Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dance Central expands with more songs

The new mixed package of add-on pack for Dance Tracks Central fray a bit 'again and a bit' old school dance songs with 4 historical. Here are the contents of the DLC: Chic - Le Freak "Missy Elliott -" We Run This "Rick James - Super Freak" Amerie - "Heard 'Em All" Each song can be downloaded individually for 240 Microsoft Points on the Live Marketplace.

Will there ever be a Killzone 4?

Although still lacking a few days at the exit of Killzone 3 in stores, is already beginning to talk about a possible sequel, and it is precisely Guerrilla Games. According to what the game's senior producer, Steven Heide there would indeed still much room for expansion to expand the game universe. "We wanted to leave a door open [ed.

Talking about the final Killzone 3] because we do not intend to abandon the franchise." And as stated in Hermen Hulst, MD of Guerrilla, the team still has a lot of ideas just waiting to be realized. "We had our Pearl Harbour moment, our moment D-Day, but the war still has many facets that we could handle." Killzone 3 is provided, exclusively on PlayStation 3, February 25.

For Ubisoft, Nintendo 3DS and NGP are the priorities in the field of portable

"Everything else will come after" After having supported the launch of the great Kinect, proving to be the most active among the "third parties", Ubisoft wants to do the same at the release of Nintendo 3DS, with six titles ready for March 25. But what is the position of the French against the new smartphone (especially the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY) and other devices that lend themselves to portable gaming? Although PSP has in the past represented a solid platform for Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines has sold about 500 thousand copies), the console Sony is currently at the end of its life cycle and thus ensure that the results could hardly worth mentioning.

On arrival a security patch for MW2

During today Infinity Ward announced the imminent arrival of a patch for all versions of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, the objective will be to resolve some "security issues online experience." The news came directly from the community manager of the company through the game's official forum. According to Bowling, the patch would be necessary especially after the PS3, compared to what was done by George Hotz, the safety of many products has been put at risk.

The demo of Total War: Shogun 2 arrives Feb. 22

Samurai in evidence comes from Sega today officially announced the upcoming arrival of a demo for Total War: Shogun 2, anticipated new chapter in the series of RTS in the historic environment, developed by The Creative Assembly. The demo version can then be downloaded from Steam February 22, 2011 and apparently will feature a taste of "the campaign map of Shogun 2", without going into too much detail.

Schafer working on Sesame Street Kinect

During today it was announced that the brilliant game designer Tim Schafer of Double Fine and his team are working on a game for Kinect dedicated to Sesame Street on behalf of Warner Bros. Interactive. Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster is described as a "funny story" and an "exciting family game." "Through an experience of truly original game, players will join in Cookie Monster, Elmo and other historical characters from Sesame Street to explore a living, breathing storybook called precisely Once Upon a Monster," the statement said Journal.

Already 100,000 registrations for the beta of APB Reloaded

The highly successful closure of APB was a disappointment for many players because the game itself was anything but poor in terms of quality and still in the original landscape of the MMO. He explains clearly, in the light of this, the interest of publishers and developers in the recovery of the brand and the good public response for the initiative taken by K2 Network, as announced today.

Apparently, the requests for registration to a limited number of beta Reloaded APB, the new revised version of APB, have reached the 100,000 in a few days, leading to the closure of the nominations by tomorrow morning. K2 also announced that it intended to start the beta since February 28 in North America and later Europe.

Codemasters says "goodbye" to McRae

Discounts and extras if you book 2 Portal

Valve invites us not to waste time Valve has taken a series of agreements with some international chains to offer incentives for booking of Portal 2. Who will preorder the game before the official release date scheduled for April 22 in Europe, will receive discounts and / or extra features, such as the skin for the exclusive coop bot (Atlas and P-body).

If you have not booked Portal 2, so we suggest you check the next day deals at your local dealer.

Announced Cars 2: The Videogame

In view of the output of the sequel film, Disney Interactive has announced Cars 2: The Videogame, due out next summer for the DS, PC, PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. The development team has been entrusted to the Avalanche Software, responsible for the amazing tie-in Toy Story 3. The game will offer, among other things, a connection to the World of Cars Online, a new virtual world for PC use via a browser.

