Monday, April 4, 2011

A free DLC for Samurai Warriors: Chronicles

"Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts", the release of the much short game

"Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts" The Fallout series of video games have made inroads in the heart of a multitude of players. The first came almost 15 years ago and since then have followed many additions and expansions. Meanwhile, the pool of players has expanded enormously and were born real fan club.

We must start by saying that after the destruction of 2077 Las Vegas has become New Vegas, the world is in shambles and it seems that described by the apocalyptic films of the 80s and 90s. At Christmas of 2010 output expansion "New Vegas - Dead Money". All expansions "New Vegas" are set around 2280.

Chillingo presents Vampire Rush

A vampire hybrid Chillingo prepare a kind of dungeon crawler hack and slash "iOS for what promises to be interesting. The title is Vampire Rush and appears to contain the elements from tower defense, according to reports, something like Dungeon Defenders structure although a bit 'simpler. The development team at work is A-steroids and you're probably already familiar to mobile users being released in October for the Samsung systems.

Standings Steam

The ten best-sellers last week, too, in the magical world of digital delivery triumphs Crysis 2 followed closely by Portal 2 which, although still not available, did collapse in terms of pre-orders. Third DLC Black Ops First Strike monstrous that he can count on Call of Duty installed last quarter and Total War: SHOGUN 2 which holds the head is the offer of the week indie, The Potato Sack, both Shift 2 Unleashed.

Ubisoft Announces Year 2070

You go in the future! Ubisoft has announced the return of the Year series. The new chapter, set in the future and renamed the Year 2070, will be released this winter on PC and will be still developed by Blue Byte. The player can choose between two factions, one more inclined to industrialization and a more careful wild ecology.

Among the first promises made by developers, is that of a living world that evolves according to the player's choices. Source: Eurogamer. net

Battlefield: Play4Free in video

Apart from the war free Electronic Arts spreads a new video for Battlefield: Play4Free, the new free version of FPS spin-off series DICE. The game is available at the bottom of the news and is essentially an edition devoted entirely to multiplayer online (a return to basics, in a sense) FPS multi-role.

The peculiarity is that it is completely free, with the need to micro-transactions for the purchase of the boundary element, a dynamic already extensively tested with Battlefield Heroes, but here delivered in a realistic setting. Source: Battlefield Play4Free

Patch 1.04 for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit PC

Other solutions Criterion has now released the update 1.04 for the PC version of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the new chapter on the component and traditional arcade racing series Electronic Arts, now transformed into a rich family of games sector. Arranged, according to reports, another good dose of bug that plagued the game, actually another 30% of problems with a remaining 23% of known flaws yet to be fixed.

The 1.7 patch for Killzone 3 arrives Wednesday

Several new view on official Killzone forums appears to date the release of patch 1.07 for Killzone 3, or Wednesday, April 6, 2011. This is quite an update expected by the community of gamers dedicated all'FPS Guerrilla as it would solve many imperfections of the game and improve performance. In particular, changes are reported with regard to balancing the gameplay, fix a crash bug and exploited as exploits, adding new menu options and upgrades to support a Move and Sharp Shooter.

Ubisoft Announces Year 2070

Ubisoft has announced that the long series of RTS "Year", will include a new chapter in the coming winter, which for the first time will take us into the future. Year 2070, also developed by Related Designs team with the help of Blue Byte, we will see for the first time in the future and projected intent to colonize new planets.

There will be two factions which we can choose between: The Tycoons, devoted to industry, environmentalists and Ecos. Related Designs promised a "dynamic world", that will evolve based on how each player will use the resources at his disposal. Besides the obvious single player campaign, the game will also include an Endless Mode and a host of multiplayer options still unknown.

World of Goo coming to iPhone

The Goo expands the excellent World of Goo by 2D Boy has finally laid down on the iPhone, after it landed on iPad and various other digital delivery platforms. Apparently, the version of IOS (compatible with iPhone 3G and iPhone 4) is already virtually complete and has undergone the certification procedure of Apple, which would mean his next appearance on the App Store.

