Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Microsoft and Nvidia leave the PC Gaming Alliance

But the alliance goes ahead Two of the founding members have left recently, the PC Gaming Alliance, a nonprofit consortium founded in 2008 to promote the PC game industry. Were not made known the reasons for such removal from two elements so important in the PC gaming scene (basically, to say the least), but according to the chairman of the consortium Matt Ployhar it is not going to affect the state Alliance.

Pokemon Black and White: an extra Pokémon in the first Buyers

Just buy one of the two editions of the game by April 22 Nintendo and The Pokémon Company International have just announced an interesting initiative regarding the upcoming Pokémon black and white version, the new episode of Pokémon will be available in two editions (in fact White and Black) as of March 4.

Who will buy the game in the period from the release date to April 22, in fact, receive a special Liberticket via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection or by going in-store Feltrinelli, Gamelife, Gamepeople, Gamesbond, Mediaworld and Saturn. This Liberticket will get the mysterious Pokémon, never seen before, Victini.

Video and pictures from the demo of Dragon Age II

Let '... With the release today of the day to demo Dragon Age II - expected production signed Bioware - also come new materials, and as always we can offer promptly. This time it's just a gameplay video taken from the demo, in addition to some new images. Find all as always below:

New images for Warriors: Legends of Troy

The legends of Troy in pictures Another batch of images for Warriors: Legends of Troy these days comes from Tecmo Koei, illustrating scenes from the game, assorted monsters and cutscene. The game is a sort of Westernized version of the Dynasty Warriors series that traces the myth of the Iliad and the Trojan War, with all its main characters set out on the battlefield, along with mythical creatures and some reconstructions' free event.

New gameplay from Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Rather short ... Youtube has appeared on the portal a new short video taken from Operation Flashpoint: Red River production in development at Codemasters on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. This time it is a movie of gameplay, which, though very short term, allows us to see the dynamics of the game. You can find it as always below:

Assassin's Creed: PC Brotherhood to advance to March 17

Let the situation Ubisoft has just officially announced that Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood PC will be released in Italy on March 17, so a day earlier than the date previously announced. Three editions are available: Standard Edition contains the game, Abstergo Project Update 1.0 and 2.0, and the additional content "The Disappearance of Da Vinci." Codex Edition, a limited edition featuring a box similar to those Ezio located around the city, within which are enclosed in the game, Abstergo Project Update 1.0 and 2.0, the extra content "The Disappearance of Da Vinci" Code of Altair (a book of 60 pages that reveal the history of the Assassins, with a lot of preparatory drawings for the game), a map of the city of Rome, a set of trading cards with characters from the multiplayer mode, the DVD "Assassin's Lineage Creed ", a bonus DVD (with the original soundtrack, image galleries, and more) and a series of unlockable content: two characters for the multiplayer maps, two exclusive to the single player campaign and armor" Drachen for Ezio.

A video tutorial for De Blob 2

Let's see how you do ... THQ has released a new trailer for de Blob 2, particularly the production available from day today on the main platforms on the market. It is specifically dedicated to a trailer tutorial, which allows us to understand the approach to gameplay of the title. As always, the video is attached below.

Video Games | de Blob 2 | Tutorial Gameplay HDXbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Nintendo Wii | PC Games

Duke Nukem Forever, here's the video of the preview in Las Vegas

Beer, babes and many locations from the game last Feb. 7, in Las Vegas, Duke Nukem Forever was shown to the public during an exclusive preview. The event, which took place in a room transformed for the occasion in a nightclub that frequents the Duke, has seen several people try the new FPS 2K Games release some hot comment and enjoy the combination of beer & babes kindly offered by the organizers.

Another gameplay from Bulletstorm

Another demonstration ... Bulletstorm shows once again on video, after the many updates information released by Electronic Arts recently. It is once again a movie of gameplay, which allows us to give a further look at the dynamics of the game. You can find it below: Video Games | Bulletstorm | Exploding Dudes Gameplay HDXbox 360 | PlayStation 3 | Nintendo Wii | PC Games
Microsoft has recently deciso to unveil the first details of the technology on which we build the long-awaited Avatar sistema Kinect, features that users can enjoy Xbox Live Gold from next primavera no extra cost. The technology behind all arguments so far dealt with only at the recent CES, allows players to control the movements, facial and physical, thanks to their Avatar Kinect.

Microsoft in fact the device will translate your movements and gestures in animation, making your digital alter ego more and more like you. TechFlash site has recently had first hand the service, then posting a video on which you can find at the end of the news.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse, check a fun video Japanese

Commercials? Video of gameplay? The mystery deepens. It 'a nice YouTube video that appeared on a Japanese MotorStorm: Apocalypse, and in the country of the Rising Sun will be called simply "MotorStorm 3. In the film, composed of several sequences of gameplay, we see a mysterious player deal with the dangerous races in the third episode of the series, indeed crashing rather frequently.

MotorStorm: Apocalypse will be available in Italy since March 16.

Available Demo LEGO Star Wars III

NASCAR 2011 not released in the UK

U.S. only? As reported by MCV, Activision has no plans to release the new 2011 NASCAR in the United Kingdom. This is clearly a product aimed purely at the North American public, then such a move may be understandable but is still quite unexpected, given the novelty of the product being developed by Eutechnyx.

