of Nissan Italy, where they faced the test of leadership by the instructors of the GT Academy, which made them get on board with powerful Nissan 370Z. During the day they also had to deal with physical tests and simulations of the press conference (in Italian and English) with Tony Dove, journalist of "Rome Motors" Il Messaggero.

Standings Japanese hardware and software: 9-15 May 2011

Few news, the worst week of 3DS arrive from Media Create weekly sales data for the Japanese gaming market in both hardware and software. The following charts are the traditional platforms and best-selling games in Japan, therefore, rankings which reserve a few surprises. Nintendo 3DS PSP still can not pry from his throne at the top, this indeed turns out to be the worst week for the portable Nintendo since its release: 18,324 consoles sold (in a week marked by the holiday of "Golden Week") that reflect the general decline also true for the Wii, with 6,336 machines.

LA Noire: Rockstar where is the Pass?

It seems that Rockstar Pass, which was to offer new downloadable extra for LA Noire, will miss the launch date of the game. It was supposed to leave yesterday on Xbox Live Marketplace, but it has vanished and has also disappeared from the radar site Xbox. com. Apparently not content even in the packaging of the game.

But what is this infamous Rockstar Pass? Mystery! The official press release said only that he would "bring the gaming experience to another level." What this delay may mean it is equally unclear, but it seems unlikely that Rockstar has gone back on his feet. We just have to wait for official statements.

HTC Inspire 4G: Price, output in Italy and review

HTC is launching at this time of models for every need, this article will analyze the HTC Inspire 4G phones, smartphones and the excellent potential of the overall package than average, we go to discover strengths and weaknesses, as well as the expected price and output Italy. Starting from the design as usual, we can only say that the baseline for all HTC ultmi of 18 months was maintained, clean design with a few function keys and a unique contrast between the effect of very bright display and the rest of the front cover.

Project Treadstone - A video for the Bourne deleted

Bourne has no luck with their games canceled Ben two titles in five years is a very special record that rightfully belongs to Bourne, the spy forgetful of the world's deadliest. Project Treadstone was in fact a title dedicated to multiplayer lethal secret agent that was canceled after the merger of Activision with Vivendi.

Here is a video of the title posted on Vimeo by an insider. Project Treadstone from wayne on Vimeo.

360 incompatible with the new Dash?

Microsoft has confirmed a few hours ago that a "small" amount of Xbox 360 on the market may not be compatible with the next update of the console. "A number of consoles may not be able to read the game discs," said a representative of the company in Redmond. "If after updating the console should give a message of 'disc unreadable' or 'drive not supported', please contact us by phone or website.

Minecraft reaches to the heavens: sky images of dimension

Infinite Minecraft Notch has released six new images of "sky dimension", the new setting that allows you to create structures and areas of the game suspended in the sky. In the images we see a series of large islands suspended in the clouds, as an example of the new creations possible with the upgrade currently in production at Mojang.

It is not clear at present how it is implemented by adding, if necessary a new kind of portal or as the sky is connected to the surface of standard dimensions, we await further information.

Atari is separated by Cryptic Studios

The streets of Atari and developer of Champions Online and Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios, are intended to divide. In his account of the last fiscal year, the publisher has announced a willingness to part with Cryptic in ways that will be announced in the future. "In line with our strategy to launch a smaller number of titles and with the expansion into the casual and mobile, the company has determined that external development offers greater flexibility in these three areas," the report said.

99 Bullets - A trailer for the perfect match

An atypical shooter developers show us a perfect match to 99 Bullets, vertical scrolling arcade shooter that gives us only 99 rounds to complete each level. Not only that every life lost is a blow will remove from our reserves, making things even more complex. The title, which uses the DS's two screens and allows you to shoot in any direction, will be available on May 23 DSiWare.

99 Bullets

Sony: "Here comes the bad new world"

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the CEO of Sony, Howard Stringer, has admitted to not being able to guarantee the security of the PSN. The network security is a process that never ends, "Stringer said, adding that he did not know anybody," 100% sure "the security of your service. "Unfortunately it is only the beginning of what will and will not be a Brave New World (Aldous Huxley quote, NDSS), but a Bad New World." There has been talk in recent days of poor security measures by Sony, but according to Stringer, things are different: "We have many people who deal with it, I have no reason to think that security measures were inadequate.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Another video from Sarif Industries

According spot viral After showing us the wonders of technical workshops Sarif, the company is keen to stress how satisfied its customers. The video takes us still in the world of robotics and shows us both the possibility of "change" the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution is the background of the title sees obviously celebrated the power of the companies that dominate the robotics and genetics.

LA Noire effect on the shares of Take-Two

The first reviews of LA Noire allowed the actions of Take-Two Interactive to achieve the highest value of the last 32 months. The value of the shares of the publisher is increased by 7.75% up to $ 17.10 per share, reports Gamasutra, following the first round of reviews of the title developed by Team Bondi.

According to analysts, sales of the game could top four million copies. LA Noire will be available in Italy from May 20.