Crytek can not only shooter

Ah yes, Kingdoms! The words spoken recently by the head of Crytek, Cevat Yerli, to CVG, can be interpreted as a declaration of intent on the mysterious new projects underway in the German development team. "As a company we can not only shooter, we need to grow genuinely new forms of interactive entertainment and new experiences," said Yerli the British text, then specifying the reference of this position: "I think it is in fact a Kingdoms new entertainment experience, "he said," working with Microsoft has enabled us to create something truly new and wonderful from our perspective and in respect of the players I think will find a different experience.

Crysis piracy threatens PC 3

The gaming industry has reacted with great anger to the recent apprizione web builds pirate Crysis 3 and Killzone 2, and although Crytek, developer of that title, has said it wants to remain faithful to the PC, it is not inconceivable that at a possible third chapter, the franchise could become an exclusive for the console.

Paul Gibson of the Gamers' Voice has held that this was not the surprise at all. "It 's hard to understand what triggers the grounds of piracy, as it is just as complicated to understand the reasons of those who supply it." "The short-term advantage is obvious: play for free. But many do not realize that doing so should not only to hit the industry as a whole, but also the players who take a righteous conduct, spending their money." "Consumers hate DRM, but the publisher can not do without it as long as there are people who pirated their games.

Trailer debut of Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters

The squadron of Green Lantern has a lot to do when an alien on his deathbed gives him his power ring, Hal Jordan became Green Lantern, a classic DC Comics superhero, able to shape the energy to make them take any kind form. Active on all the planets in the galaxy, the body meets the Green Lantern to face an imminent threat: the arrival of Manhunter, sentient robot with an extraordinary power.

Gameloft ready to launch Xperia Play

The giant mobile games, Gameloft, has over 10 titles ready for the launch of the new Xperia Play. The titles will be available on Day One Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, Star Battalion, Assassin's Creed, One, Let's Golf! 2, Spider-Man: Total Mayhem, Modern Combat: Black Pegasus, Real Football 2011, Brothers in Arms 2 and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

In total that now everyone calls PlayStation Phone has some 50 titles available from the outset but Gameloft is the first company to unveil its official line-up. The Xperia will also play several classic PSone and in this respect it is worth remembering one thing: even if you have already downloaded some of these games for PS3 and PSP, to play on the new Sony Ericsson smartphone you will buy them again.

RUSE: Rising Sun is available for PC and Xbox 360, PS3 tomorrow

Here come the Japanese Eugen Systems and Ubisoft announced today the release of Rising Sun, the new expansion of Ruse, on PC and Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 version coming tomorrow on PSN. The downloadable add-on pack includes new missions, featuring the Japanese army, to be used in both single and multiplayer.

28 new units and structures, and three new exclusive operations are waiting for the Japanese Imperial Army in the DLC. The three missions are "Fort Knox", "Ostfriesland" and "For Honour: We are the first to defend the Federal Reserve commanding the Kentucky National Guard, a force in Japan's second drive in Germany against the British and commanded a division in the third nipponiche rebel air force that refuses to lay down their weapons and fight desperately against the combined forces of USA, UK and Soviet Union on the Island of Java.

Certain Affinity has worked on Halo and COD?

Who could ever think that behind the development of content for some of the most important games of this generation remains an unknown software house seeds? Few, perhaps almost anyone, but that's exactly what happened with Halo: Reach and Black Ops. Certain Affinity, a company founded in 2006 in Austin, Texas, has not only helped to develop the Defiant Map Pack DLC planned for the next Halo Reach, but also the recent DLC First Strike Call of Duty: Black Ops.

A plaque celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the Lemmings

A national issue DMA Design - now Rockstar North - British development team, perhaps most known as the creator of Grand Theft Auto series, has risen to the limelight, 20 years ago with the creation of a kind of puzzle game that has made the history of video games: Lemmings. To mark the twentieth anniversary of the series about anthropomorphic rodents suicidal instinct DMA Design has decided to install a commemorative plaque at the original offices in Dundee, Scotland.

