Friday, December 24, 2010

Harmonix keeps the rights to Rock Band and Dance Central

The total independence of yesterday's announcement of the return to Harmonix had not clarified the situation of IP related to the development team, which is made explicit today. Apparently, the new holding company formed by the development team will keep for itself the rights to his series of music, especially Rock Band and Dance Central.

Apparently, the management of licensed music is not as complicated as the beginning of the 'era of rhythm game ", making it possible for the same Harmonix able to agree with the majors for the use of musical materials within the games . In short, even without the giant MTV Networks and Viacom, Harmonix plans to continue its way not only through the DLC to the games already out, but also with real new chapters, where appropriate.

Raving Rabbids: TRAVEL IN TIME (WII): Even their best wishes Rabbids

Ubisoft sends his greetings with a trailer on the Rabbids, bearer of the party game genre, especially on Wii. In the movie, we see them committed to replace Santa Claus, sleigh and arranging gifts before getting to do with reindeer uncooperative. The Raving Rabbids Review of Travel in Time is located here while the video is below.

TILT TO LIVE (IPhO): Mini-Tilt expansion to Live

 Tilt to Live, a puzzle / shooter most popular App Store (half a million people) received a new mini-expansion called Viva la Turret buy it directly from within the game for less than 1 Euro. The DLC adds the mode of the same name you see in action in the appropriate trailer. Viva la Turret, only the case for the iPhone and iPod Touch versions while the iPad will see a separate update later.

NINJA SENKA (PC): A free game from the creators of Scott Pilgrim

 PixelTao, who worked on the creation of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, published online Ninja Senki, platform inspired by classics like Mega Man that can be downloaded free of charge. Features include 16 levels, multiple endings and a fix designed to "real hardcore gamers." All in just 12MB not even require installation, just a modest PC to mimic the best NES era graphics.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (ARC): Tekken Tag Tournament Movie 2

Namco Bandai again the result of Tekken Tag Tournament with a video in which we review Heihachi Mishima in an unusual role, that is younger and more vibrant than ever. In addition to presenting a new lottratrice inspired wrestling, the trailer brings together several phases of the game centered mostly on the "combo" performed by two wrestlers at a time.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is announced so far only in the arcade version, and will be released in 2011.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow, two DLC in January

Konami has announced two new downloadable content (DLC) for the game Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. These DLC contain new stages, enemies and plots unpublished. In Lords of Shadow Reverie Castlevania title of the first DLC, players will return to the Castle in the skin of Gabriel, in order to help Laura (former lackey of the vampire Carmilla) to destroy the evil that formerly uncontrollable retained the recently deceased Queen.

Games News: Release date for DC Universe Online.

Share this story Share on Facebook too! There's new news for the DC Universe video game, which according to developers deli is now complete, and of course ready to make its appearance in stores in January. These days there has been much controversy, much debate and many rumors about the possible release date for this game.

For example, according to the online portal Massively, people who have already made their pre-order the United States, received a message where they were informed that the game would arrive on January 20. Even the famous site of online sales, Amazon has also endorsed this date as its catalog appeared to be coming out in January, however, other rumors were very promising and we gave him some chance that this game would be released early.

Power Stone Collection (PSP) by Capcom on PlayStation Discounts Plus

The owners of PSP gamers targati Capcom could find a good reason to subscribe to the PlayStation Pro in January. Virtually all catalog Capcom for Sony is indeed obvious from twenty to sixty percent, depending on the case. The complete list of the titles available at special price since January 5 is as follows (as reported by the official PlayStation blog): Breath of Fire (PSP) - (40% reduction) Dark Stalkers' Chronicals (PSP) - ( 40% reduction) Megaman Maveric Hunter (PSP) - (40% reduction) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP) - (20% reduction) Fate Unlimited (PSP) - (60% reduction) PowerStone Collection (PSP) - (40% reduction) Capcom Classics Reloaded (PSP) - (40% reduction) Capcom Classics Remixed (PSP) - (40% reduction) Capcom Puzzle World (PSP) - (40% reduction) Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP) - (40% reduction) A golden age for fans of fighting games on PlayStation Plus members, since the cheapest Capcom coincide with those devoted to the Neo Geo titles to which we had already announced in an earlier news.

Radiant Silvergun (X360): An arcade stick for Radiant Silvergun

The arrival of a historic shooter (and researched) as Radiant Silvergun on the Xbox 360 has been a very important news for all fans of this genre of video games. To properly celebrate the event, the famous manufacturer of peripherals has announced the Hori arcade stick to marketing a theme based on the model of a valid Real Arcade Pro EX.

The new arcade stick will be available from launch, expected on Xbox LIVE Arcade in early 2011, the target price of 13,500 yen and will have the initials Real Arcade Pro EX SR-1. As you can see from the pictures accompanying the news, the joystick will be virtually equal to the standard version, except for the illustration that represents the ships present in Radiant Silvergun.