Matter of days, then, and World of Goo is also coming for the Apple phone (and iPod Touch). According to reports, in addition, for the first 24 hours will be made available for 99 cents on the American market, which should translate into 79 cents of euro in our country, a very attractive price.

NFS: Hot Pursuit is updated to PC

Some details about Alice: Madness Returns ESRB

Violence and foul language from entertainment Software Rating Board on Alice Americans arrived a few details: Madness Returns, tested by the U.S. at the time of the rating required for the placing on the market. As reported by Siliconera, the game is as violent and very likely intended for a mature audience.

It is not yet clear rating by the ESRB, the game has already taken a "MA15 +" classification by the Australian and a "15" by the BBFC in Britain. Are mentioned in the description of the various weapons available to Alice to "cut" in many ways and hit the enemy, with combat accompanied by cries of pain and splashes of blood that sticks in the scenery and the same protagonist.

Patch for Crysis 2 on consoles

Electronic Arts announced several changes to the grant of a new patch for Crysis 2, this time dedicated to the console versions of the game, or PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The adjustments are many and are listed on the official forum of the game, ranging from the improvement of the anti-cheat protection, the strengthening of Netcode a slew of bugs that should improve not just the gaming experience.

Sony declare war on pirates

Sony has officially become the favorite target of a group of hackers calling themselves Anonymous and who plan to avenge their way to my colleague George "Geohot" Hotz. The pirates have declared war on the company via their forum, stating, inter alia, some of their "business" before, such as hacking sites like Amazon and Mastercard.

"Congratulations Sony, you won the serious attention of the group Anonymous. Your legal action against our friends and Geohot Graf_Chokolo is absolutely unforgivable," the statement said. "You're guilty of not having told lies, had complained of wrongdoing against any of your customers and have pursued those who sought to discover the truth.

THQ will develop new IP with Random House

Partnership to new heights reached THQ announced the partnership agreement with Random House Publishing Group, under which both companies will collaborate on future projects. According to reports, the agreement applies in the first place for an unspecified number of games and books, something related to new IP that will be carried out in different media.

Beyond the intent of marketing and the like, the question is still rather vague but seems to be focused on one or more IP considered with great potential, a new kind of universe from which to draw for the development of games, books and other narrative forms.

Burnout Crash a spin-off XBLA and PSN?

According to rumors, Burnout Crash could be a spin-off series Burnout for PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade. Mentioned in a page classification entity Australian OFLC, Burnout Crash has not yet been officially announced by Electronic Arts. The game should be developed by Criterion for PS3 and X360.

According to reports, Criterion is working on a series of concepts related to the Burnout franchise since 2008, the year of publication of the last installment of the series, Burnout: Paradise. The developer has extended the title for PC, PS3 and X360 with a series of expansions that are heavily modified over time the gaming experience.

1 million players for the multiplayer beta of Gears of War 3

Epic's Rod Fergusson good start has major ambitions for the beta multiplayer Gears of War 3 pf: the goal is to reach one million active players online. "This is not perhaps a necessary objective, but our expectation is in the range of one million," said Ferguson on attending the upcoming online multiplayer beta of the game.

It specifies: "We're not trying to get any records, we will not beat anyone in terms of number of players, we're just trying to get enough data to help us develop the game in the best possible way." The multiplayer beta of War Gears pf third party April 25 for those who pre-ordered the game, or April 18 to holders of the Epic Edition Bulletstorm.

Crysis 2 in front of everyone in Italy

After three weeks of domination of Pokémon, the list of best-selling console game in Italy has a new player, Crysis 2. The shooter Crytek dominates the period between 21 and 27 March 2011 with the Limited Edition versions of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in first and second position. Software lets out the top ten after only seven days Homefront.

Worth noting is the eighth of Super Street Fighter IV, the only game for the 3DS in the top ten this software. The new handheld console from Nintendo, however, is on sale only since March 25. First position on PCs for Crysis 2, followed by The Sims and LE Medieval Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood.

