Saturday, March 5, 2011

Insane was designed as a trilogy, but depends on the first chapter

It is not complicated THQ wanted to do things for the great video game debut of Guillermo del Toro, but this does not mean that, in this economic climate, however the publisher does not go with feet of lead. Then it turns out that insane and study how the trilogy, but that production of episodes 2 and 3 will still be subject to the success of the first chapter.

Danny Bilson Core Games, THQ has a very clear vision of the issue, arguing that the program is clearly one of the trilogy, but that "if the first game does not work, we'll make a trilogy, it's not complicated." On the other hand, has shown Bilson is the same system we adopt in Hollywood, where maybe the scripts are large and provide follow-up immediately for a film is particularly promising, but if that first product does not have the success anticipated, it is not does nothing.

[GDC 2011] Images and trailer for Defenders of Ardan

The Paradox of tower defense is shown to the public during the GDC 2011, Paradox has released new images and above all a new trailer for Defenders of Ardan. The tower defense platform, which in fact should see the light in the PC version, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and iPad, sees three different factions (underworld, Civilized and monsters) challenge in maps where one side is to advance, the 'other locations to manage and drive defensively.

Another movie coming to Resident Evil

Afterlife successful Resident Evil: Afterlife stuff is still fresh, yet there is already talk of the next chapter of the film series inspired by the historic Capcom survival horror. Resident Evil 5, as it is currently called, already has a release date, currently scheduled for September 14, 2012. According to reports, the excellent results at the box office of Afterlife, which generated more than $ 236 million, have paved the way for the next chapter.

[GDC 2011] Will Wright working on new games

Something different, but it 'since the release of Spore, Will Wright, creator of the Sims and all the various "Sim" famous, shows no new titles. At GDC 2011, in any case, Wright said he was working on several projects simultaneously videogame, but it is something that seems different than the traditional concept of the game.

"For the most part, what we're working on is not something classic AAA, exclusively for Xbox," saying, "This is something more widespread, mobile web," he said, referring to the desire to interpret the world and the social relationships between users as a real platform human. In short, it seems to refer to app type "social" yet to be determined, a choice on the other hand several developers are undertaking long-time lately, not least with his version of Sid Meier's Civilization social.

Package Discount Ubisoft on Steam

Not much new stuff, but convenient touches to the games this weekend Ubisoft enter the promotion of the weekend for Steam with a very affordable package. The digital delivery Valve is in fact available for download today or tomorrow a package consisting of: Assassin's Creed: Director's Cut Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood: Far Cry 2: Fortune's Edition Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Normally, all together would be about 94.96 € but with the discount applied, you can download the block for € 12.99.

[GDC 2011] Ron Gilbert wants a new Maniac Mansion

Maybe at GDC 2011 there was also room for Ron Gilbert, a true legend of the game design, the author of some of the greatest adventure games ever seen as Maniac Mansion, Zak McKracken and Monkey Island and currently used in conjunction with Double Fine's historic links Max Schafer. Gilbert has offered to the onlookers, or at least to the more nostalgic, a reason to dream, it mentioned a remake of Maniac Mansion, albeit only as his personal desire.

[Updated] THQ confirms: Homefront is under gold

The promising FPS of Kaos Studios will hit stores March 15 THQ has just confirmed that Homefront has been launched as gold. According to Danny Bilson, "Homefront is destined to become one of the most successful original IP for THQ. Kaos Studios has taken three years to make a FPS can compete with the best exponents of the genre.

The game will deliver a compelling single player and the original, along with a multiplayer capable of entertaining hundreds of hours. " Homefront will be released March 15 in the PC version, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Source: VG247

Trailer in Italian weapons for Crysis 2

Closer ... Crytek has released yet another movie for Crysis 2, awaited shooter waited for the end of the month on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. This is a trailer dedicated to weapons, the chance to fully localized in Italian with subtitles. You can find it attached at the bottom of the article.

Soon the date of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Please wait ... During the next week, Square Enix will announce the official release date finally on Deus Ex: Human Revolution. The news has come from the usual social network through a Twitter post game director Jean-François Dugas. Stay tuned on our website in anticipation of release. Source: VG247

Will Wright back at work

Will Wright, creator of the immortal sagas such as SimCity and The Sims, is working on a series of new projects, the first three years from now. The Wright's latest game, Spore, as long ago as 2008, speaking at the GDC that the game designers said "it was time to go back to work." "But it will not be playing in the most traditional sense of the word.

