Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SEGA Rally Arcade Online

The series of games, SEGA Rally is the most popular games of the company and better acceptance by the public have had. That's why now try to recover those days of success with its new edition of SEGA Rally and in this case the Online SEGA Rally Arcade, which will be downloadable. SEGA said that "We have combined our arcade racing series the best elements of the console versions to offer our fans the experience of SEGA Rally in compact format can be downloaded.

The short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth was released "by mistake"

The director had not intention of spreading it in an interview with Gamasutra, Kevin Tancharoen, director of the short film Mortal Kombat: Rebirth, said that the first video series was made public for a trivial mistake. Tancharoen it simply wanted to show his work to his friend, and we uploaded the video on YouTube, but with the intention to make the content private.

Fate would have it, forgot to select the appropriate settings for privacy, and so the video was made public and immediately viewed by thousands of people since last June. "I'm not exactly an expert on YouTube," he admitted. "What we ended up in the network should not be the final version of my film.

Kinect: Ubisoft thinks of the spin-off

According to Geoffroy Sardin by Ubisoft in an interview published by MCV, the publisher would be thinking of a series of spin-off for most games compatible with Kinect belonging to the most important franchise for Ubisoft. "Soon we will bring up some of the most innovative Kinect industry," promises Sardin.

"I think we could make Kinect versions of all our brands, but the production team is taking decisions. At the moment I can not announce anything but we'll have content for all tastes, this I can assure you." Ubisoft will launch next April 15 Michael Jackson: The Experience, while Child of Eden, new game by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (on Xbox 360 will be compatible with Kinect), will debut later this year.

More details of Bomberman 3DS

With the new features in 3DS console games are going to expand its boundaries and this is the case the next bomberman 3DS in which players will have more game options and go to the battlefield with new functions. In the single player mode the game takes place in a 3D city in the world of Bomberman in which the central city must release the power of the lame, which is a body of robots.

In this way there are special pumps which can not be found multijugaodr mode and power it can solve the level, navigating dangerous roads, and destroy the enemies. Another option in the game are local struggles and the same can integrate up to four players can interact with the Wi Fi. There are no available date for the launch of this title but it seems that it goes on sale in the second half of the year.

Unveiled Twisted Edition of The 3rd Birthday

Parasite Eve back in style As previously reported, The 3rd Birthday, the third episode of the Parasite Eve series, will hit stores in a special version, called Twisted Edition. Square Enix has finally revealed the contents of this limited edition, a hardback art book, two high-quality prints depicting Aya Brea, a costume to be used exclusively in 012 Dissidia: Final Fantasy.

The 3rd Birthday, already available in Japan, will be released in the U.S. on March 29. The European release date has not yet been announced.

Creativity paralyzed by criticism

The critical attitude of the players towards the medium is the main problem with the video games, an obstacle to the creativity of the developers are forced to travel more and more roads already mapped out in the past. This was the view expressed by Josh Olin, community manager for Treyarch, during an interview with NowGamer.

"As a community manager live daily reality of social media and I think the culture of the game is going in a negative direction while social media and technology continue to evolve," says Olin. "A growing number of players seems to have lost sight of the essence of industry." "As part of the entertainment medium they are more creative in circulation.

A video of the gameplay of Pokemon Black & White

We see the new Pokémon in action Official Nintendo Magazine UK has published a video on the gameplay of Pokémon black and white version, the latest incarnation of the popular Nintendo series. In the movie we see, select the Pokémon Tepig, specializing in the use of fire, which deals with Cress. The fights seem a lot faster than before.

The other new Pokémon that we see in action is Pansage. Pokémon black and white version will be released in Italy on March 4, clearly in the two editions. Source: Official Nintendo Magazine UK

Scarlett Johansson in the movie of Uncharted?

During an interview with Empire Online, the film's director of Uncharted, David O. Russell spoke about the role of Helen Fisher, "half" of Nathan in video games in the series of Naughty Dog. "I'd like to see Amy Adams in that role. I also like Scarlett Johansson, but I think there are many great actors fit the part.

We'll see how to adapt those that will be tested for that role," says Russell. The director claims to have worked on the character of Elena, "adding a lot of size but will not say more. I love strong female characters and more are their personalities, the more solid the movie." According to rumors reported some time ago, Mark Wahlberg should Interpret Drake and Robert de Niro and Joe Pesci are respectively the father and uncle of the protagonist.

New trailer for the NGP

In a new trailer of NPM can be seen in the new laptop that best plays, games, and you can see a big list of them and those who had doubts about his power, I could see some amazing graphics. In this video you can see some of the upcoming titles NPM in action, including Uncharted, Killzone, Resistance, LittleBigPlanet, Hot Shots Golf Next, Gravity Daze, Little Deviants, Hustle Kings, Reality Fighters, Smart As, Broken and WipEout.