A new DJ Hero 2 DLC

Despite the crisis that led her to freeze his musical franchise, Activision announced the upcoming release of a series of new tracks to DJ hero 2. The Pendulum Mix Pack is now available at a cost of 640MP on Live and PSN on about 9 €, contains three tracks by Immersion, Australian band the homonym album, "Watercolour", "Set Me On Fire" and "Salt In The Wounds.

" The songs are available individually, for the Wii version, which costs 300 Wii Points each.

New DLC for DJ Hero 2

The DJ gaming is still alive As is known, the series DJ Hero, Guitar Hero with the parent, it's definitely dead, closed by Activision in view of a general reorganization of the internal forces, but it does not mean that the media should cease immediately. It comes in these days so the package "Pendulum Mix Pack" DJ Hero 2, which includes three additional tracks "Watercolour", "Set Me On Fire" and "Salt In The Wounds." The DLC is downloadable for 640 Microsoft Points from Xbox Live, PSN and $ 7.99 individually at 300 Wii Points track by track.
If World of Warcraft was not "exploded", the console game Starcraft Ghost would not have been put in the pipeline, said Blizzard. Originally designed as a spin-off for PS2, Xbox and GameCube, StarCraft Ghost was announced in 2002. The development team was replaced twice before the suspension of the project in 2006.

On that occasion, the company claimed to have made the decision to focus on next generation consoles (PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii) but in reality, says Mike Morhaime, there were other reasons behind that decision. "We were working on StarCraft Ghost just as we were developing World of Warcraft and StarCraft II," said co-founder of Blizzard during the DICE in Las Vegas (via Kotaku).

DC Universe Online will work only if new

Used a low value, it seems, Sony Online has taken an initiative to discourage rather drastic hand market for DC Universe Online on PlayStation 3. The game comes with an identification code to use to register online, a procedure obviously required to actually play, and that code is linked inseparably to the account of the player who first used it.

This means that if you wanted to sell the game (or buy it used), it is not possible to activate an account online and then play. This is a repetition of the same system used by Sega Phantasy Star Online on the console, and probably just a case of the many that will occur now on the market.

Felicia Day in the miniseries Dragon Age

Felicia Day, actress of the sitcom downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace The Guild, will play an elf in the miniseries devoted to Dragon Age II. In Dragon Age: Redemption, Felicia Day will play the role of the Assassin Tallis. The six episodes of the miniseries will be available in the coming months, as reported by USA Today.

Dragon Age: Redemption is just one of the initiatives dedicated to the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins. The new role of BioWare game will hit stores in March on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The iPhone 5 with a 4-inch screen?

The first rumor ... He starts to climb - figuratively of course - that will in all probability distribution by Apple's new iPhone this summer. 5 This would be the iPhone, which some say would have rather precise technical specifications. Among the data that stands out most is undoubtedly the extent of the display, which this time would be about the size of 4 inches.

In any case, it is currently only speculation, as always when it comes to Apple will be confirmed or denied only when the official presentation.
After announcing Next Generation Portable, Sony is back to talk about the PSP's successor to try to reassure consumers that are legitimately wondering what it will cost the new handheld console. A few weeks ago, the boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe Andrew House spoke of a price "accessible" to NGP, but until now we did not have more precise information on the value of the console.

But it seems that Sony is not willing to adopt strategies that have led the company to launch the PlayStation 3 with a recommended price of € 600. "We had to give up some features that we find interesting to stay in the target," he told the magazine Edge president of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida.

Red Steel 2 has sold less than the first

Ubisoft says ... Ubisoft said sales for the exclusive Wii Red Steel 2. The title would have sold since its launch between 600,000 and 700,000 copies, but it remained below the original Red Steel, which has instead touched one million.

A date for the costumes alternative MVC3

Capcom has announced that the alternate costumes for characters in fighting game Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will be downloadable from PlayStation Network and Xbox Live since March 1. Ryu will get the costume used in the first Street Fighter, and Chris Redfield will appear as it was designed in Resident Evil, Dante, however, will turn into Sparda.