Anonymous declares war on Sony

Sony A new challenger enters operation in open battle between Sony and the hacker community, this time with a lot of official declaration of war. The Anonymous group wrote on its website (where it had already appeared before a statement against the Italian Ministry of Education), a sort of ad-threat to the Japanese manufacturer, apparently in response to the prosecution in GeoHot and Graf_Chokolo by Sony "Congratulations Sony," it said, "you got the full attention of Anonymous." And then: "Your recent legal actions against our fellow hackers, and Graf-GeoHot Chokoli we were not only alarmed, but there also seemed completely inexcusable." As reported by Venture Beat The initiative is part of the project Operation Payback, which led the community of hackers to attack many companies found guilty of working against Wikileaks, although in this case the reason seems to be related closely to the events Latest Sony hacker in question.

PlanetSide Sony Online refers Next

Following the staff reductions announced in recent days, Sony Online Entertainment has announced that it has postponed the launch of PlanetSide Next. However, the cancellation of The Agency will allow SOE to reallocate resources on the company's own PlanetSide Next. "Next PlanetSide receive more resources and will be released even if a little 'later this year will be a great game," said the president of Sony Online Entertainment, John Smedley, in PlanetSide Universe.

Star Trek Online, a trailer for the Foundry

Here's how the editor for the missions! The Trek fans who have always wanted "to direct an episode of their own, the Foundry will be satisfied graziie Star Trek Online, an expansion that adds several features to the basic game including an editor for the missions. All our creations can be shared freely with the community, and this clearly means you have access right from the wealth of new stories and adventures that can multiply the already substantial online experience of the product of Cryptic Studios.

The Italian Academy sponsors Brave New Video Game

The Italian Academy Video (AIV) today announced a sponsorship agreement with Comicon Brave New Game, the first devoted exclusively to recognition Italian independent game developers, amateurs and students. Born in order to support the indie movement in our country, Brave New Game rewards creativity, originality and talent of the game developer's most promising Italian indie scene.

At the awards ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, April 30 at the Castel Sant 'Elmo in Naples at the Napoli Comicon and Conflict Game, a jury composed of exception, chaired by a jury composed of outstanding Andrea Pessina (Ready at Dawn Studios) , Antonio Farina (Reludo), Daniele Azara (Palzoun Ltd), Matthew Bittanti (California College of the Arts) and Richard Cangini (Artematica), will deliver the following three awards, for a total prize pool of € 1000: SUPERHERO: Best Game of the Year (500 €) The hero of the year will be the game that stood out above all for its originality, quality in construction, aesthetic care and ability to entertain.

A new arrival in Burnout?

Discovered thanks to the rating of the Australian Classification Board, it seems, Criterion Games and Electronic Arts to bring WOULD BE on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, probably in digital format, a new Burnout. The title of the project would be Burnout Crash, and was discovered by the data published by the Australian Classification Board, the Australian entity that is responsible for classifying the content of entertainment products, and therefore also of video games.

Gamestop buys Impulse

Despite the record sales recorded from Gamestop last fiscal year through the sale of new and used video games in their stores, the U.S. company continues to strengthen its range of digital services. As reported by GamesIndustry, Gamestop has finalized the accquisizione Spawn Labs, a company that offers streaming services, and would be granted for the purchase by May of Impulse.

Despite possessing only a slice of 10% of the business of digital distribution of PC games, Impulse is one of the most reliable steam rivals. An important step in strengthening the digital strategies of GameStop, said CEO Paul Reines: "With these acquisitions we continue to strengthen our multi-channel strategies.

AIV and the University of Verona with the Master in Computer Game Development

The Italian Academy Video (AIV) announced today that it has signed an agreement with the University of Verona for the Master in Computer Game Development, to further enrich the prestigious course of study that has as its purpose is to train game developers and or advanced multimedia applications, focusing on the latest technologies and with particular attention to issues of team work.

Through this partnership, students involved in the implementation of year-end of the game Master of Verona, may benefit from the provision of all the assets needed by the students of the Italian Academy Video Games Computer Graphics (AIV). The MSc in Computer Game Development is aimed at graduates in Computer Science or Engineering and intends to train programmers gaming applications (video games) and interactive multimedia.