Bulletstorm teases Call of Duty with a free game

After Halo, another victim of the illustrious We had big laughs already watching the video parody of Bulletstorm freely adapted from the spot "Believe" at the time used by Microsoft to advertise Halo, now is the time to move to another FPS wide appeal, even to ridicule this course. Epic Games has then Duty Calls, which is not very covertly refers to Call of Duty.

This is a free PC game that prepares us for the upcoming arrival of Bulletstorm doing a little 'parody of the millionaire FPS from Activision. So if you want to embark in this particular game free, you can access the official website of Duty Calls and download the 700 MB or so.

Catwoman for DC Universe Online

As reported by Kotaku, the content for the MMO DC Universe Online Sony Online Entertainment will publish in February, leading to Catwoman. The character will be at the center of an intrigue that will take you on a trip between the roofs of the city to the Egyptian Museum, but the episode will be playable only by those who have already reached level 30.

Catwoman can also be used in PvP mode Legends, while among the new features are included in the title of Sony Online Entertainment featured a few items and a new multiplayer race. Until the end of February will be dedicated to different content available on Valentine's Day. DC Universe Online is available since last month on PC and PlayStation 3.

First images and information on Dark Souls

Demon's Souls looks like the first images come from Famitsu, accompanied by some information about Dark Souls, the new action-RPG by From Software, somewhat below the excellent spiritual Demon's Souls. According to reports, the game we will be fighting a lot of enemies with swords or sticks with the main character created by us.

But we must be attentive to the surroundings, as narrow passages within the movement will be prevented, similar to what happens in the game came out earlier. There is a possibility, if necessary, to use the shield or flee the fighting, while on the move on the map there should be some sort of direct pointer, even though the issue is still quite vague to define.

A FPS is the trump card of EA

Before the end of 2011, Electronic Arts will launch a new FPS to be announced. The news is the boss of EA, John Riccitiello, in a video conference call with shareholders. "We want to publish relevant FPS every year," said Riccitiello, who added: "For some time I say that our long-term goal is to reclaim the crown of the FPS.

"In 2010 we made some progress over the previous year. This year, with sales remaining second Bad Company and Medal of Honor, Crysis and Bulletstorm, we will advance further towards our goal, before this debut by the end an extremely exciting game of the year in which we will announce soon.

The update to the PlayStation Network's February 2, 2011

The usual Wednesday Wednesday time updates to the PlayStation Network, the digital delivery of the Sony console is enriched this week by a good amount of DLC, and miscellaneous. PlayStation Store (via PS3, PSP and Media Go) The February minis Mega Sale (available for PS3 and PSP) (Discount Offer available until February 16) All Minis available at 1:19 Hero Of Sparta BREAKQUEST Monopoly Championship Manager 2010 Express Spot the Differences ! Zombie Tycoon Stand O'Food Fieldrunners 5-in-1 Arcade Hits 3D Bowling DynoGems Echoes Red Bull X-Fighters Arcade Darts VEMPIRE Bloons TD VT Tennis Tehri: Dark Warrior Sneezies Other Mahjongg Artifacts Special Offer (Offer Discount available until February 16) Rainbow 6: Vegas 2 (from 29.99 to 19.99) Shaun White Snowboarding: The Mile High Pack (from 4.99 to 2.99) Funky Lab Rat (from 6.99 to 4.99) Disne's Action Game Featuring Hercules (PSone) (from 5:49 to 2:49) The Little Mermaid II (PSone) (from 3.99 to 1.99) Vintage Mickey Comic Theme (from 1.49 to 0.75) GTA IV: The Lost and Damned & The Ballad of Tony Gay Bundle (19.99) (offer ending Wednesday, February 9th) Demo and Full Game ( PS3) Beat Sketcher (9.99) Rating: PEGI 3 Tetris (9.99) Rating: PEGI 3 Games (PS3) Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 (14.99) Rating: PEGI 16 X-Men Arcade (7.99) Rating: PEGI 12 Games (PSP ) BlazBlue Calamity Trigger Portable (29.99) Rating: PEGI 12 Lord of Arcana (34.99) Rating: PEGI 16 Bi-Pack GRAW 2 PSP + Splinter Cell Essentials (19.99) Rating: PEGI 16 Open Beta (PS3) Killzone 3 Multiplayer Open Beta Rating : PEGI 18 Available from 12 noon on Thursday 3 February Demo (PS3) EA Sports Fight Night Champion Rating: PEGI 16 (USK 12) PSone Classics (PS3 and PSP) Crash Bandicoot 2 (4.99) Rating: PEGI 3 minis (PS3 and PSP) MOZOX Space Salvager (1.99) Rating: PEGI 7 Twin Blades (2.99) Rating: PEGI 16 Add-On (PS3) ModNation Racers Super Fan Mod Pack (1.75) Helghast Mod Pack (1.75) Rating: PEGI 7 Chinese New Year Costume LittleBigPlanet (4.99) Groundhog Day Costume (4.99) Rating : PEGI 7 EyePet Move - Valentines Styling Pack (2.99) Rating: PEGI 3 Guitar Hero: Rock Warriors of February Mega Pack (17.99) Downloadable Track Pack featuring: Blooddrunk, Living Dead Beat, Was It Worth It by Children Of Bodom, World On Fire by Firewind; Get Your Gunn, Coma White, Tourniquet by Marilyn Manson, and Parade Of The Dead, Crazy Horse, Black Sunday by Black Label Society.