Available in the package even new costumes for Iron Man and Captain America. The DLC will cost 400 Microsoft Points on Xbox Live, about € 4.99 on PlayStation Network. On March 1 Capcom DLC will also launch the Shadow Mode, free download, this is a series of challenges where players must battle against the team modeled on the strategies of the best players of Capcom fighting games.

Crysis 2 - the PC is important for Crytek

Do not worry Cevat Yerli thanked the community for support, arrived in the form of massive criticism of the recent leak out and download the beta from a few stolen, and assures fans that the PC will always be important. Unfortunately the problems do not end here derived from the illegal distribution of the incomplete version of Crysis 2.

The beta contains the codes of the DRM license Crytek and most likely allow attackers to easily circumvent the protections of the final version of Crysis 2.

Nintendo blackmailed by a Spanish

It was captured by police a Spanish citizen who tried to blackmail Nintendo after taking possession of personal information belonging to more than 4000 accounts Wii. As reported by the BBC, the man threatened to show the Spanish Agency file that deals with the protection of personal data to prove that the negligence of Nintendo.

Ignored by the Company of Japan, the man would begin to disclose information on the Net but was later arrested by Spanish police in Malaga. At the moment it is unclear whether the data was stolen from Nintendo or a business partner of the Japanese company.

THQ will publish Voltron

Voltron will fight again the lions of Voltron will be back under the label of THQ, which has given the green light by World Events Productions. Unfortunately we have no details about the game or news on any developer who will take charge of a so onerous responsibility and who will take the blame if the recovery operation will not succeed.

In the end, for the nostalgic and those who do not know what we speak, the symbol of the famous Italian cartoon.

Age of Empires III "a mistake"

According to a Kotaku Bruce Shelley, founder of Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires 3 was a "big mistake". "With Age of Empires 3, we have tried to implement a series of innovations," said Shelley. "I think it was a big mistake." "We wanted to make a game that was 30% identical to their predecessors, 30% characterized by ideas borrowed from others, and 30% based on innovative ideas.

We tried to do too much." Subsequently, the Ensemble has tried to bring the series to its origins but now the development of Age of Empires 3 had landed at an advanced stage: "It just was not a game of Age of Empires." The study asked Microsoft to remove the label of the brand, but Microsoft would not listen.

Another trailer from the story of Crysis 2

More and more expected ... Networking is another trailer that appeared on the expected Crysis 2, sequel in development at Crytek on platforms Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. This is a movie dedicated once again to the single-player story. You can judge directly with the file attached at the bottom of the article.

Source: VG247 Crysis 2 - Trailer of the story

Kinect Phone with Windows 7

Microsoft announced that Windows users will soon be able to interact with 7 Phone Kinect for Xbox 360 to create cross-platform multiplayer games. According to reports on CNN, during a demo by Microsoft at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona were shown two players who used Kinect Sports. One of them used the device with operating system Windows 7 Phone and the latter interacted with the Kinect.

Shadows of the Damned - 10 new images

PSN games are incompatible with Xperia Play

Sony has confirmed that the classic PSone downloaded from the PlayStation Network for the PlayStation 3 and PSP formats are not compatible with Xperia will play and then purchased the smartphone also in a dedicated PlayStation certificate. The "PlayStation Phone" Sony Ericsson is compatible with PlayStation Service Suite, from which you can download the classics of the first Sony console.

However, you can not synchronize purchases, said the boss of Sony Ericsson UK, Nathan Vautier. "Consumers will buy the games again," said Vautier at Gamespot. "The most exciting thing is that there are games that consumers know very well." The games will still be available on PlayStation Suite versions of classic PSone adapted to the characteristics of Android, it will not be essentially the same products purchased on the PlayStation Network.

NGP and the price - Sony will not repeat the mistake made with PS3

We hope NGP, including hardware equipment, has been planned keeping in mind the cost. Shuhei Yoshida, said that can not even talk about the final price but it ensured that Sony has worked on having a specific target. This is a lesson, continued the president of SCE, Sony has learned well the PS3: "It makes no sense to put everything you want in a device to do the calculations later.

We have always been clear on the price and the consumer. We have to sell something that people can buy. " So, although it is impossible to sell NGP at the same price of PSP, we can expect reasonable figures have said for weeks as several market analysts.