Thursday, June 9, 2011

E3 2011 - The trailer of armor Torchlight 2

The wardrobe is revealed The trailer shows us a glimpse of the armor 2 Torchlight through some concept art and a gallery of costumes displayed with the game engine. The dress is quite varied and defense comes close to changing the appearance of the characters of the much sequel. Follow the coverage in real time on our page at E3 2011! Torchlight 2 - E3 2011 Trailer armor

Frostbite 2 for Mirror's Edge 2

Electronic Arts' Frank Gibeau has hinted that the new Mirror's Edge could use the Frostbite engine 2. "We did not kill Mirror's Edge," said Gibeau to GameTrailers. "We love the franchise, and we want to make the game the best. DICE has created something special with the first title." "Mirror's Edge, Frostbite 2," said Gibeau, "you'll see no doubt this combination." The first Mirror's Edge was released in 2008 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

MS: Apocalypse deleted in Japan

Sony has canceled the publication in Japan of MotorStorm: Apocalypse. No explanation was provided by the Company of Japan, reports Andriasang. The launch in Japan last Motorstorm was postponed following the earthquake that struck the Asian country last March. The racing game is set in an exclusive PlayStation 3 in fact a metropolis ravaged by the forces of nature.

E3 2011 - Return of the Warlords in pictures

Some new images for the remake of a classic in the history of video games say Warlords is to speak of a famous game that dates back to when the games were made up of lines and pixels monochrome giant. Atari is about to propose a remake (one more, really) on PSN and XBLA. Let's see some screenshots of the transaction to realize the goodness of reconstruction.

Wii tech demo based U sull'Unreal Engine?

According to the findings by some messages posted on Twitter by Mark Rein of Epic, the tech demo shown by Nintendo Wii U might be at E3 was made with the Unreal Engine. Nintendo has announced its new console at E3, but the final specifications of the platform have not yet been published, so that the video game-related third party was based on material of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of some of the most popular franchises .

id Software cautious on the Wii U

id Software is one of the few third party developers that has not welcomed with open arms U Wii console, which has already gained support from leading publishers. "For us, Nintendo's market is tough," said a source Videogame Rage of the creative director Tim Willits. "I'd like to see on the platform to grow a community of fans of FPS, but currently only selling first party titles and licensed games.

E3 2011 - Announcement, images and trailers for Arma II: Free

The new free-to-play-based Weapon II will be available already this month, Bohemia Interactive announced Weapon II: Free, the debut of Weapon in the market for free-to-play, which will be downloadable for free from ArmA2. com / free during that same month. The game will not have the HD graphics which also characterize ultradettagliata Weapon III and will focus on multiplayer (both competitive and cooperative), but advanced features will be present on the physics of projectiles and rebounds, the penetration of materials, more than three hundred weapons, vehicles, and more.

No team in Kinect Gears of War 3

The lead gameplay designer of Gears of War 3, Lee Perry, told the Videogame Source team that is developing the new Epic Gears is not using Kinect. "Certainly we are interested in the motion controller," says Perry. "The potential is enormous but we have not decided anything, we must ensure that the characteristics of the device will fit with our IP." However, since last November are chasing the rumor that they would like a version of Gears Kinect or compatible with a spin-off series devoted to the device by Epic Games for Xbox 360.

E3 2011 - Miyamoto correction: use only one controller for the Wii console U

But with the possible addition of 3DS Nintendo Wii Another tip on the mysteries of U, we spoke again of how many new controllers can be used simultaneously on the console. According to Shigeru Miyamoto, not just the newest Nintendo in the home, "the basic premise is that you can only use one controller for each U Wii console," he told the News.

com. au. If there was no need for multiple controllers with the screen, you may be able to connect one or more 3DS Nintendo console. "If we were to exploit the idea of multiple controllers of this kind would be better to maybe connect various Nintendo 3DS to exploit a connection between U Wii and portable." Only yesterday, Katsuya Eguchi seemed to imply that it was possible to connect multiple controllers to the same console, Miyamoto today shows all the starting position of a single controller U Wii consoles, this time with the variant of a possible link with Nintendo 3DS.

New details on Mario Kart 3DS

The 3DS version of Mario Kart will include hang gliding, underwater sections and customizable vehicles, Nintendo has announced. In the E3 trailer, as well as novel features of the new chapter for the DS platform, were shown some tracks seemingly based on circuits Mario Kart DS. Mario Kart 3DS will be available later this year.

E3 2011 - Bang! in pictures and video, PS Life

Played cards with the new console Bang!, Which some users already know the version IOS, is a card game by very specific rules. During the E3 2011 has been submitted the new version, which will be downloadable for PS3 and PlayStation Life. Let's see some pictures and the trailer for the official presentation of the exhibition.

Smash Bros. Wii U still to begin

The manager of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai said that the development of Chapter U Wii has not yet begun. "Actually we should not announce it," said Sakurai on Twitter (translation Andriasang). "We shall divide still putting together the staff". The development of the new Super Smash Bros will begin only after completion of Kid Icarus Uprising, says Sakurai.