Dead Space 2 at a height of two million

EA has announced that Dead Space 2 is selling twice as many units of the first installment of the horror of Visceral Games. During a videoconference with shareholders COO of EA, John Schappert, he spoke of two million copies to retailers, twice the sell-through (copies sold to consumers) of the original chapter.

Last year, Frank Gibeau, EA had hinted that Dead Space 2 would be the last resort for a franchise that had not reached the debut of the commercial results expected from the publisher.

The dates for the demo of Yakuza 4

18:23 February from Sega comes to the Notice on release dates for the demo of Yakuza 4-awaited new chapter in the action-adventure setting "criminal" for PlayStation 3. There is talk of dates in the plural because the PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to access a preview of the trial, February 16, 2011, while all the others can download it from the PlayStation Network February 23, 2011.

Twisted Pixel Announces The Gunstringer

The guys at Twisted Pixel, known to the public for making 'Splosion Man, have announced that they are working on a new project, provided the exclusive Kinect: The Gunstringer (which for non-Anglophiles could translate as "The Puppet Master") According to statements by the lead designer Dean Teasdale appeared on the official website the game will put us in a position of having to move the puppet of a cowboy zombies on stage as if we were puppeteers intent on making a real representation.

Free PlayStation Move Heroes

A mix of celebrities from the PlayStation Experience new images arrive in London for PlayStation Move Heroes. This is an action adventure cross-over between Jak and Daxter, Ratchet & Clank and Sly Cooper specially developed to exploit the potential of PlayStation Move.

Dragon Age Begins Beta Legends

Electronic Arts today announced the start of closed beta of Age Dragon Legends, social game that will bring the fascinating atmosphere of the famous fantasy franchise on Facebook. The game will explore, for the first time, the Free Marches - The main room of Dragon Age II - and to share with their friends and the fights and the deep character customization Legends of Dragon Age.

By completing specific objectives Legends Dragon Age you will have the opportunity to obtain up to five exclusive items that can be used later in Dragon Age II, and as if that were not enough players selected to participate in the closed beta will receive the armor Death's Hand, inspired in Jade Empire, in When Legends Dragon Age will pass to the state of public beta.

Scenes from Uncharted 3

Tropico 4 also coming to Xbox 360

The publisher Kalypso Media has just confirmed that Tropico 4 will not only PCs but also on the Xbox 360 as well as its predecessor. The title, initially announced only on the PC, will again present the same method of putting ourselves in the shoes of Tropico 3 El Presidente to manage in every respect, the life style of a small nation in Cuba Among the confirmed stand out feature 20 new missions for the campaign , contained in 10 maps, 20 buildings previously unpublished six disasters ever seen to date, and the inevitable integration of Facebook and Twitter.

No plan to bring Arc Rise Fantasia in Europe

In fact, after a year ... Bad news, at least for the moment, for the fans of JRPG and production purely nipponiche plaques ImageEpoch: Marvelous Entertainment have recently stated that "no plans" to bring Arc Rise Fantasia in Europe. The game is a turn-based strategy RPG with fantasy, released in June last year in Japan on the Wii and the following month in North America.

Arc Rise Fantasia - Melancholy

Dragon Age II for the PC will have online check

All editions of Dragon Age II purchased outside the confines of Steam will require an online check on the expiry of a specified number of days that BioWare has not yet determined. "We will update behind the release," reads the official BioWare forums. These restrictions will not be lucky to touch the use of the game on multiple computers through a classic game-disk check, but only prevent the playing of the game within 24 hours, up more than five different PCs.

