Friday, April 1, 2011

PlayStation 3 surpasses Xbox 360 in the world

Strategy Analytics sees PS3 ahead According to data released by Strategy Analytics, published by Gamasutra, the installed base of PlayStation 3 would be higher than the Xbox 360 on the global stage. Despite the excellent results of Kinect, in December 2010, the console Microsoft seems to have lost a lot of ground to its rival Sony, and now they would see the global numbers 43.3 million PlayStation 3 consoles and sold 42.9 million Xbox 360 consoles around the world.

2010 sales data for Japan

Sony dominates the hardware sector in the period that has elapsed between 29 March 2010 and March 27, 2011 for the first time Sony has found itself on top of Nintendo in terms of hardware sales. PSP has in fact placed over 100 thousand more than the DS has sold more than PS3 and Wii even though in this case the gap is much smaller.

As for the DS overtaken by Sony's announcement is certainly due to saturation of the 3DS is seen that the laptop has sold some 32 million and a half pieces. On the PS3 side but the benefit was no doubt about the numerous outputs and the promise of a lineup finally complete, mature and enriched by a motion sensor that eliminated the uniqueness of the Wii.

Viriax - A trailer contagious

The long road to the cerebellum Viriax the new arcade is free for Windows developed by Locomalito. The title you see yourself as a very dangerous virus that wanders into a human body. The goal is to infect the host and to complete the infection is necessary to reach the cerebellum and destroy the nanobots Assembly System, which is the last hope to defend us.

Viriax is a scrolling arcade with procedurally generated levels and therefore always different. Below is the download link and the trailer showing the dismay of scientists and the virus in action. Viriax - Download Page Viriax - Trailer

Dungeon Siege III - Trailer Lucas

The gameplay of warrior Dungeon Siege III is a test case for that Obsidian has always shown incredible ability to tell stories, but rarely is dedicated to action. This time the team has found a way to develop a strong orientation to combat and more with a strong cooperative. Here is the trailer for Lucas, the warrior of Dungeon Siege III, shows us some footage of gameplay.

Dungeon Siege III - Trailer Lucas

Championship Manager on Facebook

Square Enix has announced that the Championship Manager series will arrive soon on Facebook, thanks to the collaboration with Jolt Online Gaming and GameStop chain, which will help to promote the game in "selected areas". No gameplay details have been provided so far, as yet unknown release date on the most popular social network on the planet.

"Championship Manager franchise is one of the most prestigious and we are happy to be able to bring also a popular platform such as Facebook," said the European CEO of Square Enix, Phil Rogers.

Championship Manager arrives on Facebook

Coach Social Square Enix has announced the upcoming arrival of Championship Manager on Facebook, the popular football management company of origin issued by Japan. In collaboration with Jolt Online Gaming and GameStop, the game should arrive in "selected areas", therefore not yet clear distribution of the title, although an application on Facebook since the definition is even more confusing.

New images for your desktop!

The collaboration of Videogame Source. it with the known site specializing GameWallpapers. com, from which you can download the most beautiful bottoms and updated to your computer and also for your portable devices. This week, however, a little surprise: in addition to the wallpaper of the game, we put our hands on images of the site as interesting, "twin" named CGWallpapers.

com. Let us know if you like the initiative! Here, the tunnel from which you can download the ones you like most. To get images at full size, click the Show All link under the photo gallery and then select the image you like by clicking on the link in the header at the top Look at the full resolution +.

All fish Blizzard

First of all there in April, Blizzard unleashed. In honor of the jokes of the day, the software house package probably the best efforts to honor the day in question. We have already talked separately about the joke Kinect and Starcraft II, but not the only initiative taken by Blizzard, which also affects Diablo III and World of Warcraft with new truly hilarious.

Hence the disturbing App "Horadic Cube" that threatens to empower demonic your smart phone, while on the slope World of Warcraft there is the addition of the "Tomb of Darkness Immortal", the darkest dungeon of history, not talk about the talkative "Dungeon Helper." In short, the prize for the best fish in the field of gaming in April this year seems to go Blizzard.

Nintendo: a bit 'of numbers on 3DS

Nintendo has announced that 3DS has sold 113,000 units in the first two days in England, beating the previous record of Wii (105,000) and DS (about 87,000). This makes the console 3DS sales faster than ever in England, although for now the record in the "launch period" still belongs to the PSP, which share in 2005 reached 185,000 units sold.