Project will be aimed at a wider market, which also includes the Mobile Web and the world." "Right now I am very interested in creating something that immerses players in the world around them, rather than distract from it. The idea is to use the world itself as a platform rather than just a PC or console." These words mean anything, it's pretty clear that these projects are still in an embryonic stage and then is probably not the case of holding your breath now.

Bungie gives it to MMO? It was just a joke

The team denies the whole thing Yesterday we reported the news that Bungie's next project would be an MMO space. In this case it happened that David Aldridge during the GDC, said the team would be recruiting staff for the development of a "massively multiplayer action game." Well, today the same Bungie, on their official website, has denied the news, revealing that it was just a funny (?) Own joke orchestrated by Aldridge.

Gilbert wants to remake Maniac Mansion

The great Ron Gilbert had a sudden attack of nostalgia, and has openly declared his desire to make a revised version of Maniac Mansion. The creator of Monkey Island attended the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, where he expressed his backward thinking. "I'd love to make a new version of the game.

Not a sequel but a remake, which would have the opportunity to correct mistakes and revise the system of original puzzles. The rights of Maniac Mansion, such as the sequel to Day of the Tentacle, are still in the hands of LucasArts, but Gilbert does not at all impossible to achieve this his little dream.

Halo Wars was a success, but have a future?

Currently no 343 Industries celebrated the success of Halo Wars, while reiterating that there are no plans for a sequel, contrary to what usually happens for success in this industry. Frank O'Connor, Bungie historical past member of the new group dedicated to Halo, it reiterated the 'huge success "represented by the particular initiative RTS Ensemble, a result that has been shown, as reported by O'Connor, higher expectations of the same development team.

The beta of Gears of War 3 will be available April 25

The owners of Epic Edition Bulletstorm you will access a week earlier especially for us Italians a coincidence that we will for the first time to play with the title that speaks of the liberation from the alien on the Feast of the Liberation. The beta of Gears of War 3 will begin April 25 in fact for anyone who carries the title of the pre-order through GameStop and the doors will close 20 days later, on May 15.

Jill and are in addition to Marvel vs Shuma. Capcom 3

On 15 and March 16 Two new characters are added to the cast of Marvel vs fighters. Capcom 3, starting from March 15 on Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Network on March 16. The two characters are Jill Valentine, the historic character of the various chapters of the series Resident Evil and Shuma-Gorath, an alien creature belonging Marvel universe.

Each character costs 400 Microsoft Points.

[GDC 2011] The rapid growth in revenue of the NDP

And the digital delivery rears increasingly From GDC comes yet another sign that the digital market is booming with numbers always elevatisissimi. Pierre Gravereau SCEA has in fact revealed that the PlayStation Network revenue increased during 2010, 70%. The growth, according to Sony's manager, is due to the increase in traffic of 60% of PlayStation Store.

Hunted: The Rise of the Demon - video game in 8 minutes

Extremely dark inXile Entertainment eBethesda Softworks has released an eight-minute video by Hunted: The Rise of the Demon showing gameplay and cut-scenes very dark. The title is developed with the Unreal Engine 3 and includes a co-op offline (not split screen). Hunted: The Rise of the Demon - video game in 8 minutes

New Videogame for the Shop!

Dear Videogame Sources, though in recent weeks, despite the great games come out, you have managed to put away a few euro in your wallet, the deals that we are likely to offer a perfect excuse to re-open it! In fact, this week we are pleased to offer you some real bigwig who Bulletstorm and Homefront, accompanied by a series of evergreen miss you certainly should not keep out of your collection.

A public beta for Gears 3

I bought the Limited Edition Bulletstorm is not the only way to get your hands on the multiplayer beta of Gears of War 3. A public version of the same fact will be available from April 25 to May 15. Unfortunately, now comes the bad news: Participants must pre-order the game, but only and exclusively at the chain GAME.

The private beta, due to the above Bulletstorm, will be held April 18 to 24 instead. Players who participate in the multiplayer test will unlock exclusive content in the final game. Completing a "match" beta, for example, otter a medal. Complete 50, however, mean unlock the bonus character Thrashball Cole.

MVC3: Jill and Shuma-Gorath coming!

Shuma-Gorath and Jill Valentine will join the cast of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, starting from March 15 on Xbox Live Marketplace. Each character will cost 400 Microsoft Points. PlayStation 3 will land the two characters but a day later, on March 16. Jill Valentine, as even the stones know, is one of the stars of Resident Evil history.

Shuma-Gorath, however, is a multi-tentacle alien creature that Marvel has thrown into the fray in some of his comics, especially those of Dr. Strange.