Remains to be seen at this point whether the decision to extend throughout the European market, which is likely at this point. We await further developments on the matter by Activision. Source: MCV

2 Dead Rising - Capcom asks users

The importance of feedback Instead of examining the threads of the community on the web, relies on good old Capcom satisfaction questionnaire directed to seek the views of fans on Dead Rising 2. Go beyond the usual questions to understand the context of evaluation of the respondent, the questionnaire, including through the application of substantive responses, try to dissect everything that a user has liked and what they would change.

Gears of War 3 - Other ways to access the beta

Soon revealed the producer of Gears of War 3, Rod Fergusson, said via Twitter during the week we will have a lot of information about the long-awaited beta of the stock Epic. Currently the only known way to get access to paradise is the purchase of Bulletstorm but Epic has confirmed that there will be other ways to access the beta.

Ferguson also confirmed, but this is not good news for us, that the beta of Gears of War 3 will not be effective immediately.

Mexico against Call of Juarez: The Cartel

Some Mexican politicians have asked the government to ban the sale of Call of Juarez: The Cartel. Unlike the other chapters of the series, setting the new Call of Juarez is contemporary, and enacts a story "mature and immersive" on the border between Los Angeles, California, and Ciudad Juarez, a city of the state of Chihuahua.

"We're not trying to hide the serious crime problems that plague our city," said Ricardo Boone Salmon, a member of the state of Chihuahua to MSNBC. "At the same time we should not expose children to this kind of scenario, so we make them grow up without values." In Ciudad Juarez, between 2009 and 2010 about 6,000 people were killed in an internal struggle between Mexican drug cartels.

RIFT - officially announced the bard

Although a harmonious character for players who have access to the beta is not a surprise, Trion reveals the details of the bard and during the week will present players with even the last three classes. As in any role-playing game that respects the bard can inspire teammates and demoralize the opposition to change as the fate of a battle.

The bard is a support class and then without a good team might have some problems to save the Pellacchia in hostile situations. Source: Massively

Final Fantasy III Announced for iPhone

A version of Final Fantasy III for the iPhone and iPod touch will be available in March, tells the publisher Square Enix. The announcement was made by Square Enix on the Facebook page via a link that leads to the official website of Final Fantasy III. Yet to announce the price of what is presumably an adaptation for iOS of devices for the Nintendo DS launched in Europe in 2007.

Sony's profitability is more important than the Xbox 360

Rather than assume no money is not going anywhere in the market and Sony's Scott McCarthy has noted in a recent interview. The most important element is therefore the ability of the Sony Playstation 3 to generate profit because this is the key to the continued existence of any project. Of course, McCarthy added, it will not be a bad thing if you buy Playstation 3 and in profitability will also bridged the gap in sales compared with the Microsoft console.

Dragon Age II trial on Xbox Live

Available to users of Xbox Live Gold trial version of Dragon Age II. The 1.98 GB file to be downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace. During the day, the demo of BioWare's RPG will arrive on PC also, and tomorrow will be the PlayStation 3 owners can get their hands on a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins. As announced a few days ago by developers, to achieve the target of one million downloads for the demo of Dragon Age II will unlock two extra game items.

And to investigate the bug in The Sims 3 for the PS3 and Xbox 360

Electronic Arts currently has no idea of what causes a rather serious bug found by various players during the rescue of a lot of The Sims 3. It seems in fact to save the game on Xbox 360 and PS3 sometimes leads to paralysis of about 10 seconds of the game followed by the blocking of the console. The bug occurs both when running manually or automatically tries to save the title and the incidence of the problem seems to be higher after long gaming sessions.

At the risk of launching NASCAR in Europe?

According to rumors reported by MCV, NASCAR 2011 will not arrive in stores in the UK. Developed by Eutechnyx, the racing game published by Activision has been delayed a few weeks ago and as announced at the time of the court ought to have arrived in Europe and the United States in late March. Latest news, however, seem to question the publication of the game in Europe.

NASCAR 2011: The Game Activision is the first attempt with the permission of NASCAR.

Dragon Age II demo available on Xbox Live

Finally we arrived the wait to demo Dragon Age II and began the challenge that Bioware wants to reach one million by March 1 dowload. If this challenge is successful the software company will release two special items in game that gives players more money and boost experience points.

Director of Uncharted: "Trust"

David O. Russell, director of the Uncharted movie, wanted to reassure fans of the franchise for Naughty Dog claiming that his film will live up to the quality of IP. Russell replied to the accusations of some fans of the franchise in an interview with SlashFilm. com. "I respect the spirit and content of the game, but my job as director is to do what I consider it necessary to get a good film.

Dead Minecraft

The game mentions the event trailer Minecraft event is intended more as a digital version of Lego. A simple tool consisting of stylistic elements but is able to recreate anything. And then a few days after the trailer for Dead Island, confirming the enormous impact it had on the web, comes the version made with Minecraft.

Deathsmiles arrives on iPhone and iPod touch

Deathsmiles will arrive in spring on the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch formats. As reported by Andriasang, the Japanese developer Cave would have made a port of the Xbox 360 version of the game, to create a title for iOS devices. Deathsmiles is already available on Xbox Live Arcade a few days. This is the trailer version of IOS:

Kinect development tools for Windows 7 in Spring

And Kinect hacks hacks will no longer be in the spring will come the official support for programming applications for Windows 7 Kinect. The development tools, initially dedicated to academics and amateur developers, will be very articulate and to develop interfaces for simplicity of control with ever more complex.

Then you will be granted a full commercial version of the software development. Source: Microsoft