Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First details on Soulcalibur V

According to a source from the producer of Video Games Soulcalibur V Hisaharu Tagus, the protagonist of the game, Patroklos, will use a set of moves inspired by the gameplay of the mother Sophitia, but will be more "agile." Even the protagonist of the new moves will be based on the mechanics of Sophitia.

Soulcalibur V takes up and develops the final Siegried SC IV. Seigfried, now thirty-nine, is no longer in possession of the sword Soul Calibur. The new chapter is described by the producer as a "generational change" these new characters and unusual moves, but links to previous episodes will not fail: "The history of SC is still 1-4," Tago said, "we want a change generation in this story.

New trailer for Alice: Madness Returns

It is really crazy to close the output and become more intense references to Alice: Madness Returns, the latest chapter in the action-adventure-horror-dream setting for a fairy-tale American McGee. Let talk about the video in question, shown below: This is an introductory sequence in narrative character that makes it very good idea of what we will face on June 14, when Alice: Madness Returns will arrive on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Tales of the Abyss on Nintendo 3DS

In 2012 the game for PlayStation 2 Tales of the Abyss, will arrive on Nintendo 3DS, publisher Namco Bandai has announced. Tales of the Abyss debuted in Japan in 2005 and is the eighth installment of the series. During the event LevelUp, Namco Bandai has also confirmed the launch in the West in 2012 the PlayStation 3 version of Tales of Graces F.

Google in the cloud, multimedia revolution

Google is also launched as multimedia platform in the cloud, thanks to Google Music, developed by Mountain View, which has released a second beta version available by invitation, where they can be loaded 20 000 songs. The revolution brought by Google was announced several days ago, in the conference in San Francisco has instead come to know the details of this new platform for music, which may even exceed a giant like Amazon, direct rival in online music sales.

An editor for Portal 2 Available on Steam

Owners of the PC version can create their own levels Valve today released the second beta version of Portal Authoring Tools, a set of free tools for all owners of the PC version of the game, which can be downloaded from the "Tools" interface Steam. These are the same tools used by developers for the creation of Portal 2, which enables the creation of levels for the single player or co-op, new skins for characters, sound effects and music.

Unveiled a new Dragon Ball Z

In autumn, Namco Bandai will release a new game in the series Dragon Ball Z for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. At the moment, the game would not have a name yet final. A few days ago, rumors from Japan mentioned the 3D action game Dragon Ball Game Age Project 2011.

Facebook: privacy violated, divulged personal information

Has just been released on Ansa news. that it contains statements of Symantec, a company specializing in computer data security and protection of privacy, stating that Facebook had over the years published a huge amount of data on its users, thanks to a security system is not appropriate to be overcome with a fairly easy by most experts.

Another scandal is ready to take over the scene, after the resounding that has devastated the Sony and its PlayStation Network dedicated to the live gaming, data security system failed multiple times with potentially disastrous damage to the Japanese company. The same fate would come to Facebook, which according to Symantec would be easy to breach, putting at risk the confidential information of millions of users, unaware of the danger.

LA Noire, tonight the last trailer before the

Keenly awaiting the new title published by Rockstar Games Take 2 and Rockstar Games have announced that tonight will be available in the latest trailer for LA Noire before the official launch, scheduled for May 20 in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions. Set in Los Angeles of the '40s, the game recreates the action components that have made the GTA series, but mixing them with investigative dynamics fascinating mix to create a new and promising.

A date for Ace Combat Assault Horizon

Ace Combat Assault Horizon will be available in Europe from October 14, Namco Bandai made it known. The PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions will be available in a limited edition that will include soundtrack and some downloadable content. Ace Combat: Assault Horizon propose a single-player campaign and multiplayer modes to be announced.

The publisher Namco Bandai has also unveiled a version of Ace Combat for Nintendo 3DS developed by Project Aces.

Skype: Microsoft beats Facebook in the auction

After hours of unofficial confirmation came also the official, with details attached, Microsoft, U.S. technology giant, has bought Skype, a company that works in communications thanks to its platform devoted to instant messaging and phone calls via the Web, very spread on the Internet. Then reaches the end of the soap opera that went on for several days, everyone expected the victory of the company Bill Gates, as more solid and complementary to Facebook, which could make use of Skype is very small, considering that moves in only one field social network, while the U.S.

PSN, a growing list of disgruntled developers

According to Dylan Cuthbert of Q-Games, Sony should support the team also put in doubt or accept losing the date of May 31 as "certain" to return to full functionality of the PlayStation Network, Sony must inevitably face a growing list nourished development teams to very unhappy about how the situation is handled.

Among them we can mention from today Q-Games PixelJunk authors of this interesting series, which in the words of Dylan Cuthbert have just moved to a Japanese company. "I have no idea what Sony is going to do to help the development team like ours, but I think that something will. The alternative would be to lose, and certainly should be to their disadvantage." Source: IndustryGamers

With the debut of the LA Noire Rockstar Pass

In a few days will be downloadable from Xbox Live the Rockstar Pass for LA Noire. The pass will cost 800 Microsoft Points. The name suggests a similar anti-used in various projects related to the strategy launched by Electronic Arts and known as the Ten Dollar Project, but Rockstar has not yet provided an explanation in this regard.