The Italian charts 21 to 27 March

Great success for Crysis 2 in Italy Punctual as always, the AESVI has just provided the software sales charts in Italy (source: GfK Retail and Technology) for the week 21 to 27 March 2011. The domain of Crysis 2 console and PC charts in almost incredible, given that the game was released in stores March 25 only, while the top 10 sees the portable version at the top Pokémon Black (Nintendo DS), Final Fantasy Dissidia 012 (PSP) and Super Street Fighter IV (Nintendo 3DS).

Crysis always first in UK

Second week in a row at the top of multi-format software chart in the United Kingdom for the shooter developed by Crytek, Crysis 2. The new racing game from Electronic Arts, Shift 2: Unleashed, debuted in fourth place instead. Definitely disappointing launch of MotorStorm Apocalypse, seventeenth to debut.

Second place for Zumba Fitness, the third for LEGO Star Wars II: The Clone Wars. After Shift 2: Unleashed we find Homefront fifth, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters WWE sixth and seventh All-Stars. Rounding out the top ten software FIFA 11 UK, Pokémon White and Art Academy.

Next PlanetSide late

Recent staff reductions have forced Sony Online Entertainment to slow the development of the game The release of PlanetSide Next suffer some delays due to recent staff reductions operated by Sony Online Entertainment. The good news is that the realization of MMO including new forces, given the cancellation of the project, The Agency.

For now, few details are available, however it is known that the team is thinking about evolution of the series rather than a revolution in itself. It 's interesting to note finally that similar work will be carried out for the relaunch of EverQuest, just with a new episode titled EverQuest Next, again by Sony Online Entertainment.

Angry Birds Rio to share 10 million

The new chapter devoted to the film Rio Angry Birds has reached ten million downloads. As reported by Mobile Entertainment (via Gamers Industry), the result was achieved in just ten days and includes both the free versions of the license fee that those developed by Rovio. The original Angry Birds, available on IOS and Android devices and formats Minis version of PlayStation 3 and PSP, has reached 100 million downloads, that this result has led some to speak of a phenomenon similar to Super Mario Bros.

UK charts, Crysis 2 still in the lead

The FPS by Crytek dominates the top 10 this week is Crysis 2 topped the British charts software for the second week in a row, and considering the quality of Crytek's title was to be expected. In second place we find the top 10 casual Zumba Fitness, released in the UK with some delay compared with the rest of Europe but still able to attract enthusiasts of the genre, while on the lowest rung of the podium is LEGO Star Wars III : The Clone Wars, the last episode of the series dedicated to LEGO Star Wars.

New info on Max Payne 3

After several months of silence, Max Payne 3 back to talk to him with a series of previews, including one published by Edge magazine (cover scanned from Rockstarspy). The story of Max Payne 3 will begin with a kidnapping in Brazil and then the protagonist will be operating in other parts of the world.

The cinematic of the game will be guaranteed hours of sequences created with the Euphoria engine and enhanced by the use of motion capture. James McCafferty, who played the first Max Payne, also play a role in the third episode but will not be the protagonist of the game. Max Payne 3 will use a radial menu, and propose a system of roofing; this course, the hallmark of the series, the Bullet Time, rechargeable power by killing enemies.

New details on Max Payne 3

Confirmed multiplayer Max Payne 3 occupies the cover of the latest number of EDGE, in which there are a lot of information on waiting the third installment of the series, now in the hands of Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar Games. So let us review the situation, summarizing what has been discovered so far.

The game is set in the Brazilian capital and will include an online multiplayer mode in addition to the classic single player campaign. The new Max Payne has made his hair grow back (although it does not take place for the duration of the game, as evidenced by the pictures) and has since cleaned up from the second episode, however, seems to have suffered a nervous breakdown due to of everything that's happened so far.

OFLC mentions Burnout Crash

As reported by VG247, last Friday the Australian OFLC Classification Society (Office of Film and Literature Classification) has mentioned a new game developed by Criterion's racing series, Burnout. On page dell'OFLC, which refers to England where he established the Criterion, we speak of a multiplatform game, a hypothesis supported by a Linkedin profile whereby Burnout Crash would be a title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Remedy is looking for a Senior Level Designer. Alan Wake 2?