E3 2011 - European Journal for Saints Row: The Third

On November 18, arrives from E3 2011, the mouth of producer Greg Donovan, the official date for Saints Row: The Third for the European market. The game will then November 18 in our area, as reported by Donovan in an interview with Gamespot, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, while the U.S. is expected to be on November 15.

"Wii will break down barriers U casual / core"

According to Shigeru Miyamoto from last episode of Iwata Asks, the mark of "producer of casual games" would have been saddled with Nintendo because of the lack of support from high-definition Wii. "Today there is a casual term as well because we have not adopted the HD on our console. In fact, we went deeper, and some have understood this, but even if we were aggressive in some areas, the general perception of our company is was that of a manufacturer of casual titles.

E3 2011 - The gameplay of Medieval Moves: Deadmund's Quest

No equipment or distractions of any kind, all that matters is the Move Among the titles presented at the conference we also find this Medieval Sony Moves: Deadmund's Quest, an action almost at first focused on the use of the Move and 3D graphics. The video is in fact split due to the three-dimensional view, but nevertheless allows you to watch the game mechanics related to the motion controller that is used both Sony to launch arrows and to solve puzzles.

Facial Recognition for U Wii?

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed that the camera inserted into the U Wii controller could be used for facial recognition of the players. WiiFit Iwata mentioned as an example. As we saw in the trailer, you find below, the controller can be used together with the Balance Board to weigh yourself without having to use a TV.

"Facial recognition is already present in Kinect Microsoft, would greatly accelerate certain processes and make a lot of games and software piùà very accessible." Shigeru Miyamoto agrees: "It's definitely an interesting feature that we will consider."

Iwata: Wii over U $ 250

According to the statement by Satoru Iwata, the Wii should cost U more than 20,000 yen, or over $ 250. The president of Nintendo has stated during an interview in the last few hours to Japanese newspaper Nikkei and the news was immediately reported by Bloomberg. The price competition has been one of the factors that have made the immediate success of the Wii, launched in his time at a price of 25,000 yen ($ 249).

E3 2011 - Pictures and details on Happy Feet 2: The Videogame

The Return of the dancing penguin Built as a musical adventure for the whole family, Happy Feet 2: The Videogame will be released in autumn for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS. The latter two versions will be developed by WayForward Technologies, among other authors of the excellent tie-in Thor: The God of Thunder for the dual-screen handheld console.

Happy Feet 2: The Videogame will boast multiplayer cooperative mode for two players (in the home console versions) and the gameplay will be based clearly on the dance and rhythm, thanks to the music from Ozomatli and signed by Robert Carranza.

Skyward Sword on Wii in 2011

Virtua Tennis for the launch of PS 4 Life

Sega has confirmed that Virtua Tennis is a game in the series will be available for the launch of PlayStation Life. Virtua Tennis 4 will exploit the features of Sony's new handheld and touch controls allow you to use traditional or alternative. The publisher also announced a mode called Touch Versus Match and online gaming with social features (chat, sharing of statistics, challenges and so on).

Pikmin 3 Confirmed for Wii U

Pikmin 3 for Wii games will be one of U, said Shigeru Miyamoto. The development of the Wii version has been abandoned in favor of the U Wii, Miyamoto added, stating that the Nintendo title is perfect for high definition. Yet to announce the launch period of the new Pikmin.

OnLive also iPad and Android

The service will soon be on cloud OnLive iPad, iPhone and Android on the tablet by means of an application that will be available in autumn in Europe and the United States. According to the company, "virtually" the entire catalog of OnLive will be played on portable devices, and when connected to your PC or TV, tablets, and smartphones can be used as a controller.

Staying within the cloud services, a few days ago Apple announced icloud. "The power of the cloud is the dominant theme this week," said the boss of OnLive, Steve Perlman. "IPad OnLive Player App for Android and shows the potential of the cloud. We must ask whether the cloud will be able to reach the console, but if the console will be able to keep pace with the cloud." OnLive is currently available in the United States by the end of the service will arrive in UK.

E3 2011 - Paper Mario 3DS in pictures

The paper also returned Mario Paper Mario on the Nintendo 3DS, title that continues the parade of franchise replicated on portable large N. With this, also return the particular interpretation of "map" of the world Marieschi, which likely will gain a perspective effect from the third dimension even more significant, something that has always been characteristic of the series.

New images have been added in the gallery.

FIFA to launch Wii U

FIFA will probably be one of the titles available for the launch of U Wii, EA Sports made it known. The controller of Nintendo's new console would allow developers to remove some information from the TV screen to bring up the pad. For example, the radar, says a manager of EA. "The concept of the controller offers some interesting solutions that allow you to move some information from the main screen to the pad." Electronic Arts has announced plans to support the new Nintendo console with a series of games, probably the most popular titles available on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 arrives on Wii in the future U.