LA Noire will be available from May 20 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

An excerpt of the script of Tomb Raider

Some pages of the script of the new Tomb Raider used during the cast have been disclosed by Siliconera. In one part of the script appears in a dialogue between a young Lara Croft and another survivor of the shipwreck, the fifty-Conrad Roth ROTH: You make it Lara Croft after a total of six. LARA: (weak) Do not think I'm that kind of Croft.

ROTH: (Encouraging) But yes you are. Just do not know yet. The script may have been modified over time, but the dialogue clearly shows the direction impressed with the new Tomb Raider, and as announced by Crystal Dynamics propose a Lara Croft still young and inexperienced.

Demo coming to Duke Nukem Forever

Another step towards the Apocalypse The Maya apocalypse is closer in the sense that has been brought forward to the day of release of Duke Nukem Forever. Fortunately, before the game with a sling and watch the world explode, you can try it in demo. The members of Duke Nukem Forever First Access received the email in which it has been asked to demo the platform in preparation for the release.

A guide to "curve" of Soulcalibur

The game director Daishi Odashima has revealed that Namco's designers who have previously worked on the series Soulcalibur use of the measures included in the range ideal for making the busts of the protagonists of the game. Pressed by the demands of the fans, Odashima has published a guide on Twitter from which emerged the ideal measures of the various heroines.

This is the image reported by Kotaku.

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, and new release date announced

The game will also be released for Nintendo 3DS Shown during the event in Dubai, Ace Combat: Assault Horizon finally has a release date: the game will hit stores Oct. 14, just three days after the American release. How anticipatoci Kazutoki by Kono at the Tokyo Game Show 2010, this new episode will be also possible to drive alternative vehicles, and do not miss the spectacular sequences in highly urban settings, just like that of Dubai.

A date for SEGA Rally Arcade Online

Microsoft has confirmed that the downloadable game SEGA Rally Online Arcade will be available on Xbox Live Arcade since May 18. According to Major Nelson's Blog blog, the title Sega will cost 800 Microsoft Points. Yet to announce the launch date of the game on the PlayStation Network. SEGA Rally Championship Online Arcade Battle modes include Time Attack and multiplayer online for up to six players.

Assassin's Creed Revelations: PC, PS3, Xbox 360 release date and advances

Assassin's Creed Revelations is the most anticipated game of this 2011, the title foreshadows the end of a chapter to this saga which has now entered the history of video games, from what we know know will end the saga of Ezio, the protagonist of the previous titles, now his last act is no longer a kid while maintaining a physical form unchanged.

This is evident from the fact that the series has lost the numbers in the title, making presage the end of a line of reasoning among the first titles, this could be also good to finally test the narrative quality of Ubisoft, which is situated on slightly wings of the success of previous titles, with streets often comfortable, unlike other games that have renewed the logical thread of the main story, while maintaining a link with the previous chapters, this will be the litmus test for the home of Montreal, which is very likely will rely on to another hero's legacy that will Ezio.

Soul Calibur V, check the trailer for "stolen"

The voices of these days have been confirmed, finally announced last during the event organized by Dubai Namco Bandai, Soul Calibur V will be released in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game is set seventeen years after the events in Soul Calibur IV, and we can expect the usual fine mix of classic gameplay and new, with maybe a few character "external" added to make a bit 'of a stir, as happened with Darth Vader and Yoda in the last episode.

Announced Soulcalibur V

Namco Bandai announced that Soulcalibur V, fighting games that will arrive in 2012 on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The producer Hisaharu Tago said that during the event LevelUp Soulcalibur V is the "true sequel" series. The game is set 17 years after the events narrated in the second Tagus Soulcalibur IV and propose, in addition to some historical characters in the series, several fighters unpublished.

Obsidian: less bugs in Dungeon Siege III

Less bugs, more fun Feargus Urquhart, Obsidian CEO, conceded that Fallout: New Vegas would have been better with less bugs. In essence, ruled in favor of those who have criticized this aspect of the game, an act motivated by the fact that it is difficult to eliminate all the bugs in a game so great. Urquhart went on to say that the company took into account the criticisms of users and is working hard to avoid repeating the same mistakes in Dungeon Siege III, subjecting the game to test continuous and repetitive stress.

Zynga Announces GagaVille

The developer of Farmville, Zynga, has announced his new project, GagaVille. As reported by VentureBeat, the tie-in Farmville propose a farm with a theme dedicated to Lady Gaga. In the game, which will be available on Facebook since May 17, will include excerpts from the repertoire of the singer.

New trailer for Dark Souls

The game will be released in Europe in October the same event in Dubai, Namco Bandai has released a new trailer for the highly anticipated Dark Souls, which according to what reported by Famitsu released over here in October and a month earlier in September, Japan. By the way, players will have the title Nipponese version only PlayStation 3, while for the rest of the world is expected to release two PS3 / Xbox 360.