Among the skills required, to know how to blend story and gameplay Remedy Gamasutra has posted an ad on the search for a Senior Level Designer. What has been done prick up their ears to the insiders, whereas among the required skills you mention the ability to "make the game mixes in a single plot and concept, as well as a possible experience in film production.

And everyone, of course, have thought about Alan Wake 2. The sequel, as we know, is already at the design stage by Remedy and should arise again as an exclusive for Xbox 360, even if they survive hopes to see even on PC. The first Alan Wake, released in May last year, unfortunately a bit 'disappointed expectations in terms of sales, slightly surpassing one million units worldwide.

Remedy working on Alan Wake 2?

The authors of Alan Wake is looking for staff for the new project of the company, reported on Gamasutra. According to leaks, the senior Remedy level designer who is trying to "combine a compelling story with intense action sequences" could deal with Alan Wake 2. In the rumor section of the latest issue of OXM is defined as "promising" (via NeoGAF), the Xbox 360 exclusive sequel.

In the past, Remedy has repeatedly hinted he wants to create Alan Wake 2. The official announcement, judging from the wording of some statements of the authors of Max Payne, it would seem only a formality.

Capcom Arcade, there's Final Fight and 1943

The application platforms iOS is enriched with new titles Capcom Arcade Do you know? This is one app for iPhone and iPod Touch (but clearly compatible with iPad), when free, you can play with the classic coin-op house in Osaka without spending a penny. It works like this: every day we are entitled to three free tokens, then to three games with the games that we like.

If we want to play again, we can obtain other chips through a system of purchase in-game. In Capcom's original intentions, the application had to rely on a fixed monthly update and add all the new titles, but in the last two months the thing (perhaps for reasons of force majeure) is skipped.

FFXIV, a launch gone wrong

In an interview with Gamasutra, the new producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Naoki Yoshida, pointed to problems of the launch of MMO from Square Enix. "XIV had many problems, both from the technological point of view of the game," says Yoshida. "Square Enix has worked closely with the community. So they had to heavily modify the game." "Generally it is difficult to recover after a roll full of problems because as with many Western MMOs, the projects are dependent on investment.

Sales next-gen, PS3 than Xbox 360

According to data from Strategy Analytics (via Gamasutra), in December 2010 the number of consoles sold by Sony worldwide had surpassed the achievements of Microsoft Xbox 360. The analysis is about 43.4 million PlayStation 3 sold worldwide and 42.9 million Xbox 360. Between the first home console ever with 75.5 million Nintendo Wii consoles sold.

A few days ago we reported the news of the passing of PlayStation 3 in Europe against Xbox 360, while the NPD data show that the console Microsoft is still ahead in the United States. In Japan, however, is once again PlayStation 3 to win. "This device has reinforced Kinect strategies for Microsoft Xbox 360, but outside of the U.S.

Treyarch does not rule out a direct sequel to Call of Duty: Black Ops

The success of the last episode makes you think publisher and developer Treyarch has not ruled out the creation of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, is not yet sure what that work will be a direct sequel of the last episode. Certainly the extraordinary success of Black Ops has led both the team as the publisher, Activision, to think so.

Speaking to Official Xbox Magazine UK, Josh Olin, community manager for Treyarch said that in practice there is nothing decided yet, but the incredible success of Black Ops, in which all hoped but none to the extent which then manifested itself, could actually push the team to repeat the experiment.

It 'was a mistake to publish on PSN DLC Castlevania: LOS

A bug in the version PlayStatiion 3 expansion? On his Twitter page, David Cox, a producer of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, has responded to complaints about the delay in the output of the DLC Reverie Xbox 360 version. As reported in recent days, the developers of Mercury Steam had identified technical problems on the console and Microsoft decided to delay the publication of the expansion.

Cox showed that the launch of the DLC on PSN American was made in error, which would suggest the presence of the same bug in both versions, rather than a desire on the part of Konami to publish content simultaneously on both consoles. Source: Joystiq