SUPER MEAT BOY (X360): Cancelled Super Meat Boy WiiWare

It seems ironic in the face of an ad rather successful and sales of the Xbox 360 and PC versions, but the developer of the fun (and challenging) Super Meat Boy has announced through its Twitter account that the issue directly to the Wii via WiiWare service was removed. The reasons are due to issues related to the size of the game, higher than those allowed by Nintendo (as already hinted last November).

Super Meat Boy will not come to Wii

Certainly not developers download Super Meat Boy exclude that there are special opportunities that come your way even on Wii. Apparently every hope that it will occur on the Nintendo console through WiiWare seems to have been completely abandoned, whereas a version of the traditional format, although not yet canceled, appears to be difficult to achieve, even if at the time they are given no reasons.

DANCE CENTRAL (X360) Harmonix changes hands

 After the first entries for the sale of studies by the manufacturer Harmonix and Viacom subsequent confirmation by the holding company, with a lot of reassurance about the future of the series of Rock Band finally comes the official news: Harmonix studies are no longer owned MTV / Viacom. Viacom itself has confirmed the news through an official statement, indicating the buyer as Columbus Nova, a group that operates in various fields of entertainment and has an annual turnover of ten billion dollars.

Divinity 2 - Ego Draconis (X360): Divinity II: the expansion demo

From this address you can download a small downloader which will download then turn on your hard disk, the PC demo of Divinity II - The Dragon Knight saga, the expansion of the RPG-remake of Larian Studios also available Xbox 360 version - with its demo, exclusive to Xbox Live Gold users for the first few days.

The package, including the game last year, revised and adjusted through a number of improvements to the graphics engine, coupled to the expansion Flames of Vengeance, sold separately, which contains new quests, creatures and objects - and, not least, the end of the story.

No More Heroes (WII): Long lead times for the game Kojima/Suda51

The news of a game developed jointly by Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) and Suda51 (No More Heroes) was leaked last July, leaving the fans of this game designers with many questions unanswered. Things do not seem to improve in six months away, since the work on this game seem pretty elusive still. The company's CEO 5pb (publisher of the game) Chiyomaru Shikura has announced that the state of play is stopped at about 1% and therefore will be a long time before we see something.

A video about the campaign Festival Motorstorm Apocalypse

As we are party Sony has released a video of MotorStorm Apocalypse in which the game developers talk about the new single player campaign the game, called "The Festival". The mode will be supported by a story and can be approached from three characters, a rookie, a veteran and a pro.

TWO WORLDS II (PC): Two Worlds II receives the Gold Upgrade

 The official site of Two Worlds II has announced the release of expectation patch called "Gold Upgrade" (so who knows if even vaguely self-mocking) for the fantasy role-playing game of Reality Pump, which are also reviewed on these pages Xbox 360. In about 78 MB download, as well as support for cross-platform multiplayer with the newly launched Mac version, includes several interface improvements, the intelligence of the enemies articificiale and balance, and better compatibility with video cards Home of AMD.

8-bit Halo

Lately it has installed a fashion that does not seem to decrease and to reduce popular games to the old 8-bit platform, that while many have not met, the old gamers have great memories. Pixel Force, following its success with the homage of Left 4 Dead and DJ Hero, now reduced to playing Halo 8-bit platform, the next month.

The game will be available only for PC and downloading will be free.

PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3): Sony PS3 to 15 million toe

As reported by Cnet, Sony has confirmed its previous sales estimates for the current fiscal year on PlayStation 3, and then planning to place 15 million consoles by March 31 next year, last fiscal year Tokyo house had sold 13 million PS3's worldwide. According to the latest NPD data for the month of November, PlayStation 3 had a modest increase of 5% over the same period last year, compared with 68% of Xbox 360, which used the good starting point for the device Kinect Nintendo also beat on the ground of consoles sold in the month which is the lucrative "Eve" to the Christmas festivities.

Bulletstorm (PS3): Bulletstorm wrong with Games for Windows

The publisher Electronic Arts has today sent an email with a clarification of the two different limited editions of Bulletstorm, called Limited Edition, and Epic Edition, directed respectively to the duo PC / PlayStation 3, the first and exclusive to Xbox 360 in the second. The contents are the same (experience points and bonus weapons, in practice), except for one detail, announced a week ago, or the code to access the multiplayer beta of Gears of War 3, of course, direct users to Xbox Live.