New details on Modern Warfare 3

According to rumors, the story of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will have a capacity greater than that of the previous Modern Warfare. Many nations will come into a conflict that will develop gradually, as reported by Kotaku, erupting in a scenario due to a Third World War. History of Warfare 3 should join the final MW2 and numerous scenes of urban warfare could backdrop to the return of John "Soap" MacTavish and John Price.

Silicon Knights: The bubble will burst into a loud social gaming

The costs far exceeding the revenues Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights does not believe in long-term success of social gaming and do not mince words to say in an interview: "[The social gaming] is definitely hurting the traditional video games but all still wonder as they evolve. From what I see will probably be one of the biggest bubbles burst that our industry has seen for a long time and I think that will make a really big bang.

Start the Level Up!

The luxurious hotel rooms in Dubai Al Qasr, Namco Bandai has just kicked off two days of Level Up in which the multinational company will present today and tomorrow's new for next year, in advance sull'E3. To take the word was Comte Oliver, vice president of Namco Bandai Europe, who explained briefly the most important titles for the company.

The first is Ace Combat: Assault Horizon, available in Europe from October 14, propose that the fighting adrenaline at high altitudes where there has been accustomed for years the series. It will be just over the skies of Dubai that is our environment, the dogfights, which explains the choice of this nation for the event by Namco.

All the latest news from Namco Bandai!

In Dubai, the Japanese publisher has brought together journalists from around the world for this highly anticipated event, Namco Bandai has invited journalists from around the Arab world in the fantastic location of Dubai to show all the news of the upcoming fall season and Christmas. We too Multiplayer.

it we were invited and we are ready with our live commentary!

Trailer "hybrid" Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D

A fake news leads in the sequences of Capcom game also tries to go the way of originality to promote Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, the first title of the famous series of survival horror for the Nintendo 3DS that will bring back a slight action of the adventures of Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

Outbox June 17, The Mercenaries 3D is based on a method originated as extra content for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, and then revived over the years, almost by acclamation by the fans.

New details on Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version

Ten missions, scenario explored freely and more details are emerging about the interesting new Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version, a sort of hybrid design developed by Capcom in collaboration with a number of fans of Mega Man, which will be published to coincide with the dell'eShop launch for the Nintendo 3DS.

According to the Mega Man Network, the game will include ten missions that will explore the location and battle Reaverbot, as well as use new equipment for the famous character. Apparently, also, the game world will be "open" and therefore will allow us to visit the city freely. Source: VG247

Here's the line-up for E3 2011 Paradox Interactive

Not only strategic but Paradox Interactive has announced its line-up for E3 in June, promising to each of the titles presented in a fair number of new and important revelations. The games that the publisher will show to the public are therefore: King Arthur II, a fantasy RPG for PC from the setting, based on the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

The output is fixed to the third quarter of this year. Sword of the Stars II: Lords of Winter, a PC strategy, which incorporates the events of the first episode of the Sword of the Stars, also scheduled for the third quarter of 2011. Crusader Kings II, another strategy for PC is set in the Crusades and medieval Europe, with spectacular battles involving huge armies.

SEGA Rally Arcade Online available since May 18 on XBLA

The release of the PlayStation 3 version, of course, was postponed on the blog of Larry Hryb, aka "Major Nelson", were published in the dates of future releases on the digital platform Xbox Live Arcade. Well, the highly anticipated Online Sega Rally Arcade will be available from May 18, priced at 800 Microsoft Points.

Initially planned at the same time, the output of the PS3 version is unfortunately delayed because of the well-known problems that plague the PlayStation Network. Remake of the classic arcade racer SEGA weblog, how the game will offer both single and multiplayer, for a total of six players at once, plus a fleet of vehicles consisting of thirteen different models.

Soul Calibur, mind your bra size

Namco's developers must be careful of everything for the moment are still those voices that run about Soul Calibur V, but the fact that the series is the subject of gossip and discussion certainly means something. Take for example the page of Twitter Daishi Odashima, head of Namco's fighting game series, which has just released a memo (with an explanatory image) to explain that his team must respect the very precise measurements even in respect of the breasts of war, which in fact can not be disproportionate to their height.

One week free trial period and extra content for RIFT

The Trion Worlds MMORPG is ready to tempt Worlds Trion has announced two new initiatives designed to offer players the chance to test free RIFT: The program RIFT 7-day Free Trial, which allows anyone to try the game for free for a week , and Ascend-a-Friend program, which rewards players who have a subscription and have recruited new Defiant or Guardian.

Everything will start in conjunction with the upgrade to version 1.2, which will include numerous new features and improvements (including integration with Facebook, raid with ten players and events in three new dynamic zones). "Since its launch two months ago, RIFT has greatly upset the landscape of online games, giving players the most massive, dynamic, and fascinating experience MMO on the market today," said Scott Hartsman, executive producer of the game.