Compared to 140,000 before the console launch book lacks, however, 27,000 "withdrawals" from the players and this means that the only record left in the hands of Sony is probably destined to collapse. The marketing manager of Nintendo UK, James Honeywell, provides that sales by the end of this week exceeded 150,000 units in fluency and reaching 200,000 in the next few days.

Ranking software in the Nordic countries

Data from Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden Predictably Crysis wins the second peak in the territory north of Europe has never hidden his passion for first-person shooter. No coincidence that Black Ops is still at the top of the charts although it has been superseded by Lego Star Wars III and The Sims: Medieval.

No trace of the top ten titles for 3DS. Rayman is the best-selling 3D that had to settle for twelfth place. Top 10 Nordic countries 01. Crysis 2 (EA) 02. Lego Star Wars II: The Clone Wars (Activision) 03. The Sims: Medieval (EA) 04. Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Activision) 05. Homefront (THQ) 06.

Sony defends Music Unlimited

Sony defends sword cost about £ 10 a month for the recently announced Music Unlimited service, which will be launched later this year on PlayStation 3. Music Unlimited subscribers will be taken advantage of over six million pieces of music that can be listened to in streaming 24 hours 24. The basic subscription will cost £ 3.99 per month (for now only the prices were announced UK), while the premium at 9.99 pounds and will give you access to exclusive channels.

Sixty titles for the launch of Xperia PLAY

The terminal will be available from Sony Ericsson this month is expected within the next two weeks and available at a price of 599 €, the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY to launch will be supported by a line-up of games consisting of sixty titles, all available for purchase and download through the Android Market.

As for the classic PSone, we will have Crash Bandicoot, Cool Boarders 2, Destruction Derby, Jumping Jack Flash, MediEvil, and Syphon Filter, while the list of PSP games, much longer, will include products such as FIFA 2010, Assassin's Creed, Need Shift for Speed, NOVA 2, Modern Combat: Black Pegasus, Let's Golf! 2, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Spiderman: Total Mayhem, Super KO Boxing, etc.

Cave Story 3DS in Europe

The 3DS version of Cave Story will arrive in Europe, NIS America has confirmed. Designed by Japanese developer Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya, Cave Story debuted on the PC in 2004 and in 2010 got a Wii version. In the U.S. version is already available for DSiWare, while in Europe the game will arrive in June.

More than 300 thousand sold in the 3DS Europe in the first two days

It 's the portable console that Nintendo has sold more in a weekend launch only the first two days, Nintendo 3DS 303mila units sold in Europe, making the portable console that Nintendo has sold more in a weekend of release. Announced a success, given the results achieved so far in Japan, the U.S. and the UK.

Innovative 3D without glasses offer dall'handheld is unprecedented, and it seems the public is well aware. "Nintendo 3DS allows people to try, for the first time, the 3D technology on the move or at home, with lots of fun and surprises for all. With pre-installed mini-game hunting Face StreetPass and function, adding a new dimension to the varied list of titles available at launch, Nintendo 3DS has already won plenty of new and old players, "said Laurent Fischer, Marketing and PR of Nintendo of Europe.

A date for Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable, PSP version of role-playing game originally released on the PlayStation 2 will arrive in Europe on April 29. The game developed by Atlus in the Old Continent will be published by Ghostlight also a digital version of the PlayStation Network. The Collector's Edition will include a 48-page art book, poster and other items.

Keiji Inafune back to video games with two new companies

More active than ever, Keiji Inafune, the creator of Mega Man and the historical figure of the Japanese video game development, Capcom had left some time ago, apparently due to a supervening desire to devote himself to something different after so many years spent on video games. It seems that the passion on the subject has not run out though: Inafune recently founded two companies, one devoted specifically to the development of video games and other entertainment media committed broader.

Technology LA Noire "an impasse"

According to David Cage, the technology of LA Noire is a "dead end". Rockstar showed the technology of Motion Scan DepthAnalysis in a movie that you see on this page but as stated by Quantic Dream boss to CVG, the process is not fully adequate and too expensive. "I think the time is an interesting solution but it is also a dead end.

This technique is incredibly expensive and it will never be able to resume coropo and aimed at the same time. But we're doing this for Our next game. " "The difference is huge, taking up both face and body will get more substantial actions. You can not imagine how they are connected to the face the movement of your body.

