Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Catherine: another video from the "adult traits"

Not denied ... The last time we spoke of Catherine we had brought the first video of gameplay on the production. Today, however, we present the latest trailer appeared online for the title signed Atlus, as always, as content without doubt intended for adult audiences due to the presence of erotic scenes, so to speak.

You can check directly with the video attached below. Catherine - Trailer presentation

5 million copies sold for Just Dance 2

10 million couples in the first Ubisoft Just Dance found in a wild high, with millions of copies sold assets for its dancing rhythm game for Wii. In particular, we learn today that Just Dance 2 has passed the milestone of 5 million units sold worldwide, going to swell the total number up to 10 million whereas the first and the second chapter together.

Considering the results in many ways short of expectations in the last Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and Rock Band, Just Dance could therefore be the driving force behind the whole rhythm game genre right now.

Battlefield 3 will be announced at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco

In the upcoming Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, which begins Feb. 28 and runs through March 4, Electronic Arts finally will release its highly anticipated title, Battlefield 3. You may also give details of Medal of Honor awaited, limited edition, in beta access, including in the title. The latest addition to the series 'Battlefield' EA is expected to be available in the second half and dig in the supremacy of Activision's Call of Duty.

LEGO announced: ninjaGA

From Denmark with fury Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and TT Games have added another title to the long series of cross-over at Lego theme which has been very successful in the field of gaming. In this case it is ninjaGA LEGO: The Videogame, a video game based on Lego toys series ninjaGA and the particular martial art of "Spinjitzu," an art form in which the characters begin to turn on themselves to become " the actual tornado and then defeat their enemies to save the world's harmony.

Concept art of "Hero" project canceled Midway

Came to light, images of the project was canceled by the company Midway. The game plot was a superhero and hence the name "Hero" (Hero) In GameSetWatch posted 5 pictures that have been created by the artist Choi Tae Young, who currently works at Insomniac. The images reveal an apparently normal person, but hides great qualities, I can see doing a jump off the imagined and lived in extreme situations like the case of an airplane wing movement fighting with a sword.

A gameplay video of Mario Kart 3DS

Also playable ... After the video Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, 3DS arrives for the console a new movie for Mario Kart 3DS, yet another revival of one of the most popular franchises of all time Nintendo fan. It is also this time a piece of off-screen gameplay, during which you can enjoy some of the dynamics that will propose the new portable hardware.

You can find it as always below: 3DS Mario Kart - Gameplay Trailer (off-screen)

Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D new video

The legendary Link ... Nintendo has released a new film on a Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, that the new version of the series dedicated specifically to the new handheld console is about to arrive on the market. This is a video off-screen, during which we can look at the gameplay of the title as well as some sequences intemezzo.

The file, as always, ready for display, can be found attached at the bottom of the article. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D - Gameplay Trailer (off-screen)

Trailer Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded

From the Disney Magic Square-media blitz to get a trailer for Square Enix for Kingdom Hearts presentation Re: Coded, especially JRPG new chapter of a collaboration with Disney. Coming in the next few days in America and Europe on Nintendo DS, the game continues the story after the official conclusion of the second chapter.

It is basically a collection of episodic series released in Japan on mobile. Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded

The Nintendo 3DS will be region-locked

The news that we are likely to give raise imprecations of various types in many of you, but unfortunately is the sad reality: software 3DS will be region-locked. The official confirmation came through an e-mail sent by the customer service of Nintendo Japan and translated by a member of NeoGAF. What does it mean in practical terms? Simple: you buy an import console, the only software will be compatible on the foreign market, as well as putting their hands on a European 3DS you can not use the imported goods.

The new trailer for Halo 3 Bulletstorm tease

Other than "Believe" The new video released today by Epic and People Can Fly on Bulletstorm is decidedly irreverent. This is actually a trailer clearly inspired by the famous television commercial "Believe" organized by Microsoft and Bungie to advertise Halo 3, but treated in a way to put it mildly ironic.

You can see below. Source: Destructoid

What do you hide the trademarks of Bungie?

Looking at the various trademarks and domain names registered recently by Bungie is impossible not to think about which of them can conceal the identity of the neighbor, the mysterious title of the company. It will be called Osiris, New Monarchy, Seven Dead Seraphs or Orbit? Or maybe, who knows, will not be none of these.

According to what is mentioned in the Bible, the Seraphim are spiritual entities, and considering the propensity towards religious themes Bungie demonstrated over the years, Seven Seraphs is certainly one of the hottest names among those that have emerged. The potential issues related to the name of Osiris, god of death according to the Egyptians, it might be interesting to say the least optical gaming.

Confirmed: Pokemon Black and White in Italy on March 4

Images and video of a press release, Nintendo has confirmed the previously reported data for the European release of Pokémon Black and White: The game, in its dual version, will arrive in Italy on March 4. New images have been included in the gallery below and a trailer of presentation is visible in the bottom of the news.

The next installment of Nintendo's hit series is characterized by the presence of a "new adventure", a "new world" and more than 150 Pokémon to collect. Pokemon Black and White - Trailer presentation

Warner Unveils LEGO ninjaGA

Warner and TT Games have announced that they have embarked on a new project called DS LEGO ninjaGA: The Videogame. In the game you will play a teacher Spinjitzu, able to rotate as strong as a tornado to wipe out all the enemies that try to hinder it. Fighting in the various proposals, including an extensive multiplayer, you can act in an honest and upright and let go of its "dark side".

This is the spiritual successor to LEGO Battles, which means that the construction of bases and the management of army will be on the agenda. LEGO ninjaGA will arrive on DS in the primary, as well as real toys of the same "line". Among the other news is also worth mentioning that the LEGO Universe MMO, will host an area dedicated to ninjaGA.

Naoki Yoshida wants to bring the atmosphere of FFVII in FFXIV

There is indelible that impact large movement within Square Enix on Final Fantasy XIV: MMORPG released on the PC and coming to the PlayStation 3 has disappointed on several aspects of the players but the publisher has no intention of abandoning such an ambitious project in a bad way. After an overhaul of the team responsible for MMMORPG, you are thinking about and developing a whole series of changes and things you should bring the game to new levels of quality.

A sequel to Sniper: Ghost Warrior

The Polish software house City Interactive announced today that it has to work on the sequel of the famous shooter Sniper: Ghost Warrior. The confirmation came during the interview issued by the chief producer of the game Michal Sroczynski, our colleagues Videogame Source. if. The game will be based on CryEngine 3, known engine of Crytek, and will be developed on PC, PS3 and X360.

At the moment there is a release date available yet indicative, but it is likely that disclosure of details about this product from as early as next week. The first Sniper: Ghost Warrior, already available on PC and Xbox 360, PS3 arrives early next year.

Jon Hare thinks Cannon Fodder on the iPhone

And not just the good old Jon Hare, one of the leading minds of the renowned software house Sensible Software, it seemed very excited about the possibilities offered by IOS and market new App Store. Hare is already working on some new projects in the digital delivery, the original titles that should arrive on Steam, and Sony iOS Minis, as reported by Beefjack, but besides these there are ample opportunities to revive old titles that many users do not know.

Wesley Snipes, a developer from prison

The protagonist of the film Blade, actor Wesley Snipes, is working from prison to the realization of a puzzle game for iPhone, iPad, Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Android, as reported by IGN. Julius Styles: The International is the name of the game, "was inspired by my desire to bring into the world of video game characters in my films, such as The Art of War, Crime and Terror in the White House at high altitude," he Snipes said, currently locked in a prison in Pennsylvania for failure to pay taxes.