New images for Motorstorm: Apocalypse

The apocalypse on wheels from the PlayStation Experience, London, going on these days, there's also some pictures for MotorStorm: Apocalypse, a new chapter in the series of racing game "destructive" of Evolution Studios. As the title suggests, the new chapter brings devastation to the next level by entering the race with no holds barred in an apocalyptic context, among the smoking ruins and collapse of entire components of the scenario we find ourselves running for first place and survival.

Confirmed for Super Mario Bros. 3DS

Fans of the series will be pleased to know that the day of today, through an interview with Iwata Asks Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed the development of a new Super Mario Bros. for 3DS. There are currently no details were released of any kind regarding the products, except for the fact that the objective will be to deliver a game that can be attractive to families and family in the light its historical tradition in video games, and at the same time able to innovate on the basic concept.

Company of Heroes Online will not come out in full version?

If you read a cryptic message in the pessimistic tone of the message issued by a board administrator Official Company of Heroes Online, you'd think that the game is not intended to reach an exit in final form. "Close the Public Beta March 31, 2011 to then assess the next steps to take to the series Company of Heroes," we read, "Thank you sincerely for your support and feedback that helped us to plan the future of Company of Heroes" .

First clues to a Halo for Kinect

Since the launch of Microsoft periferca note in many thought it was just a matter of time before the arrival of the first rumors about a potential title for Kinect Halo franchise and, well ... that moment has arrived! Through Whois (thank ThatVideoGamesBlog) we learn that in fact the owner of the recently registered domain www.

kinecthalo. com is just Microsoft. A confirmation of the record, therefore, which, unfortunately, at least for now, are not followed statements thereon. We look forward to learning more.

New video and images for Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One

You always see the dynamic duo from the PlayStation Experience new materials arrive on Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, a new chapter in the long running series of Insomniac has always been tied to Sony platforms. The game in question hangs in the typical structure of the series serving as a platform in 3D by the strong shear action, focusing on the cooperative multiple characters.

In the video we find Ratchet, Clank, and Dr. Nefarious Qwark facing Seaside Village and its threats, in the abstract scenes of the game.

New info on Batman Arkham City

Rocksteady today announced that the game world of Batman: Arkham City is five times larger than the one proposed by Arkgam Asylum. Arkham City will be sandbox setting, however, as highlighted by the game director Sefton Hill, but despite this it seems that we still feel to be free from any constraint.

"The game world will be five times larger than the island of Arkham, but our main objective was not to create great, but setting an end in itself," Hill said during an interview with GameSpot . "The goal is to make players feel more trapped than they already do not feel in Arkham Asylum, even if this time will be in a very large city." "Players are free to go anywhere at any time, but in light of the many side missions and extra activities, we felt a need to ensure that there is never any doubt about where to go if you intend to pursue the main plot ".

An announcement coming on Saints Row 3

Something big and 'a bit' of time now that we know nothing of the third chapter of Saints Row, although this was announced some months ago by THQ, but the trend may be a change in the coming days . In a message given to Twitter, the VP of THQ Core Games Danny Bilson has revealed that a "big" announcement coming soon on Saints Row 3, but the only thing that is given to know at the time, apparently.

Final Fantasy IV The Collection has a date

Square Enix has just announced that Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection, developed exclusively for the PSP, will be launched in the spring. For those who do not know this collection will include all the characters, with all the stories that appeared in Final Fantasy IV and its sequel, or The After Years.

To this we then add a sub audio / video partially optimized to be more palatable to modern audiences.

The minimum hardware requirements for Crysis 2

It starts here Crytek has released the minimum hardware requirements to play Crysis 2 on PC, which is reported below. As usual monster chart by the German team, it is clear that already the bare minimum does not correspond exactly to a cart, but could have been worse. Clearly, there is to see how many of the futuristic features of the game may be cut off with a configuration like that.

Recall also that the development team recently announced full support for new DirectX 11 and the game will arrive in Europe on March 25 on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2 2GHz Nvidia 8800 GT or greater than 2 GB RAM Windows XP/Vista/7 9 GB hard disk Internet

Over 6 hours of footage for Yakuza 4

According to the latest news it seems that the future owners of Yakuza 4 stars often have to sit and watch the long and numerous movies of the game as well that the title will offer 384 minutes of video sequences. The impressive figure is from the UK game-BBFC ratings board, regulatory body which, inter alia, awarded the game a rating of +18.

Some curiosity, always to stay on the minutes of footage. The Sega title will boast more than three times as Dragon Age 2, which will offer only 103 minutes, and more than five times compared to Killzone 3, which is square in last place with "only" 70 minutes of video sequences.