A comparison between the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Mass Effect 2

Having it presented as an uncertain outcome "final" because it was based on the new graphics engine, Mass Effect 2 on the PlayStation 3 would seem easy to win on the now "old" edition Xbox 360. Instead, a comparison made with the careful team of Digital Foundry, the area of "technical investigators" to, revealed a very different reality: according to the website in question, the PlayStation 3 version is presented as "a curious mixture of improvements, downgrades and effect change" than the original. In general, there is no exponential improvement in every sector, but it seems rather a different version, not necessarily better than the Xbox 360.

Details on special editions of Bulletstorm

A Limited and Epic Epic and People Can Fly have sent an email of explanation to clarify the steps taken in terms of special editions for Bulletstorm, even following the recent reports on the presence of exclusive access to the "Epic Edition" Gears of War 3. Apparently, there will be two separate special editions for the new shooter by Epic.

The "Limited Edition", more traditional, will be available for PC and PlayStation 3 and will include a series of bonus content in addition to the main game as 25,000 experience points, upgrades to the whip, the Peace Maker Carbine, and additional armor and boots. The "Epic Edition" will be released only on Xbox 360, and more content available on the Limited will also include exclusive access to the announced beta of Gears of War 3.

Cash bonuses and "The Lab" in Uncharted 2

Initiatives for the Holidays The wait for 3 Uncharted: Drake's Deception still seems rather long, but Naughty Dog is trying to revive interest in the multiplayer segment of the second chapter with some interesting initiatives. One of these is the multiplier applied to the bonus earned in cash games online from now until January 2 the money earned in multiplayer will be multiplied by x4.

Another interesting initiative is "The Lab", which basically makes a rotation between all the best multiplayer versions of 2010. This Christmas event, in essence, consists in the following variants: Shotguns Only Plunder Only No Power Weapons Pistols Desert-5 Shootout Deathmatch - No Boosters Playable on the following maps: The Lost City The Plaza The Sanctuary The Temple

The target list of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 reveals something

Or so it seems As reported by Joystiq, the list published by Xbox360achievements concerning the objectives and unlockable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 would seem to suggest some interesting detail in the structure of the game. The objective Combat Specialist ", according to the U.S. site, you may refer to a system of progression and evolution of the characters, while" A New Avenger "and" Passed the Field Test "may be derived from one mode to" Mission "in which is necessary to continue fighting after fighting in certain scenarios.

Castlevania is the deal of the day on Xbox Live

600 Microsoft Points for the series of "Deals" daily on Xbox Live Marketplace, a program organized by Microsoft that offers everyday discounts on the catalog of downloadable Xbox 360, today is the title Castlevania: Harmony of Despair. The 2D action-platformer from Konami, which belongs to the historical setting for vampire series, is therefore downloaded from Xbox Live today with a 50% discount, or 600 Microsoft Points instead of the original 1200.

TOMB RAIDER (PS3): Tomb Raider in multiplayer?

An online job advertisements published by Crystal Dynamics via Gamasutra may have revealed the presence of multiplayer in the new Tomb Raider. In fact, the ad was changed after several newspapers reported the online presence they had, and now no longer has any reference to online gaming. From previous rumors, it is likely that the multiplayer is integrated in the main campaign: even before the announcement about the game, in fact, there was talk of a cooperative mode in future releases of HD Lara.

Apple removed the app dedicated to WikiLeaks

Reasons not clear Igor Barinov independent developer has created app for iPhone and iPad which essentially allows you to view a more direct and practical information WikiLeaks Apple devices. The application has been removed from Apple after a few days of presence in the App Store, a period in which, moreover, was the star of several donwload whereas it increased to get $ 5,840.

It is not clear why the house of Cupertino has removed the application: although it is rather easy to think that the "dangerousness" of the information contained in WikiLeaks will be a sufficient cause for his removal, there is also to be noted that the pay for the use of content normally accessible for free on the Internet can be considered fairly "regular".

HD SERIOUS SAM: THE SECOND ENCOUNTER (X360): Serious Sam celebrates Christmas in his own way

The imminent return of Duke Nukem seems to have discouraged much Serious Sam, judging from the way in which this bizarre videogame hero chose to make us a Christmas card. Croteam, the developer of the game, has released a trailer explanatory background Christmas to reiterate the existence of HD Serious Sam: The Second Encounter and present an interesting campaign discounts on Steam.

All chapters of Serious Sam (then including the two chapters in the recently released HD) will indeed be available for the Christmas period with 75% discount. The same offer does not apply however to the versions for Xbox 360 games, which therefore remain at full price. He concluded by offering an interesting Christmas dressed as Santa Claus for the characters in the game.

Harmonix come off from Viacom and returns independent

Harmonix was founded SBE-Holdings LLC The uncertainty about the future of Harmonix development team put on sale in recent weeks by the parent company Viacom, was finally dissolved by the same studio that decided to break away and go back to being independent. Financially, the transaction was effected through the contribution of Columbus Nova, which has helped the team to break free and become Harmonix-SBE Holdings LLC.