Gameloft NOVA - Near Orbit Elite Vanguard Alliance

Have a new episode for the excellent series of sci-fi FPS Gameloft announced the release of NOVA - Near Orbit Elite Alliance Vanguard, which then arises as the third episode of a series started on the platform available in both IOS and standard (for iPhone and iPod Touch) and HD (iPad). Currently no additional information was disseminated, we know only that the title is in the works and probably will be released soon, as the French house is only used to announce upcoming games from the release or so.

DLC incoming "exciting" to Homefront

Despite staff reductions, Kaos Studios will continue to make content "exciting" for the shooter Homefront. "An entire team of Kaos Studios is dedicated to technical support," reads a message posted on the official website of Homefront, "we are also developing a series of exciting downloadable content, but at present we can not talk about it." "We assure you that we will continue to support the multiplayer community." Statements of Kaos are in line with what was said by publisher THQ, following the confirmation of the redundancies that have involved, as well as developers of Homefront, the authors of Saints Row, Volition.

Cave Story 3DS arrives in Europe in summer

The story of a cave is specified the output of Cave Story 3DS also for the European market, although still lacking a specific date for the arrival of the game we have confirmation of his arrival in the summer. Created by independent developer Daisuke 'Pixel' Amaya, the game is a successful mix of elements from platform, shooter and RPG which has depopulated within the independent PC first and then landing on WiiWare.

Keiji Inafune of new players

After dropping last year, Capcom, Keiji Inafune has announced its return in the industry with two new studies, "Comcept" and "Intercept", both based in Tokyo. As reported by Andriasang, Intercept will develop original video games suitable for all ages, says Inafune. Comcept, however, will not only games but also of content for mobile devices, books, music, videos and events.

During a press conference to be held in a few days, April 4, Keiji Inafune will reveal more details about its plans.

Blizzard: StarCraft 2 comes up Kinect! 1

Get ready for the Strategic Future A new era by Blizzard regarding StarCraft II: RTS, historically dedicated solely to PC is about to add support for Kinect. The future of Starcraft so called StarCraft: Motion Overdrive, a revolutionary user interface that takes advantage, as shown in the video below, the camera developed by Microsoft to interact with the units on the screen.

Given the intense physical activity required, you should obviously opportune to wear wrist bands and sweat as shown in the video. We await further information on the expected release of this update. At this address you can see on the site ufficialissimo project.

Available "Foundry" for Star Trek Online

The Foundry, the tool that allows you to create custom missions for Star Trek Online, is now officially available. Launched last December, the beta has been going on for several months. The Foundry provides players with the same tools used by Cryptic Studios to create content for Star Trek Online. Once implemented, the missions can be shared with other players.

The editor is based on the same engine used in titles such as Cryptic Champions Online and the upcoming Neverwinter. It is therefore possible that is also compatible with other games.

Eric Chah: digital delivery has rekindled creativity

After the dark period Chah According to Eric, author of Another World by Delphine Software and work these days on the project From Dust, one of the great merits of digital distribution would, consequently, a new wave of creative independent game rafforzatasi in recent years. Creativity is a key element that was missing at the end of the previous generation of platforms but has found new life in the landscape of digital delivery and independent developers.

Xperia Play, here's the line-up

At the launch of Xperia Play more than 60 games will be available for download. Some of these titles for the PlayStation exclusive first smartphone from Sony Ericsson PlayStation certificate. The software is downloadable through the application launcher Xperia Play. Here is a list of titles available in the first week: This first hand the original PlayStation games:

New Images for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The new RPG from Bethesda is more beautiful Bethesda has just released a series of new images for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, new edition of the popular RPG series set two hundred years after the events in Oblivion. In the game being dubbed the "Dovahkiin", the last descendant of a dynasty whose veins the blood of the dragon.

And the dragons are just our goal, and in particular their god in an epic adventure and spectacular, as usual, rich in content. With a new graphics engine and a host of improvements compared to previous episodes, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be released on November 11 in the PC version, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

"Little Innovation, Industry Needs"

Platinum Games has complained of the lack of originality that characterizes the gaming industry. In an open letter published on its website, the chairman and CEO of the company, Tatsuya Minami, also unveiled Platinum Next, the "new" study Japanese. "I think the games are there to offer surprises to those who use them," he writes.

"We are part of this business and we have always tried to create something new, so we are proud of the contribution we have given the industry." "However, when this business is in trouble. The surprises are fewer and fewer, especially in Japan. Not long ago, Japan was the world leader in this area but now developers Nipponese seem to have lost its force." "The series is longer and more original games are in decline.

The former executive producer of Crystal Dynamics comes into Visceral Games

Put together a team to implement a new IP Scot Amos, former executive producer of Visceral Games, is joined by Crystal Dynamics with the same task, and it seems his task will be to put together a team to work on a new IP. "We are thrilled we can build on the experience of Scot twenty years for this new project," said the general manager of Crystal Dynamics, Darrell Gallagher.

Prior to his role in Visceral Games, Amos worked in the field for the console Sims, always within Electronic Arts. "His ability to create new IP, the team put together by the great potential and achieve enormous success of games is a great achievement for us, especially in terms of growth," said Gallagher.

Prey 2 sets aside gravity and portals

Prey 2 will not include some of the mechanisms that characterize the first chapter of the series as the portals and the use of gravity. This is because the developer Human Head wants to limit the puzzle in the game. "We tried to unite gravity and portals in the fighting, but really did not want the game was too much like a puzzle game," said lead designer Chris Reinhart in an interview published in the latest issue of PSM3 (via Beefjack .

012 Dissidia: Final Fantasy Duodecim, new costume for Sephiroth

The character will gain a "skin" by DLC An old friend of the fans of Final Fantasy, Sephiroth, 012 will earn a costume for Dissidia: Final Fantasy Duodecim via DLC. Specifically, it will be the version of the character seen in Kingdom Hearts, complete with a single wing of an angel and long sword. The content is planned for April 7 on the Japanese PlayStation Network, while we are waiting to know the dates for the release of the DLC in the U.S.

Metacritic leave the rate the developers

The system of individual assessments of the developers will not be implemented on Metacritic. "We're not going to bring him back. At the moment we just want to expand our database," said co-founder Marc Doyle to GamesIndustry. biz. "If a developer has worked in 30 games and we do mean only four titles, is not correct on our part," says Doyle.

"We talked and we decided to expand the database, but to eliminate this feature. "In industry often do not feel the need or do not want to put information about the developers of a game, and this is a problem. I do not know exactly what is beneath, I have not talked enough with the publisher."

What would the Duke?

Begins a series of videos dedicated to Duke Nukem Forever 2K Games has released the first in a series of videos dedicated to Duke Nukem Forever, aimed at helping young marmots in difficulty showing what would the Duke in the most disparate. Here we go grappling with a jetpack pilot alien.

Skyrim: because there is no multiplayer?

The game director for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Todd Howard, explained the reasons why Bethesda not include multiplayer in the new Elder Scrolls in an interview with IGN. "The things you ask us most are the dragons and the multiplayer. This time we have included one. We talk often of the multiplayer but i do not win in the end.

The fact is that we want to achieve the best possible experience in single player." According to Howard, and by extension the universe of game content, Skyrim will be similar to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. "Some elements such as mountains affect the timing of exploration, it is difficult to make an exact comparison.

Mark Rein sends love letters to Microsoft and Sony

Their new consoles should be created around the new Unreal Engine Today came the inevitable declaration of marketing a member of Epic Games, in this case Mark Rein, who speaks of the new Unreal Engine based on DirectX11, said it was so exceptional that alone justifies the creation of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony.

The new engine is excited to such an extent as to make him declare that within two years, Apple will enter the market with a device that can handle DirectX11. It is proof that the iPad 2 is nine times more powerful than the first (iron logic). In short, to the Rein Unreal Engine 3, shown last GDC, is a love letter to hardware manufacturers.

Staff reductions of Kaos and Volition

THQ has announced several cuts in staff developer Kaos Studios and Volition. As reported in a statement given to Gamasutra, 17 employees and 16 of Kaos Volition were sacked. "We had to leave after 16 employees of Volition," confirmed a spokesperson for THQ. "We must adapt the workforce to the needs of our studies and this normally happens in our industry." Volition is currently working on Red Faction: Armageddon, Saints Row: The Third and insane.

The multiplayer in Resistance 3 videos

A few minutes of gameplay has been published on the net off a movie screen for five minutes of Resistance 3 for PS3, taken during the Insomniac community event held in USA. The show concerns the multiplayer gameplay in the game. Please note that the release in stores is planned for Sept. 6 in the world.

Source: VG247

Sword & LP announced Sworcery

A collection of excerpts from the game device IOS, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery, goes on sale on April 5. According to the official website of the game, the vinyl version will include 14 tracks and will be available at various retail stores for about $ 30. The digital version includes 28 tracks and instead will be downloadable free of DRM from iTunes or Bandcamp for about $ 8.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is available on the App Store a few weeks.